Gary Vaynerchuk: The King Of Marketing (Full Interview) | Follow The Leader

Gary Vaynerchuk is the social media and marketing expert behind digital agency VaynerMedia. Catch our interview from 2016 with the successful entrepreneur.
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About Follow The Leader: What makes the most successful business people on the planet different from the rest of us? Are they simply more driven, smarter, perhaps more ruthless or just blessed with charisma? Are they born with a hidden talent that makes them a force of nature? Or was it developed? Business journalist and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi is on a mission to find out.
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Gary Vaynerchuk: The King Of Marketing (Full Interview) | Follow The Leader


  1. Gotham Oracle

    Gotham OracleMånad sedan

    I don't think Gary has figured out the future of marketing. I think he's figured out who he is presently. And he figured that out when he started talking wine on SEtoos in 06. I think confidence in those situations grows with that first online wine purchase or the first commenter in your DMs saying you're doing it right. We've had a couple of those talking about our NYC adventure software. But we're tiny. It's nice to see others' starter stories the same way though. It's another confidence booster, or a POV balance for sure

  2. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith4 månader sedan

    Good dude.

  3. Talib Bah

    Talib Bah4 månader sedan

    The interviewer so jealous, so jealous its funny :D

  4. Laurence Daliva

    Laurence Daliva4 månader sedan

    Awesome video editing skills!

  5. Dylan Batchelor

    Dylan Batchelor5 månader sedan

    Gary is a complete tool.

  6. Varg Vikernes

    Varg Vikernes5 månader sedan


  7. Johnny Mendez

    Johnny Mendez5 månader sedan

    I love Gary I named my dog after him!!

  8. Johnny Mendez

    Johnny Mendez3 månader sedan

    Samyak Kedari he’s a Maltese if that helps

  9. Samyak Kedari

    Samyak Kedari3 månader sedan

    Why is this funny

  10. Singsongoodmorning

    Singsongoodmorning5 månader sedan

    So do spongebob

  11. Here We Are Now

    Here We Are Now5 månader sedan

    These are from the days when India was around Gary 🤨 It’s a century ago

  12. Community CrossFit

    Community CrossFit5 månader sedan

    Gary is the GOAT

  13. Jane Kowack Triboletti

    Jane Kowack Triboletti5 månader sedan

    @GaryVee is a #LEGEND His $hit will never get old. I will watch #GaryVee videos at least 2x. Sometimes 3 & 4x I #always learn more the second time around. 😊❤

  14. The Archive

    The Archive5 månader sedan

    MATT!! Where are you?

  15. Competition Sports 2019

    Competition Sports 20195 månader sedan

    Looks like someone is not doing their job correctly. Why re-upload a video that is a few years old? What was going on in 2016, is no longer valid in 2020, things have changed, algorithms have changed, and so has consumer behavior ever since Covid-19. How about posting a video in the year 2020?

  16. DoPeT

    DoPeT5 månader sedan

    You just uploaded this exact video last week and not only that also 2016 ... ?????

  17. Pablo Galvez

    Pablo Galvez5 månader sedan

    Uploaded 2 hours ago... Gary, “this is 2016!” 🤦🏼‍♂️

  18. Nosa Iyare

    Nosa IyareMånad sedan

    I was wondering how they recorded this during a pandemic. Lol

  19. Tenzin Choegyal

    Tenzin Choegyal5 månader sedan

    CNBC always late as usual 😂

  20. ApexJnr

    ApexJnr5 månader sedan

    why the reupload?

  21. Nkosinathi A Ndlovu

    Nkosinathi A Ndlovu5 månader sedan

    clout lol

  22. amdxp12

    amdxp125 månader sedan


  23. Anders Ulltang

    Anders Ulltang5 månader sedan


  24. Joshua Friend

    Joshua Friend5 månader sedan