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Happy #FailFriday​ everyone! Now get YOUR finger off that mouse and enjoy another excellent week of our favorite fails. And tell us about some stunning fails of your own from this past week in the comments section.
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  1. E†han1994

    E†han199420 dagar sedan

    6:11 Aw, that is so sweet! ^__^

  2. Mr.x sunglasses guy

    Mr.x sunglasses guy15 dagar sedan

    @Hansa Park Fan - EP Fan it's not bad it's CUTE😍

  3. Mr.x sunglasses guy

    Mr.x sunglasses guy15 dagar sedan

    @Pi Ta i think he is

  4. Black Swan

    Black Swan16 dagar sedan

    @Monkey _420 im still waiting for an answer on how it’s gay...

  5. Hansa Park Fan - EP Fan

    Hansa Park Fan - EP Fan17 dagar sedan

    @Monkey _420 What should be bad about it?

  6. D.M RyuuCchi

    D.M RyuuCchi17 dagar sedan

    yep, i think its not a 'fail moment' but more suitable with 'heart melting' moment

  7. cheekyoziechick

    cheekyoziechick10 timmar sedan

    Aww poor fish got out of the water from the croc..and was still taken.

  8. Dan Pealing

    Dan PealingDag sedan

    Ahhhh man I got road rage just watching those two trucks blocking the road


    RAJESHWARI RDag sedan


  10. 다이아몬드

    다이아몬드2 dagar sedan



    KRISHNA PRIYA3 dagar sedan


  12. René Didden

    René Didden3 dagar sedan

    4:56 is that ThatDudeInBlue?

  13. preethi b

    preethi b3 dagar sedan


  14. kishore sagar

    kishore sagar3 dagar sedan


  15. Rajya rekha

    Rajya rekha3 dagar sedan


  16. Somendra Suryvanshi

    Somendra Suryvanshi4 dagar sedan


  17. Shafiq Chack

    Shafiq Chack4 dagar sedan

    Sweet 👍

  18. Space Lemur

    Space Lemur4 dagar sedan

    What's the difference between stupidly driving your pickup in deep water and stupidly riding your horse in? Ha. Y'all know already which one gets out on its own.

  19. keerthana keerthana

    keerthana keerthana4 dagar sedan

    Super nice

  20. அவ்ளோதான் அறிவியல்

    அவ்ளோதான் அறிவியல்4 dagar sedan


  21. Prakash N

    Prakash N4 dagar sedan

    Super 😂

  22. Aban Ahmed

    Aban Ahmed4 dagar sedan


  23. Onlyon Some

    Onlyon Some4 dagar sedan


  24. Kiningbou Daimai

    Kiningbou Daimai4 dagar sedan

    That is something good

  25. Muthu Lakshmi

    Muthu Lakshmi5 dagar sedan


  26. Priyanka Sebastin

    Priyanka Sebastin5 dagar sedan


  27. Priyanka Sebastin

    Priyanka Sebastin5 dagar sedan

    Most funny

  28. Relax With Nature

    Relax With Nature5 dagar sedan


  29. Hotngam Moita

    Hotngam Moita5 dagar sedan


  30. Kinjal Dixit

    Kinjal Dixit6 dagar sedan

    somehow laughing at people who are outdoors trying new stuff is not for me. in fact it is so much not for me that i would stop being friends with people who do laugh at such things.

  31. Thom Hagan

    Thom Hagan6 dagar sedan

    Fuck you with the ads at the end. Gets me everytime haha. thumbs down.

  32. WhiteLoudd

    WhiteLoudd8 dagar sedan

    They did Cody dirty

  33. Bjerki Frfr

    Bjerki Frfr10 dagar sedan

    0:45 russian "Niva" just fly without not noticing ;D

  34. Justan American

    Justan American10 dagar sedan

    @2:30 I will never understand why people laugh when someone falls. Do some people LIKE to see others hurt? It has puzzled me all my life

  35. Dirtbike Dom

    Dirtbike Dom10 dagar sedan

    5:06 Dis foo trippin

  36. Alexen Kavalam

    Alexen Kavalam11 dagar sedan

    Americans are lit.

  37. HairlessCat 645

    HairlessCat 64511 dagar sedan

    Why the hell would you just sit there while a gator gets that close? Idiot

  38. Bandit Darville

    Bandit Darville11 dagar sedan

    The dude with the golfclub, i'm crying xD

  39. MthStyle

    MthStyle12 dagar sedan


  40. Josefine vom Berg

    Josefine vom Berg12 dagar sedan

    The first: Oh noooo, hahahaha....:O)))

  41. Classic80sStuff

    Classic80sStuff12 dagar sedan

    My uncle is friends with Corey and his family (1:06) I asked him what happened after the cameras went off if Corey was angry. The fall injured his knee and twisted his ankle, so yeah he was pretty pissed! He told his girlfriend she was awful for being involved with such a "prank". It is hard to believe that so called "loved ones" would do something to cause such pain for him. One last thing is that he will never play who can kick the bucket the furthest anymore. He used to be amazing at it but after this incident his skill dropped severely. You could tell that he was afraid to give his full power to the bucket for fear it may be boobie trapped. It is something he has tried and tried to get over but can't seem to shake it. So not only did Corey get a bad knee injury and a twisted ankle but they also took away his favorite thing in life. It is a very sad story.

  42. Ramjan Akram Judge

    Ramjan Akram Judge12 dagar sedan

    1:18 it’s that kody warf from 60 days in? Couse that’s kinda looks like him...

  43. Jon Adams

    Jon Adams12 dagar sedan

    The garbage lid smacking the guy taking out the trash was hilarious

  44. Gazmus

    Gazmus12 dagar sedan

    Why dont americans put their electric in the ground like we do in england? trees cant get to it underground

  45. Jam Sponge

    Jam Sponge13 dagar sedan

    7.24 you ain't eating my fish.

  46. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke13 dagar sedan

    That fish really tried to evolve to get away from that alligator/crocodile

  47. Nandar S

    Nandar S13 dagar sedan

    6:18 that kid was so ANNOYING! 😡😡😡

  48. Josh H

    Josh H14 dagar sedan

    That little girl was adorable...

  49. B Jean A

    B Jean A14 dagar sedan

    That kick the bucket prank was messed up. That dude could have broken his foot or leg doing that. Those people are assholes who set that up.

  50. peter H

    peter H14 dagar sedan

    Haha shorts wrapped around the bike haha🤣😂

  51. Jayxe

    Jayxe14 dagar sedan

    If this video followed the theme of the title, it would be a grand total of 12 seconds. Why the hell do you guys title it the way you do, fail army?

  52. seiom jvony

    seiom jvony14 dagar sedan

    5:40 справа обогнать и что-то придумать, чтоб не хамили

  53. Tactical Guy

    Tactical Guy14 dagar sedan

    Hat noch jemand eine Werbung über Rasierer bekommen? Lange nicht so gelacht 😂

  54. Jacob Opstad

    Jacob Opstad15 dagar sedan

    I'd like to know if those two trucks were doing the speed limit, cuz if they were, you have nothing to complain about.

  55. TOP FAILS Videos

    TOP FAILS Videos15 dagar sedan


  56. R.B. P.

    R.B. P.15 dagar sedan

    Bike penetration

  57. MrKery 2

    MrKery 215 dagar sedan

    O LACRE MANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LACROU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa15 dagar sedan

    That part when someone "perfect timing" it sounded like ranboo-

  59. Aspen Frost

    Aspen Frost7 dagar sedan

    why was it perfect timing?

  60. kayla champion

    kayla champion15 dagar sedan

    The little girl saying she wants to cuddle is so innocent

  61. BOOMBABY 2020

    BOOMBABY 202015 dagar sedan

    epic bike wedgie

  62. Ralph L

    Ralph L16 dagar sedan

    Sorry, but I have to count that little girl wanting a cuddle as a win...

  63. Evan Blake

    Evan Blake16 dagar sedan

    The two big trucks side by side were just assholes, that's not exactly a fail. Closest thing would be a failure of humanity.

  64. Luzius S.

    Luzius S.16 dagar sedan


  65. sadhika satheesh

    sadhika satheesh16 dagar sedan


  66. Chris H

    Chris H16 dagar sedan

    what were you scared for, it's just a gator

  67. 3.0 Colorado

    3.0 Colorado16 dagar sedan

    The guy that got trampled by the horse in the river is only funny to people that know nothing about horses....

  68. Alejandro Z

    Alejandro Z16 dagar sedan

    From personal experience, the guy who fell twisting his ankle was the worst thing ever.

  69. Jason Lehne

    Jason Lehne16 dagar sedan

    0:24 legit thought that was a duck and not a woman laughing...

  70. Garafim Semaris

    Garafim Semaris16 dagar sedan

    5:40 справа обогнать и что-то придумать, чтоб не хамили

  71. Fernando Machado

    Fernando Machado16 dagar sedan

    Quando contam uma piada sem graça: 1:15

  72. Joey Bixby

    Joey Bixby16 dagar sedan

    that gator took chubs hand

  73. Angelo Moncada

    Angelo Moncada17 dagar sedan

    Those dudes on the ice just proved without a doubt that Jack definitely could not have climbed up there with Rose

  74. Space Lemur

    Space Lemur4 dagar sedan

    @Maria Larsson It's all about bouyancy. A door will not keep two persons out of the water.

  75. Space Lemur

    Space Lemur4 dagar sedan

    I didn't see dudes. I saw fools.

  76. Maria Larsson

    Maria Larsson16 dagar sedan

    Ice is slippery, doors are not

  77. Angelo Moncada

    Angelo Moncada17 dagar sedan

    There was nowhere that tree could have fallen that would have ended well

  78. Teagan B.

    Teagan B.17 dagar sedan


  79. Ethun Hunt

    Ethun Hunt17 dagar sedan

    Thank you 😊 I just found ur channel and u just made my day by the grace of god 😃

  80. Rock girl

    Rock girl17 dagar sedan

    First dude pulls his hamstring Camera girl: you’re so fantastic, you just make my life

  81. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa15 dagar sedan

    That fish really tried to evolve to get away from that alligator/crocodile

  82. timmy mfturner

    timmy mfturner17 dagar sedan

    5:12 I know they're trying to take away guns rn, but I think they should make grenade launchers legal just for this reason!

  83. JJ Mick

    JJ Mick17 dagar sedan

    oh that poor bastard on the bike...crashed out in front of the ladies, lost his britches and got dog sniffed....LOL

  84. Masud Alom

    Masud Alom17 dagar sedan

    Bruh the first one 🤣🤣🤣

  85. Иван Замути

    Иван Замути17 dagar sedan

    И смех и грех

  86. Travell and amazing videos

    Travell and amazing videos17 dagar sedan

    Funny moments 😃😃😃 ---SMK🥰🚴🚴🚴

  87. Am.

    Am.17 dagar sedan

    0:20 How can you finish like that with such a small jump... ?! How ? Lmao

  88. Ross Teede

    Ross Teede17 dagar sedan

    @1:06. If all all else fails plant it big time and go further in - what could possibly go wrong?

  89. Akshath the beatbox Rockstar

    Akshath the beatbox Rockstar17 dagar sedan

    bruh I LIKE THIS

  90. TOS UnderGround

    TOS UnderGround17 dagar sedan

    7:04 how titanic should have ended

  91. Kari FC

    Kari FC17 dagar sedan

    Bruh the first clip LMFAO 1:44 LMAO

  92. Kahsimiah

    Kahsimiah17 dagar sedan

    0:21 I bet he could have crashed as beautiful as this with a normal bike, instead of an e-bike. Not everything needs batteries.

  93. Jalbiin Dolcheey

    Jalbiin Dolcheey17 dagar sedan

    Don't go around kicking buckets or you you may end up kicking the bucket.

  94. Alden Crabb

    Alden Crabb17 dagar sedan

    That fish running away on land from that alligator was amazing natural wildlife filmography! The woman should submit her work to National Geographic, they would give her a job in the field for sure!

  95. Kathy Childress

    Kathy Childress17 dagar sedan

    The person fishing in gator territory is a jerk for being surprised

  96. Mr. Carter

    Mr. Carter17 dagar sedan

    Bruh I was dead on the intro 😂

  97. Jon Chaney

    Jon Chaney17 dagar sedan

    Ewww I hate this

  98. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty18 dagar sedan

    Oh there we are at 2:20 😂 Me laughing my ass off at my hubby falling

  99. bella babe

    bella babe17 dagar sedan

    Lol is rly you?

  100. Siebenstein 56

    Siebenstein 5618 dagar sedan

    hype shit happens ;)

  101. tako cat

    tako cat18 dagar sedan

    The second video how can you fail and straight up just explode so hard in such a small ramp? 🤔

  102. tako cat

    tako cat15 dagar sedan

    @Stefanie Clarkson I guess he panicked lol but still don't let him go downhill he could literally die !!! 🧐😹

  103. Stefanie Clarkson

    Stefanie Clarkson15 dagar sedan

    We think he pushed the throttle on the Ebike and it just took off - that’s our best guess haha I was the camera girl haha

  104. DR Grandreefer

    DR Grandreefer18 dagar sedan

    Is the chick at 6:35 Upsahl. The new artist from Arizona?

  105. Trump 2024

    Trump 202418 dagar sedan

    ngl, I totally forgot this channel existed.

  106. Auspishos Skverill

    Auspishos Skverill18 dagar sedan

    Guy: Alexa, how much snow we'd get today? Alexa: google that yourself you lazy bastard.

  107. seiom jvony

    seiom jvony14 dagar sedan

    That fish was willing to go on land to save himself.

  108. Napoléon I Bonaparte

    Napoléon I Bonaparte18 dagar sedan

    That fish was willing to go on land to save himself.

  109. john smith

    john smith18 dagar sedan

    The two trucks driving side by side should be reported to the cops and be charged with obstructing the road. It's a traffic offense.

  110. Pop Culture Vegan

    Pop Culture Vegan18 dagar sedan

    This was a premium video

  111. Steven Thompson

    Steven Thompson18 dagar sedan

    "try backing out" lol

  112. Vidhi Vishwakarma

    Vidhi Vishwakarma18 dagar sedan

    He threw his golf club!!!!!!!

  113. steve austin

    steve austin18 dagar sedan

    just how can that cuddle be a fail

  114. Vic Paramedic

    Vic Paramedic18 dagar sedan

    Love this channel, but please stop showing stupid parents pranking their kids!