The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2020


  1. LDXlator

    LDXlator7 timmar sedan

    Holy fuck, imagine if they'd known about the insurrection...

  2. Ker Loz

    Ker LozDag sedan

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  3. David Miatke

    David MiatkeDag sedan

    At least David had the balls to take the piss out of Biden, something the Lefttards aren't real good at!!!!

  4. Giles Colon

    Giles ColonDag sedan

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  5. Ryan

    Ryan2 dagar sedan

    James Ancaster is honestly my favorite

  6. waynebow 2018

    waynebow 20183 dagar sedan

    It seems that even main stream English comedy is against Trump. Well we've gotten thru mid Jan, and things are worse than ever.... because an even more ' brittle old man', is destroying America. The new minister for health is a example of Biden's agenda.

  7. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    Most people are against Trump because he was one of the worst presidents in recent memory

  8. Lee Olsson

    Lee Olsson4 dagar sedan

    Jimmys hair. It’s different.

  9. flourchylde49

    flourchylde495 dagar sedan

    How many Trump questions can one have in one game show?

  10. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    Like him or not he was a huge part of 2020 (mostly because he is partly responsible for making it such a shit year)

  11. The Human System

    The Human System5 dagar sedan

    I love the moment when you realize they can't whisper to each other. Perhaps some kind of communication device is in order?

  12. Romola Grath

    Romola Grath6 dagar sedan

    I watched this one right after 2010 episode and comparing; people are much more stagnant profoundly and it saddens me. Pandemic stole the joy in everyone apparently..

  13. Priscilla Chavarria

    Priscilla Chavarria8 dagar sedan

    Why is Richard normal now? :( jajajaja

  14. Karma Singh

    Karma Singh9 dagar sedan

    What on Earth is going on here? Is a quiz show now a propaganda tool? You make a ridiculous claim that President Trump has suggested drinking bleach - a bare faced lie (only the Chinese has recommended this to their people) - and then you “justify” this with a clip showing him making a pointed suggestion to the Covid team to look into ultra violet therapy - a breakthrough in infection management announced by Russian medical science in May 2020. Remember, all of you, you have a duty to your “fans” to be, yourselves, fully informed when mentioning such things. To push an obvious lie is way beyond the pale. Blessed be Karma Singh

  15. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    He said to inject disinfectant (bleach is a popular disinfectant) and started rambling about UV lights like a moron

  16. Savah Bejin

    Savah Bejin9 dagar sedan

    Hilarious! Except President Trump is great and we love him. From the Southern States.

  17. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    Not enough to reelect him apparently

  18. Tony Lee

    Tony Lee11 dagar sedan

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  19. justinofhudson

    justinofhudson11 dagar sedan

    Jimmy looks so freaky I can’t handle it!

  20. Mal Jay

    Mal Jay12 dagar sedan

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  21. j allz

    j allz13 dagar sedan

    Bob mort/Lee mack, Richard/noel, miles/rob brydon and Katherine/ roisin. Dream social distancing teams. 4 panels instead of the normal 3 😍

  22. ThatOneOddball

    ThatOneOddball14 dagar sedan

    Jimmy's makeup is rather fine and fierce in a subtle way

  23. Jenny Dykstra

    Jenny Dykstra15 dagar sedan

    You think they cut out a huge cheese board rant from James?

  24. frog guy charlie

    frog guy charlie17 dagar sedan

    according to the vpn i had to use to watch this, im now australian

  25. Jonathan Bjørnseth

    Jonathan Bjørnseth17 dagar sedan

    1:05:06 meme potential

  26. Lukkaas 189

    Lukkaas 18919 dagar sedan

    What the fuck is with the ads SEtoos. Its as bad as commercial TV.

  27. cyprol

    cyprol21 dag sedan

    Wishlist for next year: Richard Ayoade & Katherine Parkinson Sandi Togsvik & Alan Davies David Mitchell & Victoria Coren

  28. N English

    N English25 dagar sedan

    what the fuck is wrong with jimmy's face

  29. ChaosDave2

    ChaosDave225 dagar sedan

    I’m embarrassed about Donald Trump having been our president. I’m sorry to the rest of the world. Love you. Sincerely, American.

  30. Cee Koutsos nz

    Cee Koutsos nz26 dagar sedan

    John Snow has all the moves.

  31. Uluç Akbas

    Uluç Akbas27 dagar sedan

    what the hell carol baskin doing in there? Still away from the murder huh?

  32. Roger Kalaris

    Roger Kalaris27 dagar sedan

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  33. Barry Newman

    Barry Newman27 dagar sedan

    are all the men of England gay

  34. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    Hell yeah

  35. Raine Welterlen

    Raine Welterlen28 dagar sedan

    Richards finally had a chance to charge his social battery to the top

  36. Paw Printz

    Paw Printz29 dagar sedan

    'Imagine' was our late Mum's favourite song.

  37. george byrne

    george byrne29 dagar sedan

    Chas and Dave 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Michelle Pollock

    Michelle Pollock29 dagar sedan

    Richard really cranked it up on this one with "Apply Anusol live on Saturday Kitchen."

  39. Soundhealer

    SoundhealerMånad sedan

    "Multi-millionaire Trump only paid $750 in tax. I'm warming to the guy already". lol Good one, Jimmy. Were you aware he also didn't take a salary? How do you like him now, Jimmy? ha!

  40. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    Great he also cut taxes for rich people including himself and didn't pay taxes even before he was president. Such a leech on society

  41. Kevin Carrigan

    Kevin CarriganMånad sedan

    Never heard of SR-17 , how about SR-71 ???

  42. Alistair

    AlistairMånad sedan

    Would've loved David with Rob or Mack... They just work so well together... Surely they could make it happen...

  43. whutshuldi callmuhselph

    whutshuldi callmuhselphMånad sedan

    I see this quiz also ran with fake info. Never said inject bleach. The entire press conf was about uv light as a disinfectant. Which is an actual use for uv rays. Bleach was only mentioned by the media.

  44. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    He said to inject disinfectant. Bleach is a popular disinfectant.

  45. FullyCharged

    FullyChargedMånad sedan

    The politics on this show are just crap, and I wish they would avoid them. They're all relatively funny people, but they seem smug and ignorant.

  46. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan


  47. KoaCharvel

    KoaCharvelMånad sedan

    It's remarkable how clever and at the same time how stupid comedians can be.

  48. Legalise Meth

    Legalise MethDag sedan

    Snowflake lol

  49. tito hotrod

    tito hotrodMånad sedan

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  50. Dunmore's Movie Mania

    Dunmore's Movie ManiaMånad sedan

    1:27:46 -- Really? Tussaud's have either gone downhill with blind sculptors, or the russians paid them off to make this dummy 300 pounds lighter than real life.

  51. T Rcr

    T RcrMånad sedan

    Lmao Jimmy clearly doesn't go to the post office because its always busy

  52. SirRichel

    SirRichelMånad sedan

    James acaster is my spirit animal!

  53. sfshinz

    sfshinzMånad sedan

    Has Sir Elton been taking lessons in club singing from Vic Reeves?

  54. Rhubartu the Saiyan

    Rhubartu the SaiyanMånad sedan

    Young people are so fkn annoying... can't stand Maya. At all.

  55. Dale Stephanson

    Dale StephansonMånad sedan

    49:10 Such a narcissist...

  56. Capps Eddie

    Capps EddieMånad sedan

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  57. Felicity Errington

    Felicity ErringtonMånad sedan

    why do I kinda ship maya and james 💀

  58. hotshame satsuma

    hotshame satsumaMånad sedan

    I actually thought there would be a music-question about BTS because -- *Dynamite + Grammy-nominated* Anyone else?? James almost having a heartattack about throwing icecream on the screen and it falling & David having lost any concept of the passing of time are true highlights 😂😂😂

  59. Public Public

    Public PublicMånad sedan

    Big FLAT Quiz...

  60. Rick Bannan

    Rick BannanMånad sedan

    So glad to see Acaster in the BFQ. Man's brilliant.

  61. Willow62

    Willow62Månad sedan

    Trump, the best President the USA has ever had. Biden has only been in office for four days and he is already the worst President has ever seen. The world is doomed. You can blame Biden and all his Liberal crooks.

  62. Willow62

    Willow62Månad sedan

    @Public Public Trumps not going to prison. For what? Hopefully The Clinton’s, Obama, Nancy Polosi, Harris and Biden will be seeing the inside of jail cells before long. As crooked as they come. Even a lot of the people who voted for him are already regretting it.

  63. Public Public

    Public PublicMånad sedan

    Drink up your salty beer... it's closing time. TRUMP FOR PRISON 2021

  64. Kronk

    KronkMånad sedan

    You cant enjoy the comments section in these because its almost exclusively ppl spoiling jokes.

  65. Kronk

    KronkMånad sedan

    Jimmy looks good with normal hair

  66. Josie Bianchi

    Josie BianchiMånad sedan

    did David Mitchell just forget about movies for like 4 years and then somehow absorb all of them the night before the quiz

  67. Public Public

    Public PublicMånad sedan

    You have to have lead a very trivial life to have known all that trivia. AND WHERE WERE THE LAUGHS? few and far between.

  68. tito hotrod

    tito hotrodMånad sedan

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  69. Jeroen Buts

    Jeroen ButsMånad sedan

    Is James Acaster high, or just weird? Yes.

  70. Julia Owen

    Julia OwenMånad sedan

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  71. Public Public

    Public PublicMånad sedan

    some people obtain sexual stimulation from artificial intelligence text generators.

  72. Julia Owen

    Julia OwenMånad sedan

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  73. Audrey Stielstra

    Audrey StielstraMånad sedan

    I didn’t know about the puppet fashion show but it reminds me of the post WW2 Théâtre de la Mode

  74. TheRebexa

    TheRebexaMånad sedan

    I relate so hard to David in this. He’s so mad at the stupidity of the world and he’s right lol!

  75. Mister Mucho

    Mister MuchoMånad sedan

    Jimmy's hair is freaking me out. Richard is being a social human. 2020 changed EVERYONE.

  76. Tony N

    Tony NMånad sedan

    Might sound funny but everything trump suggested were actual treatments that were being tested and he never said to inject bleach. I do love the subtle switch of his word disinfectant for brand name bleach everyone did. Even disinfectant and uv in the lungs were being tested prior to trump talking... Makes me think of how the McDonald's coffee case was ridiculed everywhere by the media and news who had their ad money, only to find out a decade later that the coffee was nearly steam, they had raised the temperature on the machine and the woman had 3rd degree burns and needed skin grafts. Those ivory towers are tall. I should add that this show looks ridiculous now with the distancing, they have to basically yell to each other to discuss their answers, it's hilarious. In fact, the team members are further apart than members of the other team... These are the people who think they know how the world works? They're not smart enough to realize that that's an issue with discussing the answer with your team mate? In fact, I don't think they're even 6 feet apart from the other team whenever they lean, but they're 15 feet apart from their own team mate... You guys actually believe that Biden got 10 percent more votes than obama despite being unable to rally a hundred people at any time? No one is going to talk openly about making mail in ballots unchecked and running them in the dark of night while kicking out observers and no court ever hearing any of the cases... You guys completely missed why the internet was upset about the song "imagine". It opens with "imagine there's no heaven" while you're telling everyone to shut down everything because grandma's going to die... People didn't just find it off-key and cringe, it was insultingly disconnected with reality by people who have so much money that it's basically just a vacation to them while the common person is struggling to eat and maybe just lost his grandparents from government incompetence like NYC placing covid patients INTO old folks homes. It's never been more obvious who are the ones with so much that reality doesn't affect them and that they're standing on your head pissing down on you.

  77. adam

    adamMånad sedan

    "Let her speak" *hears her speak* "Actually, I take that back, let's move on" I am crying on the inside.

  78. Windrune

    WindruneMånad sedan

    That news anchor dresses on point

  79. Andrew Young

    Andrew YoungMånad sedan

    I wonder if you get get used for trying to monetize another channels content

  80. L B

    L BMånad sedan

    I can't get over the "marriage between a man and a womEn" bit. ARRRGGHHHH

  81. VioletTheGeek

    VioletTheGeekMånad sedan

    Richard kicks ass without Noel to distract him!

  82. zeke zhen

    zeke zhenMånad sedan

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  83. 윤ㅇㅇ

    윤ㅇㅇMånad sedan

    1:07:00 ㅠㅠ

  84. Marian Topham

    Marian TophamMånad sedan

    Thank you, Joe, for wearing that horrifying head at the end.

  85. Phoenix

    PhoenixMånad sedan

    these half-hearted pre-recorded laughs are killing me. no laughing at all would be better

  86. Isabel Fraga Sousa

    Isabel Fraga SousaMånad sedan

    Stacey was hilarious in this

  87. Jake Draugelis

    Jake DraugelisMånad sedan

    Why the hell did they invite an accused murderer on the show??

  88. Nahid noor

    Nahid noorMånad sedan

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  89. Eric Lovejoy

    Eric LovejoyMånad sedan

    Now I know its the Apocalypse, Richard Aoyade poised to win the quiz of the year.

  90. BewegteBilderrahmen

    BewegteBilderrahmenMånad sedan

    When Jimmy Carr is calling your song misogynist you're hitting a low

  91. Virgil Biggs

    Virgil BiggsMånad sedan

    Since when were there half points???

  92. Amanda Wilson

    Amanda WilsonMånad sedan

    Why so many fat jokes, Jimmy? Maybe less humour throwbacks - it's the quiz of 2020 not 1992.

  93. muziekjes

    muziekjesMånad sedan

    Waarom heeft Craig David een nederlands tshirt met "een-tweetje" aan? Why is Craig David wearing a shirt with a dutch football term?

  94. Jihyorno Jihyovanna

    Jihyorno JihyovannaMånad sedan

    ngl, didn't expect dynamite to play here

  95. ShiningBOT

    ShiningBOTMånad sedan

    The distance between the panelists has sucked up half of the fun

  96. Mark Brooks

    Mark BrooksMånad sedan

    The airplane is SR-71, not SR-17

  97. nicholi1120

    nicholi1120Månad sedan

    Question 3: Rediculous, you got his statements totally wrong. He DID NOT say inject bleach(that was the Democrats trying to discredit him). At least you did play the actual clip. FYI: There are non-leathal(to humans) disinfectants that are inject-able and even breathable.

  98. Amy

    AmyMånad sedan

    The team naming portion is quite boring without Noel

  99. Raynemx

    RaynemxMånad sedan

    "We only have to get through to mid January with Trump" That quote didn't age well.

  100. Ryan Devlin

    Ryan DevlinMånad sedan


  101. Mark Arnold

    Mark ArnoldMånad sedan

    I've never seen Jimmy's real hair before...

  102. Victoria

    VictoriaMånad sedan

    Here for the accidental throwback to Man!Moss with Richard doing that voice at 50minutes.

  103. exactinmidget92

    exactinmidget92Månad sedan

    haha you can tell Maya was not having that song.

  104. AndroidDoctorr

    AndroidDoctorrMånad sedan

    Jimmy Carr is starting to look like a mix between Dick Clark and Fred Willard

  105. james tayla

    james taylaMånad sedan

    You shouldn't body shame a quiz.

  106. missylissy200

    missylissy200Månad sedan

    Jimmy's laugh is still the same 😂

  107. RosaLui

    RosaLuiMånad sedan

    Not gonna lie, between the candy ring and “Nick” because I can’t tell the Jonas brothers apart, I was suddenly terrified the engagement story would be Sophie Turner.

  108. Andre Bubbles

    Andre BubblesMånad sedan

    Maya Jama sounds like a candy, and actually she looks like one too.

  109. Lord Maxwell

    Lord MaxwellMånad sedan

    Haha the first time I watched this my first thought was “oh, Jimmy’s changed his haircut” took me way too long to realise that he didn’t get a new haircut, he got new hair!

  110. Hallie

    HallieMånad sedan

    why is nobody mentioning stacey’s “i feel like it shouldn’t be called tiger king because if tony’s not in it the king isn’t in it” comment? that was absolute gold

  111. PurpleDragon

    PurpleDragonMånad sedan

    7:28 Just holding a big slice of brie

  112. Dan

    DanMånad sedan

    51:50 James Acaster doing an Art Attack LMAOOOOO