The LOG is coming to a Village near you. Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE?
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  1. arne oberstar

    arne oberstarDag sedan

    the goblin gave the log a coin illegal 100

  2. Тарас Радченко

    Тарас Радченко2 dagar sedan

    0:29 burp

  3. Тарас Радченко

    Тарас РадченкоDag sedan

    Is still funny

  4. Иван Иваныч

    Иван Иваныч2 dagar sedan

    Global chat..

  5. Caleb Kirkland

    Caleb Kirkland2 dagar sedan

    0:39 when it the end of villagic

  6. bokoblin number 9000

    bokoblin number 90002 dagar sedan

    And then The builder leaves again 0:44

  7. Art and games

    Art and games3 dagar sedan

    Before disliking Keep in mind They have worked hard!


    SHAJA SALA6 dagar sedan

    Never knew a log would be such a scary character

  9. sasikumar kumar

    sasikumar kumar7 dagar sedan


  10. The zombie Assassin

    The zombie Assassin7 dagar sedan

    We not gonna talk about the goblin in the present

  11. The zombie Assassin

    The zombie Assassin3 dagar sedan

    @Gonzalo Garcia pause at 13 seconds and you can see a big present with goblin feet in it moving

  12. Gonzalo Garcia

    Gonzalo Garcia4 dagar sedan

    Which part?

  13. Soviet marshmallow

    Soviet marshmallow8 dagar sedan

    I like how the log is sentient and nobody questions how a rage spell did it

  14. S. Gamer

    S. Gamer8 dagar sedan

    0:43 his reaction

  15. Captain Levi

    Captain Levi8 dagar sedan

    Killer logs

  16. WeebMaster007 GokuAndDekuSan

    WeebMaster007 GokuAndDekuSan8 dagar sedan


  17. nico :]

    nico :]9 dagar sedan

    Felicidades encontraste a un comentario en español

  18. Andrew Xu

    Andrew Xu10 dagar sedan

    Log: calms down. Log: sees lumberjack cut down tree: Log: ANGREEE

  19. Blank Paper

    Blank Paper10 dagar sedan

    for a second....i thought it was a horror clashmas

  20. Sprite

    Sprite11 dagar sedan


  21. Popinder Seth

    Popinder Seth12 dagar sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about the ice spirit's voice? IT SOUNDS LIKE A CUTE LITTLE BABY! (1:04)

  22. Nanay Domingo

    Nanay Domingo12 dagar sedan

    Bring back the global chat please

  23. Jsnsicnidnis Siniwdjixjijs

    Jsnsicnidnis Siniwdjixjijs12 dagar sedan

    0:08 Ch33z

  24. Lightning Strike

    Lightning Strike13 dagar sedan

    0:15 i dont have a good feeling about.... no one saying this intro comes straight out of a horror film.... like im not scared but its a Clash of Clans animation, you wouldnt expect stuff like this you know?



    oh gosh i got 100 gems for 1 day

  26. Ansh Johal

    Ansh Johal13 dagar sedan

    1:27 It's hard to guess what's inside Barbarian's Present 🎁😂😂!

  27. Henry Bui

    Henry Bui14 dagar sedan

    "The Lumberjack and the Log go way back." Make sense 0:26

  28. Stars Gamer

    Stars Gamer16 dagar sedan

    Very interesting video, by the way I have on the channel released exactly the same new interesting video carefully watch support with likes and subscriptions thank you all

  29. Fante Berra

    Fante Berra17 dagar sedan

    Did u notice when the log hits the present out of the skeleton's hands, it takes his hands off.😂

  30. Nice Guy

    Nice Guy18 dagar sedan

    Lalalalalala- oh shoot a rat

  31. the last breath sans

    the last breath sans18 dagar sedan


  32. Волчара

    Волчара18 dagar sedan


  33. Ayten Korkmaz

    Ayten Korkmaz19 dagar sedan


  34. Amontre M

    Amontre M20 dagar sedan

    Always wonder how dangerous a log could be, and now I know

  35. Vishal

    Vishal20 dagar sedan

    rip lumber jack

  36. Cyrus Fok

    Cyrus Fok20 dagar sedan

    Please join my clan

  37. Cyrus Fok

    Cyrus Fok20 dagar sedan

    Clan name : great clan War frequency: always Clan type : anyone can join Clan label: clan wars, clan war league , friendly Leader name: Damian lillard

  38. Mert

    Mert20 dagar sedan

    Lumberjack is a drunk :p

  39. gustavo adolfo Qg

    gustavo adolfo Qg21 dag sedan

    00:28 my dad when a meeting of friends arrives

  40. Rodomir Semizhonov

    Rodomir Semizhonov21 dag sedan

    Crazy 💫💫

  41. Eternal Rinnegan

    Eternal Rinnegan21 dag sedan

    The ending is really scary

  42. Czar Anilov

    Czar Anilov23 dagar sedan

    The guy who placed the log: PoSiTiVE ElIxIR TrADe

  43. 이지아

    이지아23 dagar sedan

    *The bandit girl lifts her eyepatch* Me: You WOT

  44. Bhavina Patel

    Bhavina Patel23 dagar sedan

    1:16 That tears touched my heart

  45. Daniel Gamez

    Daniel Gamez23 dagar sedan

    How the log stole clash mas

  46. InfernoTara

    InfernoTara23 dagar sedan

    I like clashmas more 🤐

  47. Robert Alexander

    Robert Alexander23 dagar sedan

    Orange juice be like : Now that is a positive elixir trade.

  48. Женя Казаева

    Женя Казаева24 dagar sedan

    New year is coming soon cheers

  49. Ying Yan

    Ying Yan24 dagar sedan

    *How the log stole clashmas*

  50. CC- 1010

    CC- 101025 dagar sedan

    Is It just me or does the hog sounds like big smoke

  51. Teuton 29

    Teuton 2925 dagar sedan

    Merry Crisis

  52. Jett Cowie

    Jett Cowie25 dagar sedan

    Who else thought the end was like a horror movie title.😞

  53. Zoro Giovanna

    Zoro Giovanna26 dagar sedan

    How the Log stole the Christmas

  54. Ugur Aliyev

    Ugur Aliyev26 dagar sedan

    Rip 🎄

  55. Ugur Aliyev

    Ugur Aliyev26 dagar sedan

    Dead 🎄

  56. Ugur Aliyev

    Ugur Aliyev26 dagar sedan

    Is logmas jakpak dede tree 🎄 is log hanggri is tree

  57. The Grave Cultist

    The Grave Cultist26 dagar sedan

    imagine being raided by logs

  58. Teddy bomb1820

    Teddy bomb182026 dagar sedan

    New movie:how the log stole clashmas


    JOSHUA COOPER27 dagar sedan

    Hold on wait a minute unless the locks possessed how the heck did it go forward in backwards on the lumberjack

  60. James Andrew Caballero

    James Andrew Caballero28 dagar sedan

    0:46 Pekka And Mini Pekka Cooking Pancakes

  61. Mr. Thumbhead

    Mr. Thumbhead28 dagar sedan

    This would make a great horror movie

  62. Edbert William

    Edbert William28 dagar sedan

    He just wanna be.... Appreciated

  63. PhantomLegend

    PhantomLegend29 dagar sedan


  64. Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales29 dagar sedan

    Your the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen. That got me good that sentence was cute🎄🎄🎄

  65. EnerelGSM Ee

    EnerelGSM Ee29 dagar sedan

    Give me 2 more

  66. Armando González

    Armando González29 dagar sedan

    Pobrecito leñador😁😁😁

  67. يماني وافتخر

    يماني وافتخرMånad sedan

    I love you clash of clans

  68. Kishan Rav

    Kishan RavMånad sedan

    Goblins is so funny 😂😂😂


    CYBER GAMINGZMånad sedan

    So the log is basically the grinch?

  70. Ramon Marin Fernandez

    Ramon Marin FernandezMånad sedan


  71. Vitaliy Otlyev

    Vitaliy OtlyevMånad sedan

    bruh lmao haha.also thats explain why its said logmas in cookie village video.

  72. Don Comedia

    Don ComediaMånad sedan

    Grinch reference?

  73. S_MAN

    S_MANMånad sedan

    1:23 ELECTRO WIZARD!!!

  74. DINOLANDIA Dinosaurios

    DINOLANDIA DinosauriosMånad sedan

    F por el leñador

  75. Дамир Каков

    Дамир КаковMånad sedan


  76. Cavid İsayev

    Cavid İsayevMånad sedan

    Omaqaddddddddd CLASH


    LAUGHER NATORMånad sedan

    Oh yeah log crushed lumberjack

  78. Rhett’s Renderings Inc.

    Rhett’s Renderings Inc.Månad sedan

    0:21 me and the bois chilling 0:28 my older bro coming in 0:55 the after math


    TRYPTAMINEMånad sedan


  80. Finn

    FinnMånad sedan

    May the log be with you

  81. Kos Anth

    Kos AnthMånad sedan


  82. Smith Warden

    Smith WardenMånad sedan

    Rip Barbarian

  83. sergio rey

    sergio reyMånad sedan

    Tu juego es malísimo estupidos lo que pagan por jugar que tontos

  84. Mcp Drt

    Mcp DrtMånad sedan

    Primero, la gente decide en que gastar su dinero. Segundo, aquí el único estúpido eres tú que le dice tonto a cualquiera que gaste su dinero en el juego cuando tú nisiquiera conoces a esas personas. Tercero, ¿ Porque el juego es malo?. Denos argumentos del porque y no me venga con este argumento que dan algunos de que esté juego es malo porque es un juego para móviles. Cuarto, aprenda a usar los espacios y las comas porque alparecer no le enseñaron cómo usarlas en su colegio. Seguro va a evitar este comentario porqué seguro usted no es nada más de estos infelices que cuando lo humillan sale corriendo como un cobarde. Edit: Edite solo para agregar un punto que me había faltado.


    BALD GANGMånad sedan

    Yo bros

  86. Liam robinson

    Liam robinsonMånad sedan

    how the heck can somewone dislike this

  87. Floating Necc

    Floating NeccMånad sedan

    Coc still has the best ads for a mobile game I've ever seen I never skip these

  88. Sheikh Sazzad

    Sheikh SazzadMånad sedan

    I need Active Player

  89. dodik widiana

    dodik widianaMånad sedan

    so remembering my elementary school days when I played this game since there was a legendary car no one has played COC games anymore

  90. The music gamer

    The music gamerMånad sedan

    its funny how the log is stronger than wizerds skelitons and lumberjack and others

  91. Kevin Cykie Nacis

    Kevin Cykie NacisMånad sedan

    That's why log is legendary.

  92. Huean Gabrielle Peralta

    Huean Gabrielle PeraltaMånad sedan

    at 0:05 and at 0:11 mostly 0:18 who that girl new cards?!?!!

  93. 李胤彥Kody Lee

    李胤彥Kody LeeMånad sedan

    Who royal champion? R u dum

  94. LimePoster

    LimePosterMånad sedan

    I should not cut trees then

  95. RİKO PM

    RİKO PMMånad sedan

    Çok iyi yapmışlar yanlız

  96. Assyria Supra

    Assyria SupraMånad sedan

    But Time Change Clashmas Snowy Day 2020

  97. Hayden Malloy

    Hayden MalloyMånad sedan

    So basically The lumberjack got drunk by drinking a rage spell?!

  98. Edward Emang

    Edward EmangMånad sedan

    So no one talks about how cute is that ice spirit?

  99. Константин Ремизов

    Константин РемизовMånad sedan

    Признаю, немного хоррора в данном видео было шикарно обыгранно, даже. Скажу идеально!!!

  100. Moyai-Adam [FBI Agent]

    Moyai-Adam [FBI Agent]Månad sedan

    Legend has it that barbarian is still wondering what his present is

  101. Raghav Khurana

    Raghav KhuranaMånad sedan


  102. Jackmecto pw

    Jackmecto pwMånad sedan

    You can only wonder what the barbarian is getting for logmas

  103. Riley Lu

    Riley LuMånad sedan

    I have been nice log launcher- sta- STAY BACK. NO. COME NO CLOSER.

  104. mahd fiaz

    mahd fiazMånad sedan

    Clash of clans how do we restart the game to town hall level 3

  105. Tommy Huang

    Tommy HuangMånad sedan

    if u restart u go back to townhall 1

  106. Tommy Huang

    Tommy HuangMånad sedan

    what do u mean?

  107. Eco Gaming

    Eco GamingMånad sedan

    we want global chat