Trump branded “embarrassment to his country” as he shuns Biden inauguration - BBC News

President Trump has announced he won't be attending the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, just hours after promising a peaceful transition.
He will become the first US president to miss the ceremony in more than 150 years.
Joe Biden said the decision was a good thing and it was one of the only things they'd ever agreed on. He said President Trump was an embarrassment to his country.
Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel.
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  1. traceyjm

    traceyjm2 timmar sedan

    BS lies from you evil media

  2. Steve

    Steve10 timmar sedan

    Trump branded “embarrassment to his country” American's branded “embarrassment to humanity” for voting him in

  3. Leanne Lobaugh

    Leanne Lobaugh11 timmar sedan

    Way to go President Trump. Biden is not President. Biden did say during his campaign that he doesn’t need people to vote him. He will be the next President. The election was rigged .

  4. Jesusandbible

    Jesusandbible11 timmar sedan

    Who is the embarrassment? If a ship's captain is unfit for duty and sinks the ship, and he knew he was, he gets prosecuted. Biden is hiding his cognitive inability to govern, that is embarrassing. If someone gets his finger on the "Nuke 'Em Button" and he is going really senile, there is something wrong with the system.

  5. Jesusandbible

    Jesusandbible12 timmar sedan

    If Trump genuinely thinks the election was rigged, and I personally think he does, I don't think he is embarrassing to shun the inauguration. If this new US Government starts to implement a Covid-19 Gestapo, in a new Nazi style medical tyranny, it will make all this look very different.

  6. Git Sum Gaming

    Git Sum Gaming14 timmar sedan

    now we can blame Biden for everything like the radicals did trump especially now that the left control the house, senate and just about everything else they touched because they cheated so let’s see how bad they fail and then have no excuses to fall back on :D it’s gonna be glorious watching them fail as all the sheep have surprised pikachu faces wondering why their elite corrupted leaders are not miracle workers. Lol imagine controlling everything now so no one to blame but themselves. This has all worked out perfectly to expose the frauds of the left and their incompetence.

  7. Niels Kooijman

    Niels Kooijman15 timmar sedan

    RIP USA 7/4/1776 - 1/6/2021 Bananenrepubliek

  8. Brenda Garza

    Brenda Garza19 timmar sedan

    I don't blame him especially the way they treated him How would you fill if you were President and The Democratic party treated him with no respect And Now all his hard work is going to be reversed No one liked Obama They were not satisfied with his work and then Trump's and now people are not Satisfied with Biden because He wants to take away The Amendments those are your rights and no one will be able to protest and riot which I don't like because it gets out of hand and it leads to violence so now what are all of us going to do the gun rights will be taken away the freedom of speech will be taken away and if you say something wrong you will be censored like the President was And this President now doesn't want no one to by Gas cars he wants electric and The Oil Tycoons are going to be unhappy because he wants to stop fracking and You think that he's going to bring back more Jobs in America think Again because Obama brought more Jobs but they were all over seas in the east and this President now is going to do the same our Pharmacy is probably going back to China and people are going to be more sick Trump brought back our Pharmacy so now everything is going to be all reversed so people don't complain You voted for this President and also They are going to push more abortions for the stem cell so President Donald J Trump was right and no one wanted him so we can't complain will be censored and now The Capital looks like a concentration camp with Bobwire no thanks to the rioters on the 6of January So see what happens when a riot is taken place now we look like a communist Nation Not America 🇺🇸 ⚔️🛡️ it's a shame because Our Soldiers have fought hard for our Freedom and not to mention Our President in the past and that is what President Trump wanted for America to be America so I hope we are not going to be bought out So let's see how this President will do and Vice President

  9. jonny benzene

    jonny benzeneDag sedan

    BBC hate Trump but loved Jimmy Saville.... Enough said. Let it sink in you bloody idiots when you wake up from your "Orange Man Bad" hangover.....

  10. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissDag sedan

    "...installing some proper security" - shows footage of a simple, yet high, fence that will fall if you lean on it.

  11. GDB Riot

    GDB RiotDag sedan

    God bless the Divided States of America.

  12. Kool Beanz

    Kool BeanzDag sedan

    Yeah not so sure why supposedly a president elected by the people needs so much protection it does make you think doesn’t it?

  13. LissetteLissie

    LissetteLissieDag sedan

    GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Happy he's gone. USA.. we're going to be ok now. 🙏🙏🙏

  14. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissDag sedan

    been lied about, false reported on, not one thing positive (and there have been plenty) has been announced on tv, MSM has pushed the propaganda, the misinformation and

  15. Victoria Jordan

    Victoria JordanDag sedan


  16. lisa foos

    lisa foosDag sedan

    What a sore loser. He is just Trump. He is never going to change. He really believes he was robbed. smh He is losing his mind.

  17. Niall Whelan

    Niall WhelanDag sedan

    BBC is and always was branded an embarrassment to the UK.

  18. Yeshua 64 Elijah

    Yeshua 64 ElijahDag sedan

    Trump should kill engineer mob. Satellite terrorism that is controlling his speech. They have defiled people. And he's 100 percentage right. Kill china. No healing till he kills the dragon. Rev 12.

  19. אחת שיודעת

    אחת שיודעתDag sedan

    𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲(𝘀) 𝗼𝗳 𝗛𝘂𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘁𝘆 America is in a state of deep scrutiny. So is humanity. Today’s America presents the future state of humanity: If the world advances the way America is advancing, we will end up being divided between two blocs that hate each other in every sense-ideologically, approach to life, culture, education, and every other way. It will be impossible to connect the adversaries, just as it is impossible to connect the Democrats with the Republicans in today’s divided United States. As things are, there will be no calm. It seems as though things have gone out of control, but they haven’t. It is simply what happens when the ego wants to govern and will not hear of anything less than that. It does not want connection; it wants domination. It may be horrifying to watch, but we are merely witnessing the natural process. When everything revolves around who has more and who has less, and when the ego keeps intensifying, we come to a state where the ego wants everything, and to leave absolutely nothing to the other side. This is what you get when you don’t educate people. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in aid packages and relief programs, when the ego comes to a state of all or nothing, nothing helps. Therefore, we should thank America for the example it is giving us, at its own expense. We should thank the American people for setting an example that demonstrates what our future will be like unless we achieve unity among us. In other words, if we don’t achieve a united state in humanity, humanity will become like today’s United States: an assortment of nations, colors, races, and faiths that hate each other to death, and do everything they can to cater to their hatred.

  20. Derek Derek

    Derek DerekDag sedan

    he is

  21. John Albert

    John AlbertDag sedan

    The Bible teaches us don't sit down with hypocrites and criminals ... So too me it's a good thing because Beijing Biden is just that! A criminal

  22. d a

    d aDag sedan

    Right on John. I couldn't agree more, for it is written, "Blessed are those who separate children from their Mothers, Blessed are those who commit acts of violence for my name sake, Blessed are the weak of mind for they shall inherit the world of Donald Trump". PRAISE JEEEEEEZZZZUUUUSSSSSSS. Oh how I love Jesus and hate everybody else. Bless you brother.

  23. Astrobum

    AstrobumDag sedan

    And BBC is an embarrassment to democracy..

  24. Teresa Cook

    Teresa CookDag sedan

    I wouldn't attend the inauguration of thieves either!!!!! Keep on keeping on President Trump!!

  25. J P

    J PDag sedan

    I wouldn't attend the inauguration of an illegitimate successor either. Pence is an embarrassment to his country for going. Perhaps he has his eye on some of the tender young meat Hunter Biden can introduce him to.

  26. Edmond Platon

    Edmond Platon2 dagar sedan

    "It's a good thing I'm not showing up" 😂

  27. Sim

    Sim2 dagar sedan

    😂 Biden says it how it is


    MERICHA MARAIS2 dagar sedan


  29. Nemeyimana Geoffrey

    Nemeyimana Geoffrey2 dagar sedan

    His is indeed an embarrassment

  30. dizzy borden

    dizzy borden2 dagar sedan

    trump will always rule

  31. BeachComber

    BeachComber2 dagar sedan

    Good on him. Why on earth should he visit the celebration of the demise of the USA when the election was won by fraud, dishonesty and corruption? For four years the man has been lied about, false reported on, not one thing positive (and there have been plenty) has been announced on tv, MSM has pushed the propaganda, the misinformation and downright lies the whole time. It has been disgraceful. I someone stole your car for instance, would you celebrate with them further down the track for getting their drivers licence? I think not.

  32. Bellarium

    Bellarium2 dagar sedan

    Trump told us in good time that he was not going to attend, and rightly so. What the liberals did was to attend Trump's inauguration with grim faces, already plotting how they would start impeachment right after, based on no evidence or basis whatsoever. Right after Trump's inauguration they said: "The impeachment has started," and got right to work attempting that. The basis for the Russian conspiracy scam was laid by Obama while still in office. So what we need more of, are people like Trump who expresses and does as he feels, without hiding it or pretending. High five to the pro-democracy protestors who marched into the Capitol, it was never more justified than now.

  33. Matt Moran

    Matt Moran2 dagar sedan

    With God's help we will prevail.

  34. Chan Mr

    Chan Mr2 dagar sedan

    Good riddance !small trump gets out his post and USA gets rid of it the rubbish

  35. Daniel Krigers

    Daniel Krigers2 dagar sedan

    From all American people why the hell can’t find just one normal smart and young president. not old ancient ,useless. At the moment even hillary is beter comparison than that old guy who probably not gona make any change.

  36. Frankythechops

    Frankythechops2 dagar sedan

    He is an embarrassment to the human race

  37. roger watson

    roger watson2 dagar sedan

    It was always on our minds. What will he say or do the next day.

  38. Lionel Moss

    Lionel Moss2 dagar sedan

    Embarrassment to humanity

  39. Freddie Santini

    Freddie Santini2 dagar sedan

    Pretty soon we will be surrounded by walls.Just like Attica prison.

  40. Benjamin button

    Benjamin button2 dagar sedan

    trump the greatest President in American history BBC is nothing but fake news

  41. Akbar Safari

    Akbar Safari2 dagar sedan

    Tomorrow will be calmest day in whole USA nothing will happen because system is still strongest in the world and these right wing groups now are in FBI files ?? never ever some non organized militias can bring down a giant goverment like USA you will see all

  42. Pour Toujour

    Pour Toujour2 dagar sedan

    To attend false event for illegitimate president.. no way

  43. Pour Toujour

    Pour Toujour2 dagar sedan

    You did a lot of good for this country, President Trump. I just wish We the People could've done our part to give you four more years. God bless you, sir, and thank you.

  44. Jay Diaz

    Jay Diaz3 dagar sedan

    BBC a embarrassment to the UK. Please fact check the information they are giving, bbc lie by just opening there mouth and not a trustworthy source of information.

  45. Jesus is Lord

    Jesus is Lord3 dagar sedan

    John 3:16, reads: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  46. Vinny Brig

    Vinny Brig3 dagar sedan

    Trumps gone. North Korea now advertising there latest nuclear weapons already. And China and Russia, will be laughing there tits off. If WW3 kicks off, were will all the foreigners go, people who have milked our benefit systems NHS for years. Right back home, saying we are not british, not our war. Then for 1st time since 1945. The english scots Welsh, once again, have to defend

  47. GHØŠTŸ 141

    GHØŠTŸ 1413 dagar sedan

    Their special for breaking into a government building but the blm (peaceful protesters) not the the ones who took advantage of the situation but the PEACEFUL PROTESTERS were thugs woow Donald pump

  48. Kang Kang kang

    Kang Kang kang3 dagar sedan

    Trump you are the winner, we support you Trump, our lives are for your victory Trump, we are ready to die for you trump.

  49. Domzdream

    Domzdream3 dagar sedan

    He’s such a Beta male.

  50. Kahren Thriscutt

    Kahren Thriscutt3 dagar sedan

    BBC do shut up ! Paid for by Bill and Melinda Gates... You are NOT independent, and can no longer call yourselves journalists. Shush up.... blah blah blah... People, do your own research. The media is bought and paid for. They LIE continuously .

  51. KatyLou60

    KatyLou603 dagar sedan

    This man has a couple personalities not just one

  52. Garret Ager

    Garret Ager3 dagar sedan

    He sounds that he has been water bordered

  53. Eniac Acrobat

    Eniac Acrobat3 dagar sedan

    Rehearsed robotic delivery. He is line-for-line reading from a teleprompter in an attempt to protect himself from future prosecution. Too little, too late.

  54. HandsOfLavinia

    HandsOfLavinia3 dagar sedan

    When you've been called Hitler for no more than five years, I should imagine being called an embarrassment makes him clutch his pearls.

  55. Sanchita Rana

    Sanchita Rana3 dagar sedan


  56. trained eye

    trained eye3 dagar sedan

    Biden won't even be there.

  57. razz b

    razz b3 dagar sedan

    Tow that line BBC

  58. Joseph Lee Hooker

    Joseph Lee Hooker3 dagar sedan

  59. minisla

    minisla3 dagar sedan

    What a load of bollocks

  60. Ocean Dream

    Ocean Dream3 dagar sedan

    Loser 😀 .

  61. post design

    post design3 dagar sedan

    Brilliant editing the bit where you cut out 'peacefully'. Well done...

  62. Victoria E

    Victoria E3 dagar sedan

    DEFUND the bbc stand against terrorism and there sympathizers!!!

  63. Val Erickson

    Val Erickson3 dagar sedan

    You say Trump is an embarrassment ... you reall need to look in the mirror... you are a LOSER

  64. Lee Evans

    Lee Evans3 dagar sedan

    The BBC is soon to face charges of dealing false news and being complicit in corruption.

  65. lawrencestoke

    lawrencestoke3 dagar sedan

    Trump is an absolute disgrace. This reminds of the birther conspiracy. Obama took that lie like a gent. But that was the warning we needed. Trump is an unrepentant liar.

  66. None Yourbuissness

    None Yourbuissness3 dagar sedan

    God bless those heros who stormed the capital. And please forgive us who did not. All these thieves got to go.

  67. Lesley Gent

    Lesley Gent3 dagar sedan

    Nope. There’s more to the story, friends. Maybe try another channel.

  68. Joey The Alien Hunter

    Joey The Alien Hunter3 dagar sedan

    You don’t know your facts that’s it end of conversation

  69. Joey The Alien Hunter

    Joey The Alien Hunter3 dagar sedan

    I disagree Biden is the embarrassment

  70. Savage Ceeza

    Savage Ceeza4 dagar sedan

    Hit up mr Chris to start earning cash from home +447440171312

  71. Dizzy Dabbz

    Dizzy Dabbz4 dagar sedan

    Joe the lightning thief

  72. Dizzy Dabbz

    Dizzy Dabbz4 dagar sedan

    Joe your a traitor

  73. Tae All Day

    Tae All Day4 dagar sedan

    Ok all you Englishmen we both have shit leaders, we just got rid of ours. Now we can focus on making fun of you tRump double, that was licking his boots in the beginning.

  74. Ian Andrews

    Ian Andrews4 dagar sedan

    Why does Trump need to be at the inaugeration anyway ? Biden himself just said it would be best if Trump didn't attend , saying "This is one thing we agree on" . Mainstream media these days contains only left wing hacks masquerading as journalists , it seems .

  75. Jim Figgerty

    Jim Figgerty4 dagar sedan

    The BBC's an embarrassment to the U.K.

  76. Joellen Wortham

    Joellen Wortham4 dagar sedan

    The dems have embarrassed America to the whole world they are disgusting ut sting human and idiots moron ughhhhh so embarrassing!

  77. James Watson

    James Watson4 dagar sedan

    BBC branded embarrassment to nation.

  78. paulo ricardo

    paulo ricardo4 dagar sedan

    That's it . He makes America a laughing stock.The wannabe dictator shutdown by democracy . The rest of the world just lose more and .ore respect for America

  79. Jason Eaton

    Jason Eaton4 dagar sedan

    Black protesters would not have made it that far

  80. Patrick Teo

    Patrick Teo4 dagar sedan

    Go home you love ❤️ you, you are very special?👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🎭🎭🎭🎭

  81. Anwar Mohamed

    Anwar Mohamed4 dagar sedan

    Where Is My $600 Stimulus ????

  82. Trebo Boi

    Trebo Boi4 dagar sedan

    Mainstream media = combinationalemonger.. Definition of monger. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : broker, dealer -usually used in combinationalemonger. 2 : a person who attempts to stir up or spread something that is usually petty or discreditable -usually used in combinationwarmonger. monger.

  83. Ryan callery

    Ryan callery4 dagar sedan

  84. kangdanlin

    kangdanlin4 dagar sedan

    like a dictator fignighting for power. such a disgrace

  85. kazedmonks

    kazedmonks4 dagar sedan

    Donald trumps Farwell speech

  86. Andrew Smyth

    Andrew Smyth4 dagar sedan

    The BBC is an embarrassment to the media and the UK.

  87. Laurence Baberday

    Laurence Baberday4 dagar sedan

    Would you rather listen to The Sun?

  88. ck ck

    ck ck4 dagar sedan

    Say Milner Group devxls...

  89. Egy

    Egy4 dagar sedan

    Goodbye 👋 don’t ever come back 🍊 Boy!

  90. Kelvin B

    Kelvin B4 dagar sedan

    Trump's no embarrassment, BBC may be though

  91. Karl Hulme

    Karl Hulme4 dagar sedan

    Suddenly the democrats don’t mind walls.

  92. Terry Mullins

    Terry Mullins4 dagar sedan

    I think Binden is going to have a lot of embarrassing moments in the next few years ! Lol

  93. Terry Mullins

    Terry Mullins4 dagar sedan

    I'm from England, and I think American politics is a joke just like ours

  94. Terry Mullins

    Terry Mullins4 dagar sedan

    Embaressing !, The BBC is embarrassing supporting a two faced liar with dementia !, Lol

  95. Terry Mullins

    Terry Mullins3 dagar sedan

    @Laurence Baberday what are you on about ?

  96. Laurence Baberday

    Laurence Baberday4 dagar sedan

    Would you rather listen to The Sun?

  97. I Am Just Here For The Tea!

    I Am Just Here For The Tea!4 dagar sedan

    *He's a joke all over the world,not just North America!* *He should be erased from American history!*

  98. 449Raphael

    449Raphael5 dagar sedan

    “I don’t need your votes, I just need your support after I am elected” Sen. Joe Biden........

  99. V Force Mizo

    V Force Mizo5 dagar sedan

    I dnt trust BBC

  100. FeLiX

    FeLiX5 dagar sedan

    When his ego fades, he will only feel shame


    RICHIES EXPLORATION5 dagar sedan

    Funny how the BBC won't expose the corruption of Biden.

  102. Fruitistic

    Fruitistic3 dagar sedan

    exactly, because theres no corruption.

  103. m.jamshid ghafar

    m.jamshid ghafar5 dagar sedan

    Vvk 7 3 14 16

  104. Nanay Ko

    Nanay Ko5 dagar sedan

    So sad... At least in the Philippines they do cheating discretely. There’s freedom of the press. Here in USA its already in front you YET Mainstream Media, FBI CIA Supreme court, Congress, senate etc dont see the anomalies... they are controlled by whoever....I thought America will never be like philippines...

  105. Nanay Ko

    Nanay Ko5 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who cant see? Nothing was done or said by mainstream media about all the burning and violence done by whoever after floyd’s set up death ... now the capitol violence... is all over the news blaming on trump.... Who can not see the truth? Me or the Mainstream media and Democrats...

  106. Aysia Norr

    Aysia Norr5 dagar sedan

    Look..u people are like squirrels. I'm neither a cheerleader or a mental case..dc is like a cocktail fight..its like a two headed cyclops