Sheep Covered In 80 Pounds Of Wool Makes Most Amazing Transformation | The Dodo Faith = Restored

This sheep was covered in 80 pounds of wool after being lost in the forest for years, just wait until you see what he looks like now!
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  1. 蔣文玉

    蔣文玉11 timmar sedan


  2. Nila Afrin

    Nila Afrin20 timmar sedan

    Lost 80lbs without going to the gym or breaking any sweat. 😂

  3. YouSmellOfFancyTuna

    YouSmellOfFancyTunaDag sedan

    oh gosh whats up with the flap of skin his neck?

  4. Robby Isaac

    Robby IsaacDag sedan

    Animals and plants don’t have a homosaipen equivalency for our biological intelligence except for their life force solely

  5. Robby Isaac

    Robby IsaacDag sedan

    I’ve noticed that the membranes of plants and animals are relatively the same concerning breath of life what ever we as humans don’t have is what’s keeping us from obtaining immortality through evolution

  6. Alexandria

    AlexandriaDag sedan

    This is an exact representation of falling from God in our youth, getting dirty, messing up our lives, destroying ourselves and then Jesus finds you. He shows you love and cleans you up and makes you whole again. The gospel is truly a love story.

  7. Childhood Dreamer

    Childhood Dreamer2 dagar sedan

    You poor baby, don't worry. 😟 These people will take real good care of you. Are they even gonna clean that wool and turn it into 🧶 ?🤨

  8. Hari Camp

    Hari Camp2 dagar sedan

    Now, Running faster

  9. human cattoy

    human cattoy3 dagar sedan

    He's a handsome ram now.

  10. Gang tolol

    Gang tolol3 dagar sedan

    0:43 i wasn't expecting to see a sheeps rectum today but ohh well

  11. cash laough

    cash laough3 dagar sedan

    That’s our mistake that’s our job

  12. Michael Roberts

    Michael Roberts4 dagar sedan

    Some good humans here. Good humans versus bad humans, the eternal battle.

  13. Fuzzy okapi Fluff

    Fuzzy okapi Fluff4 dagar sedan

    Let people know about okapis'because there almost extinct

  14. mehbubul shorove

    mehbubul shorove4 dagar sedan

    That sheep must be feeling like Goku after taking off his weighted clothes.

  15. Yusha Vawda

    Yusha Vawda5 dagar sedan

    Started to get stronger on his legs he was like 90 pounds and walking he legs are like the rocks

  16. Every Man 1991

    Every Man 19915 dagar sedan

    Where can I find Barrack the sheep? I really want to see him myself, in person.

  17. Red rose

    Red rose5 dagar sedan


  18. CanIGetADrinkPlease

    CanIGetADrinkPlease5 dagar sedan

    Only in Australia

  19. Javaughn Gray

    Javaughn Gray5 dagar sedan

    i wod pae you 10m $ fou the sheep

  20. Phanthom Prince

    Phanthom Prince6 dagar sedan

    At certain angles he looks like Bob Marley...Hey Bob is that you mane no woman nuh cry hahahahaha 🤣

  21. Quarantine Bunny

    Quarantine Bunny6 dagar sedan

    How did sheep manage their hair before farming and humans tho. I wonderb

  22. Chris

    Chris6 dagar sedan

    such a cool video. I love lamb, I m sure he`s tasty!

  23. chelsea zik

    chelsea zik6 dagar sedan

    so much wool on him he could i could make that into a jacket boi.

  24. DrZaius3141

    DrZaius31417 dagar sedan

    Getting that first haircut after lockdown.

  25. Grey Riddance

    Grey Riddance7 dagar sedan

    Goku dropping training weights

  26. Ree Ree

    Ree Ree7 dagar sedan

    God bless you! Poor thing!

  27. Soda Pull Tab

    Soda Pull Tab7 dagar sedan

    like taking a morning poop

  28. Onie Bradly

    Onie Bradly8 dagar sedan

    this video sucked

  29. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali8 dagar sedan

    لو صح كان في غابة لكانت أضافره طويلة جدا وهادا يذل على الكذب

  30. Tajkia Begum

    Tajkia Begum9 dagar sedan

    its looks like his wool is like a cotton ball

  31. dheeraj choudhary

    dheeraj choudhary9 dagar sedan

    One side they want to eat lamb another side they are protecting sheep. I think, all the animals savers might be vegetarian.

  32. Aulia Abidharma

    Aulia Abidharma9 dagar sedan

    Dang he should be jacked af

  33. Mike R

    Mike R10 dagar sedan

    Who else was expecting a buff sheep after the wool came off?

  34. 1upKyle

    1upKyle10 dagar sedan

    Twitter is gonna cancel that sheep for having dreads.

  35. Marilyn Carino

    Marilyn Carino10 dagar sedan

    Horrible - breeding sheep to be wool producers for human clothing has taken all their innate life out of them. They’re forever captive to humans who exploit them and can never survive freely. It’s sick

  36. Ælec Eoforheard

    Ælec Eoforheard10 dagar sedan

    Are sheep incapable of shedding?

  37. Alex Wong

    Alex Wong10 dagar sedan

    Like Eddie say in the " Nutty profession " when he put open his Trouser after taking the slim drug " well I be dam... I CAN SEE MY DIC*!! I CAN SEE MY DIC*!! " 😆🤣😂

  38. Aishik Dasgupta

    Aishik Dasgupta11 dagar sedan

    He went from big ass to dumb ass

  39. Raph. C

    Raph. C11 dagar sedan

    Dumb Republicans

  40. Boris Badenov

    Boris Badenov11 dagar sedan

    I and I have been in Babylon too long.

  41. Arim M

    Arim M11 dagar sedan

    Assassins creed under the hood

  42. Supriya Sou

    Supriya Sou12 dagar sedan

    So, two questions: 1. Why didn't they wash him clean even after shaving? 2. How did the sheep survive in wild without being sheared by humans?

  43. СРБ СРБ

    СРБ СРБ3 dagar sedan

    Answer to the second question. This breed of sheep was probably created by humans, they wanted a type of sheep that creates a lot of wool. Races like this does not exist in nature. Something like this cannot happen in nature.

  44. rainy _day

    rainy _day4 dagar sedan

    you don't need to wash them before shearing and I think it could be the wool since they could look like a rock and nobody would notice

  45. hoon tae

    hoon tae12 dagar sedan

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  46. Рустем Стерлигов

    Рустем Стерлигов13 dagar sedan

    Please stop posting videos about kind and smart animals! You're harming Vaneta and Wylene's Smokery Farm

  47. Lukson

    Lukson14 dagar sedan

    predator would think its a rock, sheep armor lol

  48. 주방의 향기 Today's Menu

    주방의 향기 Today's Menu14 dagar sedan


  49. Stewart McCombe

    Stewart McCombe14 dagar sedan

    What did sheep do before humans

  50. Logan Taylor

    Logan Taylor15 dagar sedan

    Dude you might need a weedwhacker

  51. Dacia Dixon

    Dacia Dixon15 dagar sedan

    That is what the Lord wants to do to some of us. Remove all your burdens! Just like the sheep, Some of us are lost in this world, may even had stray from Christ but give him a chance to take it all your pain, sorrows, addictions, guilt, regrets! and more. He'll trim them all off for he still cares. Doesn't matter how far out you are, how many sins you've engaged in, he still cares! Give him your heart today before its too late!

  52. Moda tasarım dersleri

    Moda tasarım dersleri15 dagar sedan

    Koyun dolly

  53. Jungoguy

    Jungoguy16 dagar sedan

    He had to lift that for five years. That must have been painful

  54. momof2

    momof216 dagar sedan

    I also lost 32 that sheep

  55. Marguerite Eisel

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  56. Jman 28

    Jman 2816 dagar sedan

    Could’ve made a whole wool outfit with all that wool😂

  57. Joseph Jarosch

    Joseph Jarosch16 dagar sedan

    Carrying arround that much weight for that long must have built up a fair bit of muscle.

  58. Nishant Jain

    Nishant Jain16 dagar sedan

    That is the easiest weight loss video I have ever seen

  59. Christo George

    Christo George16 dagar sedan

    So This was how sheeps were before we started taking wool

  60. KD Vaishnav

    KD Vaishnav17 dagar sedan

    To make money on the name of records why you people torture these innocent animals.

  61. Kaela 527

    Kaela 52717 dagar sedan

    i always like to come back to this video every once and a while, it’s just relieving

  62. Henry Li

    Henry Li17 dagar sedan

    I sing ba ba black sheep when I’m in the mood to have a meltdown

  63. Lii 11

    Lii 1117 dagar sedan

    Rasta sheep

  64. 07celebrity

    07celebrity18 dagar sedan

    When you wait 6 months to get a fresh wave cut...

  65. Nèeraj

    Nèeraj18 dagar sedan

    Satisfying news

  66. blaze 2019

    blaze 201918 dagar sedan

    I think id put gloves on lol pretty gross.

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  68. Carlos Herrera

    Carlos Herrera18 dagar sedan

    This is so relaxing looking at the animals and the good people helping them out. !!! Thanks. !!!!! Love this channel !!!!! Love all the animals !!! GOD’s creation !!!!

  69. ZAFAR

    ZAFAR18 dagar sedan

    I just watched a Daily Dose of Internet video about this sheep-

  70. Ricky H

    Ricky H18 dagar sedan

    *One week after listening to Reggae music:*


    OUR CHANGING EARTH18 dagar sedan

    i was listning to my mix while watching this and death note opening one played at 1:58 it was an awesome experience

  72. bs tan

    bs tan18 dagar sedan

    Animal Equality UK Animals Australia PETA Animal Aid PETA

  73. David Pumpkins Jr.

    David Pumpkins Jr.19 dagar sedan

    It always feels good to take off your sweater when it's warm outside.

  74. Shanmuk Sai

    Shanmuk Sai19 dagar sedan

    My mom for every 10 days. I think it's time for a haircut😒

  75. MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR

    MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR19 dagar sedan

    So what about wild sheep, aren't they supposed to grow wool?

  76. dizzy young

    dizzy young19 dagar sedan

    0:08 me when playing ranked 😂😂

  77. Prasanth Valsan

    Prasanth Valsan20 dagar sedan

    Aren't they supposed to naturally shed the wool?

  78. Chad Hemingway

    Chad Hemingway20 dagar sedan

    Can you imagine how hot that would be in the summer?

  79. Meme Anekwe

    Meme Anekwe20 dagar sedan

    JESUS CHRIST is the good shepherd.

  80. Video et Taceo

    Video et Taceo19 dagar sedan


  81. Rohan Ghanta

    Rohan Ghanta20 dagar sedan

    rastafari sheep

  82. kernelab

    kernelab20 dagar sedan

    His name is rob zombie

  83. MsKatMays

    MsKatMays21 dag sedan

    Oh my goodness! I have watched this video a couple dozen times in passing and never before noticed they named him Baarack. That's too darling.

  84. Swapnil Yadav

    Swapnil Yadav21 dag sedan

    Everybody liked that.

  85. Musical Guy

    Musical Guy22 dagar sedan

    This looks like sheep is wearing a puffer jacket.

  86. Alan Morris

    Alan Morris22 dagar sedan

    Barack? As in, Obama because of it's wooly hair?

  87. TotallyLeela

    TotallyLeela22 dagar sedan


  88. J FB

    J FB22 dagar sedan

    You dug into her throat, and you want us to applaud you?

  89. Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennett22 dagar sedan

    Really sad to know he has this much wool because of humans only caring about profit.. poor thing :(

  90. nos side

    nos side23 dagar sedan

    He was like “get it offfff dudes ... I here for this haircut”

  91. JimiFarkle

    JimiFarkle23 dagar sedan

    what a horrible name

  92. alberto Madriz

    alberto Madriz24 dagar sedan

    Yea you *Friggin Shupa-cabra...* You thought i couldn't beat you haa??? EL S-Cabra: 🐲 DAANG, Heey yoo, where is The Cream Filling??? 🤣.🖕

  93. Jimini Toms

    Jimini Toms24 dagar sedan

    when the sheep finished getting all the wool out of him if it was i would hug and pet the sheep :) so happy to see that the sheep is fine =)

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  95. Ant Coolman

    Ant Coolman25 dagar sedan

    That’s so sad

  96. lang1031

    lang103125 dagar sedan

    So how would sheep survive in the wild if it was not for humans to shear them I wonder.

  97. Stephanie568

    Stephanie56825 dagar sedan

    The dislikes are from people who think shearing sheep and selling their wool is "inhumane" which it's not!

  98. Mohammed Bin Fazza

    Mohammed Bin Fazza23 dagar sedan

    Greetings from the Royal family

  99. Deepak Dips

    Deepak Dips25 dagar sedan

    Me after long time shaving my beard.... 😊😊😊

  100. Sabeadisimo

    Sabeadisimo26 dagar sedan

    Oscar? que te ha pasado? te perdiste amigo??

  101. Crojugger

    Crojugger26 dagar sedan

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    MARGRET BÖCKI26 dagar sedan


  103. Vidzay Rules

    Vidzay Rules27 dagar sedan

    0:34 Man that's a big Hoodie !

  104. Suraj Prabhu

    Suraj Prabhu27 dagar sedan

    He will be a super saiyan after loosing all the weight