Cat Bites Fork, Fork Hits Cat

He was fine.


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    Everyone: Loosh makes everyone’s day a whole lot better

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    @TeeqoLegend ➊ r u on computer

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    Hanna Aleesya6 Hanna Aleesya6

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    Regular comment: 3 upvotes Comment that has "everyone:" in front of jt regardless of whether that actually makes sense: 3 million upvotes

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    Forks can fight back PREPARE FOR WAR WITH THE FORKS!!!

  8. sana 123

    sana 1232 dagar sedan

    Ohmygoddd is it just me or my anxiety went 📈📈📈 when I thought the cat was gonna be blind cuz the sharp pointy fork stabbed it's eye 😭😭😭👀

  9. temiout left ?!

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    SEtoos algorithms :more cats more recommendations!

  10. Employee of CEO Of Memes • Third in Power

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    I'm glad that kitten from 5 years ago is still happy today!

  11. Kevin Benny

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    Karma is a bi⚡️ch

  12. Misto

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    You bite the fork the fork bites back.

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    This has that 10 years old video vibe

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    Best vibe

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    This is legendary

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    That cat sait wtf just happend

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    Instant karma

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  24. A P P L E

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    Cat: bites fork. Fork: are you challenging me?

  25. wolf adventurer

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    The fork has gotten his revenge

  26. Jeeva D

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    Nice vedio

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    The revenge of the fork

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    *Instant Karma*

  29. Sanchi Semwal

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    Cat- *Bites Fork* Fork- I Will end this cats whole career....

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    Instant Karma

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  32. Briana tiktok Tiktok

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    Cat: *bites*. Spoon: *slaps* Cat: owww Spoon: that is what you get for biting me

  33. MOO YT

    MOO YTMånad sedan

    so... its just me who read it as "fork bites cat" 🤚🏼😭😭

  34. Football_Vulture

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    No one: The cat: what has my life come to....

  35. Cyber Stars

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    Aaaawww that warms my heart🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  36. Lee TV

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    That could have blinded her.

  37. Kisisina hasanah

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  38. Riv & Reb

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    What's your secret? Where how do your videos all get recommended? Not saying they're not good, just curious, tell me your secret!

  39. Galaxy Rarara Playzz

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    THAT IS DANGEROUS! The cat could have gotten it in its eye and you guys are here taking it as a joke!? Don't tell me in the replies tat "the cat is dumb" or something like that. Let me remind you, cats aren't educated like us humans I know the description says that the cat is fine, but it COULD HAVE hurt him/herself

  40. Amanda Lynn

    Amanda LynnMånad sedan

    Toy Story 5: Forky's Revenge

  41. Gogeta Legion

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    Cat: *Bites Fork* Everyone: *INTERESTING*

  42. alex Livers

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    Chef John.

  43. Incognito Mode

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    What the fork is this?

  44. Ern Esto

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    When you accidentally post this on yt

  45. Vojin Jovic

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    The title cant be more acurate

  46. Bryan Andrade

    Bryan AndradeMånad sedan

    A little bit lower and the cat would have been blinded

  47. Minty & Leila

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  48. Jairson Ascencao

    Jairson AscencaoMånad sedan

    This video really delivered what it advertised

  49. adam sucks at everything

    adam sucks at everythingMånad sedan

    Cat: *tries to grab fork* Physics: "By the law of the principle of moments you'll receive a BONK"

  50. Antiqheartz

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    Fact: it's an instant karma...

  51. Gacha somethinguwu

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  52. minij hooi

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    Nobody: The zombies after I place a rake in plants vs zombies

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    Bruv r u dum in the membrane

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    Bruh my comment made the vid

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    When you shit and the shit flies out of the toilet

  56. Quirk Delass

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    Tit for tat

  57. Blue Line God

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    My car does that to just not with a fork

  58. Blue Line God

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    I’m sure she would though

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    Cat bites fork fork be like you have underestimated my power

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    Know thats instant karma.

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    O poor kitty

  63. top RAHmen

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    Its like that kid who lost to a shovel

  64. Dashing

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    "Curiousity killed the cat"

  65. Adeliz Aranda

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    Omg how somthing funny happened i cant catch it on camera 😂

  66. soinu foig

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    Nobody: The zombies after I place a rake in plants vs zombies

  67. Title Title

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    What goes around comes around

  68. Swerver

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  69. Swerver

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    @soinu foig I know right

  70. soinu foig

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  71. Jewell Petalcorin

    Jewell PetalcorinMånad sedan

    What a gentle bite😂

  72. Ana Muniz

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    HAHAHHA very funny how it hit him tho lol🤣😂

  73. Grain Bread

    Grain BreadMånad sedan

    When you shit and the shit flies out of the toilet

  74. Lemon Lion

    Lemon LionMånad sedan

    Cat: *Ahhh, so you said this was a foreign delicacy?* Waiter: *Yes. This is food that has its own mind.* Cat: *Wai-*

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    Sad cat

  78. Equinodium Lezarouxe

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    That fork is sentient

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  81. Rimikatz

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    I guess I'm the only one who's glad the fork didn't hit the cat's eye

  82. Farid Hisham the cool

    Farid Hisham the coolMånad sedan

    Poor cat

  83. Hopester Hamlin

    Hopester HamlinMånad sedan

    Cat: ima eat this sorry fork Fork: oh no u anit

  84. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideMånad sedan

    "You bite the fry the fry bites back my man" -some guy eating fries

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    Lol poor cat 🥺

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    Someone give this cat a hug

  89. Darin Willett

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    I like ya cut g f in the chat for this dude

  90. FrogFeet :D

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    The ultimate revenge

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  92. Kuldeep Chowdhury

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    Please use a spoon next time ! That was dangerous !

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  94. I'm Pineapple

    I'm PineappleMånad sedan

    lmao i'm confused at the first, but I was laughing at the end✨

  95. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojoMånad sedan

    Cat: "Oulala let me taste this hard steel." Fork: Nope Cat: Why are we still here? Just to suffer!

  96. NaniBusiness Test

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  97. Leopard Gaming

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    This is the internet

  98. bofooit gojo

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    does nobody else notice how he is class

  99. stop it

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    5/5 its as advertised

  100. ʙᴀᴇ

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  101. Catnip

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    I just imagine this being a super smash ultimate battle

  102. Samuel Henry

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    Duality of Man

  103. yes

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  104. Taylor Couture

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    And thats karma kids

  105. ReZuel

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    He just got Uno'ed reversed Get it

  106. Canis Latrans

    Canis LatransMånad sedan

    Fugo cat

  107. BrooklynGS

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    No one: The fork: I like ya cut g

  108. sloppy and speedy

    sloppy and speedyMånad sedan

    Did anyone notice tough to deal with and then

  109. Triple B

    Triple BMånad sedan

    If u look really closely u will actually see that the cat's head hit the fork.

  110. John Wick

    John WickMånad sedan

    The cat took that hit like a champ

  111. Z4J3B4NT

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    Welcome to the "Hall of the most accurate titles on SEtoos".

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    That's so funny