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Why I make these videos? So that people, or maybe even just one person in the world, gets interested in programming and gets inspired to start learning programming and to one day even become a professional programmer. I believe that programming is the ultimate digital expression. The process of making something from nothing, feels amazing. No woodwork and cutting trees, no metal casting and exhaust fumes. Just pure virtuality wherever in the world you are. Try it yourself. Do not be afraid to fail. Coding is all about making mistakes. The best way to get started, is to begin.
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  1. Life of Boris

    Life of Boris5 månader sedan

    Thanks to NordVPN for keeping the Boris lights on and fuel in Lada. And also keeping browsing safe at same time. Go and use code LIFEOFBORIS for 68% off 2 year plan and extra 1 month free.

  2. AzKat

    AzKatMånad sedan

    Yo what tags did you set on this video to appear in the middle of a playlist with hololive girls talking about wearing bandaids to school instead of underwear while singing "I'm scatman"

  3. RestushLogic

    RestushLogicMånad sedan

    Vyprvpn better.

  4. MacCraker

    MacCrakerMånad sedan

    did you know you can do instead of using a key to yeet a pc, you can have a straight object that is lets say a bean, then attach a camera to it and also those pieces of code for each direction you want the player to go.

  5. Povilaz

    PovilazMånad sedan

    No. Windscribe is _better?_ You get 15GB free and 2€ per month for PRO!

  6. annemarie ackerman

    annemarie ackerman2 månader sedan


  7. Nice Guy Nice

    Nice Guy Nice11 timmar sedan

    Wow He's Russian as So Is Me I Am Part Russian

  8. TheInfinityUser

    TheInfinityUserDag sedan

    I'm highly disappointed you didn't use dark mode Boris...

  9. TheInfinityUser

    TheInfinityUser12 timmar sedan

    @Teh Simone But Boris should. Slavs always use dark mode

  10. Teh Simone

    Teh Simone12 timmar sedan

    i dont use dark mode either.

  11. Mason G

    Mason G2 dagar sedan

    Boris - dose not mention ‘unity’s particle system’ Dani - that wasn’t very cash money of you

  12. MEME Compilation

    MEME Compilation2 dagar sedan

    BLAYT! C-Sharp

  13. Alexander Kurt

    Alexander Kurt2 dagar sedan

    (if i use any screen record we will have chernobyl 3) because it is a stick that protects privacy

  14. BabyWaffles

    BabyWaffles5 dagar sedan

    I used to animate on a compute stick. It was gr8


    XIMKOT TV5 dagar sedan

    Чики брики

  16. Batch Coder

    Batch Coder6 dagar sedan

    Fake, didn't use batch.

  17. stgamer47

    stgamer478 dagar sedan

    Why is this the best tutorial I have seen so far?

  18. Not

    Not8 dagar sedan

    No USB port no prob- wait a second

  19. Erox Games

    Erox Games10 dagar sedan

    pc game

  20. [ chocøbiscuit ]

    [ chocøbiscuit ]10 dagar sedan

    Wait... What if you use that stick on phone with a cable like OTG?

  21. Hostlyy

    Hostlyy12 dagar sedan

    rip no video on slavtek channel

  22. Tech and Computers

    Tech and Computers12 dagar sedan

    Ey boris, when part 2?

  23. Isaac Kessler

    Isaac Kessler12 dagar sedan

    Why is every demonstration of nordVPN is Germany selected?

  24. Trent Cook

    Trent Cook13 dagar sedan

    Starting Shadow of Chernobyl for the 5 millionth time is relatable on a deep level

  25. Nikorek_pl

    Nikorek_pl14 dagar sedan

    pff.... fuck Brackeys tutorials Boris at Babushkas place with stick better

  26. Nikorek_pl

    Nikorek_pl14 dagar sedan

    i mean i actually learned more from boris than Brackeys (mostly becouse Brack is boring as FUCK)

  27. just

    just14 dagar sedan

    а субтитры?

  28. BMambeE 123

    BMambeE 12315 dagar sedan

    11:55 his laugh is a blessing

  29. MercuryHg

    MercuryHg16 dagar sedan

    even this stick is better than my pc...blyat

  30. I am a hacker

    I am a hacker17 dagar sedan


  31. lazergamer220

    lazergamer22017 dagar sedan

    I remember using this to impress my programming teacher...

  32. Koichi Hirose A.K.A Spazmatism

    Koichi Hirose A.K.A Spazmatism18 dagar sedan

    i actually learned how to use a bit of unity from this video.....neat

  33. RebaxIT

    RebaxIT20 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: this stick is better than ur pc

  34. Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

    Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing23 dagar sedan

    I'd rather fucking stab and chop my testicles then ever animate or program anything it's a fucking headache I hate it

  35. Nalzy

    Nalzy23 dagar sedan

    Понял все не понимая ничего

  36. RuDuffEnough WellRu

    RuDuffEnough WellRu23 dagar sedan

    3:34 Wait...Chernobyl 3? Did I miss Chernobyl 2?...

  37. Excuse me Wth

    Excuse me Wth24 dagar sedan

    Ever thought of Installing Arch on that thing?

  38. mustard roshi

    mustard roshi24 dagar sedan

    Can it run csgo?

  39. german empire mapping

    german empire mapping26 dagar sedan

    1:09 a is hdgsnsnsdgwanaasdkanc

  40. Hermanni_Divisioona

    Hermanni_Divisioona27 dagar sedan

    6:23 "I wish i had a PC instead of stick.."

  41. Drg0ld38

    Drg0ld3827 dagar sedan

    still waiting on the day when boris uploads to slavtech

  42. kimberly b. titson

    kimberly b. titson27 dagar sedan

    I swear one day someone will ask me where I learned how to code and my answer would be boris

  43. A F I LENIN

    A F I LENIN27 dagar sedan

    I love his accent so much 😀❤️

  44. D3B1RUM4N

    D3B1RUM4N28 dagar sedan

    Pavel? Is that you?

  45. Red

    Red29 dagar sedan

    i think i've seen this channel before, but the Russian, just love it, your getting a like for that


    ПЛЮШЕВЫЙ МЕМЧЫК29 dagar sedan

    Пацан просто играет сталкер👍

  47. JustPlaying GAMES!

    JustPlaying GAMES!29 dagar sedan

    LOL - smell that fresh chenobyl air

  48. one dollar

    one dollar29 dagar sedan


  49. Garlim

    Garlim29 dagar sedan


  50. Alex Zander Rapuza

    Alex Zander Rapuza29 dagar sedan

    F.System.print("lol") Java

  51. Alex Zander Rapuza

    Alex Zander Rapuza29 dagar sedan

    Forget coding F = f.system() F.system(f = f.del()) F.del(C:/program file (x86)/unity) Get Your pc brock F.del(C:/windows/system32) This is python

  52. Mau Kin Yau

    Mau Kin Yau29 dagar sedan

    Uh oh that unity is such an ancient version

  53. Георги Крумов

    Георги КрумовMånad sedan

    we NEED more Java

  54. shinkshonkers

    shinkshonkersMånad sedan

    that stick runs games better than my laptop does :(

  55. SoftwareRat

    SoftwareRatMånad sedan

    8:59 sponsored by NVIDIA hehe

  56. Chaostoasty

    ChaostoastyMånad sedan

    He should work together with Dani i somehow think it would actually go well

  57. Swat ocop001

    Swat ocop001Månad sedan


  58. billy lukito

    billy lukitoMånad sedan

    Come for the joke, learned unity instead.

  59. games and softwares guides and tricks

    games and softwares guides and tricksMånad sedan

    rip slavtek? what did go wrong

  60. Xtrollogy

    XtrollogyMånad sedan

    Our Boris can be a bilionare if he uploads a gamr

  61. Ghust

    GhustMånad sedan

    6:51 i cant stop laughing

  62. Artemius551

    Artemius551Månad sedan

    I have learned programming for a couple years and i still can't properly use unity, but some russian man with god knows how much vodka is running in his system explains how to make GTA 6 on a fucking pc stick.


    WI-FI NEŞESİMånad sedan

    9:21 The best scene I watched in a videogame. When will it be on steam??

  64. SwT_

    SwT_Månad sedan

    But can u code on a *S T I C K*

  65. Stephan Ilish

    Stephan IlishMånad sedan

    найс компутер для гейниев. пойду куплю прославлюсь как великий программист каробок

  66. Vladimir Kornev

    Vladimir KornevMånad sedan

    Мазохист :) Ты б хоть уже VSCode поставил вместо VS - вскод хоть полегче слегка :) P.S. "Gopnik space program" - сука, до слёз, братан :))))

  67. Predrag Bajić

    Predrag BajićMånad sedan

    What happened with SlavTek channel?

  68. Имя Фамилия

    Имя ФамилияMånad sedan

    Не знаю почему, но мой уровень инглишь повышается на 10 пунктов на этом канале

  69. Rafe TV Gaming

    Rafe TV GamingMånad sedan

    wat 8 GB of memore well you will need a stick connected to anther stick (with like 32 gb or sumthing)

  70. minikeav

    minikeavMånad sedan

    the intro, istantly its a yess..

  71. ZXVGHOST666

    ZXVGHOST666Månad sedan

    спасибо папаша за урок по юнити

  72. sxtq

    sxtqMånad sedan


  73. Alex_Creeper

    Alex_CreeperMånad sedan

    Console.WriteLine("thats too late for c# comment, right?");

  74. Олег Кучерявенко

    Олег КучерявенкоMånad sedan


  75. João Paulo

    João PauloMånad sedan

    Have you ever got Linux?

  76. SeeN_MiD

    SeeN_MiDMånad sedan

    Omg this is the best guy who can you learn anything from, and the best part that he is hilarious😂.

  77. yannniQue 17

    yannniQue 17Månad sedan

    1:22 Just use Linux instead. It's so much better!

  78. S - Senpie

    S - SenpieMånad sedan


  79. Nash Brooklyn

    Nash BrooklynMånad sedan

    duuuude! takeovadaworld! xaxaxaaxaxax! chernobylair!......

  80. Steve Salim

    Steve SalimMånad sedan

    i will very excited if u teach us programming language

  81. FaceToOmlet

    FaceToOmletMånad sedan

    Почему у него такой английский, что я его понимаю

  82. FO HACKS

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    Бля что у меня в рекомендациях

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    Who needs Brackeys if we've got Брацкейс now!

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    Amazing CyanMånad sedan

    This kinda computer could run godot very smooth

  85. Amazing Cyan

    Amazing CyanMånad sedan

    See sharp!

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    We need Dani here

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    Does youtube read minds ?

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    Best notification for Games developers from Brasil hahaha

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    нахуя XD

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    dick drive haha


    KARODAR CHANNELMånad sedan

    Блин как так можно: чесать на буржуйском по-русски

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    Русский акцент ,дддаааа это жестко

  93. Rushikesh Raskar

    Rushikesh RaskarMånad sedan

    90s kid - but can it run crisis?

  94. Rushikesh Raskar

    Rushikesh RaskarMånad sedan

    Im amazed !

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    Borisov ._.Månad sedan


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    SinkMasterMånad sedan

    Waiting for SlavTek

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    I want to be rich... very rich... and NOT famous. Thankyou.

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    c toiqui a mis grosse saucise

  99. Artem Pashinsky

    Artem PashinskyMånad sedan

    c# and unity so week you need to do c++ with unreal to be real slovik king


    DEPRESSEDMånad sedan

    "Don't remind me never button" lol

  101. JustSlava

    JustSlavaMånad sedan

    Говор слишком узнаваемый, с первых слов разгадал)

  102. O̶b̶i̶t̶o̶

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  103. willowhazel_

    willowhazel_Månad sedan

    *Fun = Frustration*

  104. Marcel

    MarcelMånad sedan

    I left for two years and right as I start programming I find this I wasn’t expecting it lol

  105. Brutus Dun Kutus

    Brutus Dun KutusMånad sedan

    where is the github?

  106. Haveproblemz

    HaveproblemzMånad sedan

    This man really can do anything we ask him to do lol.

  107. Jhonny Karisma

    Jhonny KarismaMånad sedan

    Finally, the slavic version of Brackeys

  108. M Y

    M YMånad sedan

    True Slav doesnt need capitalist advertisements blyat

  109. Twuj znajomy

    Twuj znajomyMånad sedan

    You! Yes you, are you rich? No? Don't pay for nordvpn, use TOR