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  1. Puppy Nugget :p

    Puppy Nugget :p5 timmar sedan

    5:47: plot twist, *there was only 1 tree*

  2. Itz Gaming Sensei

    Itz Gaming Sensei6 timmar sedan

    Can the neon lits play music

  3. vallijayanth 1950

    vallijayanth 195017 timmar sedan

    He had a silly smile but he is good and the music I so good

  4. Harriz Gaming

    Harriz Gaming22 timmar sedan

    The last one is not for kids

  5. Ioan Alexe

    Ioan AlexeDag sedan

    Boy:Babe am i pretty or ugly? Girl:Both Boy:What does it mean? Girl:Ur pretty ugly! Boy:Heartbroken

  6. Treena Pitham

    Treena PithamDag sedan

    5:45 the laugh killed me i mean

  7. Treena Pitham

    Treena PithamDag sedan

    5:54 the laugh killed me

  8. AmphibiaFan 4321

    AmphibiaFan 4321Dag sedan

    This man is a genious

  9. Lily’s Galaxy

    Lily’s GalaxyDag sedan

    Wife: How do you lose 500$ dollars in an hour!?! Genius: I was outsmarted by a dummy😩 Wife: *calls court for divorce*

  10. ꧁lanky fam vibes꧂

    ꧁lanky fam vibes꧂Dag sedan

    You don’t need makeup you need plastic surgery 😩🖐

  11. Luis Lopez

    Luis LopezDag sedan

    people walking on the sidewalk and look at me be like 7:58



    I found these jokes he make in old magazines i used to buy in 2014 to 2016...Really hope someone sees this. Edit: I wont even believe that its a coincidence and he came up with a similar joke because i checked the magazines and the jokes are extremely similar. also this comment is not intended to hate on luke. Just something i noticed and wanted to point out.

  13. Mhary rose Dela resma

    Mhary rose Dela resmaDag sedan

    5:35 lol

  14. Ioan Alexe

    Ioan AlexeDag sedan

    Best Roaster?

  15. GoofyKnot Playz

    GoofyKnot PlayzDag sedan

    6:56 if that happened irl it would be the biggest troll ever

  16. Nana Nlansah

    Nana NlansahDag sedan

    hujiugvfc ahahAHQHAHHAhaHAH

  17. Muhammad Iliasshah

    Muhammad IliasshahDag sedan

    Am sick but I like your tik tok

  18. Muhammad Iliasshah

    Muhammad IliasshahDag sedan

    Hi there 🍭❤

  19. Muhammad Iliasshah

    Muhammad IliasshahDag sedan

    Hi 🍭

  20. Aliyatul Cløūđíe_Wøłfý

    Aliyatul Cløūđíe_WøłfýDag sedan

    Him:mom, am I handsome? The mom:why don't you ask your GF Him:I don't have a GF The mom:well there's your answer. The answer:you're not handsome

  21. E

    EDag sedan

    9:43 me trying to explain the circle of life to my friends

  22. Anikin3279

    Anikin32792 dagar sedan

    8:57 was the best one lol

  23. No

    No2 dagar sedan

    His smile is like an killer

  24. Omer Mahmood

    Omer Mahmood2 dagar sedan

    Bakwaas kar raha hai ye ghadha

  25. Grooty

    Grooty2 dagar sedan

    first tiktok: i don't have a gf Next tiktok: BRO I GOT A GF

  26. Hyper JAMES

    Hyper JAMES3 dagar sedan


  27. D'Andrae Morrison

    D'Andrae Morrison3 dagar sedan

    The first one had me

  28. Dylan Lee

    Dylan Lee3 dagar sedan


  29. Bucky Barnes

    Bucky Barnes3 dagar sedan

    5:38 neighbors what the heck is that kinda bird

  30. Farjid Arfe

    Farjid Arfe4 dagar sedan

    His face was made for these

  31. AustinWasTaken

    AustinWasTaken4 dagar sedan

    The only one I ever liked was the secondother than that I don’t like any of them

  32. Emely y Max

    Emely y Max4 dagar sedan

    In the middle of the video I thought I was watching an Ad

  33. Big Beast

    Big Beast4 dagar sedan

    My man is cool love your content brother love the face it's funny lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎my man content better than charli dameilio

  34. janet kikcks

    janet kikcks4 dagar sedan

    I liek it

  35. shujas channel

    shujas channel4 dagar sedan

    I know angela

  36. Syeda Larissa Roseanne

    Syeda Larissa Roseanne4 dagar sedan

    I love you !

  37. Tessa

    Tessa4 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Luke: 😲➡️😈

  38. JGB Empire

    JGB Empire5 dagar sedan


  39. JGB Empire

    JGB Empire5 dagar sedan

    What music on

  40. Gemma Lawson

    Gemma Lawson5 dagar sedan

    These are so funny

  41. jack noodles

    jack noodles5 dagar sedan

    5:34 is that someone car?

  42. Rheanna Einwalter

    Rheanna Einwalter5 dagar sedan

    The guy who is wandering the donut question is an idiot

  43. Issam Issam

    Issam Issam5 dagar sedan

    3:25 ur channel disgusting

  44. Neo Thomas

    Neo Thomas5 dagar sedan

    The first one tho🤣🤣🤣

  45. Leith Beck

    Leith Beck5 dagar sedan

    Man, Luke's quite the charmer...

  46. Nicole Fosnes

    Nicole Fosnes6 dagar sedan

    😱HOW DO HE

  47. Random Videos

    Random Videos6 dagar sedan

    5:34 was the most beautiful noise in the world

  48. Brody Hilts

    Brody Hilts4 dagar sedan



    DAVID JACKSON6 dagar sedan

    I bought tiolet paper its worth $360

  50. Penguin

    Penguin6 dagar sedan

    I loved that truck

  51. dima kahtan

    dima kahtan6 dagar sedan

    at the first time ithought he is hola ninos

  52. dima kahtan

    dima kahtan6 dagar sedan

    at pretty ugly what is the song i like vid if tell me

  53. •Emma•

    •Emma•6 dagar sedan



    GIORDAN MORILLO SOTO6 dagar sedan

    1:32 does anyone know the name of that song??

  55. Amelia Hartman

    Amelia Hartman6 dagar sedan

    4:47 the answer is a Sphinx!

  56. Dino Beslagic

    Dino Beslagic6 dagar sedan

    You remind me of Friday because everyone likes you

  57. Keys on fire

    Keys on fire6 dagar sedan

    I'll edit and write how many times I laughed

  58. Rainbow Trashcan

    Rainbow Trashcan6 dagar sedan

    11:23 is the best joke because i love science

  59. UndentifiedGamer

    UndentifiedGamer7 dagar sedan


  60. Diya

    Diya7 dagar sedan

    Whats the song in 7:58

  61. Minecraft Mayhem

    Minecraft Mayhem7 dagar sedan


  62. Daniel The Worm

    Daniel The Worm7 dagar sedan

    5:34 tesla warning sound

  63. abhishek bhalotia

    abhishek bhalotia7 dagar sedan

    7:59 : ... that smile

  64. S̸a̸n̸s̸ T̸h̸e̸ S̸k̸e̸l̸e̸t̸o̸n̸

    S̸a̸n̸s̸ T̸h̸e̸ S̸k̸e̸l̸e̸t̸o̸n̸7 dagar sedan


  65. Hm Hm

    Hm Hm7 dagar sedan


  66. lil gio

    lil gio8 dagar sedan


  67. mrs.kookie

    mrs.kookie8 dagar sedan

    That computer one really got me

  68. Raelene Strong

    Raelene Strong8 dagar sedan

    Half of these i don’t understand lol

  69. Blueberry Pancake

    Blueberry Pancake8 dagar sedan

    It's nacho joke

  70. s3ba725

    s3ba7258 dagar sedan

    Literally should be a phone ringing option ngl 5:34 -_-

  71. Henry Matthews

    Henry Matthews8 dagar sedan

    why is this guy actually so fricking cringe

  72. braddytimes

    braddytimes8 dagar sedan

    I also found the song make you mine from here

  73. Starlight A Tiny Tia fan

    Starlight A Tiny Tia fan8 dagar sedan

    Savage Luke Davidson moments

  74. WilliamW2010

    WilliamW20108 dagar sedan

    What app do you use to change your parent's texts?

  75. Neoxl

    Neoxl8 dagar sedan

    Dad: Son, pack your bags. Son: But Why? Dad: We don’t have a maid. Son: *Terrified* Also Son: *Wait I don’t have dad* LOL

  76. Yukine Nothingness

    Yukine Nothingness8 dagar sedan

    5:54 damnn right back at ya

  77. Jay

    Jay9 dagar sedan

    Your laugh will arrive in 7-8 business days Edit: your order has been cancelled

  78. Driftyboi 32

    Driftyboi 329 dagar sedan


  79. Howard the Square

    Howard the Square9 dagar sedan

    Luke’s smile makes me realize hell is real

  80. Molly Hibbert

    Molly Hibbert9 dagar sedan

    Everyone in the comments: Hahaha I love that face he makes! Me: How is he making the face my mum makes when we run out of Coco pops and I have to eat bran flakes?

  81. Silver BonBon

    Silver BonBon9 dagar sedan

    I thought he said my talking angela in this part xD 2:02

  82. Silviana

    Silviana9 dagar sedan

    That face never gets old 😆

  83. Maham Naveed

    Maham Naveed9 dagar sedan

    I used the pretty ugly one on my sister when she asked am I pretty or ugly I need to know before I go to this wedding because u said u don’t wanna come

  84. Nolan Line

    Nolan Line10 dagar sedan


  85. Trex Plays

    Trex Plays10 dagar sedan

    5:34 my car honk

  86. Ronald Weinberg

    Ronald Weinberg10 dagar sedan


  87. Nolan Line

    Nolan Line10 dagar sedan


  88. Nolan Line

    Nolan Line10 dagar sedan


  89. Nolan Line

    Nolan Line10 dagar sedan

    1:33 so funny good Clip

  90. Chairil Tanjung

    Chairil Tanjung10 dagar sedan


  91. Gacha god

    Gacha god10 dagar sedan

    When you couldve said there is a icon name my computer double click it

  92. Raven Danielle Kapunan

    Raven Danielle Kapunan10 dagar sedan

    It’s Iraq not I-raq

  93. Becky Tonge

    Becky Tonge10 dagar sedan


  94. Aimee Elledge

    Aimee Elledge11 dagar sedan


  95. ŁÎGTH

    ŁÎGTH11 dagar sedan

    Fun fact:he’s smile is a real killer

  96. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation11 dagar sedan

    This man’s smile has already gotten him on 5 of our most wanted lists!

  97. Brody Hilts

    Brody Hilts4 dagar sedan

    @Federal Bureau of Investigation lol

  98. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation9 dagar sedan

    @PC Adam Taylor Oh, don’t worry. We’ll do much worse than that!

  99. PC Adam Taylor

    PC Adam Taylor9 dagar sedan

    @Federal Bureau of Investigation Never mind sir I got my days mixed up, You can fire me if necessary

  100. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation9 dagar sedan

    @PC Adam Taylor What is that supposed to mean???

  101. PC Adam Taylor

    PC Adam Taylor9 dagar sedan

    Dayum so it’s already gone up by two stars since yesterday?!!

  102. rosie parsons

    rosie parsons11 dagar sedan

    whaen i see the grin on the thumnail im clicking on it

  103. jaafar mohammed2009

    jaafar mohammed200911 dagar sedan

    I live in Iraq. Send me the video link of luke’s davidson about Who is the president of Iraq,please? 🇮🇶

  104. Ilian Al-Saadi

    Ilian Al-Saadi11 dagar sedan


  105. Snow Flake

    Snow Flake11 dagar sedan

    Black and yellow all I do is fucking weird

  106. Chi Man Tam

    Chi Man Tam11 dagar sedan

    you/nmk ko bt /

  107. amprosoldier

    amprosoldier12 dagar sedan

    wtf is this: 3:16