I Drove to Japan's Most Extreme North | Hokkaido Road Trip

Cape Soya is 1,000km from Tokyo at Japan's most northern point. In the height of winter we drive across a snowy Hokkaido to discover what's up there.
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  1. Abroad in Japan

    Abroad in Japan12 dagar sedan

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: To miss the Natsuki cameo in this video would be a crime! Well folks, you can't beat a good road trip and this was easily one of the most fun videos I've produced in 9 years. A HUGE thanks to my best American friend PETE for coming along for the ride (even if his motives were questionable). You can find him over on Twitch where he streams most nights (🌟www.twitch.tv/premiertwo ) and I look forward to stopping by and doing some shows with him in a few weeks to celebrate surviving our journey.

  2. J Hawkins

    J Hawkins16 timmar sedan

    Chris - really enjoyed this video of you and Pete rambling around in deep snow in Hokkaido. Hilarious commentary in many places, interesting content and really nice camera work, everything spot on! - you made my day & lifted my spirit so tyvm.

  3. Joselynne C

    Joselynne C2 dagar sedan

    Not sure if you talked about this on one of you videos but would you mind talking about hanko? I saw this woman on tiktok talk about it. I asked her questions like can foreighners have them? What if you have a similar name? Can others ask to copy your hanko and commit identity fraud? Etc but she hasnt replied to my questions. I tried to do research. Either im doing it wrong or its no where in the internet because i cant find answers

  4. Peter Milne

    Peter Milne6 dagar sedan

    Chris I'm a week late to this vid (sorry) but can I just say that the two of you channeled the spirits of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau perfectly. Or hell, even Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. I have just watched a 21st century remake of The Odd Couple. Thanks mate.

  5. Lor Neng Thunderfist

    Lor Neng Thunderfist6 dagar sedan

    Crows may be seen flying past, crying "aho! aho!"

  6. genta terashichi

    genta terashichi7 dagar sedan

    Did you go to Oshamembe? It's my hometowm.

  7. Clifford Cortes.

    Clifford Cortes.31 minut sedan

    Thank you for making this documentary at a seasonally timely manner. Love the banters and the shots. Perfect!

  8. Kurt N

    Kurt N40 minuter sedan

    Not "Ah"taru, it's "Oh"taru. Nor "Fu-rano", it's "Fur-Ano". Sorry, you drove me to it... Went there pretty regularly

  9. Hrafnaguð

    Hrafnaguð46 minuter sedan

    long k vs long n, is easy

  10. Nic Jansen

    Nic JansenTimme sedan

    saw that coming, that's a thing natsuki'd say and an american'd be confused :P

  11. falvalisious

    falvalisiousTimme sedan

    I didn't know Chris was friends with Christian Slater

  12. Lanni Fincoris

    Lanni Fincoris2 timmar sedan

    But yes! Please got to the south, the east and the west! Pleeeease!

  13. Lanni Fincoris

    Lanni Fincoris2 timmar sedan

    Oh! A Buddah with a moustache!

  14. Just Jordan

    Just Jordan3 timmar sedan

    Hokeido , must be the Village of Hokages :)

  15. CTerence

    CTerence4 timmar sedan

    "Beyond that it's just nothingness, the sea... and Russia" So just nothingness then

  16. ERR Win

    ERR Win5 timmar sedan

    This was beautiful!

  17. Helman.

    Helman.5 timmar sedan

    the drone shot is very nice

  18. connor olney

    connor olney5 timmar sedan

    Kansas is literally nowhere

  19. Nico

    Nico6 timmar sedan

    If what happened in this video is all planned I really appreciate the thought you put into it. I mean, it can't be all coincidence lol. I really love it. I really like the images and landscapes, a voiceless version with just artistic imagery, like Chris know how to make, would be amazing!!

  20. Rob

    Rob7 timmar sedan

    Watched a livestream of someone visiting Cape Soya. It was July or August and... it looked pretty much the same minus the snow cover. Still grey, windy, and cold. It's not a nice place to stay more than a few hours.

  21. CrimsonFlower

    CrimsonFlower7 timmar sedan

    Now Chris need's to take Natsuki to Wakkanai

  22. Matt Cameron

    Matt Cameron8 timmar sedan

    what was with that creepy ass Dalek in the brick hotel!?

  23. Rick Joyce

    Rick Joyce9 timmar sedan

    Absolutely loved the video shot in this, but hoooo boy this all felt super-forced and your American friend isn't nearly as funny as he thinks he is. (I say this as an American myself, who spent many summers on a farm in Kansas with my grandparents.) Please don't feature him too much in the future.

  24. Tom K

    Tom K10 timmar sedan

    Great watch Chris - would be cool to see Pete on future videos


    HEMANT KAPOOR12 timmar sedan

    Loved it...japan as never seen before

  26. Michael John Little

    Michael John Little13 timmar sedan

    19:56....But do realised you. are not in Kansas anymore.... setoos.info/name/m6ez0XeLeGODl2c/video

  27. frozenpixie

    frozenpixie13 timmar sedan

    I loved the contrast of Pete's American enthusiasm and Chris' dry English sarcasm. Also, Pete's impersonation of Chris was spot on!

  28. Morty Meiboom

    Morty Meiboom13 timmar sedan

    You will never let go of your youthful notions that pirates are cool, will you?

  29. Graplesyrup

    Graplesyrup14 timmar sedan

    Pete is awesome. Reminds me of.... ME!

  30. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank15 timmar sedan

    Great video,keep it up!🎹

  31. Trey Dean

    Trey Dean17 timmar sedan

    You need him on more. He's fucking hilarious 😆😂

  32. MrSvlad

    MrSvlad19 timmar sedan

    Englishmen, find an American friend. Yanks, seek the company of Brits. You all share a language (well, just about) but the nuanced cultural differences will force you both to think differently. Bonus points for touring Japan together.

  33. NewOldObsession

    NewOldObsession21 timme sedan

    I love this pairing so much, the HUMOR. I CANT.

  34. Wayne Jones

    Wayne Jones21 timme sedan

    I died when Natsuki said "No no, I said Wakanai - I don't remember" 😂😂💀💀

  35. Gerald Shields

    Gerald Shields22 timmar sedan

    @Abroad in Japan 寒いですね?

  36. Aukami

    Aukami22 timmar sedan

    what is he saying at 9:42 ? My little day? I don't get it xD lmao

  37. Paddok sa

    Paddok sa23 timmar sedan

    i got to ask you do you know Nobita from japan

  38. Dee Rush

    Dee RushDag sedan

    This was a lot of fun. Also, Chris and Pete make a great screen team. Two thumbs up!

  39. Cham INSP

    Cham INSPDag sedan

    I really like to see new faces on this channel ?!

  40. Duke of Judea

    Duke of JudeaDag sedan

    This was very fun to watch. I hope to see alot more videos like this and with pete.

  41. 66guidos

    66guidosDag sedan

    Another friend called Pete? What is this, apete in japan!?

  42. Roberto d El Fraser

    Roberto d El FraserDag sedan

    Enjoyable thank you

  43. Will B

    Will BDag sedan

    I loved this so much, thank you man

  44. GOGOgomes

    GOGOgomesDag sedan

    If the american it's complaining about the beer quality you know you got yourself a trouble

  45. Wes D

    Wes DDag sedan

    I enjoyed this video with Pete, a fellow Kansas kid. If he ever comes back home to visit I will buy him a Boulevard of his choice. Well done

  46. Custard pup

    Custard pupDag sedan

    I looooove Pete's personality. He's so bubbly it's such a joy to watch

  47. Hassan Batayneh

    Hassan BataynehDag sedan

    Andou and Ando are my trigger words

  48. J Chan

    J ChanDag sedan

    I lived in Hakodate almost a decade ago. Back then, the shops would clear their entry ways and throw the snow on to the roads. Where cars would drive over it and pack it down. I didn't have a car, so I walked on those slippery roads. I wonder if it's still like that.

  49. SinisterMD

    SinisterMDDag sedan

    As a Kansan, I can assure you it gets cold here and we do drive in snow. Not often...but it does happen.

  50. Karen Tierney

    Karen TierneyDag sedan

    Wow, the video quality and aerial views are beautiful. And great editing. It's amazing to see how your videos have improved. This is better than travel shows I have to pay to see.

  51. Bobble Hat

    Bobble HatDag sedan

    During full winter dormancy, lavender limbs can appear dead when they are not.

  52. Rame Nitsuga

    Rame NitsugaDag sedan

    Why does this duo feel like a dog-cat relationship? Chris is the cat, duh.

  53. Willybear7575

    Willybear7575Dag sedan

    If you could tell Pete to stop trying so hard that would be great.

  54. zushiba

    zushibaDag sedan

    This was fantastic you guys have great chemistry.

  55. Mike G

    Mike GDag sedan

    More Pete please

  56. Heather Cloud

    Heather CloudDag sedan

    Kansas?? Finland maybe or Sweden cabin. Are there Scandinavian people in Kansas? Where's the sauna?

  57. Nathaniel Thomas

    Nathaniel ThomasDag sedan

    Magical lol

  58. LunaPhotography

    LunaPhotographyDag sedan

    4:00 LOL That's a light dusting of snow for a Canadian from the East Coast. :P We've had snow high enough to fully cover 2-3 story houses here in the Maritimes. :)

  59. Maximilian Wimmer

    Maximilian WimmerDag sedan

    Maybe that's how the town got its name, similar to the story with the name for Kanguru? Russian traders come in and ask japanese locals "What is name of town?" Japanese locals reply "This one? I don't know, mate"



    pete is the most american american I've seen

  61. Gary D

    Gary DDag sedan

    Pete, the only American on Cool Japan that didn't make me think, "Where the hell did you find this awful representation of an American"

  62. pvkat1982

    pvkat1982Dag sedan

    I just got really excited hearing Kansas mentioned and seeing a Royals hat.

  63. jadon joshua

    jadon joshuaDag sedan

    After all these fake Englands in Japan, Natsuki really needs to see your real hometown

  64. ZoSoArt

    ZoSoArtDag sedan

    Sorry Pete, nothing is better than food

  65. Li li

    Li liDag sedan

    Didn't know I needed your friend in these trips, lovely friend

  66. Dacian Grada

    Dacian Grada2 dagar sedan

    now this was a journey! loved it

  67. mytimetravellingdog

    mytimetravellingdog2 dagar sedan

    Copying Ryotoro's video's now Chris? What has it come to?

  68. Val Lopez

    Val Lopez2 dagar sedan

    I don't get why China and Japan have to have recreations of other parts of the world hahaha

  69. JAM 4242564

    JAM 42425642 dagar sedan

    Umm ... I've seen that "hello bear " mug in daiso btw it has a polar bear

  70. David Eisenhart

    David Eisenhart2 dagar sedan

    Pete is a straight up mood, I love him!

  71. Evan Grey

    Evan Grey2 dagar sedan

    Those night time shots were awesome. Only making me want to visit Japan more and more. Damn you chris

  72. Mastersoniczachm

    Mastersoniczachm2 dagar sedan

    I L o ve this video.

  73. Caliber Cross

    Caliber Cross2 dagar sedan

    Literally can't tell of the twist was scripted or legit xD Either way, what a joy this video was

  74. Jaywye

    Jaywye2 dagar sedan


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    Cem Altıner2 dagar sedan

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    Stefan Schleps2 dagar sedan

    I want to live in Hoakkaido. Because blizzards are cool. Snow is life. Thanks mate.

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    RobBroderick442 dagar sedan

    4:40 Kansas band : am I a joke to you ?!

  79. ザム「Zam」

    ザム「Zam」2 dagar sedan

    What the hell are you doing at the northern most part of Japan? Wakkanai (It sounds like "wakanai" which in Japanese means "I don't know")

  80. Toopz ‘

    Toopz ‘2 dagar sedan

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    Bah! Looks like southern Sweden.

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    Chum Bucket2 dagar sedan

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    Nathan Wood2 dagar sedan

    I think that the real bear mug is the friendships forged along the way.

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    wabush012 dagar sedan

    Thanks to Pete for making a fellow Kanasian proud!

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    John Wolf22 dagar sedan

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  87. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml2 dagar sedan

    I never knew the north of Japan looked like that. Some of those places and towns are absolutely beautiful.

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    Mike Williams2 dagar sedan

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    Kenneth Roy Beduya2 dagar sedan

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    Ken Murillo2 dagar sedan

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