Americas Cheapest Family...

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  1. Kimberlee Katherine

    Kimberlee Katherine16 minuter sedan

    Shell just give the farm animals 6 cheerios

  2. Art by Mary Jo

    Art by Mary Jo22 minuter sedan


  3. Chandler

    Chandler22 minuter sedan

    My mom raised chickens when she was a kid, then her dad killed them after she gave them names. She still talks about it lol.

  4. Austin Pena

    Austin Pena30 minuter sedan

    Vice Grip= wrench

  5. lian cofreros

    lian cofreros47 minuter sedan

    i watch a couple of pewdiepie's videos. americans are weird. i guess.

  6. Tristan

    TristanTimme sedan

    why does pewds look so sick in this

  7. what just happend?

    what just happend?Timme sedan

    Oooomg.... DO NOT IMPULSE BUY ANIMALS... They need tons of water (since she wanted multiple), lots of food and proper food not just any. And for the goat to milk you would need a male and have babies that can cost even more.... They need daily exercise like any animal. Care and love. Anddd tiiiiimeeee. Duuuude like thiiink. I could ramble on for ever. Also flippin vet bills. They cost thousands😩😩😩😩😩 at times Not cheap at allllllll ahhhhh... Also poor kids😩😩

  8. Leaf -

    Leaf -Timme sedan

    Why get such a massive house and can't even buy toilet paper 👁👄👁


    JBSTACX2 timmar sedan

    3:29 "sorry I usually watch it on 2x speed" who else can relate?

  10. BladeCx π

    BladeCx π2 timmar sedan

    I kinda feel bad for this kids now :/

  11. Teibok Chyne a.k.a. Tei

    Teibok Chyne a.k.a. Tei3 timmar sedan

    Isn't this just a poor family's daily life (who don't have a big house)

  12. coffee knite

    coffee knite3 timmar sedan

    The mom seems to be ripped

  13. The Hayden Channel

    The Hayden Channel3 timmar sedan

    Pewdz going Super Saiyan!!!

  14. bad guy blues

    bad guy blues3 timmar sedan

    What rap song? 👀👀👀

  15. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou4 timmar sedan

    Go to a thrift store and get a couch for like 20$ or people litterly throw out couches all the time

  16. Josh Machac

    Josh Machac4 timmar sedan

    Pewds starts laughing when the little girl starts crying 😂😂😂

  17. Andrea Markovic

    Andrea Markovic4 timmar sedan

    This intro is so untrue🤪

  18. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou4 timmar sedan

    let's bake cookies in the car

  19. Tuna fish

    Tuna fish4 timmar sedan

    I remember when Felix used to make fun of lords mobile ads lol

  20. Eshan Ahmed

    Eshan Ahmed5 timmar sedan

    that is cheap

  21. Lence Smilenska

    Lence Smilenska5 timmar sedan

    R.I.P pig

  22. Seal Fin

    Seal Fin6 timmar sedan

    They dont have a dishwasher but live In a house like that

  23. Father of Ploy

    Father of Ploy6 timmar sedan

    My man

  24. Father of Ploy

    Father of Ploy6 timmar sedan

    My man

  25. Amielle Venus Perez

    Amielle Venus Perez6 timmar sedan

    Thank you for supporting the make a wish foundation

  26. The Workey Project

    The Workey Project8 timmar sedan

    That's a massive fucken house to not have any furniture in!

  27. The Workey Project

    The Workey Project8 timmar sedan

    I dislike the coffee table.

  28. RedoLutze

    RedoLutze8 timmar sedan

    What kind of furniture costs 20,000 grand? Where is this woman looking? Gucci? Louis Vuitton? 🤣🤣

  29. The Workey Project

    The Workey Project8 timmar sedan

    But the shower head sucks.

  30. The Workey Project

    The Workey Project8 timmar sedan

    If those are a wrench, than WTF are vice grips?

  31. Teng Tung

    Teng Tung8 timmar sedan


  32. A K

    A K9 timmar sedan

    Why replace the entire carpet. Just get it cleaned 😂

  33. Badr Boujabar

    Badr Boujabar9 timmar sedan

    Common Wipe gang

  34. Dominik Alexej Biščo

    Dominik Alexej Biščo9 timmar sedan

    let's bake cookies in the car

  35. zeeshan Marri

    zeeshan Marri9 timmar sedan

    Is pewdiedpie high ?

  36. Jenn Lecher

    Jenn Lecher10 timmar sedan

    The shower head thing is STUPID. You can get a great shower head that saves water and has good water pressure for $3 at Lowe’s or Home Depot! THREE BUCKS YOU IDIOTS. How are you going to rinse your hair and body with a GD soda bottle??!

  37. Jenn Lecher

    Jenn Lecher10 timmar sedan

    *They’re going to be Americans sickest family because she didn’t cook that bacon thoroughly enough!!*

  38. Cody Howe

    Cody Howe10 timmar sedan

    Not sure if its real, or troll 🤔

  39. Carter Stutzman

    Carter Stutzman10 timmar sedan

    I miss the old PewDiePie when nothing was censored and I personally hate the new intro

  40. Takács Botond

    Takács Botond10 timmar sedan

    They won't ever top the lasagna-in-the-dishwasher girl.


    PUFFPUFF LAUGH11 timmar sedan

    Wtf are they doing to their pots and pans... I've never seen my parents break a handle, nor have I.

  42. giftfromearth 2x

    giftfromearth 2x11 timmar sedan

    The little girl grew up to be in hereditary

  43. Namless

    Namless12 timmar sedan

    Pls work on your mic sound

  44. Noah Hernandez

    Noah Hernandez12 timmar sedan

    They ate 5 pieces of bacon for breakfast

  45. Noah Hernandez

    Noah Hernandez12 timmar sedan

    This is literally child abuse

  46. Homika

    Homika13 timmar sedan

    "return to monke" They're in a 1st world country well living like a 3rd world country. I learned anything broken can be fixed with a vise grip. I'm ashamed they didn't flex tape their roof.

  47. Distrom-SC2

    Distrom-SC213 timmar sedan

    The last one is so annoying because they’re for sure spending more in animal upkeep than it would cost to just buy food. Penny pinchers are next level

  48. Abigail Jolene

    Abigail Jolene13 timmar sedan

    Do these people know what dollar stores and thrift stores are??? I’m so broke and I live normally

  49. Chadwickboseman Dangerfield III

    Chadwickboseman Dangerfield III14 timmar sedan


  50. Avro Elite

    Avro Elite14 timmar sedan

    Haikyuu Pewdiepie

  51. Amogh Reddy

    Amogh Reddy14 timmar sedan

    Nice Mha intro pewds

  52. Ashley Charles

    Ashley Charles14 timmar sedan

    Bro you can find nice furniture at goodwill or thrift stores like most of my families furniture was bought second hand

  53. Spac3 Cad3t

    Spac3 Cad3t14 timmar sedan

    That living room I literally furnished my house on offer up and spent under 1,500...AND IT DOESN'T LOOK TRASHY! You can be cheap with standards.

  54. maty

    maty14 timmar sedan

    So they get like 2500$ a month 😐

  55. Wolvves

    Wolvves15 timmar sedan

    That isn't a wrench, those are clamps.

  56. Wolvves

    Wolvves15 timmar sedan

    "Headache and a nosebleed" I would have been a bit more worried, myself.

  57. That white kid

    That white kid15 timmar sedan

    And when chickens get to a certain age the will stop laying eggs 🥚

  58. Zakurn

    Zakurn15 timmar sedan

    7:55 I'm pretty sure those sunglasses don't come off.

  59. That white kid

    That white kid15 timmar sedan

    I ran naked down my street now our street has character

  60. Madeline

    Madeline15 timmar sedan

    The intro was so pretty!!!

  61. amazed_ fine5

    amazed_ fine515 timmar sedan

    woah my parents will never do this ._. this is just bad for the kids

  62. Maddie G

    Maddie G15 timmar sedan

    people like these parents are so toxic. I feel so bad for those children

  63. soniclid1

    soniclid115 timmar sedan

    My family has more and spends lesd

  64. Doodel games

    Doodel games15 timmar sedan

    Seems like a good idea to cook your cookies in your car till yall get salmonella

  65. DragonsREpic

    DragonsREpic16 timmar sedan

    Holy fuck I think Toyota made that watermelon Also ur NOT a cheapskate if you have a fucking house. You know how much houses cost?

  66. Josiah Davenport

    Josiah Davenport16 timmar sedan

    imagine having your friends over at your house...

  67. Connor Kiernan

    Connor Kiernan16 timmar sedan

    ok drugs have to be involved in this

  68. Sophia Mclaughlin

    Sophia Mclaughlin16 timmar sedan

    What if they peed in the water, n they didn’t tell their parents 😭.

  69. vTrueLock

    vTrueLock18 timmar sedan

    What the actual fawk😃

  70. Cheyenne Blake

    Cheyenne Blake18 timmar sedan

    $12 a day on a gallon of milk?

  71. JJ Gamer123

    JJ Gamer12318 timmar sedan

    What? is? that? mic? can I have the link plz. :DD

  72. Woah

    Woah18 timmar sedan

    14:42 his laugh omg 😭 gosh that had me dying

  73. Nadja Milutinovic

    Nadja Milutinovic19 timmar sedan


  74. Jordyn Bullock

    Jordyn Bullock19 timmar sedan

    Carpet and vinyl/tile/wood are all around 4-5k for that ammount of space, it cost 7k for 2000 square feet of hardwood floors for my last house

  75. kevin

    kevin20 timmar sedan

    Is it common for american to wear shoes inside home ? That is so nasty, even more on those kind of carpet lol.

  76. Bat-Gaming 130

    Bat-Gaming 13020 timmar sedan

    It's too stupid to watch

  77. Agent

    Agent20 timmar sedan

    The cheapest family is the family living in poverty because if they can’t afford anything they aren’t spending anything

  78. Amy Dunley

    Amy Dunley20 timmar sedan

    I actually screamed when he placed the carpet down like wtf even is that

  79. Dispelle -

    Dispelle -20 timmar sedan

    bro pewdiepie, ur mic is mad loud compared to the video so when they talk its super low but when u talk its super loud and its actualy mad anoying

  80. Lambo

    Lambo21 timme sedan

    The kids they gonna love the animals and then they are gonna make them eat it. I live on a sheep farm and have to eat my sheep's lambs many times

  81. ajemintharough

    ajemintharough21 timme sedan

    What in the 5 minute crafts!?

  82. M N

    M N21 timme sedan

    This is the best into I’ve EVER seen

  83. michelle mzaix

    michelle mzaix21 timme sedan

    Idk if it is but if it is then i love the parasite reference

  84. Kasperi H.

    Kasperi H.21 timme sedan

    Wow. If they put even a fraction of the energy needed for being cheap towards actual work, they would be much better off. This is not ok, this is a sickness and I worry for those kids.

  85. Emma Barnett

    Emma Barnett21 timme sedan

    The intro was simply beautiful

  86. T Burritos

    T Burritos21 timme sedan

    Felix says that he wants chickens OK I learned this from experience make sure there are no foxes in Sweden before you buy them

  87. kev chen

    kev chen21 timme sedan

    The superb fisherman immunologically jail because brow ophthalmoscopically wonder afore a well-made department. premium, zippy elizabeth

  88. Angelo V

    Angelo V21 timme sedan

    that ps5 in the background is just staring at me

  89. Ski Resorts EXTREME.

    Ski Resorts EXTREME.22 timmar sedan

    Beschte Outro

  90. Wheezy

    Wheezy22 timmar sedan

    Bruh. I feel bad for their kids. Like if you wana live a shitty nasty life fine. But you have no Business creating life and then subjecting them to a shitty life like that. Pathetic

  91. Junica Yacinthe

    Junica Yacinthe22 timmar sedan

    Bro I love the intro

  92. Liah swag

    Liah swag22 timmar sedan

    the intro is pog

  93. Arhan369

    Arhan36922 timmar sedan

    Dislikes are from the members of that family

  94. Ryder Lemay

    Ryder Lemay22 timmar sedan

    none baby cry's because of chicken Felix: HAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  95. Luke Saltiboi

    Luke Saltiboi22 timmar sedan

    Big dad energy from pewds on this one

  96. Falcon_lord_xx

    Falcon_lord_xx22 timmar sedan

    18:17 swear pewdz cover up the swear

  97. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog23 timmar sedan

    Saving on water makes no sense why save 20 bucks a year on the cheapest thing around and live miserable

  98. X-To Gaming

    X-To Gaming23 timmar sedan

    Its littirly cheaper to get a new handle then pliers

  99. C A

    C A23 timmar sedan

    Just go to iKEA wtf

  100. Calvin Kersten

    Calvin KerstenDag sedan

    'the showerhead broke' But how do you break a shower head?

  101. C A

    C ADag sedan