Correction: The state of Punjab is located in North India. A map in this video points to an incorrect area.
Harry Singh, the president of Bolla Markets, started out with next to nothing. Now, he’s making billions off of his chain of gasoline stations and convenience stores.
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  1. Ding Dong

    Ding Dong37 minuter sedan

    CNBC your geography is pathetic. Punjab is not where you pointed to on the map, you're off by more than 2000km! It's like pointing to Arizona when you referring to New York.. you're acting like a bunch of cowboys, educate yourselves.

  2. Nuby

    Nuby5 timmar sedan

    People flock to America in search of opportunity, and Americans flock to Bernie and AOC to give them handouts.

  3. Activelense

    Activelense7 timmar sedan

    Good Luck Mr.Singh!

  4. Farrukh

    Farrukh9 timmar sedan

    Why does he sounds more like an Italian then an Indian

  5. Joron R

    Joron R13 timmar sedan

    Never heard of it I guess I’m in the Midwest lol

  6. Lachy’s Imagination

    Lachy’s Imagination14 timmar sedan


  7. Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm

    Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm18 timmar sedan

    A great American!

  8. Jessy Noga

    Jessy Noga18 timmar sedan

    He has a lot of money, and he should get more of it by investing in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency.

  9. Punit Shetty

    Punit Shetty17 minuter sedan

    Thank God he is not as dumb as you

  10. Yaarub Alnaabi

    Yaarub Alnaabi11 timmar sedan

    @David Frank how did you know that I'm poor? Also, I have the same right to express my opinion as you. P.S. I own bitcoin. But, what you're promoting is a scam. People may end up wasting their life savings following scammers. Even bitcoin is a very risky asset that people should only buy from it what they can afford to lose. Not more than 1% of a person's net worth should be in bitcoin.

  11. David Frank

    David Frank11 timmar sedan

    @Yaarub Alnaabi I think you are the scam here, and that's the reason you are still poor kindly keep your thoughts to yourself no one is forcing you, I wasn't forced to invest and I am happy I got my profit

  12. Yaarub Alnaabi

    Yaarub Alnaabi11 timmar sedan

    @David Frank that's exactly what a person promoting a scam would say

  13. David Frank

    David Frank11 timmar sedan

    @Yaarub Alnaabi I think you are confused here, I just received my profit from him and I am sticking to him 😊

  14. french franciss

    french franciss19 timmar sedan

    Only In America

  15. Sam Singh

    Sam Singh21 timme sedan

    Ok so let me drop some info bomb here. Very few ppls know that harry singh is very close to "Badal" a punjabi indian politician. Badal is one of the richest Chief minister in india. Rumors are that Badal sent huge amount of corrupt money to US. Harry invested that money and gave his face for public. This practice is common in indo-Us businesses

  16. BP

    BP9 timmar sedan

    Where did you get thia information from?

  17. Mcai Hall

    Mcai Hall21 timme sedan

    The location pin on the map of india is wrong LOL

  18. Philip Hoang

    Philip HoangDag sedan


  19. supercat380

    supercat380Dag sedan

    Well done to this hard-working man!!!

  20. dmeire

    dmeireDag sedan

    Well done Harry.

  21. Gur Nehaal

    Gur NehaalDag sedan

    Ummm that’s not where Punjab is on the map of India

  22. Hurricane 863

    Hurricane 863Dag sedan

    Vote biden if you want to lose it all

  23. R. A.

    R. A.Dag sedan

    Hint to the rest of people who come into money- stock up on gold and other precious matetials. Dont blow your wad on stupid consumer crap and stock notes. When everything comes crashing down, none of that stuff or your bame will save you.

  24. J Mcc

    J MccDag sedan

    What a great video. Good for him !




  26. Saketh Desai

    Saketh Desai2 dagar sedan

    Guys. He said punjab. Not Karnataka🙏🏼😂

  27. Why this kolaveri di

    Why this kolaveri di2 dagar sedan

    They are showing punjab, but map marker in Karnataka. WTH🤔

  28. Vinder Singh

    Vinder Singh2 dagar sedan

    Is bolla बोला (sir name)

  29. Nocturnal Pack Cracks

    Nocturnal Pack Cracks2 dagar sedan

    But wait. This is ameriKKKa right? The land of WHOOO-WHITE SUPREMACY and RACISM! no way could a COLORED person flourish such as this man in such a racist BIGOTED WHITE SUPREME LAND RIGHT? (This is sarcasm of course)

  30. Amandeep Brar

    Amandeep Brar2 dagar sedan

    U showed the wrong map

  31. Jay Patel

    Jay Patel2 dagar sedan

    Im an indian and this is definitely the “indian” american dream

  32. Willem Vink

    Willem Vink3 dagar sedan

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  33. Sailu Bobba

    Sailu BobbaDag sedan

    Alison Elliot plz stop wasting your money.. these are scammers

  34. Sailu Bobba

    Sailu BobbaDag sedan

    Stop it you fake fellows.. get a job suckers

  35. Nelson Austin

    Nelson Austin3 dagar sedan

    @Herald Peter Determination is highly needed in trading because only brave heart determined to take the risks involves in making huge profit

  36. Herald Peter

    Herald Peter3 dagar sedan

    @Audre Mpho Mr Silver Austin is a plug 📞+1 2 5 3 5 2 7 0 9 4 4

  37. Audre Mpho

    Audre Mpho3 dagar sedan

    @Mary Udokim You are right that’s why I invest my money with expert Mr Nelson Silver Austin it has no course alarm

  38. Poetic Entanglement

    Poetic Entanglement3 dagar sedan

    Brilliant man. Congratulations!!

  39. SlowedVersion

    SlowedVersion3 dagar sedan


  40. Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports

    Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports3 dagar sedan

    Sell Drugs at the gas station

  41. Carolyn Rosa

    Carolyn Rosa3 dagar sedan


  42. Oly Glezz

    Oly Glezz3 dagar sedan

    He came to America with a tourist visa and 50 bucks . American dream . Proud son a blessed Man

  43. Jawed Shah

    Jawed Shah3 dagar sedan

    America land of opportunity 🇺🇸

  44. Hussein b 23

    Hussein b 233 dagar sedan

    0:43 luis suarez works at a gas station lol #husseinb23

  45. S likio

    S likio4 dagar sedan

    That’s awesome so inspiring

  46. manglem A

    manglem A4 dagar sedan

    Is Punjabi in karnataka

  47. Janam Brar

    Janam Brar4 dagar sedan

    CNBC doesn’t know where the state of Punjab is in India.

  48. Chris O Berg

    Chris O Berg4 dagar sedan

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  49. shubham bhatt

    shubham bhatt4 dagar sedan

    That’s not Punjab on the Map🌚

  50. surinderjit SINGH

    surinderjit SINGH4 dagar sedan

    Is Surapur, in Karnataka ???

  51. Ahmad Ibrahim

    Ahmad Ibrahim4 dagar sedan

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  52. Weston Par

    Weston Par4 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the taxpayers the slaves an all the other individuals.

  53. Weston Par

    Weston Par4 dagar sedan


  54. Santa Fe Fashion Week™

    Santa Fe Fashion Week™4 dagar sedan

    God bless America

  55. Ultimatebae 13

    Ultimatebae 135 dagar sedan

    It’s not pronounced bola it’s pronounced boya

  56. Suyash

    Suyash5 dagar sedan

    That is Karnataka not Punjab idiots

  57. Jesus Escobedo

    Jesus Escobedo5 dagar sedan

    CNBC probably won’t see this but can y’all get the person who made bucees

  58. danny collingwood

    danny collingwood5 dagar sedan

    Thats pure luck mate..not possible for everyone..he has good luck factor

  59. Samuel White

    Samuel White5 dagar sedan

    middle eastern people just want gas stations and food stores.

  60. Jake Allen

    Jake Allen5 dagar sedan

    AOC hates that, she wants to turn the US into a socialist state...

  61. VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    VarinderSidhu ROMANS65 dagar sedan

    Socialist be like , he should share his wealth with use. Its unfair.

  62. VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    VarinderSidhu ROMANS65 dagar sedan

    Only in 25 years!! He worked hard. Hats off.

  63. Chrizz The Beast

    Chrizz The Beast5 dagar sedan

    If you care about the homeless you need to support or share this ❤️ god bless you all 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💕

  64. nuna yobiznass

    nuna yobiznass6 dagar sedan

    Jokes.on him when no one needs gas anymore.

  65. Christer

    Christer6 dagar sedan

    What a boss! *hats off*

  66. Natalie Larsson

    Natalie Larsson6 dagar sedan

    "I grew this company into a billion-dollar business in just 25 years" - Goes to show that with hard work, persistence and pure dedication, anySingh is possible!

  67. Cristian Munoz

    Cristian Munoz6 dagar sedan

    This is proof that anyone can make it in the US. He was an immigrant that came here with nothing and built an empire. Stop crying about you can't do something because the system doesn't want you to succeed. This guy is proof and many others do the same.

  68. rasaak adams

    rasaak adams6 dagar sedan

    The British European Rulers and British European Billionaires obtained their Properties and Wealth through Deception and Theft.....;British European Rulers and British European Billionaires should be informed directly to Declare their Wealth publicly to the Citizen of Earth in that way Justice For All and If they refuse to comply with the World Justice Court....; They should be removed completely from any International Public Offices to a further notice.

  69. Sparsh Sadhu

    Sparsh Sadhu6 dagar sedan

    6:39 Punjab is in North India not in South 🇮🇳

  70. Jaja Capo

    Jaja Capo6 dagar sedan

    I'm on a carpet of shavings

  71. life is love

    life is love6 dagar sedan

    America is the greatest country in this world... No matter who agrees with me or not ..It is a FACT !! TEARS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO IT...

  72. lee street

    lee street7 dagar sedan

    Newsflash!!! Who owns every gas station in america!!!!? Nothing new here. I said it 25 years ago and people thought I was crazy. Look around now. America allows this because those countries has returns for America.

  73. Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam

    Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam7 dagar sedan

    How much work was done by Immigrant students and other recent immigrants?

  74. Amy Summerlin

    Amy Summerlin7 dagar sedan

    *How This Man Made $2.8 Million Trading Forex Part-Time From Home* ..

  75. Screen Apple

    Screen Apple7 dagar sedan

    This job looks boring. booorrrinnng.... Gonna go with minecraft and game programming.

  76. Sidique

    Sidique8 dagar sedan

    I worked at Bolla at neptune ave brooklyn and I met the owner too he is very down to earth

  77. Christian Carrera

    Christian Carrera8 dagar sedan

    That’s why we’re here. Please don’t make this country parallel those we ran away from. Good vibes to you all

  78. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez8 dagar sedan

    The greatest country in the world . I opened 2 restaurants already and I'm only 24 . In no other country you can do that

  79. Monica Walter

    Monica Walter8 dagar sedan

    The rich stay rich by investing like and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich,the market is all about BITCOIN at the moment.

  80. Feralz

    Feralz6 dagar sedan

    There's 3 ways to get rich: 1. Build something. 2. Own something. 3. Trade something.

  81. Frank Getzen

    Frank Getzen8 dagar sedan

    I'm not trying to say anything bad here. But the average American for probably does not know did that man did not have to pay taxes for 7 to 10 years. I don't know what his education is. Most Americans are ill equipped to be able to do that. Unless you got a rich mommy and daddy college well that's not too easy to come by. And then if you don't have a rich mommy and daddy you already have a lot of debt. I just hope he's decent with his employees.


    SAND SETHI8 dagar sedan

    God bless.

  83. David

    David8 dagar sedan

    Who else hates the narrator? I don’t want to feel like I’m watching tv!

  84. Tigran Gertz

    Tigran Gertz8 dagar sedan

    Great story! America! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Dr.Ebahenhen herbal cure8 dagar sedan

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  86. Ken Miller

    Ken Miller8 dagar sedan

    Sure hope he’s got an exit plan.

  87. ayush sharma

    ayush sharma9 dagar sedan

    Cnbc check map and see where is Punjab and Karnataka , Punjab migrated to southern part of India

  88. Steven Dew

    Steven Dew9 dagar sedan

    America gives these people loans with no interest. That’s how.

  89. Haad Bajwa

    Haad Bajwa9 dagar sedan

    Only in US. you can make money from your sweat in US. Millions went their as beggars and are now millionaire..... In US u get free money......

  90. adammoonface

    adammoonface9 dagar sedan

    Bolla bolla bills y'all!

  91. Aroosh Singh

    Aroosh Singh9 dagar sedan

    Cnbc cant locate even with an address

  92. Eric Brown

    Eric Brown9 dagar sedan

    investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current rise in the market for now

  93. arnav saxena

    arnav saxena9 dagar sedan

    Something looks fishy here ! 1 All accounts here are created within 2 months. 2. Flow comments looks it’s fabricated.

  94. Travis Garland

    Travis Garland9 dagar sedan

    She's the plug 👆👆

  95. Travis Garland

    Travis Garland9 dagar sedan

    + 1 3 4 7 9 8 0 4 7 4 4 🇺🇸

  96. Travis Garland

    Travis Garland9 dagar sedan

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  97. Desmond Doss

    Desmond Doss9 dagar sedan

    How can I reach out to Mrs Catherine woods, I'm interested in trading....

  98. bogdan78pop

    bogdan78pop9 dagar sedan

    Are you happy in your life ?? matters up to a certain point , after that they are more trouble than worth ...Look at President Donald Trump, in November 2020...he makes a lot of money form Presidency ....yet his living the worst days of his life...!!!!!!!!!!

  99. good Job

    good Job9 dagar sedan

    How birth place is marked wrong on the Indian map


    MALNOURISHED PANDA9 dagar sedan

    Look at this man!!! This is the American spirit. This cannot be said of many “Americans” here today, always asking for handouts.

  101. Kier Mailan

    Kier Mailan9 dagar sedan

    There is no excuse, hard work pays off, looting small businesses doesn't. Carve out your own success and create jobs/opportunities for others instead of blaming others and being "offended".

  102. William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez9 dagar sedan

    Joe Biden be like... I’m going to have to tax that

  103. prathima deshpande

    prathima deshpande10 dagar sedan

    Hi Harry give some good tips for young entrepreneur.

  104. Puneet Sandhu

    Puneet Sandhu10 dagar sedan

    Was an international ticket really 50 dollars back then or this the story he tells his kids. Im sure he shelled out a few hundred if my inflation calculation is correct.

  105. JP M

    JP M10 dagar sedan

    For every success story, there's 10000 other dudes that failed

  106. Feralz

    Feralz5 dagar sedan

    @Derp. Now this sounds about right

  107. Feralz

    Feralz5 dagar sedan

    @Masum Rahman you're projecing

  108. Masum Rahman

    Masum Rahman5 dagar sedan

    Feralz ok you can do it too! Now go ahead, get off your couch.

  109. Derp.

    Derp.5 dagar sedan

    @Feralz To clarify his first station actually failed i'm surprised it wasn't mentioned in the video.

  110. Feralz

    Feralz6 dagar sedan

    @Shai Hasani the idea is, not everyone could be successful, but all successful people knew that they are capable of being successful. So, the message would be heard for those that needs to hear it.

  111. Mahamed Aden

    Mahamed Aden10 dagar sedan


  112. Rob Bekesi

    Rob Bekesi10 dagar sedan

    Better take his gas stations away.

  113. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey Lebowski10 dagar sedan

    you're location of punjab is sorta wrong guys.. come on

  114. Master Chiefy

    Master Chiefy10 dagar sedan

    nag 5-6 siguro to sa new york

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  116. A P420

    A P42010 dagar sedan

    Keep America Great

  117. Arnold fernandes

    Arnold fernandes10 dagar sedan

    Punjab next to goa huh ? Damm.

  118. ChiefKene

    ChiefKene10 dagar sedan

    Impressive. He came with a plan.

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  120. Gurman Singh

    Gurman Singh10 dagar sedan

    Yo you guys messed up on the map 1:13

  121. aydin.s

    aydin.s10 dagar sedan

    Socialists think he should now give 90% of his income away to others.

  122. Oognar Eshak

    Oognar Eshak6 dagar sedan

    @Anas sounds like a better than 90%

  123. Anas

    Anas6 dagar sedan

    Muslim believe he should only give 2.5% and keep the rest.

  124. Feralz

    Feralz6 dagar sedan

    Makes no sense, what did he get when he was poor?

  125. blueburaq

    blueburaq8 dagar sedan

    He should spend it and invest it.

  126. manjeet singh

    manjeet singh10 dagar sedan

    Singh is king