"You made your dad proud" Justin Gaethje reveals what he said to Khabib while crying on the floor ♥️

Justin Gaethje reveals what's next for him in the UFC and discusses what he said to Khabib on the floor after their fight at #UFC254.


  1. J. A. B

    J. A. B9 timmar sedan

    JG.. u r the boy i ll be rooting for after Khabib..


    LEECH REFORGEDag sedan

    Hunt connor justin.

  3. Libra66

    Libra663 dagar sedan

    Gaetjhe needs to improve his ground games otherwise he gonna get maul on ground pound game everybody's knows now Gaetjhe can't wrestle at all that is facts.

  4. Jat Aizat

    Jat Aizat6 dagar sedan

    From DC to Khabib retired. Now im gonna hope for JustinG, Dustin and RobWhittaker.

  5. jesusisere

    jesusisere7 dagar sedan

    What a truly great sportsman! So much respect!

  6. SjosJenq TV

    SjosJenq TV11 dagar sedan

    Mark my word he will become the next champion. He couldn't became champion when khabib was on th throne. I don't see nobody next to khabib like Justin that's not scared and fights for bigger purpuse.


    JESUS LOVES YOU12 dagar sedan


  8. Zak Thorne

    Zak Thorne14 dagar sedan

    Justin should get the winner of Dustin V Connor to determine the new champ.

  9. Umit Koca

    Umit Koca14 dagar sedan

    after khabib. Justin is the best

  10. Utsav Avaiya

    Utsav Avaiya15 dagar sedan

    This guy is a gem

  11. Raman Rather

    Raman Rather17 dagar sedan

    Khabib is the goat 🐐 but this man is on its way to become one of the goats.

  12. Vhed Needle

    Vhed Needle17 dagar sedan

    Justin is a hero and most great fighter in UFC history

  13. Gherman Raul

    Gherman Raul18 dagar sedan

    How can someone be so wholesome? Love this guy!

  14. Aamin Aminur

    Aamin Aminur18 dagar sedan

    Its brutal truth of Game that one wins other loses. But, Justin is true champion too. He is gonna win many many more.

  15. ATS

    ATS21 dag sedan

    Would love to see him destroy Conor

  16. Dad.0

    Dad.021 dag sedan

    Great video, I love your channel!

  17. ThE TdMdAb

    ThE TdMdAb24 dagar sedan

    This guy is a good guy better than mcgregor

  18. the pumpkin boy

    the pumpkin boy27 dagar sedan

    oh god, i turned into a justin fan now.....and im proud to say it

  19. Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi

    Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi27 dagar sedan

    Crazy to see that Khabib never gets a single scratch

  20. afshan wani

    afshan wani28 dagar sedan

    Grt guy Pure heart ...

  21. emzaffar

    emzaffar28 dagar sedan

    Khabib just barely jabs his face but look


    PP ACADEMY28 dagar sedan

    Justin was great in the fight, its just Khabib on different level.

  23. Neatriz Areco

    Neatriz Areco28 dagar sedan

    Now. This is beautiful. Finally someone showing what Martial Arts means... This man, is an honorable fighter. I'm never met him, or even gonna, but I RESPECT him. Este es el espíritu de las artes marciales. Y toda la belleza que representa.

  24. Zara R

    Zara R28 dagar sedan

    This is how a real man acts after losing a fight! With dignity

  25. Ahmed Ishaq

    Ahmed Ishaq28 dagar sedan

    Straight up guy, my next champ,

  26. Fenasi Kerim

    Fenasi Kerim29 dagar sedan

    There is fire in his eyes.

  27. Sywal Sywal

    Sywal Sywal29 dagar sedan

    And i talk to much an still loser

  28. Electric Playa

    Electric Playa29 dagar sedan

    Respect to justin From a khabib fan. 👍👍

  29. Fahad Khn

    Fahad Khn29 dagar sedan

    Humble soul💙

  30. Player1

    Player1Månad sedan

    Big fan of both fighters but the match did end how I was hoping. Justin isn't going anywhere and he will be a champ, no doubt. Having an undefeated record is not something incredibly important to a true fan anyways. Skill, Character, Humility, Courage, Heart, Respect.. wayyy more important. Both fighters have this which made the match a win/win for me. One for the ages. 👍💯

  31. Brian Bell

    Brian BellMånad sedan

    Gaethje vs Poirier sounds like the perfect fight.

  32. brooksysdead

    brooksysdeadMånad sedan

    Class act❤ respect🙏

  33. Baba Gambo

    Baba GamboMånad sedan

    Good man

  34. nunu laskar

    nunu laskarMånad sedan

    Keep all supporting jastin he is a great and good man he is defeated by khabib but he won our heart. Love u man.

  35. nunu laskar

    nunu laskarMånad sedan

    Love u both khabib jastin u r good man by heart and really I like u

  36. Ansari Shad

    Ansari ShadMånad sedan

    Much love brother from mumbai🙏❤

  37. Lionel Messi2

    Lionel Messi2Månad sedan

    This really showed his character, how he conducted himself and showed true sportsmanship during defeat. I hope he becomes the next champion.

  38. yasio bolo

    yasio boloMånad sedan


  39. Cool Warrior

    Cool WarriorMånad sedan

    After khabib i am going to follow his fights😃😃.. Real champ.

  40. Aziz Amin

    Aziz AminMånad sedan

    Both fighters are awesome and classy


    TITANIUM GAMINGMånad sedan


  42. westcoast070

    westcoast070Månad sedan

    unlike ``connor mcgregor´´ this guy actually has respect before and post fight. i would love to see this guy become a champion

  43. yasio bolo

    yasio boloMånad sedan

    # he broke the bus

  44. yzsesp

    yzsespMånad sedan

    His fathers wish was 30 and 0 hes fighting one more time next yr

  45. jay gee

    jay geeMånad sedan

    All love for this humble & great fighter

  46. Enacaus

    EnacausMånad sedan

    I'll be honest This the the least arrogant opponent of Khabib

  47. Md abdul Majid

    Md abdul MajidMånad sedan

    A guy with true sports man spirit 💪 keep going Justin

  48. Asma Syed R

    Asma Syed RMånad sedan

    Gaethje, great guy, good fighter hope he's the next champion. Hope he's rightly guided in this world and the Hereafter. Aameen.

  49. StuTheBru me

    StuTheBru meMånad sedan

    good effort no dout ynwa


    PURE WATER FELIXMånad sedan

    Justin just didn’t do enough ! A real looser !

  51. Šoph 19

    Šoph 19Månad sedan

    He seems honest n respectful

  52. Hadi Syed

    Hadi SyedMånad sedan

    Justin want to say after khabib retirement "ALHAMDULILAH" 🤣

  53. Foued Ould

    Foued OuldMånad sedan

    Big respect, this Guy is à lion with à good heart and i'm à khabib fan

  54. Abd

    AbdMånad sedan

    Of all Khabib’s opponent, aside from Porrier, Justin have my respect...

  55. Abass Tiger

    Abass TigerMånad sedan

    Pure heart ❤️

  56. Zaidan’s Animal Kingdom

    Zaidan’s Animal KingdomMånad sedan

    # he broke the bus

  57. jeffry husman

    jeffry husmanMånad sedan

    Awesome stuff.. there's lots of goodness in what he is saying.

  58. Khursheed Alam

    Khursheed AlamMånad sedan

    Respect 👍

  59. iwan ridwan

    iwan ridwanMånad sedan

    Gaethje he is not ARROGANT fighter he is Alwasy Respect to Orher Fighter he is not like MC CHICKEN GROGOR too Much WHISKEY at this World Nothing lasts Forever if we feel Great then there will be even Greater

  60. F A

    F AMånad sedan

    Justin is an excellent example how a champion should behave. Excellent Justin. 😉😉😉

  61. Agfa Anggara

    Agfa AnggaraMånad sedan

    respect for a gentlement guy.

  62. Tad Ficus Catus

    Tad Ficus CatusMånad sedan

    Khabib should fight and beat Ferguson and then super fight with GSP and then retire for good.

  63. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMånad sedan

    “Embrace the suck” - Justin Gaethje

  64. mana

    manaMånad sedan

    Justin❤humanity,sports man spirit👐

  65. Indrawan Pamungkas

    Indrawan PamungkasMånad sedan

    heart of a real fighter...

  66. Simple Bōy

    Simple BōyMånad sedan

    So simple and nobleman ❤️

  67. guest azi

    guest aziMånad sedan

    Very humble man love from syria

  68. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMånad sedan

    True sportsman

  69. hbjkl hbjlk

    hbjkl hbjlkMånad sedan

    His "Lord" Jesus didn't help. Why!?

  70. TilU Gee

    TilU GeeMånad sedan

    Justin ur good sports man , respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  71. Binu Vallooran

    Binu VallooranMånad sedan

    He sounds like to true fighter..come back stronger Justin and all the very best

  72. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiMånad sedan

    Gets chocked out/passed out then goes over to say his respects. What a savage!

  73. Vilson Bekaj

    Vilson BekajMånad sedan

    Gaethje is Humble Guy Numba 1 in UFC

  74. Mike Ludwig

    Mike LudwigMånad sedan

    Dam hella respect for Justin! Dam good man right there!

  75. Lilah Katharine

    Lilah KatharineMånad sedan


  76. BA Juventus

    BA JuventusMånad sedan

    Justin really understand now the why ,it's hard to bit someone who fight for value and never fought for money but the the money fought for him

  77. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiMånad sedan


  78. India Ismycountry

    India IsmycountryMånad sedan

    Nobody can touch khabib man he is monster

  79. Gyda

    GydaMånad sedan

    Good man, love his character.

  80. dildic

    dildicMånad sedan

    I think we look at new future champion.

  81. Mahmud Rumi

    Mahmud RumiMånad sedan

    this guy is very humble.

  82. shabaaz sayyed

    shabaaz sayyedMånad sedan

    True sportsman

  83. najahh ainun

    najahh ainunMånad sedan

    He's said a good words, highly respect justin ❤️

  84. Ibrahim Mirani

    Ibrahim MiraniMånad sedan

    Khabib is the best!

  85. Invisible

    InvisibleMånad sedan

    what a good guy Justin is...respect and polite is we need nowadays, not like that CHICKEN MAN "McG" or what......?

  86. Adam S

    Adam SMånad sedan

    I am a big fan of Khabib but I love this guy Justin for his respect and skills. A True Athlete.

  87. do or die

    do or dieMånad sedan

    After khabib this guy is my idol, he is pure

  88. Syed imtiyaz

    Syed imtiyazMånad sedan

    justin your r a good heart man👍

  89. Play now

    Play nowMånad sedan

    Khabib have a very good lastfight with a good respectful guy.

  90. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiMånad sedan

    I love u great guy u are a roll model

  91. Embarek Laidi

    Embarek LaidiMånad sedan

    Salam good talk about habib

  92. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiMånad sedan

    When I watched him fight a one armed man amd go easy on him during a title fight....he gained my uttermost respect

  93. Moataz A

    Moataz AMånad sedan


  94. sertan la garza

    sertan la garzaMånad sedan

    Justin also the definition of a true man with a big heart

  95. Debajyoti Nath

    Debajyoti NathMånad sedan

    The more I watch Justin, the more I like him. Win or lose, he accepts it with dignity. Great sportsmanship. If Khabib retires, Justin will be the champ one day.

  96. shafqat haq

    shafqat haqMånad sedan

    I hope and wish that he beats John Jones soon

  97. lifematch

    lifematchMånad sedan

    Conor, take some notes.

  98. SHARJEEL Iqbal

    SHARJEEL IqbalMånad sedan

    Best opponent khabib could face in his last match

  99. Andre tamata

    Andre tamataMånad sedan

    Chandler vs. Gaethje thats for sure

  100. Jazzy Khan

    Jazzy KhanMånad sedan

    Respect Justin go for it dude heart ❤ of a lion go get ur goal dude

  101. kolim jone

    kolim joneMånad sedan

    Gets chocked out/passed out then goes over to say his respects. What a savage!

  102. Faster Hard House

    Faster Hard HouseMånad sedan

    Love the heart and respect of these 2 and what a big man Gaethje is showing his respects like that despite being tapped out. Gaethje is a winner too by heart May Allah guide him❤️

  103. Ahmad Zia

    Ahmad ZiaMånad sedan

    Love this guy your champ

  104. Νικος Καλτσιδης

    Νικος ΚαλτσιδηςMånad sedan

    I rly love this guy I wish he will be the next ufc champion ,because he deserves this!!

  105. azianknight

    azianknightMånad sedan

    When I watched him fight a one armed man amd go easy on him during a title fight....he gained my uttermost respect

  106. kolim jone

    kolim joneMånad sedan

    He is a champ now