Take a tour of the lavish New York penthouse formerly owned by the infamous Bernie Madoff.
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  1. Hamza Bell

    Hamza Bell13 dagar sedan

    I don 't know how to express my gratitude than telling others the goodness of your work , I put my all in this investment and got $ 8,400 in 4 days you can reach him thru lNstagråm *@excellent_ribeiro* thank me later

  2. junior witkowski

    junior witkowski2 månader sedan

    Comments are really bad.. "it was dark and now it is light and modern.." those were the colors/furniture of those days. I bet she wished her house was like that also back then. "They never had happy dinner gatherings here..." How does she know it???? and the dumb reporter (if he is) just agreed as if he knew it. Madoff was a crook and a schmuck, but that doesn't mean he did not enjoy his family life. Do your research before so you don't look and sound stupid. I gave up watching after 5 minutes. Both are typical NY wannabe rich....

  3. honeytgb

    honeytgb3 månader sedan

    6:33 Antonio Banderas is a jeweler ?

  4. Ashish Patel

    Ashish Patel4 månader sedan

    🌜🌜🌜Bernie madoff🌛🌛🌛

  5. M LC

    M LC4 månader sedan


  6. Noah Aakre

    Noah Aakre4 månader sedan

    They act like this guy murdered and kept his victims bodies in the apartment. Not a guy who stole billions.

  7. William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX

    William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX4 månader sedan

    And that's the beauty of the split strike conversion

  8. vietimports

    vietimports4 månader sedan

    bernie madoff is my personal inspiration. i mean, who doesnt want to steal from rich people?

  9. Manuel Riquelme

    Manuel Riquelme3 månader sedan

    @Ashish Patel why charity money end up in wall street?

  10. Ashish Patel

    Ashish Patel4 månader sedan

    Most of his stolen money came from charities. But what can you expect from a tiny hat.

  11. MACEDONIAbitola

    MACEDONIAbitola5 månader sedan

    Hahaha 😂 Look 👀 He Gambled Away Billions and Went to JAIL 🙈 While Otheres STOLE TRILLIONS and they are FREE 🤷‍♂️ The Moral of the STORY is DONT STEAL SMALL 👀

  12. Omar Rye

    Omar Rye5 månader sedan

    It sold for $14.5M

  13. Anwar Sadat Phd

    Anwar Sadat Phd4 månader sedan

    Minus $65billion

  14. Christopher Gray

    Christopher Gray5 månader sedan

    How much for his used toilet paper?

  15. nancy strong

    nancy strong5 månader sedan

    who got the money after he went to prison?

  16. abcd xx

    abcd xxMånad sedan

    There was no money 2008 wiped it out

  17. William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX

    William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX4 månader sedan

    Theres a trustee for the bankruptcy who has been suing large banks and also individuals to get money back to the victims since the bankruptcy was filed

  18. Jose V

    Jose V5 månader sedan

    A black bathroom, that says alot about someone and it's not good things.

  19. Panda 730S

    Panda 730S4 månader sedan

    no it doesnt

  20. Benjamin Kent

    Benjamin Kent5 månader sedan

    Was expecting Wayne Carini to show up in the last bit...

  21. bing crosby

    bing crosby5 månader sedan

    Never heard of her, you act like this person was famous

  22. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark5 månader sedan

    I'll try it out for you vacation time