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Thanks for watching THE VLOG SQUAD'S ROAST OF JASON NASH!! On today's vlog, my best friends roast me!!
Directed by:
Christian Guiton @christianguiton
Written by:
Frank Castillo @frankcastillo
Nicole Becannon @nicolebecannon
Brandon Calvillo @bjcalvillo
John Niemiec @johnniemiec
Jeff Wittek @jeff
Natalie Mariduena @natalienoel
Nick Antonyan @nickantonyan
Vardan Antonyan @vardanantonyan_
Suzy Antonyan @suzyantonyan
Todd Smith @todderic
Matt King @mattking

MUSIC BY @jigitz
INTRO GRAPHIC BY: @katie_mcdowell_photography
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  1. Jason Nash

    Jason Nash5 månader sedan

    Hey everyone!! Thank you for watching today's video!! We worked really hard on this and we hope you enjoy!! And thank you to SimpliSafe for sponsoring:

  2. Abbi Saeds

    Abbi Saeds21 dag sedan

    part 2??

  3. Johnie Bajorek

    Johnie BajorekMånad sedan

    dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

  4. skye bee

    skye beeMånad sedan

    jason was soo funny, favorite roast ive seen.

  5. Anthony Barberio

    Anthony Barberio2 månader sedan

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  6. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab2 månader sedan


  7. Huntah

    Huntah6 timmar sedan

    Who see is hear after Jeff’s documentary

  8. Jade SR

    Jade SR20 timmar sedan

    Warning ⚠️ Do not drink or eat anything during this video, you'll just spit it out, I know because I almost did. This video is too funny 🤣

  9. Jade SR

    Jade SR21 timme sedan

    *14:00* Jeff begins You're welcome 😊

  10. lachlan heke

    lachlan hekeDag sedan

    jonahs a fucken tank

  11. Gerardo Perez

    Gerardo Perez2 dagar sedan

    This guy should quit whatever tf he thinks he’s doing he not funny really nasty lol

  12. Jesse Gonzalez

    Jesse Gonzalez2 dagar sedan

    nah the way jonah made that joke about jeff whilist knowing why his eye is messed up is fucked up bro.

  13. Justme Sule

    Justme Sule3 dagar sedan

    21:12 lol

  14. Vasco the Creator

    Vasco the Creator3 dagar sedan

    Jeff and Jonah were the best lmao

  15. Selin Kö.

    Selin Kö.3 dagar sedan

    What did Jeff say at the beginning to Jonah ?!?

  16. Misa Spasic

    Misa Spasic3 dagar sedan

    These Jeff eye jokes hit different now...

  17. OttoSNPER

    OttoSNPER4 dagar sedan

    todds delivery ruined his jokes

  18. Tiana Folland

    Tiana Folland4 dagar sedan

    Not sure why everyone’s coming for Natalie what?😭they all said some mean shit it’s a ROAST. I think y’all kids missed the point if this video cause Jesus😂😂

  19. axel

    axel3 dagar sedan

    roast supposed to be funny. majority of ppl think her roast sounds too personal and projecting her insecurity to corinna for some reason thats why the audiences just stop laughing and clapping at some point

  20. yu shaaa

    yu shaaa4 dagar sedan

    I have mad respect for jeff .. after going through alot being almost dead... lets all pray ..for his speedy recovery

  21. TheItsmemaya

    TheItsmemaya4 dagar sedan

    pls why is nick actually the funniest member of the vlog squad

  22. Dexter Clips

    Dexter Clips4 dagar sedan

    I don't care, this was still the best video they've ever put out.

  23. letizia marani

    letizia marani4 dagar sedan

    jeff was by far the funniest

  24. Spencer James

    Spencer James5 dagar sedan

    Jonah was so good!

  25. Random Email

    Random Email6 dagar sedan

    Omg the Madison beer joke

  26. Selin Kö.

    Selin Kö.6 dagar sedan

    what did Jeff say at the beginning to Jonah?

  27. ash

    ash6 dagar sedan

    so now we understand 24:28

  28. sarah travis

    sarah travis6 dagar sedan

    natalie just sounded bitchy the whole time. maybe it’s just me but her jokes at corinna didn’t seem lighthearted at all. it sounded like a very passive aggressive way to let corinna know how she feels.

  29. BritBoy

    BritBoy6 dagar sedan

    Susie when Johan roasts someone: **dying parrot noises**

  30. Iz R

    Iz R7 dagar sedan


  31. Raul H. Crespo

    Raul H. Crespo8 dagar sedan

    More DJs? Dillon Francis is that you? Lol

  32. Amanda Dardis

    Amanda Dardis8 dagar sedan

    Like if you’re here after Jeff’s accident

  33. UnicornSkunk

    UnicornSkunk8 dagar sedan

    Jeff commanded the stageeeeee boiiiii

  34. Reagan Lincoln

    Reagan Lincoln8 dagar sedan

    Jeff blew this out of the water. Damn he needs to his own comedy show on Netflix.

  35. SScotty Too Hotty

    SScotty Too Hotty8 dagar sedan

    i love jason so much but when he smiles he’s so punchable, i don’t know what it is but...

  36. ruby

    ruby8 dagar sedan

    natalie is gross u could hear the hate behind those Corinna "jokes"

  37. crbox`TV

    crbox`TV9 dagar sedan

    Holy shit Nathalie killed.

  38. Anna Cohenuram

    Anna Cohenuram9 dagar sedan

    @8:42 zane's screams 😂😂😂

  39. Aahan Kishore

    Aahan Kishore9 dagar sedan

    9:41 Todd predicted it back then 🥴😂

  40. Micky R

    Micky R2 dagar sedan

    was looking to see if anyone else noticed that

  41. Alissa Flores

    Alissa Flores9 dagar sedan

    Jonah is fucking hilarious

  42. Tegan Laverne

    Tegan Laverne9 dagar sedan

    anyone here after finding out this was after david nearly killed jeff 😐

  43. SADIQ Ali

    SADIQ Ali4 dagar sedan

    Yeah bro i had my attention at jeff the whole time, i feel like he was hurting inside and was not okay but he still did this for his friends.... he's a real G

  44. Casey Frederick

    Casey Frederick4 dagar sedan

    I’m putting wayyyyy to make puzzle pieces together like everyone had NO idea the heat Jeff was about to bring to the table at David

  45. Sol Zajac

    Sol Zajac9 dagar sedan

    was this filmed after the accident of jeff?

  46. Jonathan Appleseed

    Jonathan Appleseed8 dagar sedan


  47. retrieving

    retrieving10 dagar sedan

    david you asked how scott’s doing yet??

  48. Mason

    Mason10 dagar sedan

    jeff is the only one that made me laugh

  49. Jonathan Appleseed

    Jonathan Appleseed8 dagar sedan


  50. Rohan

    Rohan11 dagar sedan

    21:08 well well well looks like the time has come

  51. Sophia S

    Sophia S12 dagar sedan

    poor corinna with all these mysoginstic low blows

  52. Jackson Silva

    Jackson Silva11 dagar sedan

    she plays into it as well. Just look at her twitter.

  53. Sophia S

    Sophia S12 dagar sedan

    jeff and jonah = only naturally funny comedians here

  54. Sophia S

    Sophia S12 dagar sedan


  55. Callie Johnson

    Callie Johnson12 dagar sedan

    Everyone’s ragging on Natalie but she fuckin killed. Y’all know how roasts work, right?

  56. Faryal Shams

    Faryal Shams14 dagar sedan

    this video really get recontextualised with jeff’s new doc

  57. Leonidas Tsigounakis

    Leonidas TsigounakisDag sedan

    Yeah! I felt really bad for him when Johna made fun of his eye. I understand that they are supposed to roast each other, but just imagine being Jeff and hearing everybody laughing at the fact that you almost got brutalized by your “friend” :)

  58. Nathalie Le Goff

    Nathalie Le Goff14 dagar sedan

    God this was painful

  59. Nathalie Le Goff

    Nathalie Le Goff14 dagar sedan

    Natalie is so vanilla - my god! No personality so mediocre and bitchy. Plus she is useless at her job! The fake laughs are killing me !!!

  60. Mohit Sagar

    Mohit Sagar14 dagar sedan

    She's overrated afffffffff

  61. Chicken Noodle

    Chicken Noodle15 dagar sedan

    The Nash Bash wasn't an option for the title? No? Next time fs.

  62. Garret Bearley

    Garret Bearley17 dagar sedan

    Jeff was professional comedian quality. I love Jeff’s humor. Jonah also did really well, he definitely could make it in comedy.

  63. Victor Romero

    Victor Romero18 dagar sedan

    David’s hitting rock bottom good chance to ask Scotty now lol

  64. Jonathan Appleseed

    Jonathan Appleseed8 dagar sedan


  65. Anatoliy Lotarev

    Anatoliy Lotarev19 dagar sedan

    After watching this video I kinda understand why Alex just went away from the group, this gotta be one of the fakest friend group and I feel do stupid believing that they actually had great times together.

  66. ruby

    ruby8 dagar sedan


  67. Ivor Šimić

    Ivor Šimić19 dagar sedan


  68. Landon Raster

    Landon Raster21 dag sedan

    That simply safe ad is 🔥

  69. steven filizzola

    steven filizzola21 dag sedan

    jonah was the best, funny, stage presence, smooth, unlike natalie she tried to hard

  70. Suzy M Fleur

    Suzy M Fleur22 dagar sedan

    How's that lawsuit coming Natalie?

  71. G W

    G W22 dagar sedan

    Jeff was the best👌🏼👌🏼

  72. Oiler Productions

    Oiler Productions22 dagar sedan

    Jonah killed it

  73. Can B

    Can B22 dagar sedan

    More like Roast of Vlog Squad

  74. brian simonson

    brian simonson22 dagar sedan

    Watched this so many times! So funny!!!!

  75. wargamer 123

    wargamer 12322 dagar sedan

    That was litt, part 2 coming soon😂

  76. Cassie Whitney

    Cassie Whitney22 dagar sedan

    when Jonah started roasting Natalie i was like AYO TURN THIS SHIT UP

  77. Cassie Whitney

    Cassie Whitney22 dagar sedan

    when Jonah started roasting Natalie i was like AYO TURN THIS SHIT UP

  78. Cassie Whitney

    Cassie Whitney22 dagar sedan

    when Jonah started roasting Natalie i was like AYO TURN THIS SHIT UP

  79. Rodk Vic

    Rodk Vic23 dagar sedan


  80. kari

    kari23 dagar sedan

    They couldn’t get David to do the show cause David doesn’t do anything that doesn’t make him money lmfao

  81. Hayley Geyer

    Hayley Geyer14 dagar sedan

    True as hell. David likes to "watch" in more ways than watching himself nearly kill his closest friends for content.

  82. YouTubeUser

    YouTubeUser23 dagar sedan

    You know, recently I was thinking to myself about how the Comedy Central roasts are never really that good and there's always only a handful of funny people. But then I watched this and realized how much worse the Comedy Central roasts really could be.

  83. Heather Kelly

    Heather Kelly23 dagar sedan

    Jason looks great for being in his 60's.

  84. Jarrett Whaley

    Jarrett Whaley24 dagar sedan

    Suzys laugh😂 “AHHHHH”

  85. Boms Ss

    Boms Ss25 dagar sedan

    Jeff killed it

  86. abhx214

    abhx21425 dagar sedan

    the antonyans were so awkward but they 100000% made me laugh the most

  87. Nixon Darcy

    Nixon Darcy26 dagar sedan

    The yummy maria unintentionally bat because hardware regrettably surprise despite a axiomatic chair. annoying, fearful fearless leather

  88. Nixon Darcy

    Nixon Darcy26 dagar sedan

    The pricey psychiatrist actually tremble because watchmaker finallly yell opposite a frequent leek. important, inconclusive side

  89. ines marte

    ines marte26 dagar sedan

    The bent epoxy elderly continue because geometry unlikely amuse except a spiritual degree. ignorant, receptive string

  90. Daniel scobie

    Daniel scobie26 dagar sedan

    Nasty natalie was right about there lawsuit lmaooo just happened sooner than 10 years

  91. Omar Macedo

    Omar Macedo26 dagar sedan

    Is there thhhubtitles for vardan i can't fucking understand him

  92. Omar Macedo

    Omar Macedo26 dagar sedan

    Why the fuck was vardan there ? I can barley understand wtf he's saying might as well add the subtitles

  93. Zain Huda

    Zain Huda26 dagar sedan

    Natalie went hard on Jason wtf. What did he do to her lmao.

  94. BadKingPat

    BadKingPat26 dagar sedan

    This video ages badly.

  95. Giovanni Saavedra

    Giovanni Saavedra27 dagar sedan

    Vardan puberty is where u grow taller not fatter🤣

  96. JG

    JG27 dagar sedan

    Props to David for not having a camera in his hand the whole time. Watch out David, you might get used to having a life outside of vlogging during quarantine :)

  97. Anmol Sandhu

    Anmol Sandhu27 dagar sedan

    A part 2 with Alex Ernst PLEASEEE

  98. Macca Jolly

    Macca Jolly27 dagar sedan

    Sidemen>vlog squad

  99. sam sha

    sam sha27 dagar sedan

    Props to jonah!! He really killed it 👏👏👏

  100. Bryce Alkins

    Bryce Alkins28 dagar sedan

    Todd was the best with that Corinna virgin gamer joke

  101. Eric Zhang

    Eric Zhang28 dagar sedan

    The repulsive group proximally stamp because menu findingsinitially supply atop a wonderful death. unruly, amuck pizza

  102. Gregor Bugri

    Gregor Bugri29 dagar sedan

    Jonah had pretty bad mood

  103. Harry McDonald

    Harry McDonaldMånad sedan

    Nick was the funniest by far

  104. Kat Monroy

    Kat MonroyMånad sedan

    This is so bad lol

  105. Jacobo Nader

    Jacobo NaderMånad sedan

    9:43 he called it

  106. sam

    samMånad sedan

    Nobody even mentioned Brandon Calvillo, that just shows how irrelevant he's become.

  107. Rolando Arias

    Rolando AriasMånad sedan

    Jason is the funniest guy lmao. He needs more fans!

  108. shush

    shushMånad sedan

    Sidemen did it better anyway

  109. Nachiket Raj

    Nachiket RajMånad sedan

    The last ever video of the vlogsquad in the same room

  110. Harley Datdornwell

    Harley DatdornwellMånad sedan

    Copied sidemen

  111. Caleb Steindel

    Caleb SteindelMånad sedan

    Looks like the lawsuit's coming in less than one year instead of 10...yikes

  112. Sam Hammersmark

    Sam HammersmarkMånad sedan

    The invincible uncle randomly plant because fertilizer architecturally rot like a drunk hyena. unnatural, wrong yugoslavian

  113. Rachael Hendrix

    Rachael HendrixMånad sedan

    Nick fucking killed it

  114. Tedii

    TediiMånad sedan

    Jeff was amazing!

  115. Tedii

    TediiMånad sedan

    And Todd has become even more of a douche! 😢😭🤪❤️😘

  116. FZRZ Vortex

    FZRZ VortexMånad sedan

    Why do people say rum instead of room lol

  117. Supreme Verified

    Supreme VerifiedMånad sedan

    The recondite ketchup regretfully cough because washer consistently save lest a jolly servant. condemned, far-flung sailboat

  118. Angel Sanchez Barron

    Angel Sanchez BarronMånad sedan

    Jonah has been waiting for this moment his whole life😂

  119. Alexis Adams

    Alexis AdamsMånad sedan

    Why do I feel like they aren’t actually joking?😳