There’s a secret world of real estate only known to the super-rich - and this mega-mansion made the whisper list! The “whisper list” means the property isn’t for sale - unless you’re a billionaire. Get the full tour of this insane mansion here.
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  2. Clifford Dittydotty

    Clifford Dittydotty6 dagar sedan

    What u gonna do with 28 bed room and 36 bath??

  3. Hypebeast Bart

    Hypebeast Bart6 dagar sedan

    The funny thing is that most people here don't realised that this video is outdated,old and was way back from 2013

  4. Hamza Bell

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    it's quite hearty to hear a trading success story after so daunting losses, kudos to you for not giving up

  6. Abdullahi Sabuwa

    Abdullahi Sabuwa10 dagar sedan

    Mrs Lisa is one of the best account managers i can actually vouch for as being honest!

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    Assumpta Festus11 dagar sedan

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  8. Keith ocean

    Keith ocean21 dag sedan

    @2:26 "its in LA," wow thx captain obvious

  9. Ronny Smith

    Ronny Smith22 dagar sedan

    I'm in real estate. This home doesn't cost $5,000,000 to maintain. Don't be stupid. If they only use it once a year, it may cost $100-200k maximum.

  10. Keith ocean

    Keith ocean21 dag sedan

    S' out of touch presenters.

  11. yellow Stone

    yellow Stone26 dagar sedan

    Can I find the whisper list in dark web ?

  12. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime26 dagar sedan

    this is how china dominate the their most expensive properties

  13. Rakshithhh

    RakshithhhMånad sedan

    this is in Bel Air in a french themed street.

  14. Ahmad A

    Ahmad AMånad sedan

    **Agent: Nobody else can make this carpet it would cause copyright issues China: Copyright Issues?? Hold my beer....

  15. Udai Singh Kanwar

    Udai Singh KanwarMånad sedan

    The owners are definitely tax fugitives from around the world, corrupt politicians, or mafias who else could be super rich and not want to reveal their assets all other white businesses are listed and owners well known to the commoners so are celebrities and sports stars, these secret owners are definitely the rotten fish which you don’t want in your pond.

  16. Lone Ranger

    Lone RangerMånad sedan

    Dolly... LOL enough said

  17. Criley Mane

    Criley ManeMånad sedan

    When they say the amount of bathrooms/bedrooms all i think of is the upkeep

  18. D’Angelo Chapo

    D’Angelo ChapoMånad sedan

    They took security precautions like they was going to Raymond reddington’s house 😂

  19. Steven Ybarra

    Steven YbarraMånad sedan


  20. David Mueller

    David MuellerMånad sedan

    If you are in love with cement, then this is it.

  21. The_Larson Family

    The_Larson FamilyMånad sedan

    Why is CNBC reprinting stories this house is old I've seen it three or four years ago

  22. Karim Larson

    Karim LarsonMånad sedan

    the house look like a esthetic surgery clinic or a rehab center. no wonder nice job ! did she design her nose to ?

  23. Angel Divine

    Angel DivineMånad sedan

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  24. Sheree McCoy

    Sheree McCoyMånad sedan

  25. Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska

    Hristina Trajkovska TrajkovskaMånad sedan

    House is pretty but not super beautiful for that money.

  26. Paul Pinto

    Paul PintoMånad sedan

    LA ---- Beverly Hills ---- Rupert Murdoch's the neighbor, that isnt much of a mystery Also, pinned up in this Pinterest post

  27. Ernest Hughes

    Ernest HughesMånad sedan

    Wasted space

  28. Ernest Hughes

    Ernest HughesMånad sedan

    Security fir some royal no one knows or gives a second look at

  29. Slaying it 2020

    Slaying it 2020Månad sedan

    Umm yeah it’s ok.



    I never understand why the wealthy don’t build their own properties.

  31. Adi Vemireddy

    Adi VemireddyMånad sedan

    Who even parks their cars with the doors open? And the house looks like an old hotel.

  32. TheBECK321

    TheBECK321Månad sedan


  33. Jason Federico

    Jason FedericoMånad sedan

    Ugly hose looks like an average hotel

  34. TheBestMovieAlive

    TheBestMovieAliveMånad sedan


  35. frlusil sil

    frlusil silMånad sedan

    Them he dies, and the sons burn the money lol lol

  36. Martin Hare

    Martin HareMånad sedan

    To live alone in a hotel with your servants is just sad for me. I'll just llive in a tiny house with my family and that's priceless.

  37. Richard Green

    Richard GreenMånad sedan

    Do they need window cleaner? 🧐😉

  38. Shawn D

    Shawn DMånad sedan

    0:25 "You can have a buyer who wants something super specific... and he doesnt really know what he wants..." Huh? WTF does that even mean!?!?

  39. Kris H

    Kris HMånad sedan

    5 million per year in cleaning and maintenance haha 😂😂😂 somebody’s exaggerating just a little bit, her nose was getting bigger throughout the video

  40. classemag

    classemagMånad sedan

    At first I thought the same. But she might've included property taxes in her estimation. Probably $1.5M a year easy.

  41. 88X

    88XMånad sedan

    camera work is terrible not much detail shown of the house

  42. 88X

    88XMånad sedan

    he he he he there are women with wealth as well!!




  44. Annie kendrick

    Annie kendrickMånad sedan

    Did the guy say the house will stand the end of the world? The house might stand, but he won't. Not being funny but it's the truth. They said even God can't sink the Titanic, but it sink, but Noah's ark stood, made by God!

  45. Matt Myers

    Matt MyersMånad sedan

    Yo dawg I’ve seen this house on google maps for years in bel air I ain’t gon say the street

  46. Matt Myers

    Matt MyersMånad sedan

    This should of been sold for over 80 mil.

  47. Matt Myers

    Matt MyersMånad sedan

    U a dh bruh😂

  48. michelle annor

    michelle annorMånad sedan

    First saw it on market Sept 2013 now it's priced $55.04m. Buyer will probably be Middle Eastern, Chinese or Russian.

  49. Emanuel Aquilina

    Emanuel AquilinaMånad sedan

    From a war, to a nuclear escape to a PANDEMIC

  50. GL Rustic Design

    GL Rustic DesignMånad sedan

    Ah! So that’s where all the toilet paper went

  51. DezoDawg 1017

    DezoDawg 1017Månad sedan

    Ive seen this house for years now. The address ain't all that secret either because i know it lol. Its on nimes rd btw but really nice house. If i had a couple hundred million to spare i would make a offer. The garage alone is enough for me to fall in love

  52. Dawngliana Pachuau

    Dawngliana PachuauMånad sedan

    The home looks so unappealing from the exterior especially the entrance area. But the interiors are exquisite tho. 👍👍

  53. John Rizk

    John RizkMånad sedan

    Ugliest Mansion Ever

  54. FlipsterFlipinoy

    FlipsterFlipinoyMånad sedan

    To be honest, the house next to it, 688 Nimes Road, is much better.

  55. Calvin Cooley

    Calvin CooleyMånad sedan

    Air B&B, one night how much?? Lolololololololol

  56. Napstone

    NapstoneMånad sedan

    “The camera had to be pointed down as not to reveal the neighbourhood” oh pls 🙄... I can see your “property” on google maps!

  57. Official You Tube

    Official You TubeMånad sedan

    I went to LA in 2018 ... there are tons of mansions, and there are tens of thousands of homeless people everywhere. There are tents on freeways and homeless mentally ill people everywhere. I went in 2008 and I don't remember seeing any homeless people

  58. Sam Lutfi

    Sam LutfiMånad sedan

    it just sold for 12 million

  59. lil horse

    lil horseMånad sedan


  60. Iliria Leasing

    Iliria LeasingMånad sedan

    Robert Frank Never Misses Delts and neck day

  61. Joseph Arinaitwe

    Joseph Arinaitwe2 månader sedan

    If you're a regular on this channel, you've probably seen wayyy better houses.


    THATS EMBARRASSING2 månader sedan

    When you don’t believe in God ofcourse your building bunkers for your can’t take it with you.

  63. PhotoGeorge

    PhotoGeorge2 månader sedan

    This is an easy way for overseas billionaire buyers to "Launder" their money and maybe avoid paying some taxes in their own country. $100M to them is not a big deal when they have houses all over the World.

  64. PhotoGeorge

    PhotoGeorge2 månader sedan

    I know exactly WHERE this house is and I would never tell.....Unless someone drops a C-Note on me.

  65. Mrdashtard

    MrdashtardMånad sedan

    658 Nimes Rd, Los Angeles

  66. GerardoGoliz

    GerardoGoliz2 månader sedan

    Is this old cos that house is kinda boring

  67. Sad Sack

    Sad Sack2 månader sedan

    Please research 911 if you dare. It is blatantly obvious that bushy, chunky n rummy conspired with neocons, zionists, mossad and cia and are the real perpetrators. We see you clearly NWO..... Keep using cash folks! So glad and happy that more and more folks are awakening to the evil sham being caused by a small group of self entitled despots! Plandemic. Scamdemic. CV = cabal FAKE bio-weapon. 911= cabal "pearl harbor" type galvanizing attack per PNAC. We have a criminal, corrupt, immoral and deceitful monetary system. It is astounding that we continue to allow central banks and the fed to exist. They have always been a secretive, crooked and in equitable operation. There is overwhelming evidence we've been lied to and deceived for millennia on a grand scale about almost everything by a group of greedy, dysfunctional, entitled, "elites," 13 families, council of 300 et al. A huge tapestry of deceit, greed & secrecy, to control and keep the true nature of humanity from ourselves, our history, true origin, destroy our pineal gland and keep us tied to debt, cause constant wars, confusion and tension for them to get more wealth, control and power over us until we and our descendants are eternally enslaved in this NWO Luciferian web. From the Annunaki, Adamu, even our redacted, edited and corrupt bible, nibiru, monoatomic gold, religion, wars, Lincoln, Jackson, Garfield, JFK, the federal reserve, USS Liberty, giant skeletons, abduction/disappearances, pedophilia, PNAC, COFR, Tri Lat Comm to 911 and now the war on "terror." The best way we can support our troops is by bringing them home now. Let's stop battling enemies of the fed and start helping folks and create heaven on earth as we should. Let's KRUSH da kabal!

  68. PhotoGeorge

    PhotoGeorge2 månader sedan

    You and Trump need to get together and put on your Tin-Foil Hats and talk about everything QAnon.

  69. Michael Gilmore TV

    Michael Gilmore TV2 månader sedan

    The Chinese Billionaire made a $100,000,000 offer to the owner. The owner whispered back to the buyer NO! Hilarious😂 Rich people problems!

  70. Joseph Dragan

    Joseph Dragan2 månader sedan

    Reminds me of "The Life Styles of the Rich and Famous". Just helps to increase the worship of extreme materialism. But that's the path we are headed down for now.


    BIGFISH THUGGER2 månader sedan

    You guys literally make the coolest videos! I’m surprised y’all don’t have 10 mill subs...

  72. Big Lemon Coke

    Big Lemon Coke2 månader sedan

    When the reps said she need to go for lunch, you know that the owner was not interested to sell to that seller for some reasons. It becomes so apparent she don't want to waste time with the guest and CNBC crews.

  73. Hisoka Morow

    Hisoka Morow2 månader sedan

    658 Nimes Rd in Bel Air and the owner is a member of the Qatar Royal family, also outdated video.

  74. Dipen Sharma

    Dipen Sharma5 dagar sedan

    The vid isnt outdated Lachlan Murdoch just recently moved into Chartwell

  75. D’Angelo Chapo

    D’Angelo ChapoMånad sedan

    @Jason Swift nah you can look it up

  76. Jason Swift

    Jason SwiftMånad sedan

    You just made that up! you have no idea.

  77. D’Angelo Chapo

    D’Angelo ChapoMånad sedan

    😂😂 goat

  78. Sterling Toliver

    Sterling ToliverMånad sedan

    Yes! Haha

  79. Z H M

    Z H M2 månader sedan

    😹😹😹😹😹 the bunker made me laugh!!

  80. Drew B

    Drew B2 månader sedan

    I got the location Location is in beverly hills

  81. YS Entertainment

    YS EntertainmentMånad sedan

    Wow, I'm shocked.

  82. Maverick

    Maverick2 månader sedan

    Hey CNBC, please upscale your camera picture quality. It's not as good as other youtubers.

  83. Hypebeast Bart

    Hypebeast Bart6 dagar sedan

    @Saul goodman Lol Its is I'm not joking this is an outdated video back from 2013

  84. Remoir

    Remoir2 månader sedan

    Saul goodman because it is

  85. Saul goodman

    Saul goodman2 månader sedan

    Actually it looks like it's a 10 year old footage

  86. Not J

    Not J2 månader sedan

    36 bathrooms... Well we know something about the owner already. Is afraid to be more than a few feet from a toilet. He must have IBS.

  87. Bryan Luntz

    Bryan Luntz2 månader sedan

    Dorothy's house ain't what it used to be

  88. Jt Dave

    Jt Dave2 månader sedan

    "We cannot reveal the name of the street" like really. Bel Air it's the only neighborhood in LA or Holmby Hills where you can find these type of houses.

  89. Eric K

    Eric K2 månader sedan

    Bel air. 658 Nimer Road, right next to Mohammed hadids old house. Owned by a Saudi royal.

  90. Mihir Vasista

    Mihir Vasista2 månader sedan

    Find out where Rupert Murdoch lives and find the street lol

  91. John Senior

    John Senior2 månader sedan

    And 30 seconds later one of the realtors is name-dropping Rupert Murdoch as a neighbour.

  92. Saleh Elsileni

    Saleh Elsileni2 månader sedan


  93. Srikanth Pothuraj

    Srikanth Pothuraj2 månader sedan

    Honestly the cars are looking better than the actual house!

  94. Damian Pani

    Damian Pani2 månader sedan

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  95. nightwing20050089

    nightwing200500892 månader sedan

    The house is meh

  96. Atem S.

    Atem S.2 månader sedan

    For real the bunker is a must if you can afford it especially with everything going on now!

  97. steeve steeve

    steeve steeve2 månader sedan

    Point less


    I AM RAYMOND2 månader sedan

    The owner whispered back with NO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I DIED

  99. Victor Kyaruzi

    Victor KyaruziMånad sedan


  100. Grim

    Grim2 månader sedan

    these mega homes are not homes, they are investments. A way to park money out of China and hopefully appreciate then sell to some other rich person.

  101. aromarinn

    aromarinn2 månader sedan

    $150M offer rejected Lets offer $100M instead surprised pikachu