Jay Leno goes to the California desert to help set a speed record - but with a lawn mower! This insane vehicle can go 150 mph and still mow lawns! Catch this epic scene lift from “Jay Leno’s Garage” and don’t forget to watch your favorite episodes on demand now.
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  1. MrMustangrick

    MrMustangrick2 månader sedan

    Click bait Leno did not drive it

  2. Ando

    Ando3 månader sedan

    When Lawn Mowers hit the Lottery

  3. timbohouston

    timbohouston2 månader sedan

    Yeah you have to hit the lotterrry to buy some mowers. 😆

  4. Fezzler61

    Fezzler613 månader sedan

    Is this insane without a roll cage?

  5. James Bennett

    James Bennett3 månader sedan

    He did not ride in it.

  6. J Rogers

    J Rogers3 månader sedan

    What else would you expect from CNBC, nothing but lies, lies & more lies....Don’t blame Jay he didn’t write the headline.

  7. Quadflopper101

    Quadflopper1013 månader sedan

    wow jay, the honda test track, you were right down the road from me and didn't even stop by to say hi, I'm hurt......

  8. andrew cardenas

    andrew cardenas3 månader sedan

    So when u gonna show it cutting grass and making money? 🤷‍♂️

  9. John Widell

    John Widell3 månader sedan

    I wish I had a larger yard to get going that fast. By the way, is that a mulching mower ? Also does the engine stop when you let go of the steering wheel ?

  10. cycleguy666

    cycleguy6663 månader sedan

    A real mower land speed record would be interesting by getting a stock speed as a base then modifty the stocker to go fast. Without the slippery body work. This here is a motocycle with four wheels and bodywork .......just happens to have a small mower deck. Lets see it mow!! Jay i love ya but your not driving.....change the tittle!!

  11. Paul Campbell

    Paul Campbell3 månader sedan

    It is British-designed, Japanese-powered and American-track-raced and yet you can't even buy a Honda ride-on mower in the USA, so yeah, it's pretty weird.

  12. walt3223

    walt32233 månader sedan

    Can it cut grass??

  13. Coinucopia

    Coinucopia3 månader sedan

    Did you watch the video?

  14. Mandy Pandy

    Mandy Pandy3 månader sedan

    Reminds me of the episode of home improvement where Tim the tool man makes the souped up tractor and try’s to race Bob vila. 😂

  15. Alfonso Demagistris

    Alfonso Demagistris3 månader sedan

    Musta ran out of cars to talk about!

  16. Dennis Kimmell

    Dennis Kimmell3 månader sedan

    Talk about cutting grass FAST!!

  17. Dennis Kimmell

    Dennis Kimmell3 månader sedan

    Jay knows how to have a little fun!! Go Jay!!

  18. Trey Driver

    Trey Driver3 månader sedan

    Shoutout from Big Buck Mowers out of Bonham, TX

  19. Team69 Racing

    Team69 Racing3 månader sedan

    Jay i can't even find a honda riding mower in home depot?? Why & where can i get riding honda mower??

  20. Adam Fears

    Adam Fears3 månader sedan

    Now come mow my lawn

  21. Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke3 månader sedan

    Jay is a loyal Victa mower man

  22. Maty in Thailand

    Maty in Thailand3 månader sedan

    Why i see this machine, i remember grass cutter machine!!! Is it the same one?

  23. Greg Charles

    Greg Charles16 dagar sedan

    @Maty in Thailand Haha no problem man. I wish I had one. It would make cutting grass a lot more fun

  24. Maty in Thailand

    Maty in Thailand21 dag sedan

    @Greg Charles Hahaha, thanks

  25. Greg Charles

    Greg Charles22 dagar sedan

    Yes, but faster

  26. S P Y D A M A N

    S P Y D A M A N3 månader sedan

    as much as I love Jay… This is Clickbait because he never once took a ride in it as the title says!! Smarten up😆

  27. neth ; nethanel mas ; masters

    neth ; nethanel mas ; masters3 månader sedan

    This video isn't from Jay Leno' channel this is from CNBC so the click bait is on them.

  28. USA

    USA3 månader sedan

    If you'd scroll down the title, you'd see the link to the full video. Smarten up indeed....

  29. Alonso Reyes

    Alonso Reyes3 månader sedan

    Did he say or the boostedboiz 🤔

  30. V8

    V83 månader sedan

    Much safer than that motorbike

  31. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips3 månader sedan

    I’m sorry but the title is dare I say a fib, Jay doesn’t ride on this Lawnmower!

  32. Romano Gitano

    Romano Gitano3 månader sedan

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can imagine grandpa doing the front lawn & the neighbors calling the cops LMFAO

  33. Romano Gitano

    Romano Gitano3 månader sedan

    @John Possum You're lucky my neighbor's crew start a 6:00am !!!

  34. John Possum

    John Possum3 månader sedan

    Better than a neighbor who mowws at 7am on a Saturday.

  35. Jasonups5

    Jasonups53 månader sedan

    Snowblowers!!! 🤣😂

  36. James Shepard

    James Shepard3 månader sedan

    My job Mowing Grass!