America's Most Radical Pickup Truck - Jay Leno’s Garage

Independent suspension? Air-cooled? Engine in the back? What were they thinking?
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.
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America's Most Radical Pickup Truck - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Zachary Archbold

    Zachary Archbold22 timmar sedan

    I love this, you have inspired me to get my own 1963 Corvan, I am 15 and have always been into classic cars. I love watching your show and seeing all the great classics. My Instagram is zachobold1. Thanks for restoring these amazing cars, keep up the amazing work.

  2. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian RodriguezDag sedan

    A forward thinking truck

  3. Brian Kelley

    Brian Kelley2 dagar sedan

    It's called Americana, and Jay Leno makes it cool. 😁👍

  4. turbinepower77

    turbinepower773 dagar sedan

    My 1st vehicle I drove to high school. A 1961 Corvair Greenbriar van. I had to rebuild the engine before I could drive it.

  5. Blue-Sky Summer

    Blue-Sky Summer5 dagar sedan

    Jay omg at 7:20 , so cool.😂😂😂😂

  6. LJ Prep

    LJ Prep10 dagar sedan

    Those were cool. I was a solid Ford man (Dad's son, right?) but I owned two different '62 Corvair convertibles. Other than my '70 Javelin (390cid V-8/4sp), the Corvair was the most fun car I've ever owned. I kept up with my friends on their Hodaka Combat Wombat dirt bikes on the dirt track half a mile from our houses, including jumping it. The Corvair is the only thing from GM that I would ever own again.

  7. Garland Remington III

    Garland Remington III12 dagar sedan

    “Looking like some “Deposed Dictators Idiot Son”, LOAO Lol 😝 and did me and my wife laugh hard when Jay said this!!! That’s why I typed the O after the L.... Our..

  8. TaiChiGhost

    TaiChiGhost13 dagar sedan

    "Usually not that oil tight." Now THERE'S an understatement.

  9. Jeffrey Hubbard

    Jeffrey Hubbard14 dagar sedan

    My very first car was a '63 Rampside, and I thought the heat worked rather well, when the blower fuse wasn't blown that is. loved it more than any other vehicle i've driven!

  10. Russ Bonneau

    Russ Bonneau15 dagar sedan

    nice car Jay

  11. bhaggen

    bhaggen15 dagar sedan

    "Independent suspension? Air-cooled? Engine in the back? What were they thinking?".....Uh, maybe; just maybe, they were thinking the VW Transporter which had already been around since 1950?

  12. Paul Trigger

    Paul Trigger13 dagar sedan

    he was saying it sarcastically. He mentions the VW truck multiple times in the video.

  13. Mark Poland

    Mark Poland15 dagar sedan

    I saw a few of these when they were new

  14. Nick Dannunzio

    Nick Dannunzio19 dagar sedan

    I heard at the time... There was a heat exchanger that used the exhaust manifold to make hot air for the cabin... when that heat exchanger would fail, it would introduce carbon monoxide into the cabin... driver would be overcome, get dizzy or pass-out...

  15. Terry Wheelock

    Terry Wheelock20 dagar sedan

    They copied the VW single cab! 👀👍 BUTT ...... unfortunately like the VW ..... they didn't call it a KNEE KNOCKER for nothin! Why do you think there a so many hippies with no legs, who didn't go to Vietnam! 👀😜

  16. Cory Stansbury

    Cory Stansbury21 dag sedan

    Hard to fathom how the gasoline heater would use much fuel unless it was dumping most on the ground. Even an inefficient combuster would put out an astonishing amount of heat from very small amounts of fuel.

  17. Aaron Farrin

    Aaron Farrin22 dagar sedan

    I don't think you guys started another SEtoos channel but you want to check out there's another one called Jay Leno's garage YT so if that ain't you guys then look into that

  18. Patrick R

    Patrick R22 dagar sedan

    You can't afford the books??? California taxes finally getting to ya??

  19. skeptic936

    skeptic93622 dagar sedan

    The side ramp is VERY cool, practical, and safe for not needing ramps to load a ATV, quad, motorcycle, mower, or heavy cargo.

  20. Rich Tygart

    Rich Tygart23 dagar sedan

    Jay "It's your fart." 😂

  21. Jake Paul

    Jake Paul25 dagar sedan

    The sad gondola definitely attract because bakery singly desert versus a stimulating cousin. joyous, garrulous plaster

  22. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams26 dagar sedan

    This is what I have always said about design. Take something large and make a midsize version of it. This is a diesel truck concept taken down to a midsize vehicle and the foundation for it works. Then you use creativity from there.

  23. jha shua

    jha shua26 dagar sedan

    Although the heater might suck, they advertised it as having good traction in the snow and rain, because of the weight over the real wheels,

  24. Tom Kochmann

    Tom Kochmann27 dagar sedan

    This is why Jay was hands down the best Tonight Show host ever. He connects with people and is well informed and interested in this part of history. A real nice guy . Taking care of his people during these crazy times.

  25. amicidavinci

    amicidavinci28 dagar sedan

    Corvair engines are also converted into great airplane engines, my Zenith CH650 is powered by a 1968 Corvair engine.

  26. Buckarooskiczek Productions

    Buckarooskiczek Productions28 dagar sedan

    Little known fact about that ignition key configuration...Chevrolet’s innovation was that you could remove the key while the engine was running and unlock/lock the glove box.

  27. Claes VWbus

    Claes VWbus29 dagar sedan

    11:15 " ..... actually this thing weighs 2600 pounds .... a gross vehicle weighs about 4700 pound so you could carry 3/4 of a ton in this thing .... " would it be too much to ask americans to decide which weight measure they want to use? nobody understands POUNDS! the day they decide, it will deserve a slow clap

  28. eyesalooking

    eyesalooking29 dagar sedan

    I had a used Corvair in California in the late 80s. A previous owner had put in shag carpeting. I thought it was fun to drive. The clutch finally went out and I didn't know who to take it to to get it fixed so I sold it and bought a Datsun 510 which was considered to be the poor man's BMW. The Datsun was a great car.

  29. Clifton Torrence

    Clifton TorrenceMånad sedan

    Here's to Jay Leno! One of America's foremost and beloved people. Doing what he loves with feeling and great aplomb. Only an advanced soul could pull this off.

  30. Clifton Torrence

    Clifton TorrenceMånad sedan

    Thank you Jay. To my eye, it's a handsome vehicle. The red and white really works. Probably would make a terrific camper redo for any boy and his dog. In 1960 one of my Dads pals showed up on a Saturday morn in late August in front of our house with a just out Corvair two door in blue. The fam piled in and tootled around town gettin' the .50 cent tour of Americas most unusual car. The car had the budget focus of the whole early 60s models coming out. Including a two speed cable shifter on the dashboard that looked more like a lawn mower than something automotive.

  31. Dave Champion

    Dave ChampionMånad sedan

    I love Jay and what he does, but if you've ever tried to be a younger guy around any of the car shows, or show and shines, I really hope these boomers take the whole johnson waving, look at me car culture with them when they go.

  32. Felix Ruiz

    Felix RuizMånad sedan

    Thanks for video

  33. I D K who knew?

    I D K who knew?Månad sedan

    I have wanted one of these for so long. Really like them.

  34. BklynEsq

    BklynEsqMånad sedan

    Loved it Jay. Owned the cargo Corvair van as my first car. Bought it non-running Christmas 1969 for $75. Put a lot of love in it. Snapped the transaxle shaft at the Indiana Turnpike Toll Plaza entrance on the way out to the EAA Fly-In in Rockford, IL from Trenton, NJ. Got to a local junk yard bought a spare and fixed it on the side of the road. You made me smile in delight for 33 minutes Jay. Brought back a lot of warm memories from the days when 101 octane gas was 24.9 cents a gallon. Forgot about the quirky shifter. Loved the wood o n the bed. Thanks. Graie Bear PS you left out Corvair's Greenbriar; America's first minivan.

  35. Bill Lewis

    Bill LewisMånad sedan

    Generator and dual master were added... alternator not until model year '65, and they never had a dual master. I have a '64 Corvair95 Van version. "Corvan" though a popular name was never a GM name or model.

  36. ArmedDarkly

    ArmedDarklyMånad sedan

    I wish they would bring this back

  37. Business Guide

    Business GuideMånad sedan

    Thanks for sharing this!

  38. Charleybones

    CharleybonesMånad sedan

    Great line: "you don't want to be driving around in a Lamborghini like some deposed dictators idiot son". I didn't know that Jay still was capable of biting humor...

  39. Don Sperline

    Don SperlineMånad sedan

    No Seat Belts?

  40. Ed Disc

    Ed DiscMånad sedan

    compare to Ranchero and/or El Camino...

  41. Jacques Bonfre

    Jacques BonfreMånad sedan

    I realy like your insight and storytelling you have a great show

  42. John L

    John LMånad sedan

    @0:44 Jay says "General Motors" with total disdain in his voice, haha

  43. Ron Rocheleau

    Ron RocheleauMånad sedan

    Very cool video Jay thanks for sharing. As a mechanic in my younger years I had never seen one of these. Appreciate you sharing this video.

  44. Stephen Kunst

    Stephen KunstMånad sedan

    My folks bought a 1960 "Greenbirer" in 64. It had no power, but lots of room, and the face to face seats, in the back. The only three things which made the folks get a new 66 Galaxy Wagon, was the gasoline smell, the lack of power (with auto transmission) and the fan belt breaking several times.

  45. Heath M

    Heath MMånad sedan

    Great job, Jay. A lovely chariot. I would be happy to have it as a daily driver.

  46. Bill Crawford

    Bill CrawfordMånad sedan

    "Modern cars are so maintenance free you don't really bond with them anymore." Jay's wisdom is such a gift to us.

  47. Lassen Forge

    Lassen ForgeMånad sedan

    I love how he's talking about his Yanko Stinger - he said he has "car 54" and I immediately thought "where are you?" --lol-- Awesome pickup!

  48. nwvh2000

    nwvh2000Månad sedan

    I believe the "first" of this style was not a Corvair but a 1956 Jeep FC 150.

  49. David Nave

    David NaveMånad sedan

    Thanks for sharing I love cheavys

  50. Daniel Donahue

    Daniel DonahueMånad sedan

    Just COOL...relaxing pure amazing...excellent quality show...thank you JAY!!

  51. Bill Hayward

    Bill HaywardMånad sedan

    Thanks for doing this vehicle! Corvairs were good also on snow and ice compared to many other 2 wheel drives. I love the ford vs Chevy comparision video of this vehicle,some parts are a hoot. You made a real connection with the viewer with this video! Very well done!

  52. leone7227

    leone7227Månad sedan

    That is as beautiful and clean underneath as it is on the outside. Fantastic work (as always) by your crew!!!

  53. leone7227

    leone7227Månad sedan

    Great looking ride. I've always liked all the Corvair permutations. This one is really fantastic. If you ever get a good first generation station wagon, would love to see one of those here!

  54. Bob Loblaw

    Bob LoblawMånad sedan

    Here at the "garage".

  55. Nick V

    Nick VMånad sedan

    It looks like a knock off of a volkswagen single cab

  56. Ronald Piper

    Ronald PiperMånad sedan

    Were was spair tire? Is that it behind the driver were the round area seen in cab ?

  57. ut1004bp

    ut1004bpMånad sedan

    Sweet machine!

  58. Len Savignano

    Len SavignanoMånad sedan

    Thanks Jay!! Always thought these were cool!

  59. Jett Rucker

    Jett RuckerMånad sedan

    Corvairs did not have cast-iron heads. The heads were aluminum. The cylinders were iron.

  60. jeff looper

    jeff looperMånad sedan

    There is video highlighting this vehicles impressive off road capability.

  61. Relax Zone

    Relax ZoneMånad sedan

    What a beauty..makes me want to cry. I wish I could have it.

  62. Jonathan Kovacs

    Jonathan KovacsMånad sedan

    If I ever do youtube Videos I will do them like this I am not a car buff but i do enjoy this for a change. NO COMPUTER AHH! Computers were my livelihood until I retired!

  63. Robert Match

    Robert MatchMånad sedan

    Great job, Jay. Your combination of straight cogent talk, informative and avuncular, is much appreciated. Live long and prosper.

  64. mister glenn hood

    mister glenn hoodMånad sedan

    I had a '66 chevy van and one thing about forward control was the feeling , when turning in an intersection, of being in front of the front wheel . You were outside the turning radius . It felt a little like being on the Octopus ride at a carnival .

  65. TheLoonlady

    TheLoonladyMånad sedan

    Hi, so cool....My husband & I purchased a Chevy Greenbriar Van in 1979 and drove it several years while trying to restore it. The person who was doing the work for us ended up screwing us out of the monies he was advanced for parts. We kept it until 1985 & traded it in on a brand new Chevy Van20. We got $2700 for it. We purchased a lot of parts for it new & after market from a company called Clark's Corvair Parts in Massachusetts. It was a lot of fun & I wish we had held on to it but c'est la vie. Have fun with yours & thanks for the video.

  66. steve thomas

    steve thomasMånad sedan

    Am I the only one who thought they were riding shotgun with a genuine guy. Not surprised that Jay is "taking care of the guys" during the pandemic. This might be one of my favorite episodes, just sincere / real life car guy.

  67. tony axeman

    tony axemanMånad sedan

    Had a buddy with a Corvair car with a turbo wow . Volkswagon had a 80 hp in the super beetle.

  68. Job38 Four

    Job38 FourMånad sedan

    And I thought Corvair was a Chevy car. Very good review on this unique truck you showed exactly where the motor was, I never seen anything like this.........

  69. john conley

    john conleyMånad sedan

    I DID enjoy that drive!😀 A very good friend of my dad had one the same color back in the day.



    Put a Hemi or a 572 right behind that rear glass.

  71. Rv4 Guy

    Rv4 GuyMånad sedan

    a lot of guys are putting corvair engines in airplanes. They are air cooled.

  72. The Bonesaw ..

    The Bonesaw ..Månad sedan

    Anyone else bothered by all the overspray? I mean, Jay pays a lot to restore these things and, I know this isn't a Lambo or anything but... I feel like, when you're a collector, if it's unacceptable for a McLaren, it's unacceptable for a lowly little Corvair too. Underneath is less of a big deal, because no one is ever looking under there (I mean it bothered me but, I'm an old collision/body man so I'm anal about it), but the seal around the engine compartment on both the bed and the door... it just looked awful. And the engine compartment is definitely an area you're going to show off so, your painter couldn't be bothered to lay down a little extra tape?

  73. townhall05446

    townhall05446Månad sedan

    Hopefully it handled better than the sedan.

  74. Chuck Itall

    Chuck Itall2 månader sedan

    I love at the end he says and if ya crash your gonna die and its your own fault , then takes his hands off he wheel..HA great segment..i really love these older cars that's why i drive a 62 sunbeam.

  75. ~Kirstin

    ~Kirstin2 månader sedan

    Maybe it's a reflection of how young I am, but I would love to custom make one of these with a modified five speed and a modern engine.

  76. Lake Nipissing

    Lake Nipissing2 månader sedan

    18:32 . . . Only in Southern California can you drive a car occasionally over a fourteen year period and it still looks like that underneath !!

  77. Chainglider reddup

    Chainglider reddup2 månader sedan

    My '64 had a single pot brake master so I would say this is the Super Deluxe master upgrade. :D

  78. Catdaddy

    Catdaddy2 månader sedan

    AWESOME! My Dad and my Uncle raced Corvairs for a while at Columbia Speedway, and some other dirt tracks when I was a kid. They had one called a "Spyder" I believe, with 6 1BBL carbs.

  79. Maralee Ellis

    Maralee Ellis2 månader sedan

    The one thing I remember about driving this corvair was the short turning radius. I misjudged a right turn and creased in the side ramp. Too bad about the lousy oil seals on the engine. Spewed more than it burned. Like the Car, it was a rip off of the VW pickup

  80. Pete Z

    Pete Z2 månader sedan

    My Dad had the Van version of this vehicle, the Greenbrier Van. It was our family car...very practical but so unsafe, no seatbelts, metal dash, no front end but we didn't know the difference back then. Mom made him get rid of it because she had a hard time climbing into it when she was pregnant with my little sister and sitting up over the front wheels gave it a pretty rough ride when you hit a bump which wasn't fun for her during her pregnancy.

  81. weedfreer

    weedfreer2 månader sedan

    It kinda reminds me of the Rascal van's, older, bigger brother 😂

  82. weedfreer

    weedfreer2 månader sedan

    I love the looks of's similar to the VW Bus pickup...but totally American. The clearing detail down the side centred on the oval ights to the rear is just perfect. And the inbuilt impracticabilities are just the icing on the cake 😊 I love the addition of the wooden slats too...harking back to the olden days of the older lorry style flatbed trucks..well finished too Did it ever have a hard-top cabin to put offer the pickup bed? Would be interesting for a camper conversion maybe

  83. Philip Armand

    Philip Armand2 månader sedan

    Thank you for this series. So great. So down to earth. So much fun to watch.

  84. Austin Newman

    Austin Newman2 månader sedan

    thanks once again Jay.

  85. Tracy C

    Tracy C2 månader sedan

    I can’t believe you keep doing these BY YOURSELF! But thank you! And I so much appreciate you going back and putting some of your older cars on YT. They’re so great.

  86. Mark Hartman

    Mark Hartman2 månader sedan

    Wow Jay what a great video I’ve never see a ramp on a truck before

  87. Bill Eddleman

    Bill Eddleman2 månader sedan

    "Simpler time-you crash one of these and you were simply dead!" Too funny! Thanks Jay!

  88. Eric Eichenberger

    Eric Eichenberger2 månader sedan

    I really like the corvair pickups I am totally into all cab forward pickups and this is from a guy who drives a 2010 f-350 regular cab.You should look at the Jeep FC 150 there very cool and the FC 170

  89. Lasse Sørensen

    Lasse Sørensen2 månader sedan

    Thank you Mr Leno, for shining the light on the Corvair, one of the most significant GM vehicles of the sixties, from which so many lessons were learnt, positive and not so positive. This amazing feat of engineering inspired so many European developments, which most observers will argue was the other way around. This is my dream vehicle of all time, you can take the Delage, VW Combi of which I've had a few, and the Continental, the Corvair Ramp Side always had and always will be my personal favourite.

  90. Jason Ferrier

    Jason Ferrier2 månader sedan

    I came across one of these in Oakland, CA back in 2012.

  91. graycav56

    graycav562 månader sedan

    Next door neighbors had a blue and white van version. Always thought it was extra cool.

  92. Chad Gailey

    Chad Gailey2 månader sedan

    Hello Jay Do you know Ray Nelson of Santa Monica? It's my wife's uncle who restored cards for movies and period TV shows and loved to drive them all.

  93. Roger Rossman

    Roger Rossman2 månader sedan

    When I was a teenager the neighbors down the road had one. Both mother and daughter were large women and buy the late 60's it looked like the truck was going down a 10% grade the whole time.

  94. NAPhi

    NAPhi2 månader sedan

    Guys worth 1/2 a billion: does a complete restoration on a car worth $9k mint. Then does a complete show on it. Guys a national treasure!

  95. Bob Sullivan

    Bob Sullivan2 månader sedan

    Looks like a Volkswagen pickup.

  96. charlie pearson

    charlie pearson2 månader sedan

    We had the Van . very cool the only problem we had was it would throw the belt all the time .

  97. shane eslick

    shane eslick2 månader sedan

    G'day Jay, 😲WOW! in Australia we'd call it a ute, that is an Awesome example, I'd be happy to own drive it, Like you said it may not be the fastest, but it makes you smile although I wouldn't swap my 2012 VE2 Ute SS (6.0L & 6spd Manual) for it 😁(in America it would be an El Camino)

  98. N. V.

    N. V.2 månader sedan

    First person at the scene of the accident. Love it......................

  99. Jim R

    Jim R2 månader sedan

    I love the Jay Leno Garage programs. Now if only Jay could go back to the Late Night shows and run the current crop of pretend comedians out of town. They are just interested in bad mouthing Trump.

  100. Jim R

    Jim R2 månader sedan

    I assume that Jay would have installed the camber compensator from a 64 Corvair Spyder. It's a practically bold on transverse spring that would prevent the rear wheels from tucking under. My 64 Spyder would run rings around the Mustangs of that era. The Corvair was equal to the Porsches of that time. The 65 -69 cars had an even better rear suspension. I had friends who had VW's and it was a good thing that they were round on top. It made it easier to put them back on the wheels when they rolled over.

  101. Casey Archuleta

    Casey Archuleta2 månader sedan

    Great video as always! The part of the cab facing the bed, is that the spare tire area? Keep up the videos. I enjoy each and everyone I watch. Always looking forward to the next.