Taking the right risk at the right time made these young entrepreneurs millionaires under the age of 30. The founders of Kush Bottles are making big moves in the legal cannabis industry. Get their story here.
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  1. Awake

    AwakeDag sedan

    Who else felt this was a B- grade acting?

  2. rasaak adams

    rasaak adamsDag sedan

    The British European Rulers and British European Billionaires obtained their Properties and Wealth through Deception and Theft.....;British European Rulers and British European Billionaires should be informed directly to Declare their Wealth publicly to the Citizen of Earth in that way Justice For All and If they refuse to comply with the World Justice Court.....; They should be removed completely from any International Public Offices to a further notice.

  3. DoseReviewsChannel

    DoseReviewsChannelDag sedan

    They sound very cocky guys

  4. Cameron Wallis

    Cameron Wallis2 dagar sedan

    How their first successful containers look just like Tazo tubes.

  5. JJ Quintan

    JJ Quintan2 dagar sedan

    FAKE AF!

  6. ZoVoZ

    ZoVoZ3 dagar sedan


  7. Chris Gouger

    Chris Gouger3 dagar sedan

    That ring is not worth 100k... Neither is the chick...

  8. I'm_The_Elon_Musk_Of_Lurking

    I'm_The_Elon_Musk_Of_Lurking3 dagar sedan

    All i saw was two douches, a poor animal and a gold digger from this video. This cant be real.

  9. Chris Molloy

    Chris Molloy3 dagar sedan

    I love learning more about Cannabis

  10. Michael C

    Michael C6 dagar sedan

    Ah weed. Put a white face on it and make everyone love it. Put a black face on it and spend 20 years in jail

  11. Rosinlife87

    Rosinlife878 dagar sedan

    I smell cap

  12. donthate myhonesty

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    I would not want to be flashy or even be known about what i have or dont have fame mean nothing only trouble

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  16. ScopeMR

    ScopeMR10 dagar sedan

    The news won’t call it Weed dealer or drug dealer unless you are black when you are white you don’t deal Weed or drugs you are a businessman with a cannabis dispensary..see wording is everything

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  21. Dana Reid

    Dana Reid12 dagar sedan

    It was good until they started showing all the gouache trappings of success.

  22. Dana Reid

    Dana Reid12 dagar sedan

    Nice 👍🏽

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  24. S

    S12 dagar sedan

    I'm 34 and have nothing but respect for these 2!!! 🙌 lol. Motivation!!!

  25. Omar k

    Omar k12 dagar sedan

    bro this is fake right? these guys sound like terrible actors

  26. JJ Quintan

    JJ Quintan2 dagar sedan

    Seriously it looks fake. Real rich ppl don't show OFF everything...aha

  27. Sponge Bob

    Sponge Bob13 dagar sedan

    4:33 I'd Rather Work at BigRentz than at Google

  28. Sponge Bob

    Sponge Bob13 dagar sedan

    they are lucky they are White and living in California... imagine doing this in Texas or China or Saudi Arabia

  29. Ed Perales

    Ed Perales14 dagar sedan

    Im happy for them. Keep grinding !

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  37. Afrikantk

    Afrikantk15 dagar sedan

    Evidently these are illegal now, due to them not being child proof.

  38. Rosinlife87

    Rosinlife878 dagar sedan

    Not for stash jars just for the dispensary to use

  39. Elkkk

    Elkkk15 dagar sedan

    Who know you made it in life when you have a beautiful wife

  40. Zack 50fiftyfree

    Zack 50fiftyfree16 dagar sedan

    Idk about them being blue collar..

  41. obliviox

    obliviox16 dagar sedan

    Crazy how their customers are the “stoners” who they said in a derogatory way was their competition

  42. Drew B

    Drew B16 dagar sedan

    Legal drug dealers Trash

  43. Timothy Parent

    Timothy Parent16 dagar sedan

    Cool! Cis, white, rich (and I'm assuming straight) men profiteering off of an industry that black and marginalized people have been incarcerated for for decades. How about you employ some POCs and share your wealth with communities that need it?

  44. Rodrigo M

    Rodrigo M16 dagar sedan

    That's a lot of bro. 🙌

  45. Don WrightFit

    Don WrightFit16 dagar sedan

    My dude took the single route .. haha 100k for a ring or 100k on shoes 🤔😅🤣

  46. Quit smoking

    Quit smoking17 dagar sedan

    This episode sounds fishy

  47. Adrian S.

    Adrian S.17 dagar sedan

    massive cringe factor.

  48. Collins Middleton

    Collins Middleton17 dagar sedan

    Must be good for some americans alot of people are suffering from laws they seem to got past!!!!🤔🤔 i guess it's business now

  49. Peace Miley

    Peace Miley17 dagar sedan

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    I just messaged him on whatapp, hope he replies me soon

  54. Maria Isabella

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  55. Steve Young

    Steve Young17 dagar sedan

    Just more plastic to end up in the ocean.

  56. Jewish_ Thoughts

    Jewish_ Thoughts17 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: THEY HATE EACH OTHER 😂😂😂

  57. Scott Chelmford

    Scott Chelmford17 dagar sedan

    College kids are not blue collar.

  58. frank's mobile advertising

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  66. Jeff Volovik

    Jeff Volovik17 dagar sedan

    @5:30 hope she signed the prenup

  67. zurdo

    zurdo17 dagar sedan

    Congratulations. What are the containers for? I can get containers free. Recycle.

  68. Tyler Murphy

    Tyler Murphy17 dagar sedan


  69. MorrocanZween

    MorrocanZween18 dagar sedan

    These two are living THE LIFE, glad to see it. Some people who look at this with jealousy & envy and start speculating that this is fake, blah, blah blah...this is called poverty mindset. It gets you stuck.

  70. Christian Figuroa

    Christian Figuroa18 dagar sedan

    OMG I Have Those Bottles Thanks

  71. Russell McGaffin

    Russell McGaffin18 dagar sedan

    Now with telemedicine people actually get a dr recommendation and get it in the mail all 50 states.

  72. Green Bee Life

    Green Bee Life18 dagar sedan

    Does he have a pet monkey? WTH!! Don't they know that in the cannabis industry there's no monkey business!

  73. marirsmania

    marirsmania18 dagar sedan

    So for years and years, we put people in jail for possessing 10 gms of weed.. now folks in the weed business get their own tv spots.. sounds reasonable..

  74. Merchant Goldberg

    Merchant Goldberg18 dagar sedan

    I just need better friends!!! 🤑

  75. Adam Murday

    Adam Murday18 dagar sedan

    Honestly, everything about those two and the way they act just screams “faking it”. This was way too theatrical. I don’t mean that they don’t own successful businesses/ they aren’t successful. But, it comes across as if they are being misleading about a lot of things. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t participate in the day to day operations of the business, or had other business partners who had significant stakes in their companies (meaning their 30m valuation is a farce)

  76. blastepic morales

    blastepic morales2 dagar sedan

    bro its tv what do you expect? of course there gonna act it up a bit

  77. Rosinlife87

    Rosinlife878 dagar sedan

    Ding ding ding..i mean the teeth tell it all and look at the main talkers teeth jeezzz 30 mil and u havent even tighten that up yet..i smell fish

  78. A B

    A B18 dagar sedan

    That's why I like shark tank. In that show Kevin and Mark break them business to figures and factual circumstances. Because many times big companies like the ones this guys have are not owned 100% by them and they might even be in debt.

  79. A B

    A B18 dagar sedan

    Exactly my same thoughts

  80. Russell McGaffin

    Russell McGaffin18 dagar sedan

    I think they may have been coached by the producers.

  81. K W

    K W18 dagar sedan


  82. Ifthaker

    Ifthaker18 dagar sedan

    Everything is good until the marriage part ...

  83. Shubham Bhosale

    Shubham Bhosale18 dagar sedan

    Nice 👍


    DJ DIVERSE18 dagar sedan


  85. Md Ariful

    Md Ariful19 dagar sedan

    0:50 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  86. Harry Nohara

    Harry Nohara19 dagar sedan

    I'm flying to California right away and meet those guys to employ me in their company. Hopefully, they will show some compassion to me...

  87. Grant

    Grant19 dagar sedan


  88. J K

    J K19 dagar sedan

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  89. James Barisitz

    James Barisitz19 dagar sedan

    "We wanted to take that same level of professionalization " Invented word shows no professionalism. Face palm for the non-toking jock.

  90. Raffi Melkonian

    Raffi Melkonian19 dagar sedan


  91. Kasen Grucholski

    Kasen Grucholski19 dagar sedan

    Idk if I’d consider this blue collar tbh


    USASPORTSCARDS19 dagar sedan

    Lmfao this is maybe the douchey-est thing I’ve ever seen. Good for them, though. They’re employing a lot of folks.

  93. Timothy Parent

    Timothy Parent7 dagar sedan

    @V A I'm actually white, so now that you are more informed how does that change your perspective? And dare I ask what you are?

  94. V A

    V A7 dagar sedan

    @Timothy Parent your probably a black person and always want to play the race card

  95. Timothy Parent

    Timothy Parent16 dagar sedan

    Looks Like a lot of white folks though...

  96. Daniel Frick

    Daniel Frick16 dagar sedan


  97. young minds

    young minds19 dagar sedan

    Not a single employee of color in sight. Yet the end customer is most likely 90%+ a person of color.

  98. Emmu Bobby Oboh

    Emmu Bobby Oboh15 dagar sedan

    @blackdonte24 bull crap. "Their own "? Pls!

  99. blackdonte24

    blackdonte2415 dagar sedan

    @Emmu Bobby Oboh How do you know if POC applied there or not? Pump your brakes. 9 times out of 10 when there’s all an white company they’re probably only hiring their own.

  100. Emmu Bobby Oboh

    Emmu Bobby Oboh17 dagar sedan

    Being a perosn of color myself the people of color have to go apply for the jobs themselves. NO ONE will bring the jobs to their homes. No one gives an F. I Own a business here in Denver and I am an employer of labour. You must go get what you want. Nobody cares.

  101. Harold Stewart

    Harold Stewart19 dagar sedan

    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to the customer base for cannabis. Im gonna give you the benefit of doubt and assume you're a little kid.

  102. Wade L.

    Wade L.19 dagar sedan

    If someone “needs” a six figure ring to agree to marry you, (even if you have the money) I’m sorry, but your with the wrong person. He said “it got her to” not “she needed it to say yes”, but still.

  103. Sponge Bob

    Sponge Bob13 dagar sedan

    yo a Burger King Onion Ring is even better

  104. A B

    A B18 dagar sedan

    Well, let's hope they don't do the same mistake as Jeff Bezos

  105. Wooster

    Wooster19 dagar sedan

    The ideal girl won’t even need a ring. She’ll know that the diamond industry has us all brainwashed and will refuse to go along.

  106. chris simon

    chris simon19 dagar sedan

    Sounds like a lot of bragging, not good!

  107. Edgar D'Oliveira

    Edgar D'Oliveira19 dagar sedan

    Love how they gloss over the part that involved securing capital to purchase equipment and commercial space.

  108. Jered Croom

    Jered Croom17 dagar sedan

    @Drew Gasparini my belief is that California's real estate cost would make borrowing necessary. It's not an indictment.

  109. Drew Gasparini

    Drew Gasparini17 dagar sedan

    Securing capital? Ever heard of a thing called savings?? They said in the vid that they made $95k their first year. They probably invested $20k+ of their own money into inventory and sold it themselves, grossing them the $95k. From the video, I get the impression that they had no investors in their packaging business. What part of what they said makes you think that they would have needed to secure capital???

  110. D 416

    D 41619 dagar sedan

    That’s every business

  111. Mama Bear SWAG

    Mama Bear SWAG19 dagar sedan

    Lol. So adorable 😍

  112. BLAZE

    BLAZE9 dagar sedan

    Ur gorgeous


    BLACK STAG19 dagar sedan

    Those guys are having a ball. 💵

  114. anthony sanchez

    anthony sanchez19 dagar sedan

    Smoker like glass jars so make sure dispensary give us glass jars black plastic bottles r getting old

  115. Three2 Tha Don

    Three2 Tha Don19 dagar sedan

    I wish the weed industry in Canada was like the states, the government has such a strong hold on the weed industry in Canada.

  116. Eric Loute

    Eric Loute19 dagar sedan


  117. yanikFBmartin

    yanikFBmartin19 dagar sedan

    glad to see them making money. Hate how there are so many people locked up as we speak for marijuana convictions :/

  118. Russell McGaffin

    Russell McGaffin18 dagar sedan

    I know. Now with telemedicine people actually get a dr recommendation and get it in the mail all 50 states.

  119. Ben J

    Ben J19 dagar sedan

    Its crazy how so many people got long prison sentences for dealing a couple ounces of weed lol and now we got this going on legally.

  120. Waweru N. Gatimu

    Waweru N. GatimuDag sedan

    Exactly. So arrogant these California bros are

  121. Jamal O.

    Jamal O.7 dagar sedan

    Especially the innocent Black people whom got marijuana planted on them and never had a criminal record I'm glad I dodged that evil

  122. Russell McGaffin

    Russell McGaffin18 dagar sedan

    I know. Now with telemedicine people actually get a dr recommendation and get it in the mail all 50 states.

  123. Bryan Luntz

    Bryan Luntz19 dagar sedan

    Evolution Even more hard to believe It used to be legal before it became illegal Prohibition Caused alcohol to go underground It's the same deal

  124. Mike Harris

    Mike Harris19 dagar sedan

    We know what the guy with the bachelor pad does at night.

  125. Hoss Delgado

    Hoss Delgado19 dagar sedan

    My uncle jose is still in jail for selling weed

  126. Gulaid M

    Gulaid M4 dagar sedan

    That's why timing is important...tell him sell at the right time next time

  127. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson19 dagar sedan

    He should have sold the baggies

  128. Albert Quintero

    Albert Quintero19 dagar sedan

    Good luck cause new Vice President

  129. Jaaybans

    Jaaybans19 dagar sedan

    Some people can grow it and some people get arrested for it. I thought we were United?

  130. drew dordan

    drew dordan19 dagar sedan

    @the doge lol some people just aren't the brightest

  131. the doge

    the doge19 dagar sedan

    @drew dordan lol dummies aren't they?

  132. drew dordan

    drew dordan19 dagar sedan

    some people pay taxes on the sales and some people don't. can you guess which one gets arrested?

  133. Pete.

    Pete.19 dagar sedan

    What's the name of their company

  134. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha19 dagar sedan

    cnbc is getting cranky. All I can see is a bunch of 30yr olds trying to be like Mark Cuban

  135. Eric Loute

    Eric Loute19 dagar sedan



    YASH CHOHAN19 dagar sedan

    Dudes are killing it wow

  137. Eric Loute

    Eric Loute19 dagar sedan


  138. Julien St. James

    Julien St. James19 dagar sedan

    I’d love to invest in their company. Who would’ve thought you could be in such an industry (or even be successful in this industry) without selling weed. Great concept and great timing for starting. Only thing I’d suggest is that they find a way to recycle/reuse the plastics and used containers.

  139. beautiful cutie pie

    beautiful cutie pie19 dagar sedan

    I would love too date them lol.

  140. beautiful cutie pie

    beautiful cutie pie17 dagar sedan

    @Dwayne Vicario why not im attractive

  141. Dwayne Vicario

    Dwayne Vicario19 dagar sedan

    But would they love to date you ,pumpkin pie

  142. Todd Baldwin

    Todd Baldwin19 dagar sedan

    Here in Seattle Legal Cannabis is one of the few industries that boomed during the pandemic. Love it or hate it, you can't deny these two hit a home run on a very in demand industry.

  143. Queen Mandela

    Queen Mandela19 dagar sedan

    Woow! This is absolutely amazing and inspirational. Am happy for them.

  144. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark19 dagar sedan

    Congratulations guys

  145. Eric Loute

    Eric Loute19 dagar sedan


  146. james ridenhour

    james ridenhour19 dagar sedan

    He just admitted the reason she married him lol.

  147. Jenny Jennifer

    Jenny Jennifer8 dagar sedan

    A B 5:30

  148. NOW WHAT

    NOW WHAT17 dagar sedan

    24k digga ?

  149. B Cuz

    B Cuz17 dagar sedan

    Yappy dog wives

  150. A B

    A B18 dagar sedan

    Where? Time stamp

  151. Bryan Luntz

    Bryan Luntz19 dagar sedan

    They all the same aren't they

  152. John Scott

    John Scott19 dagar sedan


  153. derty MI QWERTY

    derty MI QWERTY19 dagar sedan

    As a grower for many of their customers.. I see tons of waste. They need to make a recyclable program (also Bic lighters) to reuse the containers! You all have no idea how many companies run with these guys, many companies sell to herb shops!

  154. Mama Bear SWAG

    Mama Bear SWAG19 dagar sedan

    You may need to be the first to do that. GET IT!!!

  155. Bryan Luntz

    Bryan Luntz19 dagar sedan

    @beautiful cutie pie 😄

  156. beautiful cutie pie

    beautiful cutie pie19 dagar sedan

    Sounds like a jealous hater you are sir thanks.

  157. Bryan Luntz

    Bryan Luntz19 dagar sedan

    @Family Broich like I said Above aforementioned Advice statement It's genius There is a market You're in the market Go after that market Youngster

  158. Family Broich

    Family Broich19 dagar sedan

    @Bryan Luntz wow great advice grandpa