I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza

This slice of pizza was expensive...
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  1. Abdul basit

    Abdul basit3 minuter sedan

    Good brother

  2. SjDudeVis Gaming

    SjDudeVis Gaming33 minuter sedan

    any matt stonie fans

  3. Trippy [GD]

    Trippy [GD]Timme sedan


  4. xhaun khyle delica

    xhaun khyle delica2 timmar sedan

    The pizza is for pizza grinders

  5. Brooklyn Taylor

    Brooklyn Taylor2 timmar sedan

    Ngl that burp was hot

  6. Lina Mamdouhe

    Lina Mamdouhe2 timmar sedan

    I could only eat one slice

  7. R Maas

    R Maas3 timmar sedan

    I wonder how unhealthy that is

  8. Nanthidah Kate Sanoubane

    Nanthidah Kate Sanoubane3 timmar sedan

    How about in the future you should rematch him and bring random strangers and your friends to eat the 9 pound pizza and I wanna join too cause I LOVE pizza and yeah😃😃

  9. Raidof RLS

    Raidof RLS4 timmar sedan

    That guy prob poopin a lot😂

  10. Oscar Perez Flores

    Oscar Perez Flores5 timmar sedan


  11. ShaineLou Wilson

    ShaineLou Wilson6 timmar sedan

    PIZZA I'm a kid but I think I can eat the whole PIZZa

  12. ShaineLou Wilson

    ShaineLou Wilson6 timmar sedan


  13. ClipZ

    ClipZ6 timmar sedan

    i thot it was matt stonie as champion

  14. •_ minxtt _•

    •_ minxtt _•7 timmar sedan

    It makes me go eat 👁️💧👄💧👁️


    SAMANTHA SCHUIT8 timmar sedan

    They mr beast why don't u let me on your teem the pizza 🍕 will be gon in no time 🙃

  16. Mialuke Lowder

    Mialuke Lowder8 timmar sedan


  17. Arjunmithra Chintamaneni

    Arjunmithra Chintamaneni8 timmar sedan

    cqn i plz

  18. Malak Hassan

    Malak Hassan8 timmar sedan

    Can you come to Egypt

  19. Wasp'sWonders

    Wasp'sWonders8 timmar sedan

    Ew no

  20. dktzlee

    dktzlee8 timmar sedan

    Didn’t Matt stonie beat Joey chest nut in a chicken wing contest?.

  21. Zak Gaming

    Zak Gaming9 timmar sedan

    I smell pizza

  22. Cman Lewis

    Cman Lewis10 timmar sedan

    The only reason I watch this channel is because of Karl

  23. meme doge

    meme doge11 timmar sedan

    I've had bigger pizza


    TREASURE PLAYS11 timmar sedan

    My stomach hurt when i was watching this but i ate nothing

  25. toca boca idea

    toca boca idea11 timmar sedan

    Omg iam eating pizza I am going 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  26. BBearplayz

    BBearplayz11 timmar sedan

    Why did I watch this whilst eating... I feel sick

  27. MS - 03CK 857612 Corsair PS

    MS - 03CK 857612 Corsair PS12 timmar sedan

    im hungry i want that pizza

  28. Isabella Strickland

    Isabella Strickland12 timmar sedan

    yum...just ate lunch and already feel HUNGRY LOLOL

  29. Pascal Timmermans

    Pascal Timmermans12 timmar sedan

    I am jealos.

  30. Shayaan Morshed

    Shayaan Morshed12 timmar sedan

    why am I watching this while fasting...

  31. T-Wrecks

    T-Wrecks12 timmar sedan

    I pity the fool that tries to out eat Joey Chestnut.

  32. Azzie Ammon

    Azzie Ammon12 timmar sedan

    This is no problem for Chandler the eater.

  33. Ritisnigdha Panda

    Ritisnigdha Panda13 timmar sedan

    I wonder how much time did he spend on toilet

  34. Chun Tou Loke

    Chun Tou Loke16 timmar sedan

    Mr beast did you give a burger to matt stonie

  35. Mix Edit Fun

    Mix Edit Fun16 timmar sedan

    Does chris moisturize?.

  36. Cora-Chan

    Cora-Chan16 timmar sedan

    I wonder how much Diarrhea Joey Chestnut suffered with

  37. John patrick Sayago

    John patrick Sayago16 timmar sedan


  38. Mr. Legend

    Mr. Legend17 timmar sedan


  39. Nadine Alexandre

    Nadine Alexandre17 timmar sedan

    I thought I was going to be sick but I was full for A WHOLE WEEK YES A WEEK


    JIKOOK STAN17 timmar sedan

    i love karl

  41. Kean Grei San Juan

    Kean Grei San Juan17 timmar sedan

    I thought u gona gib him money for wonning lol

  42. Jayde Marciano

    Jayde Marciano18 timmar sedan

    Please 🙏🥺 King 👑👑👑 Fiona 😍

  43. we're just seven normal boys from korea

    we're just seven normal boys from korea19 timmar sedan

    2 : 12 bro I was using a headphone

  44. Mufaddal hebatullah

    Mufaddal hebatullah19 timmar sedan

    I can’t believe my eyes

  45. Aditya Mishra

    Aditya Mishra20 timmar sedan

    That would be a real pain in the toilet the next day...

  46. Youbring

    Youbring20 timmar sedan

    the bread to topping ratio was really bad

  47. Oliwka Sankowska

    Oliwka Sankowska20 timmar sedan

    I am right now so hungry. And I want a pizzaaa🤤🍕

  48. A-jay Maloloy-on

    A-jay Maloloy-on22 timmar sedan


  49. War Robots

    War Robots23 timmar sedan

    🤤 I want pizza wow cool I'm starving now!

  50. Jackline Masanja

    Jackline Masanja23 timmar sedan

    All the way from Tanzania... Your the best

  51. Deepti Aditya

    Deepti Aditya23 timmar sedan

    I want pizza 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  52. SYIQI

    SYIQI23 timmar sedan

    vidio kelek


    LEA-NORA TESCAȘIU23 timmar sedan

    4:19 I think it's just some logical thing Jimmy. If he is the best eater in the world of course he's good at eating😂😂

  54. MrBeast Massive fan

    MrBeast Massive fan23 timmar sedan


  55. Hasan sahintuerk

    Hasan sahintuerkDag sedan

    I have eaten an 3 foot Pizza in 13:8 minits

  56. Hailey Richards

    Hailey RichardsDag sedan

    Mr. beast leisurely eating, while it pans to Joey scarfing it down

  57. Gabriel Salvatore

    Gabriel SalvatoreDag sedan

    Im 87% sure that all my siblings and me would eat that 9 pounds of pizza because of how much we love pizza

  58. Peyton Natakul

    Peyton NatakulDag sedan

    he aint great white he is megalodon

  59. Brooklyn Ozersky

    Brooklyn OzerskyDag sedan

    U should of asked me to join I love pepperoni;(

  60. Perry n

    Perry nDag sedan

    Imagine the entire pizza

  61. todoroki and deku

    todoroki and dekuDag sedan

    Did any one else want to eat pizza after watching this

  62. Aaron Jojo

    Aaron JojoDag sedan

    1:05 lmaoooooo

  63. The Moore's

    The Moore'sDag sedan


  64. idkboi20

    idkboi20Dag sedan

    how to get acne in one simple step

  65. Blue Flame Wolfy

    Blue Flame WolfyDag sedan

    I’m eating pizza and 2 videos that get recommended after watching one of his vids are pizza related

  66. HNBen 10

    HNBen 10Dag sedan

    This pizza looks delicious 🤤

  67. Grubhub Child

    Grubhub ChildDag sedan

    Roses are red pizza is too I ordered a large and none of its for you

  68. J.v.a Studio

    J.v.a StudioDag sedan

    Love you buddy

  69. Joe Brucato

    Joe BrucatoDag sedan

    THATS HUGE!!!!!!!!!

  70. sokohigh kora

    sokohigh koraDag sedan

    "he is the fastest eater in the whole world" that one dude who can eat a 6 foot long pizza in 10 seconds at the core of the earth: bruh

  71. Anas_435g

    Anas_435gDag sedan

    سوى تحدي مع سحس

  72. ArjunKing200

    ArjunKing200Dag sedan

    Me when i say “I’ll just eat one slice of pizza”

  73. Jill nolan

    Jill nolanDag sedan

    2 🦶 to eat

  74. Chaisleigh Rose

    Chaisleigh RoseDag sedan

    hey jimmy

  75. Zulkaif Ahmed

    Zulkaif AhmedDag sedan

    Bring Matt Stonie here 😎.

  76. Maceus Alcius

    Maceus AlciusDag sedan

    MY MOM can eat 19 pizzas

  77. Blessing The rabbit

    Blessing The rabbitDag sedan


  78. Teenager_rangergolie rangergolie's friend

    Teenager_rangergolie rangergolie's friendDag sedan

    Me before watching this: mom what’s for dinner Me after watching this: never mind mom I’m full (didn’t eat anything)

  79. Blessing The rabbit

    Blessing The rabbitDag sedan


  80. Jinkx Jinkx

    Jinkx JinkxDag sedan

    I wanna be in one of the vids but i already subscribed😂😂😭


    BRAWL X MASTERDag sedan

    Mrbeast: this guy can eat faster than 10 people also Mrbeast: there is no way he can eat faster then us five

  82. Eduard Andrei Marcu

    Eduard Andrei MarcuDag sedan


  83. Eduard Andrei Marcu

    Eduard Andrei MarcuDag sedan

    He can eat fast then mrbeast's team

  84. Saurmaan

    SaurmaanDag sedan

    That man is king dedede

  85. Muffin Man

    Muffin ManDag sedan

    Me: Dad look at this pizza it’s crazy! My dad: Yeah they have the cupped pepperonis

  86. Waqar Malik

    Waqar MalikDag sedan




    Eats over 20 pounds worth of food, and he’s still thinner than me

  88. King prosper123 King

    King prosper123 KingDag sedan


  89. nhitai Su

    nhitai SuDag sedan


  90. HarryPK

    HarryPKDag sedan

    Can we just appreciate our Digestion System after Eating this Pizza

  91. Varshith Battula

    Varshith BattulaDag sedan

    Does anyones mouthwater in the lockdown??

  92. Mattias Kinhult

    Mattias KinhultDag sedan

    I am hungry after dis

  93. Classicplayz

    ClassicplayzDag sedan


  94. JRG

    JRGDag sedan

    I am fasting today and this is making me even more hungry😅

  95. your toes give me them

    your toes give me themDag sedan

    im fasting and im watching this lol

  96. JRG

    JRGDag sedan

    Who else wants to eat a pizza rn

  97. • MuFFin •

    • MuFFin •Dag sedan

    ı think you guys should give chris money becouse he eat that rug o_O



    my life in a nut shell 0:24

  99. Beyzox

    BeyzoxDag sedan

    Gg for 60M!!!

  100. Omar Al-Shammeri

    Omar Al-ShammeriDag sedan


  101. Adopt me Life

    Adopt me LifeDag sedan

    Joey is insane

  102. Kaitlyn Marietta

    Kaitlyn MariettaDag sedan

    Can you plz give me a shoutout or something bc I have watched you for so long I love your guys videos it would be an honor to even get a shout out from Chan Chan of karl

  103. gaming chann

    gaming channDag sedan


  104. Ben Gbaruko

    Ben GbarukoDag sedan


  105. Divya Krishna Srivastava

    Divya Krishna SrivastavaDag sedan

    3:54 lmao