Get the exclusive tour of Michael Jordan’s former estate of 20 years!
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  2. S D

    S D18 dagar sedan

    How is this only 14mil

  3. Ry J

    Ry J18 dagar sedan

    Let me just see what I have saved up in my couch..

  4. Ry J

    Ry J10 timmar sedan

    @Liquidty it wasn’t meant to be; it was meant to be over the top because I couldn’t afford to buy this place in a million years

  5. Liquidty

    Liquidty18 timmar sedan

    That was not funny 😂💀

  6. AttilatheThrilla

    AttilatheThrilla19 dagar sedan

    55 million for the disgusting smog view of LA 🤢 Ps. Scotts tattoo’s look like garbage in comparison to someone like Paul Acker or Nikko Huridto.. 🤷‍♂️

  7. farley toussaint

    farley toussaint24 dagar sedan

    This house is literally still on the market man I wish

  8. Brandon Howliet

    Brandon Howliet25 dagar sedan

    This was not a good investment

  9. Iwon

    Iwon26 dagar sedan

    Sorry but those tattoos are NOT impressive... just paying for trendiness I guess

  10. trevor merlock

    trevor merlock27 dagar sedan

    House used to be 30 million it can’t sell 😂

  11. Matt Donatelle

    Matt DonatelleMånad sedan

    Seal is friends with MJ

  12. Jeff Heinzel

    Jeff HeinzelMånad sedan

    It’s been sale for years it’s albatross

  13. set printers

    set printersMånad sedan

    fact travis scott did his music vid here

  14. Billy

    BillyMånad sedan

    I would buy it. Just dont have 15 million laying around

  15. Billy

    Billy7 dagar sedan

    @My F World property taxes are 120000 a year 😬

  16. Billy

    Billy7 dagar sedan

    @My F World let me look up the taxes

  17. My F World

    My F World7 dagar sedan

    He would sell it for 10 million

  18. Remy D

    Remy DMånad sedan

    why do most celebrities have such small TVs relatively speaking. usually it's some lesser Samsung 32incher. I would have a top of the line OLED. lol.

  19. ctrezzy11

    ctrezzy11Månad sedan

    Because they don’t watch it. Too busy making money, traveling or improve themselves. Tv watching is for poor people, with no desire for improving their lives.

  20. some black chinese dude

    some black chinese dudeMånad sedan

    worldwide? ive never knew 23 was jordans number

  21. Grigor Galstyan

    Grigor GalstyanMånad sedan

    Shaqs Orlando’s mega mansion is more expensive

  22. Bluesky Eclipse

    Bluesky EclipseMånad sedan

    whos here after Travis Scott recorded the Franchise music video here??

  23. Sal Altieri

    Sal AltieriMånad sedan

    Jordans shadow so huge no one even wants his old house. 😂😎😎

  24. brazilflight brazilflight

    brazilflight brazilflightMånad sedan

    Micheal jordan should turn this mansion into a camp for poor kids that buy his overpriced shoes 👞 .......

  25. Samin Alam

    Samin AlamMånad sedan

    I guess him building 2 hospitals for the underprivileged in his hometown because of money from his ‘overpriced’ shoes isn’t enough .....why don’t you go to that dump Brazil and worry about the poor kids there in the favelas slinging drugs Oh wait you can’t do anything to help you peasant

  26. Evelyn O'Donnell

    Evelyn O'DonnellMånad sedan

    I want it but can’t afford it! 😕

  27. adnan šahinpašić

    adnan šahinpašićMånad sedan

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  28. Mauro Alberico

    Mauro AlbericoMånad sedan

    no SEtoos, don't want this house, stop suggesting this video

  29. Eddie KANE

    Eddie KANEMånad sedan

    You can't see it it surrounded by trees

  30. Smith Zlantan

    Smith ZlantanMånad sedan

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  31. Power Gear

    Power GearMånad sedan

    It's not ugly or outdated..just different.

  32. MM MM

    MM MMMånad sedan

    Jordan left for Florida so he could golf

  33. Samin Alam

    Samin AlamMånad sedan

    ....and taxes

  34. Simpsonsfan 32

    Simpsonsfan 32Månad sedan

    Nobody wants to live in Chicago

  35. tony william

    tony williamMånad sedan

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  36. Rogue

    RogueMånad sedan

    This used to be on the Market for over 100 million

  37. Ki

    KiMånad sedan

    i actually like the interior but the outside is really bad

  38. Henry Ortiz Jr

    Henry Ortiz Jr27 dagar sedan

    Agreed ! The outside looks like a corporate office ! It is that bad !

  39. Anti Engineer Gaming

    Anti Engineer GamingMånad sedan


  40. Edgar Navarro

    Edgar Navarro2 månader sedan

    "yup! in my white tee"

  41. sup lem

    sup lemMånad sedan

    They gon wipe you before you wipe me

  42. gein

    geinMånad sedan

    Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please

  43. Joseph Arinaitwe

    Joseph Arinaitwe2 månader sedan

    $10,000 on just a tattoo!! Wow!

  44. Alison Drake

    Alison Drake2 månader sedan

    I grew up near lake forest where MJ house is. House has been sitting on the market for years. If it wasnt so ugly and outdated it woulda been sold by now

  45. Real Online Income Partners

    Real Online Income Partners2 månader sedan


  46. Samuel Filip

    Samuel Filip2 månader sedan

    So he has this house and trained in it with his team before they won their first championship? He was rich before basketball?

  47. John Karen

    John Karen2 månader sedan

    Keep it a buck sum of us here from Travis Scott vid lets be real

  48. Saleh Elsileni

    Saleh Elsileni2 månader sedan


  49. the gg emote

    the gg emote2 månader sedan


  50. Ray Bugz

    Ray Bugz2 månader sedan

    MJ is goat but his taste on houses and interior designs is not goat.

  51. Anti Engineer Gaming

    Anti Engineer GamingMånad sedan


  52. by.monolith

    by.monolith2 månader sedan

    @Winston Mcgee what is wrong with you? He just gave his opinion about Michael Jordans taste in interior design and what did you do? You insulted him and called him irrelevant without even knowing who he is.

  53. Ray Bugz

    Ray Bugz2 månader sedan

    @Winston Mcgee shut up i dont have properties like MJ's but I have gold...lots of gold.

  54. Assassin Killer

    Assassin Killer2 månader sedan

    Make it a museum

  55. John

    John2 månader sedan

    That house is insanee but it’s in Chicago

  56. jojo

    jojo2 månader sedan

    highland park*

  57. Ejaz Binhendi

    Ejaz Binhendi2 månader sedan

    The second house looks like Dan Bilzerian's rental with Kevin O'leary.

  58. J

    J2 månader sedan

    Jesus loves you. :)

  59. IISanih II

    IISanih IIMånad sedan

    @Zionn Belton he is dead tho..

  60. Zionn Belton

    Zionn BeltonMånad sedan

    @Ar S Jesus isn’t dead he lives inside you, pray to god and have faith

  61. Zionn Belton

    Zionn BeltonMånad sedan

    Jesus loves you too

  62. IISanih II

    IISanih IIMånad sedan

    I don’t believe in Jesus but ok 😞

  63. Joe April

    Joe April2 månader sedan

    Stupid tattoo

  64. ThatXoneXguy

    ThatXoneXguy2 månader sedan

    Idk if i would buy a house from someone that wears a suit like that

  65. JackJack Thompson

    JackJack Thompson2 månader sedan

    The obsession with tattoos has no end 🙄🙄🙄

  66. Shawn D

    Shawn D2 månader sedan

    Ive been inside the Jordan house and it is actually a poor design all the way around plus it felt outdated. Gonna be a hard sell.

  67. Amber Spirit

    Amber Spirit2 månader sedan

    7:33 he looks so sad

  68. kj hu

    kj hu2 månader sedan

    Lol 1000$ hour and that's the artwork... some people have more money then brains

  69. TI

    TIMånad sedan

    I think we all got more money than brains

  70. captainbernhardf

    captainbernhardf2 månader sedan

    Funny hard working intelligent people make it in the USA will not matter what color

  71. ctrezzy11

    ctrezzy11Månad sedan

    Ok and your point? Just because I’m a millionaire,”worked hard” or I’m “intelligent” doesn’t mean I still don’t be called the n word or be looked at differently. I will just be a rich n word. Don’t forget the ppl who will be mad that I’m doing better than they are.. how dare a person of color do better than me. He must sell drugs...

  72. Hisoka Morow

    Hisoka Morow2 månader sedan

    Nobody wants to pay $14 million for a large outdated and bland mansion that looks like a 90s rehab center.

  73. Eric K

    Eric KMånad sedan

    @Alex Devlin Okay and? Your taste in architecture is inexistent.

  74. Alex Devlin

    Alex DevlinMånad sedan

    @Eric K wow good one🙄 I also like a Ford GT40, Ferrari GT 66, Lamborghini aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom etc I bet you don’t like them too

  75. Eric K

    Eric KMånad sedan

    @Alex Devlin Yeah you have an opinion, as well as no taste.

  76. Eric K

    Eric KMånad sedan

    @Alex Devlin Yeah you have an opinion, as well as no taste.

  77. Alex Devlin

    Alex DevlinMånad sedan

    @Eric K no I have an opinion which I’m welcome to. For instance I like some modern house designs but I prefer old gothic house designs like the Addams family home.

  78. Kiliana Hakweenda

    Kiliana Hakweenda2 månader sedan

    Location, location, location Too bad it's in Chicago

  79. TI

    TIMånad sedan

    Why? you think this property is located in the hood lmao. Chicago as beautiful as LA and Miami and just like those cities they all got a ghetto area where people die and commit crimes. You just can't be about that life then you're good. It is not like you are randomly going to die if you live in Chicago. White people........

  80. ctrezzy11

    ctrezzy11Månad sedan

    You see how white people just go off everything they hear or read..this place is located outside of Chicago. Wtf would a multi millionaire live in the hood.

  81. HästenS avoir

    HästenS avoir2 månader sedan

    Gurl bye It’s an overstatement. None of them are complaining about New York.

  82. Abd

    Abd2 månader sedan

    Thata awesome

  83. Mister Mood

    Mister Mood2 månader sedan

    @Gurl bye very high crime, over 500 murders per year

  84. Juice Box138

    Juice Box1382 månader sedan

    Here before 1k views?!

  85. Mike DC

    Mike DC2 månader sedan

    Better drop the price. Or they didn't get the memo. Nobody wants to move or live in California anymore.

  86. Baller

    Baller2 månader sedan

    Mike DC watch*

  87. Abd

    Abd2 månader sedan

    @Jimmythy I that's an awesome thing

  88. Mike DC

    Mike DC2 månader sedan

    @Jimmythy I lol you need a brain. You mad cause you stupid lol

  89. Mike DC

    Mike DC2 månader sedan

    @Jimmythy I you must didn't want the whole video you dummy. The house after the Jordan house in Illinois was a house in bel air California. Watch the whole video you stupid person lol. Duhhhhh I know the house is jordans house in Illinois fool. Next time think before speaking or commenting. You look dumb af lol

  90. David Kunau

    David Kunau2 månader sedan

    Wow this house just won’t sell!!! It’s been on Zillow for so long

  91. Thomas Ryan

    Thomas Ryan2 månader sedan

    Who in their right mind would buy a house in Chicago, why do you think he moved.

  92. Color me Brownskined

    Color me BrownskinedMånad sedan

    Omari March I know that's right. That's one of the reasons my family and I left. No body cares anyone, it's all about what you can get($) from the situation, they don't even care for our own youth. But it's sad for those who are too poor to move and want to.

  93. Real Online Income Partners

    Real Online Income Partners2 månader sedan


  94. Andre Riter

    Andre Riter2 månader sedan

    @Thomas Ryan Lol stop cappin, this house is no where near Chicago city.

  95. Thomas Ryan

    Thomas Ryan2 månader sedan

    Riots, hundreds of murders a year and all good people are moving out because the mayor sticks up for the criminals.

  96. Gurl bye

    Gurl bye2 månader sedan

    Sorry, I'm from Europe, why what's going on in Chicago?

  97. Mister Mood

    Mister Mood2 månader sedan

    Fun fact: this house has been on the market for over a decade, nobody wants to buy a house that big

  98. Alex Devlin

    Alex DevlinMånad sedan

    I personally like it

  99. Spicy Chicken

    Spicy ChickenMånad sedan

    If you go to that neighborhood all the houses look outdated, like once Jordan left everyone left and nothing was ever updated

  100. GWT

    GWTMånad sedan

    @Rodney A its been a decade or so, so there are probably no rich people that are a die hard big fan of MJ.

  101. Rodney A

    Rodney AMånad sedan

    Mister Mood nah shot his new vid there. Someone is bound to buy it just for clout.

  102. cmonsense 1

    cmonsense 1Månad sedan

    @Marcelo Hendrix I agree probably won't ever sell unless it's too a die hard rich MJ fan

  103. Utkarsh Pathak

    Utkarsh Pathak2 månader sedan

    Early bird gets a like 😋

  104. Abd

    Abd2 månader sedan

    Larry bird ?

  105. Mohammed Suuka

    Mohammed Suuka2 månader sedan


  106. Mohammed Suuka

    Mohammed Suuka2 månader sedan

    @Kikcuh ❤🌹

  107. Kikcuh

    Kikcuh2 månader sedan

    My aunty said if i could get 250 likes on my newest video she'll buy me a brand new monitor so i could improve my videos. All I ask for is one like