Does Jaclyn Cosmetics Deserve A Second Chance? Highlighter Collection Review

HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm sitting down and finally trying Jaclyn Cosmetics. The controversy surrounding her first lipstick launch was huge news and I want to address everything from a brand owner's perspective. I also try her new highlighter collection. Are the products Jeffree Star Approved?! Here is the truth.
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  1. Arya Shafighian

    Arya Shafighian6 dagar sedan

    Anyone here from MeatCanyon?

  2. im jess

    im jess6 dagar sedan

    The packaging is soo satisfying

  3. Nazanin mkhtry

    Nazanin mkhtry22 dagar sedan


  4. angel Salon

    angel Salon29 dagar sedan

    I really love the highlighter wish you can give me that make up Jeff 🤗🤗🤗

  5. JL Lumpas

    JL Lumpas29 dagar sedan

    I love the design and aesthetics of the pallete but it's pricey. It's 2,450 pesos here in our country.

  6. Light me a tig

    Light me a tigMånad sedan

    drinking game: you do a shot of vodka everytime jeffree says ''as a brand owner''

  7. DudeitsLawson

    DudeitsLawsonMånad sedan

    bro why do you wanna support some who lies to her audience? it kinda makes me think you are doing the same.

  8. Chelsea Uhlir

    Chelsea UhlirMånad sedan

    Does Jeffree Lynn Star Deserve A Second Chance? Scandal Collection Review

  9. J FB3

    J FB3Månad sedan

    OMG Jeffree should be in like the lord of the rings or play an elf in a movie because he looks like elf royalty from like an anime or something and he looks like he smells like vanilla , morrocan sugar and panteene 😊

  10. Crystal Visions

    Crystal VisionsMånad sedan

    Why are you so mean to Trisha? I HATE FAKE FRIENDS LIKE YOU . I will never buy another product with your name on it.

  11. Chelsea Pryor

    Chelsea PryorMånad sedan

    I looovvvveeee the beaming loose highlighter powder

  12. Miral Bou Emad

    Miral Bou EmadMånad sedan


  13. Stephanie Mcbroom

    Stephanie Mcbroom2 månader sedan

    I think your a handsome gent..... Without all the makeup.i know you love it..but your beautiful and handsome...if that makes since....

  14. Kitara Lee

    Kitara Lee2 månader sedan

    No she doesn’t she’s very untrustworthy because of the lipstick. Like c’mon just recall it so others won’t get hurt.

  15. goofey goober

    goofey goober2 månader sedan

    Say whatever you want about Jeffrey but he’s still about the only popular beauty guru that gives their full, honest opinion regardless of who made the product

  16. Perrie Grande

    Perrie Grande2 månader sedan

    How are you jeffree??

  17. Leslie Guzman

    Leslie Guzman2 månader sedan

    It really bothers me how he didn’t mention the fact the jaclyn only sent 1 highlighter to smaller MUA’s

  18. _ Ukraine

    _ Ukraine2 månader sedan

    Что у него/неё с бровями, их нет или что

  19. _ Ukraine

    _ Ukraine2 månader sedan

    Куда катится этот мир, в пропасть.. 16 млн. подписчиков у этого Миру осталось очень мало, судя по всему, мужчины уже не те.

  20. The Kayleigh Show

    The Kayleigh Show2 månader sedan

    who watching this in 2020 when jaclyn pallettes are molding

  21. jimb0brite

    jimb0brite2 månader sedan's the never understands that there's 3 levels for highlighting for me. A little annoyed that as MUA's they didn't understand the purpose of the Moonlighting powders. He even said it's not as blinding. Yea. That's the point. She gave options from low to high level lighting. I'm sorry, don't bash me, but it's so fucking obvious.

  22. jimb0brite

    jimb0brite2 månader sedan

    I always wondered why have weight on everything to give it that much more...ummph. Sure. Fine. BUT, with the brushes I thought well maybe if they're light weighted, you have more control or ease of applying without having to slightly struggle with a weighted tool. Eh?

  23. Paula Ewen

    Paula Ewen2 månader sedan

    I do. He deserves some attention and affections from us. Your doing a amazing job. I m glad you are taking time for you

  24. Yolanda

    Yolanda2 månader sedan

    I cant put myself in this position like hes doin on the bed. HAH

  25. RockstarWarriorRock

    RockstarWarriorRock3 månader sedan

    Can you review her Volume II eyeshadow?

  26. Every Haircolor

    Every Haircolor3 månader sedan

    I love this hairstyle

  27. Rachael E

    Rachael E3 månader sedan

    How much was the whole kit like the one you have?

  28. Ayesha Majid

    Ayesha Majid4 månader sedan

    He literally swatched only one shade out of four from the pallete at the moment he saw it !?!?!?!......And here's me ,I can't die in peace after swatching the whole thing at the moment I get it! (No matter how big the pallete is or how many shades it contains )

  29. Colin Brown

    Colin Brown4 månader sedan

    What is your impression of Jane Crawford's anti-aging serum made from melons by John Saboch ? Or Thomas Roth's line of masks like the regeneration rose mask?

  30. Gabi Gav

    Gabi Gav4 månader sedan

    I love everuthing about jeffry he is so funny and he will legit make me laugh my mom will tell me to shut up and im starting to do makeup even tho im 11 and i am shinningy highlight is THE SUN SIS

  31. Gillian Gaines

    Gillian Gaines4 månader sedan සහකාරිය දිගේ ඉදිරියට යාමට එය පිට කරන ලද සංරචක දෙක දැල්වී තිබේ

  32. 화장품 샘플을 리뷰하는 조이 채널

    화장품 샘플을 리뷰하는 조이 채널4 månader sedan

    I LIKE U

  33. Eyleen Torres

    Eyleen Torres5 månader sedan

    Love him

  34. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi5 månader sedan

    Dude like Jaclyn may have flopped in lipsticks but her highliters are just awesome thanks jeffree

  35. Hilary Sweez

    Hilary Sweez5 månader sedan

    something went flying past the screen

  36. Crystal Makeup

    Crystal Makeup5 månader sedan

    I loved this video and the products, how can I get them in UK?

  37. romulus ryngskai

    romulus ryngskai5 månader sedan

    I like the way he said huuuuuhhhh intresting lol 😂

  38. Hailey Payne

    Hailey Payne5 månader sedan

    Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  39. Rebecca.sammon

    Rebecca.sammon5 månader sedan

    I know this is after the fact, but whenever you get a product that doesn’t live up to you expectations, call customer service like a grown person (and if you are not grown, have your mom or dad call) don’t put people on blast. It puts the company on notice to look into it, address it to plan to remedy it. You’ll likely get a new product and a refund. That goes for any business.

  40. Darcy Roberts

    Darcy Roberts6 månader sedan

    I’ve been sick in hospital for the past 5 1/2 years. And, I’m furious what those other makeup bloggers YOU helped, talking $hyt about you. Especially that clingy, desperate Mani. Who always wanted you to film him or for you to talk to other influencers and brands to contact him. Such a user. But, Jaclyn is not a good person. She doesn’t deserve your friendship, your to good for that women, SERIOUSLY.

  41. Confused

    Confused6 månader sedan

    Okay can someone explain what's this controversy with jaclyn that jeffree talked about??

  42. Malak Lem

    Malak Lem6 månader sedan

    Jaclyn had problems with her very first lunch where she introduced lipsticks. But the problem is that when people bought them they found some weird stuff like hair and it had a weird texture like it was used before and some even found their lipstick melted when they ordered them. So people were not happy about it. She has adressed this issue

  43. Mariah Alyssa

    Mariah Alyssa6 månader sedan

    take a shot every time he says as a brand owner

  44. Nikistan lol

    Nikistan lol6 månader sedan


  45. Mammie Barry

    Mammie Barry6 månader sedan


  46. Joel EM

    Joel EM7 månader sedan

    Mitchel has to use some sunscreen

  47. Isabella Bueno

    Isabella Bueno7 månader sedan

    Loves Jeffrey star inspiration of SEtoos. From Brazil

  48. asmRTPOP

    asmRTPOP7 månader sedan

    does jeff deserve a second chance ?

  49. Janice Alexander

    Janice Alexander7 månader sedan ගැව් හැරීවිශාල රතු මුහුණක් ඔහු මාව නිරුවත් කළා මම ඔහු දෙස බැලුවේ නැත මම වේදිකාව දෙස බලා සිටියෙමි මගේ මුඛය වියළි බවක් දැනුනි ඔහු එඩිතර වෙන්නේ නැහැ නේද

  50. Marcus

    Marcus7 månader sedan

    :06 doing whats right let me just listen to that webs from all the spiders blink182 song then ill finish on mute I love you m'jeffery, m'linda well dammit Muhammad too wubPOP

  51. Rozh Rebaz

    Rozh Rebaz7 månader sedan

    You boooooooooooooe

  52. جوكر جوكر

    جوكر جوكر7 månader sedan


  53. Aoibheann

    Aoibheann7 månader sedan

    I just watched your whole I quess, apology video, and I just wanna say thank you so much Jeffree, you have such a massive platform, and thanks for speaking up and apologizing, now some people with look at ur mistakes and I'm gonna look at what u have excelled in and it takes a lot to say sorry sometimes, and it's hard to not let ur pride get in the way. Thank you so so soo much Jeffree, I wish you all the best 💞

  54. Pepper Merry Jacob

    Pepper Merry Jacob7 månader sedan

    You should know the brands main ingredient is 'Mica' which is mostly illegally mined from poor countries like India by small children in order to get a living but they are not paid enough for mining this natural Mica. Children are dying so we could get glowing to the gods...

  55. Elise Martin

    Elise Martin7 månader sedan

    the review starts at 5:40

  56. Iris Helen

    Iris Helen7 månader sedan

    The sun did Mitchell WRONG

  57. Priscilla Harper

    Priscilla Harper7 månader sedan

    "You're Jaclyn Hill girl, I was expecting a brick!" Literally as soon as Mitchel gets on..."I mean, because it's highlighter, I wasn't expecting a brick." 😑

  58. finn plays

    finn plays7 månader sedan

    Priscilla Harper he was on about the brushes and then he was talking about the highlighter, 2 different things...

  59. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name7 månader sedan


  60. Scoliosis

    Scoliosis8 månader sedan

    Such a large box of makeup....

  61. Scoliosis

    Scoliosis8 månader sedan

    You might need to buy a shelf specifically for that box

  62. Bella K

    Bella K8 månader sedan

    Also seems like a waste of money for a huge box.

  63. Bella K

    Bella K8 månader sedan

    Penguin Latte where do you store that thing lol

  64. Conversations with Kat

    Conversations with Kat8 månader sedan

    Omg! You really do never stop working. My goodness.. take some real time for yourself. Love you ❤

  65. Lady Lay Music

    Lady Lay Music8 månader sedan

    Fucking sweetheart

  66. DaLaney Wesner

    DaLaney Wesner8 månader sedan

    Your an Insperation Jefferee. An insperation

  67. Aurelliana Rujan

    Aurelliana Rujan8 månader sedan


  68. majaspace

    majaspace8 månader sedan

    Hi handsome

  69. steph

    steph8 månader sedan

    All that plastic. Such a waste.

  70. mangachanfan

    mangachanfan8 månader sedan

    your eye look here is BEAUTIFUL

  71. Isabella Xu

    Isabella Xu8 månader sedan

    🔴🔴🔴 Mitchell🔴👁👄👁🔴 🔴🔴🔴

  72. Ashley B

    Ashley B8 månader sedan

    I love your reviews I have have a Jaclyn highlighter and it’s my go to . I absolutely love it . My beam is insane .

  73. Jacob Salyer

    Jacob Salyer8 månader sedan

    1:29 *im sunburnt, im feeling amazing...*

  74. Mari Ola

    Mari Ola8 månader sedan

    How is your legs dosnt hurts sitting in that position?


    MÄRÏLYN8 månader sedan

    Second chance?? I could have sworn that she's up in double digits with regards to chances she's on!! The sad fact remains, that even if that collection is the absolute boom, Madame is about as trustworthy as using a colander for birth control!! She's a rinser and would try and sell shit to a sewage plant!! Her credibility is non existent. There's way to many other brands that don't have a fraction of the problematic issues that she does (like yours for example) to be taking a huge risk on her rubbish and putting even more money in her account!! Not bothered...Next!!

  76. Roshni

    Roshni9 månader sedan

    when he's saying 32°C is hot but you've got 45°C and it keeps rising 😢😢😢

  77. saw san

    saw san9 månader sedan


  78. Trebled Tortie

    Trebled Tortie9 månader sedan

    The fact that he said “And I Oop!” made me pause the video so I could laugh my fucking ass off! Who else?

  79. Julianaamp4

    Julianaamp49 månader sedan

    12:00 why does he sounds like barking😂I LOVE YOU Jeffree Star👑🔥

  80. Julianaamp4

    Julianaamp49 månader sedan


  81. Jonny Garrity

    Jonny Garrity9 månader sedan

    I’m I the only one who thinks Mitchell seems really nervous and uncomfortable?!?

  82. Kristi S

    Kristi S9 månader sedan

    He’s like that in most of Jeffree’s videos. Lol. Thought I was the only that saw that. Lol

  83. Jorge Gonzalez

    Jorge Gonzalez9 månader sedan

    I know NOTHING about make up! But the packaging was stunning! 😍

  84. Domonique Hager

    Domonique Hager9 månader sedan

    I think the mood light powder is just that.. powder. It's a newer concept. I think it's for all over the face

  85. kalisyah rivera

    kalisyah rivera9 månader sedan

    It's 12.50 per shade. The poor people are sHaKiNg rn.

  86. Hamie

    Hamie9 månader sedan

    How did he fit that in his suitcase?😂

  87. Brit Haviland

    Brit Haviland9 månader sedan

    It's beautiful but the price is ridiculous.

  88. Christina Devall - Rabideau

    Christina Devall - Rabideau9 månader sedan

    Ladiesss, come visit my group!! Giveaway going right now!! Lots of games and fun

  89. Kenzie

    Kenzie9 månader sedan

    I'm not thrilled about the retail pricing.... Like, I get it, she's Jaclyn Hill.... but she's also not Gucci, Kim K, Tom Ford, etc.... I feel like her pricing should match her target audience's general budget... I mean, $50 for 4 shades from her or $40 for six shades from you? Or like... $52 for EIGHTEEN eyeshadow shades from you??? Like, her pricing was just NOT it. However, I am incredibly impressed with those highlights that really popped on your face. For myself, I'd rather pay the $24 for one shade I'd use all the time instead of $50 for 4 shades where I only dip into one all the time.

  90. Sandra Carr

    Sandra Carr9 månader sedan

    like girl you look pretty

  91. Jersey Shea

    Jersey Shea9 månader sedan

    I really stan him for being honest when reviewing a product. If u would ask Jeffree what is the best highlighter these days, you will never doubt his suggestion. I will always be ur fan Jeffree since day 1. Love u! ❤ How are u Jeffree?

  92. Be with Noor

    Be with Noor9 månader sedan

    *Only Jeffree has the power to make me watch a 26 minute makeup review with skip or fast forward*

  93. Цецилия Самойловна

    Цецилия Самойловна9 månader sedan

    I agree 💯 with Jeffree. There’s nothing special about the highlight pallets. I’ve seen the same shades over and over with other brands. I wouldn’t pay $49 for them. I’d rather invest in a luxury brand.

  94. Alyssa JeanLouis

    Alyssa JeanLouis9 månader sedan

    at least shes not gay

  95. Zelia

    Zelia9 månader sedan

    Please don’t comment something rude just because your behind a screen and can’t get beat up for it

  96. Isaiah Griffith

    Isaiah Griffith9 månader sedan

    I love jeffrees little dance

  97. Nocturnal Wings Tarot

    Nocturnal Wings Tarot9 månader sedan

    Damn. Jaclyn DID that.

  98. Kris Elizabeth

    Kris Elizabeth9 månader sedan

    This collection is pricey....

  99. Lucia Kim

    Lucia Kim9 månader sedan


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    What the hell, who is this, uh , no comment lol

  101. Ketty Cabrera

    Ketty Cabrera9 månader sedan

    Of course she desserves a second chance! ❤️ she made a business misstake and admitted it, she didn’t kill anyone. She has to get up and continue💪🏽💪🏽 lovu jeff!!

  102. teesh Oderuth

    teesh Oderuth10 månader sedan

    why does this look like Fenty beauty at the first glance 😂😂

  103. Steambull1

    Steambull110 månader sedan

    I went to buy make-up once because I needed something to cover my old injection scar (I had just gotten a job where I could not wear long sleeves all the time). One tiny container of random skin-color was 45€... I walked out, of course, but that being my experience in make-up prices, the 50 bucks for 4 shades doesn't even sound expensive.

  104. Rosse Lee

    Rosse Lee10 månader sedan

    Jeffree Star without brows... I can imagine how beautiful Mona Lisa without brows...

  105. Savanna Brown

    Savanna Brown10 månader sedan

    Jefree, I believe the large jars are supposed to be super's for all over use, like for body highlight aswell. That's why they are bigger. A highlight look is much better with clavicle, shoulder and chest.

  106. Majky Fam

    Majky Fam10 månader sedan

    Fenty who ?? Confused

  107. Tabitha Barrett

    Tabitha Barrett10 månader sedan

    I love all of your reviews! 💗 Do you have any recent reviews or opinions on Benefit Cosmetics and/or Too Faced products? I love Benefit's Bad Gal Bang mascara and Too Faced natural eyes palette, even though it has crazy amounts of fallout! I hope you're having a day as beautiful as you are!! 🙏💗🥰🤩