Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview

Days after her own office was ransacked by Trump supporters, the speaker of the House talks to Lesley Stahl about what she experienced that day and more.
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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 is still a hit in 2020. 60 Minutes makes Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 nearly every week and was the #1 weekly television broadcast three times last season.

The program still averages more than 10 million viewers, more than double the audience of its nearest network news magazine competitor. The average audience for a 60 Minutes broadcast is 150% higher than those of the network morning news programs; the audience dwarfs the number of viewers drawn by the most popular cable news programs.

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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  1. CARAMELkimmie Kim

    CARAMELkimmie Kim5 minuter sedan

    #TeamPelosi This reporter is a horrible interviewer with those bags in her eyes why don't she give her job to a younger person

  2. April Weese

    April Weese12 minuter sedan

    They need to look at the shocking evidence the Rudy Giuliani has of the video of what happened and the info uncovered from her Twitter account.

  3. Matt Miles

    Matt Miles18 minuter sedan

    Hey hey ho ho piglousy has to go

  4. Terri Jones

    Terri Jones19 minuter sedan

    Prove it

  5. Dorothy DeMario-Miller

    Dorothy DeMario-Miller19 minuter sedan

    I can't watch any longer, 7 minutes made me sick. I will follow President Trump where ever he goes. As will many!!!

  6. VapeKing

    VapeKing22 minuter sedan

    We should not have anyone this old running our country Including Biden! However they are just using Biden to get Kamala in with Pelosi as VP. He will be declared "unfit" within a year where they will then Usher in Kamala with Pelosi as VP. It's all part of the agenda just like Covid all brought to you by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Fourum it's all laid out in black and white on thier website. This is "the Great Reset" !

  7. Terri Jones

    Terri Jones23 minuter sedan

    Get another BOTOX , won't help

  8. Petar Tufegdzic

    Petar Tufegdzic23 minuter sedan

    There are 25k negativ comments but only 14k dislikes, this is a joke. SEtoos is curupt.

  9. Ash Pasch

    Ash Pasch25 minuter sedan

    What needs to be impeached or investigated is how covid-19 came to be. Was it really to stop the Trump train who knows?

  10. Terri Jones

    Terri Jones25 minuter sedan

    The truth will come out , it always does.!!!!

  11. Petar Tufegdzic

    Petar Tufegdzic25 minuter sedan

    This woman needs medical attention, and the journalist should get an Oscars for pathetic

  12. Frances Roden

    Frances Roden26 minuter sedan

    that ain't nobody Shore ain't done nothing Siri you Democrats don't run damn thing except everything in the ground yard cheaters Liars and rip off your ripped off and cheated on the election you're a coward you need to be going to get Moe

  13. Terri Jones

    Terri Jones27 minuter sedan

    Yes. !!!!! you are looking at her !!!#!!

  14. mathew miller

    mathew miller28 minuter sedan

    Nancy is the worst thing about America, she really is... All she does is spit poison point fingers and blame everyone else for everything.

  15. Terri Jones

    Terri Jones28 minuter sedan

    The left side started , you liar !!!! you are so calm about all this .

  16. Genesis Guzman

    Genesis Guzman30 minuter sedan

    They don't want young people in the leadership?

  17. M A

    M A34 minuter sedan

    Fear the government (pelosi) that fears it's people

  18. Anie Diz

    Anie Diz43 minuter sedan

    Shame on you for reporting lies and having this crazy women on here. She is part of The Problem. Wake up!

  19. Trina Bartlett Rose

    Trina Bartlett Rose43 minuter sedan

    She is such a liar

  20. Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie44 minuter sedan

    I'm never watching 60 minutes again.

  21. Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie48 minuter sedan

    Slandering the president again Nancy!??? Why are you not in jail!!

  22. Barnia Burton

    Barnia Burton52 minuter sedan

    She is so out of touch with regular America .And with what President Trump is all about,

  23. chuck roast

    chuck roast52 minuter sedan

    F?*ck you tube and F*vk all you libtard mfs

  24. Tabby Ruffner

    Tabby Ruffner52 minuter sedan

    Oh Nancy you tried to sound convincing but it didn't work.

  25. Pamela Vaughn

    Pamela Vaughn54 minuter sedan

    Too old to be running the country.

  26. Bobby Dorries

    Bobby Dorries56 minuter sedan

    Nancy your a lier and 60 minutes your trator of America

  27. Barnia Burton

    Barnia Burton57 minuter sedan

    Why does she think it was all Trump supporters .There i a big question to who all it was to me.

  28. commonsense

    commonsense57 minuter sedan

    politicians are all the same they lie all the time

  29. Pamela Vaughn

    Pamela Vaughn58 minuter sedan

    Shes lying. She has wanted to see Trump out of office since he disagreed with her and pretty much told her off.

  30. Leila Roberts

    Leila RobertsTimme sedan


  31. alexander fernandez

    alexander fernandezTimme sedan

    Time for her to go.she also a problem like trump.

  32. Ted Vu

    Ted VuTimme sedan

    Angry Americans, not angry mob like you claimed it! Angry Americans expressed their frustrations at all of you Liberal biased medias, corrupted Democrat politicians: Wichy Pelosi, scoundrel Schumer, Clintons, Obama; Schiffs; playboy judges: Roberts & Breyer; dirty establishment traitors: Kemp, Raffensperger, Sterling, Ducey, McConnell, Romney, Bar, Soros and many more etc....

  33. Jonny Depth

    Jonny DepthTimme sedan

    The left has people that burn down city blocks. The right has people that storm the capitol. These politicians didnt care when cities were being destroyed. They cared when they showed up at their door lol. I love this country.

  34. Polak2010 Polak

    Polak2010 PolakTimme sedan

    Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle :))))))

  35. Sharron Hudgins

    Sharron HudginsTimme sedan

    Popcorn 🍿 🍿 🍿

  36. Kimberly Husband

    Kimberly HusbandTimme sedan

    You do realize these people put on social media a week before it happened that they was gonna hurt people if they would have taken them seriously they could have prepared it now they know they found the post where they posted it 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ should have been paying attention cause they had posted for two weeks it was gonna happen and a week later said what they was gonna do

  37. Hannah Carter

    Hannah CarterTimme sedan

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    NAMA ANIAOTimme sedan

    *Some people will die without Soul.. They Know Who they Are !!!!!!!!!!!! *

  39. Connie Dunn

    Connie DunnTimme sedan

    Lesley Stahl is a hag

  40. Connie Dunn

    Connie DunnTimme sedan

    Most of you just sound stupid.

  41. Connie Dunn

    Connie Dunn2 timmar sedan

    Republicans should go to jail that where involved in this mess

  42. rooftopworship

    rooftopworship2 timmar sedan

    I like this interviewer! She tells it how it is

  43. George Kush

    George Kush2 timmar sedan

    8:58 HAHAHAHHA Look at her face after that comment! The only part of the interview watching is from this point.

  44. thomson leith

    thomson leith2 timmar sedan

    go away lady your a liar.....

  45. Ann Kate

    Ann Kate2 timmar sedan

    I suggest Lesley Stahl covers all the rioters happened in the summer and fall of 2020 and then compare it to the ‘mob’ and ‘rioters’ in the capitol! Stahl and her 60 minutes show , just like Pelosi, is just a joke to American people!

  46. Bert1

    Bert12 timmar sedan

    The end is near. Look up!🙏

  47. Americanlgr Americanlgr

    Americanlgr Americanlgr2 timmar sedan

    Nancy is the devil's mistress 👹🤡

  48. Daniel Nestor

    Daniel Nestor2 timmar sedan

    Just say you're dumb to believe the democraps... It's common sense that when tensions are high you don't make decisions that are set in stone. You let your emotions return back to normal then make rational decisions...

  49. Michael Black

    Michael Black2 timmar sedan

    Pelosi. Brilliant! She has my respect!

  50. Miguel Melo

    Miguel Melo3 timmar sedan

    If Trump leaves, Nancy has to leave

  51. PAIGE Thomas

    PAIGE Thomas3 timmar sedan

    I am seeing this, but still hard to believe. You Madam Speaker are just as delusional as you believe the President is. Characterizations based on your own hate. But there are no grounds for impeachment here. That you would push it in your positions is reprehensible. Especially now. I am not saying the President's words or actions are always right, but there was no incitement of violence, or grounds for what you are doing. And Diane, those marching toward the Capitol were not an angry mob. Quite the opposite. What happened at the Capitol is a different story . . . but I don't think either of you can prove that it was incited by Trump. Other groups were involved - and perhaps involved in planning long before the rally. Please go back to reporting facts when they are evident.

  52. Chat Pudan

    Chat Pudan3 timmar sedan

    Lying on your teeth Pelosi.🤮

  53. laylarose xxx

    laylarose xxx3 timmar sedan

    Oh Nancy pants you just speak thro the hole in your arse!!!!! Time for your nursing home. 😅😅😅🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  54. whiggins101

    whiggins1013 timmar sedan

    The Russians have something on Trump? Where is the proof? Why is she allowed to make such an allegation without proof? There is no proof, yet she states it as fact.

  55. Kevin Bacon

    Kevin Bacon3 timmar sedan

    We the people are getting free rent in pelousies head

  56. Lisa King

    Lisa King3 timmar sedan

    why should we care about her tears when she didn't care about anybody else's tears when cities were burning and they were writing she was supporting all of that because it didn't affect her but it sure did affect other Americans and even children died don't see no tears for that crap

  57. Kevin Bacon

    Kevin Bacon3 timmar sedan

    Pelousy is a legend in her own mind🤭

  58. Samuela Vakacegu

    Samuela Vakacegu3 timmar sedan

    No nancy dems plan the attack to get republicans turn their vote

  59. Lukasz Nazwa

    Lukasz Nazwa3 timmar sedan

    The title should be: The traitor of the nation: the 60 minutes interview

  60. changi68

    changi683 timmar sedan


  61. Golda Eshun

    Golda Eshun3 timmar sedan


  62. Samuela Vakacegu

    Samuela Vakacegu3 timmar sedan

    Ask yourself why was there mob in the first place?

  63. Gabriel Zimmer

    Gabriel Zimmer3 timmar sedan

    She’s a lying devil.

  64. Shawn Lochner

    Shawn Lochner3 timmar sedan

    2nd amendment isnt just about gun rights... citizens have a right to fight against a tyrannical federal government.

  65. Ranzie Hargrove

    Ranzie Hargrove3 timmar sedan

    A damn wolf in sheep's clothing it's f****** pathetic

  66. xMrsxShadow

    xMrsxShadow3 timmar sedan

    They should’ve threw them all out of there! The constitution states we can overthrow our government. Why do you think they want to take our guns away? 😒

  67. Shawna Mischne

    Shawna Mischne3 timmar sedan

    😂😂😂 what a joke! Can’t wait for truth to be revealed!!!

  68. Rlifetime3

    Rlifetime33 timmar sedan

    80 yrs old retire already

  69. Rlifetime3

    Rlifetime33 timmar sedan

    Three words " Kennedy Arts Center "

  70. Gaylord Focker

    Gaylord Focker3 timmar sedan

    4:22 she admitted it. Special ops have it

  71. Tesa Pearson

    Tesa Pearson3 timmar sedan

    I think she really hates Trump!

  72. Shadow Boxer

    Shadow Boxer3 timmar sedan


  73. LTV The Locker Room

    LTV The Locker Room4 timmar sedan

    She is an old commit corrupt thief..she has gotten rich off the American people and money is all she cares about

  74. 84theviking

    84theviking4 timmar sedan sad at the start...what jokes these 2..fake sad fake all

  75. Justin Grams

    Justin Grams4 timmar sedan

    9:49 the best part. Karen Pelosi finally got confronted of being a Karen

  76. CoatOfmanyColors

    CoatOfmanyColors4 timmar sedan

    Defensive much Nancy? I was a school counselor for 15 yrs, if teacher's, teacher's, teacher's were given something, I didn't get mine. Where can I request my teacher, teacher, teacher stuff?

  77. Allison B

    Allison B4 timmar sedan

    Who came here for a laugh?

  78. Realtime inc

    Realtime inc4 timmar sedan

    lol this is to funny

  79. Allison B

    Allison B4 timmar sedan


  80. Realtime inc

    Realtime inc4 timmar sedan

    why not let see what blm did this woman is a joke

  81. johnmicalizzi126

    johnmicalizzi1264 timmar sedan

    They won't show you capital cops walking them up the stairs!

  82. johnmicalizzi126

    johnmicalizzi1264 timmar sedan

    Look at Pelosi face she shiting she knows their on her! Networks are going to jail too!

  83. R T

    R T4 timmar sedan


  84. johnmicalizzi126

    johnmicalizzi1264 timmar sedan

    Gods exposing the swamp! They're spreading lies! Jail time !

  85. Bakhos Nocheyaya

    Bakhos Nocheyaya4 timmar sedan

    GARBAGE ! TRASH! COUNTRY FULL OF FAKES. Look how scared she said that about trump lol 😂 what a joke this country is. Only God will help

  86. Gregg S

    Gregg S4 timmar sedan

    There are no captions on this video. This is a problem for your Deaf & Hard of Hearing audience.

  87. shaun lloyd

    shaun lloyd4 timmar sedan

    You can lie all you want on earth, but you will pay at the gates of heaven, be warned,

  88. R T

    R T4 timmar sedan

    Lmfao loser

  89. rex MG

    rex MG4 timmar sedan

    FBI got Nancy pelosi laptop so we know that she was in contact with us using ping the communist China and leaders of the antifa

  90. rex MG

    rex MG4 timmar sedan

    Remembered as the day that the Democrats staged an insurrection

  91. Blagoje UK

    Blagoje UK4 timmar sedan

    Reptilian Scam

  92. Ginette Smith

    Ginette Smith4 timmar sedan

    They were your people Nancy

  93. matt s

    matt s4 timmar sedan

    I had to laugh when Nancy claims she was at home loading the dishwasher and doing laundry. Like she is just an average gal waiting on the results. LMAO

  94. Natalia Mansour

    Natalia Mansour4 timmar sedan

    Nancy pelosi you are dangerous

  95. Lori Alred

    Lori Alred4 timmar sedan


  96. bio technics

    bio technics5 timmar sedan

    When we see this kind of acting we need to carefully carry on our political philosophy

  97. J J

    J J5 timmar sedan


  98. Lori Alred

    Lori Alred5 timmar sedan


  99. J P

    J P5 timmar sedan

    Y are u talking about the riots this summer? They are talking about the pro_trump rioters! Take accountability. Don't just push blame or say "but the democrats did worse "..wah wah. These people are horrible for what they did!



    Leadership and guidance from who pelosi?????

  101. L W

    L W5 timmar sedan

    Boom 💥 they got Nancy’s laptop 👩‍💻!

  102. g bridgman

    g bridgman5 timmar sedan

    2.5 million people tuned in to this side show featuring too old bitties, both of whom should have retired long ago? I would like to think the bulk of the viewership was conservatives holding their noses in an attempt to keep on top of what the enemy is doing.