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1:30 Our New Podcast!
2:38 How Do We Do What We Do?
3:44 How Much Money Do We Make?
6:03 How We Want To Expand The Business
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8:36 How Do We Make Videos?
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  1. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith Industries14 dagar sedan

    Listen to our first podcast at ! Plus listen live TOMORROW at 4PM EST (February 19, 4PM EST) to learn about the future of Hacksmith Industries!

  2. Shital Chumbhale

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    Hey you can make a iron man full armor with The hydrolic arm body ,the helmet,the jet engine, and the metal body please make this

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    Dear Hacksmith: I am giving you a fun task. I am giving you 5 years Max to make the fully functional Mk 85 iron man suit from endgame It must fly have all the weapons and must deploy from the arc reactor just like in endgame. Basically a Nano bot suit. This will be really helpful because it will help you become the ultimate iron man. Ps: If you succeed pls email me . To get my email just reply to this comment and I'll give it to you when you are done. Kind regards:David

  23. soiung toiue

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    Hey hack Smith you guys should make a giant thrower like the ones you get in clay target shooting and put a giant boomerang in it...cause why not

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    Sounds pretty sus at the end where he almost says Stark Industries instead of Hacksmith Industries 😒

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    When he says master plan I am like so are we supporting a super villain but then I am like ohh yay his stuff is super cool he is not a super villain he is a super hero

  36. Sperm cell with Internet

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  87. Cetok01

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    @Hacksmith Industries With the same (top secret, of course) science that allows Iron Man to fly around making abrupt turns, without airfoils, and seemingly without being subjected to high-G forces without so much as a concussion or crushed internal organs when he gets thrown against a cliff or through a concrete wall. Or any other superhero violates the laws of physics, aerodynamics, etc. But hey, it was just a thought exercise. I'm not an engineer but I try to think the project out while I go for walks. We can't do the time travel, but we could develop the tools to take with us if we ever do.

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