"American Greed" Lee Farkas/Taylor, Bean & Whitaker - in full HD

Lee Farkas and his co-conspirators at Taylor, Bean & Whitaker misappropriated more than $2.9 billion in a massive fraud scheme that contributed to the failure of one of the largest US banks in 2009.


  1. NYC Tabletop

    NYC Tabletop4 månader sedan

    Lee Farkas released after serving only 9 years of a 30 year sentence. Reason : compassionate release. www.ocala.com/story/news/crime/2020/09/15/florida-financial-executive-bank-fraud-released/5810888002/ Whoa!

  2. kewanw16

    kewanw16Månad sedan

    @jwathas I really do not understand this at all and it's totally unbelievable after what that arrogant bastard had done to you and the rest of the people that fell victim to Farkas's scams that the judge made some stupid decision to let him out after serving 9 years out of a 30 year bid while we have two people like Bernie Madoff and Allen Stafford over 100 years for running ponzi schemes .

  3. Michael Knight

    Michael KnightMånad sedan

    White privilege and loopholes the American way 🤨

  4. Kimberly Reed

    Kimberly ReedMånad sedan

    Something tells me he may have HIV or Aids and that’s why they let him out so early. Immune disease plus COVID don’t mix.

  5. TjamVideoMan

    TjamVideoMan2 månader sedan

    REAL reason: Rich White Privilege!

  6. John Hargenrader

    John Hargenrader2 månader sedan

    I want to be released from my 30 year mortgage after 9 years.

  7. Robert LC - Digital Artist

    Robert LC - Digital Artist3 dagar sedan

    He was released after serving only 9yr (out of 30)..disgusting 🤮 They should give these fraudsters the option to serve up to 80-90% of their sentence as alimony to their victims. Stay 5yr in prison, for example, and 25yr long paying back the 1000s of victims you've defrauded (starting with the smallest investors first). The fact that rapists and cold blooded killers and child molesters only get 8-20yr is disgusting too, but an issue on its own and should NOT be the standard to judge other crimes by...🤦

  8. 09mjeternity

    09mjeternity11 dagar sedan

    I’ve tried this flat iron style, I keep it a continuous flow with the iron and kinda go fast so it doesn’t burn my hair. I think maybe you were kinda flat ironing over the past section. Anyways I love the bun more, also loving the vlogs keep it up ❤️

  9. jwathas

    jwathas9 dagar sedan


  10. pudgie perez

    pudgie perez22 dagar sedan

    Your since of shame will not keep people from being homeless of feed starving families All of them need the death penalty Where's Rico when you need em America got its priorities f🖕cked up

  11. Ni mimi

    Ni mimi29 dagar sedan

    He hired strippers as accountant executives! Wow! 🤣

  12. Joe Dee

    Joe DeeMånad sedan

    The one that got caught and yet there are still 1000's more out there who are still operating the greed game.

  13. Michael Hill

    Michael HillMånad sedan

    They should have known he was bad simply because of how he treated Ralphie.

  14. Mike Marley

    Mike MarleyMånad sedan

    CBsAre all run by international criminals who have no morals and believe they are above the law.They will implode eventually .Thats why they want the great reset.This is the time .2021 will be a disastrous year year for the CB.

  15. Mike Marley

    Mike MarleyMånad sedan

    The cover up always gets em.The sister is just as bad.

  16. Mike Marley

    Mike MarleyMånad sedan

    Its not a crime to be greedy its a Sin.Just look at DC if you want to see greed .And greed leads to crime its a gateway to Hell and Treason ,blackmail and murder.Just look at the democRAT'S and RINO'S.

  17. Robert Swift

    Robert SwiftMånad sedan

    that lady at colonial bank is a moron to continue on like she did

  18. pep

    pepMånad sedan

    A peter puffer and a crooked thief.

  19. Jenese Garnett

    Jenese GarnettMånad sedan

    Goodness gracious wow is all I can say.

  20. Tap In Tuesdays with Kametra

    Tap In Tuesdays with KametraMånad sedan

    Whew! White Privilege is REAL! This man has an account overdrawn by 100 million dollars. This man only serves 9 years in prison after all he did. I was overdrawn by $100.00 and my bank was calling me, emailing me, and trying to close my damn account...smh

  21. Rodrigo

    RodrigoMånad sedan

    Ugly new building.🤣

  22. Batman

    BatmanMånad sedan

    Because of those CRIMINALS innocent people suffer , those criminals should be shot on public place so everyone can see .

  23. jwathas

    jwathasMånad sedan

    As one of the innocent ones who suffered, I wholeheartedly agree!!!!

  24. Christine Malcolm

    Christine MalcolmMånad sedan

    I am thinking about presenting this videl documentary in court.

  25. Philip Dressler

    Philip DresslerMånad sedan

    This why we took the eltrict chair in California because there a conspiracy plot AGAINST DISABILITY people going on

  26. Philip Dressler

    Philip DresslerMånad sedan

    Those guys are trying to get the cable tv company arrested and trying to cut r cable TV off ESPECIALLY when you still have a balance at Xfinity and they trying to use it to evict DISABILITY people from their homes


    MICHAEL DAVISMånad sedan

    He robs a bank and gets nine years, how much would we get if we did that?

  28. jwathas

    jwathasMånad sedan

    Not only robbed the bank, but also caused the total collapse of the bank! I am beyond disgusted that he is a free man after hardly even serving a fraction of his sentence.

  29. Fatima Salomon

    Fatima SalomonMånad sedan

    Moore did not leave with "nothing." He was a six-figure salary Chief Operating Officer, and did everything he could to keep that salary. He's as bad as Farkyou.

  30. Christopher William

    Christopher WilliamMånad sedan


  31. SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire

    SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMireMånad sedan

    Never trust anyone with the last name Farkas that's the same name as the bully from the movie a Christmas story

  32. harley hellyar

    harley hellyarMånad sedan

    This show makes me have bad ideas.

  33. W M

    W MMånad sedan

    It takes 30 yrs.to own a house... He got what he deserved

  34. jwathas

    jwathasMånad sedan

    Very well put!!!! I never thought of it that way. You are so right. Sadly, though, he was released after not even serving 10 years of his 30-year sentence and I am infuriated. After the living nightmare he caused us with our home, I was hoping he would rot in there for the rest of his miserable life. The fact that he got released after only 9 years is a complete and total slap in the face to all of us unsuspecting, innocent homeowners he victimized with his schemes and scams!

  35. Abdi Einte

    Abdi Einte2 månader sedan

    A BLACK MAN steals $20 and servers 20 - 30 years in PRISON. But this asshole SCAMM many people & he servers JAIL for 10 years. INEQUALITY & INJUSTICE .

  36. William Davies

    William Davies2 månader sedan

    Wall Street is totally crooked, they look after their iwn

  37. William Davies

    William Davies2 månader sedan

    Moral of story; don’t trust shirt lifters?

  38. Khalie Benjii

    Khalie Benjii2 månader sedan

    500,000 Home Owners ...This niggah is the finesse artist of all time

  39. Khalie Benjii

    Khalie Benjii2 månader sedan

    This niggah is Hudini Reincarnated

  40. Khalie Benjii

    Khalie Benjii2 månader sedan

    Everyone capitalized with him and then only he gets the jail time🤑🤑 Wild

  41. Khalie Benjii

    Khalie Benjii2 månader sedan

    Wheres the bailouts for the people who’ve been SCREWED!!!!!

  42. Khalie Benjii

    Khalie Benjii2 månader sedan

    So basically i can not pay these credit cards back

  43. pl topper

    pl topper2 månader sedan

    is stealing from a bank wrong or illegal or is it just taking back what was stolen earlier

  44. pl topper

    pl topper2 månader sedan

    i like this show a lot

  45. Cheng Liu

    Cheng Liu2 månader sedan

    😄 that guy would fund a theater.

  46. SinJim Smythe

    SinJim Smythe2 månader sedan

    You owe the bank $10k and can’t pay then you’ve got a problem You owe the bank $1m and can’t pay the bank has a problem You owe the bank $100m and can’t pay the government has a problem

  47. dieyoung

    dieyoung2 månader sedan

    Next on American Greed...Jim Kramer...lol

  48. Elezabeth Thomas

    Elezabeth Thomas2 månader sedan

    How anybody didn't smell this rat is beyond comprehension! This guy and Bernie Madoff are just thieves, criminals; they belong behind bars for their heinous financial frauds.

  49. neversayjello

    neversayjello2 månader sedan

    audit reports are not "designed to detect fraud"

  50. neversayjello

    neversayjello2 månader sedan

    how fucking bad at your job that u cant originate loans at a profit during the mortgage bubble

  51. jsm Heyward

    jsm Heyward2 månader sedan


  52. Nick Motsarsky

    Nick Motsarsky2 månader sedan

    That Shelby Cobra looks suspiciously like a 360 Modena..

  53. Hussleman1

    Hussleman12 månader sedan

    You know Jason left at the right time with a couple millions before shit hit the fan

  54. Tipiti neg docine Despinasse Jean pierre

    Tipiti neg docine Despinasse Jean pierre2 månader sedan

    Wow that witch is crazy that dude mess up a lot of people lives up n his sister talking like that wow she deserve to go to jail with him.....

  55. Gollyfats

    Gollyfats2 månader sedan

    He may not have killed anyone but these scam scums kill people’s livelihood.

  56. jwathas

    jwathas2 månader sedan

    I'm sure there may even be a few out there who took their own lives after being victimized by this scumbag and lost everything that they had worked so hard for as a result of what he did.

  57. G Hollis

    G Hollis3 månader sedan

    Omg love american greed

  58. Stanley Menig

    Stanley Menig3 månader sedan

    Nog een ferfoermang

  59. Jam

    Jam3 månader sedan

    Funny how all these ppl worked there and none said their paycheck “bounced”. 🤔

  60. Michael Coffee

    Michael Coffee3 månader sedan

    "Greed" is a universal human trait. "Greed" is not a crime. "Greed" is not even an accusation.

  61. Plants4TheWin

    Plants4TheWin3 månader sedan

    A profound chese of shame and betrayal? Try a profound sense of shame and GRATITUDE cuz you should go to jail too, for now blowing the whistle.

  62. Brenda Echols

    Brenda Echols3 månader sedan

    and who gets hurt? The people...

  63. Brenda Echols

    Brenda Echols3 månader sedan

    Capitalism at its best.

  64. Nico Toscani

    Nico Toscani3 månader sedan

    500 million in overdraft really what bank does that oh I'm sorry all these stupid mut

  65. Nico Toscani

    Nico Toscani3 månader sedan

    500 million in overdraft really what bank does that oh I'm sorry all these stupid mut

  66. Elodia Torres

    Elodia Torres3 månader sedan

    Is his sister an idiot or what? Ppl lost everything.

  67. Chris Caliri

    Chris Caliri3 månader sedan

    Damn out after 9yrs and still got mad loot somewhere

  68. Sam

    Sam3 månader sedan

    Welcome to America

  69. bobatking

    bobatking3 månader sedan

    Just another covid inspired click for me 😌

  70. James Scott

    James Scott3 månader sedan

    She wasn't scared, she knowingly committed fraud and was a willing participant in the whole process, stop making her out to be a victim, she was a crook just like him.

  71. Samurai Hardware

    Samurai Hardware3 månader sedan

    His sister thinks 30 years was too severe? How many lives has he ruined that will have resulted in marriages falling apart, families destroyed, possible suicides. No, 30 years was too lenient.

  72. Erin Stott

    Erin Stott3 månader sedan

    ' she was frightened of what had occured ' no, no she created that shit.

  73. El Shuwix

    El Shuwix3 månader sedan

    Love how they portray him as smart .... literally an extreme dumbfuck with huge ego (fake ego artificially built to counter his insecurities). He was just lucky to constantly fool even bigger dumbfucks.

  74. Erin Stott

    Erin Stott3 månader sedan


  75. JoJo TheOJ

    JoJo TheOJ3 månader sedan

    Yeah let’s get rid of more regulations! Trust the profit chasers! Why would the free market screw us over to make more money? What a silly idea.

  76. Pinki Pink

    Pinki Pink3 månader sedan


  77. Damien Luxford

    Damien Luxford3 månader sedan

    Jason Moore

  78. Leila Pereira

    Leila Pereira3 månader sedan

    You know what Sandy Smith needs? She needs more crosses on her walls.

  79. amira tarik1010

    amira tarik10103 månader sedan

    Wow l am one of they Victim shame

  80. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem3 månader sedan

    Behind bars there are always bars of soap.

  81. jwathas

    jwathas3 månader sedan

    Not anymore, sadly. This scum bag was released early about a month ago.......

  82. Kira

    Kira3 månader sedan

    This POS is out 21 years early...disgraceful.

  83. Catarina Neto

    Catarina Neto3 månader sedan

    Kind of offtopic but those court-room illustrations look gorgeous. Who makes those? they always look so nice.

  84. Rick Judge Jr

    Rick Judge Jr3 månader sedan

    They need to take the amount that was taken divid by the number of people and that would be the years served

  85. Carl Taylor

    Carl Taylor3 månader sedan

    How come the COO is not in jail? He should be along with the rest of them.

  86. J T

    J T3 månader sedan

    why not arrest the government? they do the EXACT same thing, scam people and steal in the form of tax and murder through war and torture

  87. Josephine Sosingot-Räisänen

    Josephine Sosingot-Räisänen3 månader sedan

    How could Delloite not act independently especially with such Fraudulent books

  88. Paul Coover

    Paul Coover3 månader sedan

    Why would the big banks not back em. There are not at any risk, there backed by the biggest scam of all.

  89. Paul Coover

    Paul Coover3 månader sedan

    You what's worse than this story. For all like this one, how many 1000 brokers got off Scott free.

  90. Manel Costa

    Manel Costa3 månader sedan

    If you have a bank account and If you dont put 20b on account you see how many phone calls you receive from the bank. You put your money in bank and you are his hostage. They work with your money and dont pay you nothing for use your money. I dont put money in this scams and thiefs. Be careful of all banks and companies.

  91. sue Downey

    sue Downey3 månader sedan

    Nothing worse then causing financial ruin to someone...especially to seniors who have worked and earned every cent of that all their lives! I would find a way to force these crooks to face their victims and hear their stories. 💔

  92. Jeanne 54

    Jeanne 543 månader sedan

    Greedy people are always toxic. Their greed consumes their heart, soul & conscience! Can you say Trump? All of those laws put in place to protect us-have all been removed by the Trump Administration!

  93. Abraham Lacy

    Abraham Lacy4 månader sedan

    Sounds like most of corporate America.

  94. Douglas Thompson

    Douglas Thompson4 månader sedan

    He is a criminal and should had life x2. This is horrible.

  95. cmdmd

    cmdmd4 månader sedan

    He should’ve hidden all his financial information, run for the White House and then he would have been immune to prosecution while being protected by his party. :)

  96. cmdmd

    cmdmd3 månader sedan

    phuch y ouh Takes an I.Q. of about 83 to think that. But enjoy your light head. The comment went over your head, genius. Also, I’d like to clarify that I use “genius” in a sarcastic tone. Look that up in a dictionary.

  97. phuch y ouh

    phuch y ouh3 månader sedan

    Yes he's the perfect Democrat

  98. sue Downey

    sue Downey3 månader sedan

    Good one! Lol

  99. Dale Anderson

    Dale Anderson4 månader sedan

    Charles Tidwell Do you ever think ? I guess not because trump supporters have no brain .

  100. Charles Tidwell

    Charles Tidwell4 månader sedan

    Yes!!! Hillary for prison!!!!

  101. mike watte

    mike watte4 månader sedan

    Being bent he will enjoy prison

  102. NYC Tabletop

    NYC Tabletop4 månader sedan

    www.ocala.com/story/news/crime/2020/09/15/florida-financial-executive-bank-fraud-released/5810888002/ He was released today on compassionate release!

  103. Chris Puchala

    Chris Puchala4 månader sedan

    Deloitte should go to jail too. Pretty shady, Deloitte.

  104. Al Connelly

    Al Connelly4 månader sedan

    Nothing they did was illegal.

  105. D Smith

    D Smith4 månader sedan

    His sister is an idiot

  106. Namie Namie

    Namie Namie4 månader sedan

    I don't understand why these women were under his spell when he was not Farking them. Most women who are getting a good Fark, might get weak in the knees and obedient, but this guy was gay.

  107. joshua coleman

    joshua coleman4 månader sedan

    What got me laughing is everybody's commenting on his sister 🤣🤣🤣 she is beyond delusional

  108. plekkchand

    plekkchand4 månader sedan

    His sister has a problem with reality too, doesn't she?

  109. Rapunzal N1

    Rapunzal N14 månader sedan

    To say his sister is a delusional privelaged snob does not quite seem like enough.

  110. California Caveman Dastardly Dave

    California Caveman Dastardly Dave4 månader sedan

    Meanwhile taxes are being charged, these idiots who think they are frauding the system are actually just helping

  111. Shavonne Jefferson

    Shavonne Jefferson4 månader sedan

    The sister 🙄🙄 ! He was ready to fight for what was right, what was right??? Hes a theif!!!!

  112. John Cox

    John Cox4 månader sedan

    Im like this do a business right and honest or don't do it at all.

  113. Mldt 5

    Mldt 54 månader sedan

    the sister is delusional, she should join him in prison

  114. Mama Laiwah Spiritual Consultations

    Mama Laiwah Spiritual Consultations4 månader sedan

    So, she went along with him because she was scared because he might yell at her???? Really?

  115. Mama Laiwah Spiritual Consultations

    Mama Laiwah Spiritual Consultations4 månader sedan

    @jwathas Exactly!

  116. jwathas

    jwathas4 månader sedan

    I'd much rather be yelled at by a man child than go to prison! None of it makes any sense.

  117. Chris Chong

    Chris Chong4 månader sedan

    Moore should be in jail as well. He knew what was going on and just covered his own arse.

  118. Yes, I expect you to read all of it.

    Yes, I expect you to read all of it.4 månader sedan


  119. Tamara Lambert

    Tamara Lambert4 månader sedan

    I guess you CAN go to jail for mortgage loans.

  120. Paul Ra

    Paul Ra5 månader sedan

    And the bank nickel and dime me with fees while someone owes them 100 million proof the banks dont care about us.