Pawn Stars: 5 SUPER RARE ILLEGAL ITEMS | History

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Check out 5 items with remarkable histories - but that are illegal to buy and sell! From an antique gun desk to a tortoiseshell guitar, these illegal items are just not worth the risk, in this Pawn Stars compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.
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  1. Pawn Stars

    Pawn StarsMånad sedan

    Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, returning Monday, March 22 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

  2. YourGod IsJewish

    YourGod IsJewish3 dagar sedan

    I posses the scariest object that ever existed. It's a very special flag. 😊

  3. gamerAlpacca

    gamerAlpacca4 dagar sedan


  4. Heady Cuts

    Heady Cuts9 dagar sedan

    @Derek Jackson Probably WAS stolen from him. Dude selling it was probably given the story he gave the pawn shop guys, not realizing it was a lie.

  5. Sooo Kimbo

    Sooo Kimbo11 dagar sedan

    I love how Rick's laugh reminds me of mutley? in the old cartoon

  6. Govind Rai

    Govind Rai15 dagar sedan

    I m in indian and I'm riali biggest Feb of your and I m also want to sold a Sam coyns to clected mi, so pilis gayd to mi haw I soyig to u may clection.

  7. rozwierak

    rozwierakTimme sedan

    I hate this show.

  8. VitalyMack

    VitalyMack5 timmar sedan

    Acting is bad

  9. Nuna Yo Bizniz

    Nuna Yo Bizniz7 timmar sedan

    Janet is hot

  10. Ripfan

    Ripfan12 timmar sedan

    you know that money wasnt going to his daughters college fund, he took way to long to say it, mans was ready for the ps5 drop

  11. TheMockingjay561

    TheMockingjay56112 timmar sedan

    I can tell for a fact that the "Tortoise Shell Guitar"at 4:44 is not a tortoise shell but a sea turtle shell. My dad is from England, he would always make sure that i knew the difference between a tortoise and a turtle, and would always get annoyed when people would say they are the same thing. Yes, they can both be called either, but true tortoises cannot swim like box turtles or sea turtles, or else they will drown.

  12. daniel Irl

    daniel Irl13 timmar sedan

    The coin was cool though

  13. Amithrius

    Amithrius14 timmar sedan

    That's the shell of a marine turtle. Not a tortoise.

  14. Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz15 timmar sedan

    They Became in danger when they fist killled the turtle 🤦‍♂️

  15. Bravo Mike Prophet

    Bravo Mike Prophet20 timmar sedan

    Corey would be down on the floor with a .22 short in his leg

  16. vondahe

    vondahe20 timmar sedan

    Grandpa looks so much like a Simpsons character.

  17. Duncan Weaver

    Duncan Weaver21 timme sedan

    Sorry I can't do anything, (off camera) cut ur price in half an we got a deal 😏

  18. John Miller

    John Miller22 timmar sedan

    That's a big box for a small coin....

  19. World Theory

    World Theory23 timmar sedan

    It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -Mark Twain

  20. Tom O

    Tom ODag sedan

    But wouldn't the insurance company have a rightful claim on the coin?

  21. Harry Stuckey

    Harry StuckeyDag sedan

    Why does everyone in this show look like a thumb?

  22. Tom Panzer

    Tom PanzerDag sedan

    I love Pawn Stars!!!!!

  23. Pawn Stars

    Pawn Stars21 timme sedan

    Hi Tom! Thanks for being a #PawnStars fan!

  24. Michael Otten

    Michael OttenDag sedan

    Insurance Co could come calling for their shekel.

  25. Specialized 29er

    Specialized 29erDag sedan

    I thought FedEx was a made up transport company for the Castaway movie.

  26. Itzzz ya boi connor Deee

    Itzzz ya boi connor DeeeDag sedan

    school shooters when they saw that desk: 👀

  27. Christopher Norris

    Christopher NorrisDag sedan

    Seat turtle shell, not a tortoise.

  28. Michael Bosko

    Michael BoskoDag sedan

    I feel so bad for the guy with the ring he was about to cry

  29. Michael Grossman

    Michael GrossmanDag sedan

    These guys are such fakes and crooks.

  30. Wood

    WoodDag sedan

    That ring was so stolen and the seller knew it

  31. bloolouboyle

    bloolouboyleDag sedan

    No Emmy's for these guys ?? Really ??? All the awesome acting ?---Maybe Broadway ? Ugggh.

  32. Victor Odin

    Victor OdinDag sedan

    Decent script writer on this show. I know him so yeah it’s scripted.

  33. David Graham

    David GrahamDag sedan

    Number 1 - madman brings in a kinder egg

  34. William Jang

    William JangDag sedan

    Expert: this is probably around 50k Customer: Ill do 50k then Rick: best i can do is 5 dollars, Look man im taking a huge risk Customer: Deal

  35. hobbie farm fun

    hobbie farm funDag sedan

    I won't touch this with a 10 foot pole.... while he is holding it in his hands.. lol also.. how does one block tiktok adds? They are anoying. And ill never join that mindless garble..

  36. GameTesterDev

    GameTesterDevDag sedan

    The guy selling the Tortoise Guitar actually ended up selling it a few days later and then served a year on house arrest... It's funny how things work out.

  37. BUCS 101

    BUCS 101Dag sedan

    It’s not a real pawn shop

  38. World Aquarium Singapore

    World Aquarium Singapore2 dagar sedan

    nice can see what items are not allowed to sell, anyone has pawn some stuffs before?

  39. Steve S

    Steve S2 dagar sedan

    That camera is legit FYI. If you see one. Buy it. Recently one sold for 25k

  40. Ronan Doyle-murrell

    Ronan Doyle-murrell2 dagar sedan

    that was a very roundabout way to say his grandad was a nazi

  41. Chris Hill

    Chris Hill2 dagar sedan

    thats a seaturtle shell not tortoise

  42. Josh

    Josh2 dagar sedan

    Well it must be the coins from the bible, the bible never lies!

  43. german camilo clavijo martinez

    german camilo clavijo martinez2 dagar sedan


  44. Richard Corsillo

    Richard Corsillo2 dagar sedan

    joe pa

  45. 2 dagar sedan

    Is so amazing to see weird things. omg lmaoooo 😂 😂 😂I am sorry but i can not type anymore. This is too funny.

  46. Bonsai Scissors TV

    Bonsai Scissors TV2 dagar sedan

    I just love to see items of potential value that just can't be bought for some reason. I wish we also have store like this in my country. I can still remember that we have really old books with Disney signatures on it, I just can't figure out where my mom sent them to. My dad also has a collection vinyl records which includes the Beatles, Cascades, Elvis Presley, Song for Ana and others. Dad loves playing these vinyl records through our Component named AKAI sold to our family in the 80's.

  47. don genova

    don genova2 dagar sedan

    i have a pillow that's illegal too since i removed the tag.

  48. Georgia Smith

    Georgia SmithDag sedan

    And the mattress police will get you....😮🙌👐 jazz hands....

  49. AeoN The Magus

    AeoN The Magus2 dagar sedan

    Anyone want to argue about how authentic an unscripted the show is?

  50. Elyseon

    Elyseon2 dagar sedan

    "I have the Holy Grail here." "Best I can do is three fifty." "God damnit Loch Ness Monster!"

  51. Schuyler Silverstein

    Schuyler Silverstein5 timmar sedan

    Tree Fitty

  52. kuban mangos

    kuban mangos2 dagar sedan


  53. casey luksch

    casey luksch3 dagar sedan

    I love how knowledgeable this guy seem to think he is on every subject. The fact is a bullet doesn't need the barrel to have high velocity as he suggests the barrel is to direct the bullet having enough barrel to guide it to a directional target. No barrel will fly it haphazardly with the same velocity

  54. Tjd

    Tjd3 dagar sedan

    A sea turtle isnt a tortoise im pretty sure

  55. LunaT00N

    LunaT00N3 dagar sedan

    stfu Chum, you're dumb a55 was about to take it for 2k no questions.

  56. Drew G

    Drew G3 dagar sedan

    Rick: Genius. Perfect as both a pawn shop owner and a star of a show about pawn shop owners. Everyone else: How are you even related to Rick??

  57. Kyle Flynn

    Kyle Flynn3 dagar sedan

    Sorry pal, it used to have numbers on it. It's worthless now.

  58. Tom Kimmel

    Tom Kimmel3 dagar sedan

    Any more cool historical info on the coin? Would they have the same reaction if it was from a cool pirate ship?

  59. Gee Bram

    Gee Bram3 dagar sedan

    Surely the coin belongs to the insurance company that paid out on it?

  60. Slaps

    Slaps3 dagar sedan

    guy seemed super hurt when they didn’t buy the ring🤣

  61. Joshua Hay

    Joshua Hay3 dagar sedan

    Definitely not the definition of a spy, but alright. A spy is someone who “secretly” collects and reports information on the movements, activities, and plans of an “enemy of competitor”.

  62. Nick Rodriguez

    Nick Rodriguez3 dagar sedan

    the son looks more like the grandfather

  63. liam ramos

    liam ramos3 dagar sedan

    Imagine you’re writing a detailed letter to someone and outta nowhere you get gutted by a 22 😭

  64. StudlyHunk

    StudlyHunk4 dagar sedan

    When he say $100, I was like wtf that's a spy camera it should be like $1000 or something.

  65. Gabby Gabby

    Gabby Gabby4 dagar sedan

    See I would sell things like this to collectors rather than a pawn shop

  66. Multi Mason

    Multi Mason4 dagar sedan

    Guitar expert: worth a lot, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole Guitar expert: waits outside to buy the guitar from the dude

  67. Evan Thompson

    Evan Thompson4 dagar sedan

    That's not a tortoise shell that's a sea turtle shell based on shape

  68. Mike Nonya

    Mike Nonya4 dagar sedan

    Fun to watch. When he says (frequently) "I gotta make money too." I imagine him in front of one of his multi million $ mansions leaning on one of his Helicopters while shooing his beautiful Harem inside. lol. Side note: can anyone even see this comment?

  69. Yes Man2

    Yes Man24 dagar sedan

    "you're not gonna stop anyone with a .22 bullet like that" Hmm, let's see if he still saying that in a live test

  70. Geeky Me

    Geeky Me4 dagar sedan

    Old Man!!!

  71. Joseph

    Joseph4 dagar sedan

    This never gets old 😂

  72. Dannyboy Green

    Dannyboy Green4 dagar sedan

    C'mon guys quit picking on Homer Simpson.


    DENNIS GRAY4 dagar sedan

    I found my bicycle in a pawnshop and the police said I had to pay what the pawn shop payed unless I found the thief for them.

  74. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams4 dagar sedan

    What a bunch of passive aggresives that family are to this guy. I am so suprised he has'nt gone postal yet.... Great family, great ratings, not so great i got your back.!!!!!

  75. Marc Pellet

    Marc Pellet4 dagar sedan

    So what did the coin appraise for?

  76. Gyan Prakash

    Gyan Prakash5 dagar sedan

    I used to watch this show on history tv channel in India

  77. sk33t

    sk33t5 dagar sedan

    10:57 YIKES LMAO

  78. sk33t

    sk33t5 dagar sedan

    "I know a guy who's an expert on Peruvian butt flutes who's down the street, let me hit him up"

  79. Devin Crenshaw

    Devin Crenshaw5 dagar sedan

    that's not a tortoise shell it's a sea turtle shell

  80. Dave T

    Dave T5 dagar sedan

    If the insurance company paid the claim on the stolen coin, then the insurance company owns the coin. Doesn't change the fact that it's still stolen merchandise.

  81. Natalie Salinas

    Natalie Salinas5 dagar sedan

    Everyone gangsta still they me the parts they missed as red flags to the chain gang. Raise your hand if

  82. Kerry Erington

    Kerry Erington5 dagar sedan

    Does Chum Lee ever say anything of value?

  83. Mister C

    Mister C5 dagar sedan

    "I can't do that incredibly high price on something I paid little to nothing for....." Oh c'mon greedy sellers.

  84. Urban Army

    Urban Army5 dagar sedan

    I need to hang in front of the pawn shop and buy everything they dont want

  85. RedKing

    RedKing5 dagar sedan

    If I were the guy with the silver coin I would have taken it home and weathered it with some mud and dust

  86. Ari D

    Ari D5 dagar sedan

    Rick is sensible. His son sounds cocky and just spews random numbers without knowing what the object is about and without consulting someone who really knows.

  87. assmane999

    assmane9995 dagar sedan

    The Old Man is so classic

  88. slicaltimistical1

    slicaltimistical15 dagar sedan

    🤔Ignorance is no excuse for the law. Well said.

  89. Dr John Dee

    Dr John Dee6 dagar sedan

    Pawn shop owners are bull sh.... Artist.... There job is to get the lowest bed from the item if possible. Pawn shop owners are pretty much legalize scammers.

  90. Hug A

    Hug A6 dagar sedan

    Greedy people

  91. Les Gold

    Les Gold6 dagar sedan

    That bald headed fraud doesn't know anything about pawn broking. We DON'T call the experts! We ARE the experts!

  92. American Insurgent

    American Insurgent6 dagar sedan

    Too bad it is a spy camera.

  93. ODNxRogue

    ODNxRogue6 dagar sedan

    I hate people who sell their family heirlooms for not even a weeks worth salary

  94. Danzeey Dreezy

    Danzeey Dreezy6 dagar sedan

    Why the "I hate my Family" tho? 😂

  95. TacticleRose

    TacticleRose6 dagar sedan

    Bill McCord is a legit CIA. That camera is official.

  96. T.I.V

    T.I.V6 dagar sedan

    Seems like every time Corey opens his something stupid comes out.......

  97. Damir Bajramovic

    Damir Bajramovic6 dagar sedan

    Sad the whole show is scripted ;C

  98. rennia david

    rennia david6 dagar sedan


  99. Drum Beater 72

    Drum Beater 727 dagar sedan

    That guitar was creepy AF!

  100. Yukon Al

    Yukon Al7 dagar sedan

    Now I want to see 5 rare super illegal items

  101. Brian Arredondo

    Brian Arredondo7 dagar sedan

    I miss the Old Mans witty comments 😭😭

  102. TDO West

    TDO West7 dagar sedan

    The slow clap at the end 😂😂

  103. Vu Nguyen

    Vu Nguyen7 dagar sedan

    20:27 he hated it because that was the sound he heard every night as a kid.

  104. Ryan Nelson

    Ryan Nelson7 dagar sedan

    “I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole” as he’s holding the guitar. (I understand it’s a figure of speech just thought it was funny)

  105. U.S. Militia

    U.S. Militia7 dagar sedan

    Why is cleaning a coin bad? Why would someone want thousands of years of hand chowder on a coin?

  106. Rylan Martin

    Rylan Martin7 dagar sedan

    2:32 god I love America

  107. olly115

    olly1157 dagar sedan

    What a miserable bunch of suckers

  108. P T

    P T7 dagar sedan

    Slow clap owned...