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A cookie company owned by a 13-year-old entrepreneur and his mother faces serious growing pains. Cory’s mother struggles to trust anyone and is resistant to change. If Marcus Lemonis can’t get this young CEO up to speed and earn his mother’s trust, this cookie company will crumble.
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Mr. Cory's Cookies | The Profit | CNBC Prime


  1. joede1123

    joede11233 dagar sedan

    Who is chopping onions?? This episode gave me some true motivation for my own business as a mom raising her daughter. It's hard to build a company when you have to put food on the table for your children by yourself. But it is not impossible. Marcus invested in them but do not forget that the second round of stimulus opened for businesses today. You have nothing to lose by applying. Good luck to everyone out there!

  2. Gethedog

    Gethedog5 dagar sedan

    This guys praying on single mother’s offering 100k for 40%

  3. omyswift Lourido

    omyswift Lourido9 dagar sedan

    Best episode I've ever Seen, so inspiring 😀😁🍪🍪🍪 for $5 I SELL EMPANADAS AND THAT 3 FOR $5 IS A GOOD PRICE POINT FOR ME CONGRATS TO CORY AND MOM MUCH LOVE ❤

  4. PlatinumLifestyle Coach

    PlatinumLifestyle Coach10 dagar sedan

    Those 2 men that tried to snatch her business are crudballs! NOBODY needs to use them EVER! Shame on them. Kudos to Marcus Lemonis for helping her. and BRAVO to Mr. Cory's Cookies. Right on Lisa and Cory!

  5. Foxy

    Foxy10 dagar sedan


  6. Sherry Cabler

    Sherry Cabler12 dagar sedan

    I love that she doesn't want to compromise her product

  7. Nick Newmanjii

    Nick Newmanjii17 dagar sedan

    This is probably the best 100k Marcus spent

  8. Investment Strategy

    Investment Strategy21 dag sedan

    I want to see the CEO of the JP.MORGAN

  9. evelin pillaca

    evelin pillaca21 dag sedan

    this young boy tries to be a man to release the stress of his mother. He's a great son!

  10. Lucky Baldwin

    Lucky Baldwin25 dagar sedan

    What a great little family. Makes me wish that greedy POS that's trying to steal their business would take a drive with Rocco and Clemenza. "Leave the gun, take the cannolis."

  11. rainbows and sunshine

    rainbows and sunshine29 dagar sedan

    I hope their company survives

  12. Robin Abernathy

    Robin AbernathyMånad sedan

    At 3:50 the mom is looking like she has NO interest in even pretending to be cordial. She looks completely disinterested. Like she's just going through the motions.

  13. jayy c

    jayy cMånad sedan

    I literally went to school with him..

  14. Don84891

    Don84891Månad sedan

    I believe she is a great mother and her son is very polite and well educated, but sometimes she acts inappropriate.

  15. Vinyl Sticker King

    Vinyl Sticker KingMånad sedan

    After using a calculator... :And by the way Cory is getting really good at the math". LOL. This is one of the best episodes.



    I notice that she instilled in Corey the confidence that she didn't have in herself. Wow!!!

  17. Ayecia Huie

    Ayecia HuieMånad sedan

    I need an update on these two! This is so inspiring and I’m proud of you mom!

  18. Peace Miley

    Peace MileyMånad sedan

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  19. Jason Pizzino

    Jason PizzinoMånad sedan

    This ain't no fraud man's real I already gave it a trial and it was of no regret at all

  20. Eternal Conquest

    Eternal ConquestMånad sedan

    @Ellio Trades Crypto fraud fraud fraud

  21. John Curt

    John CurtMånad sedan

    Without the help of expert Horace lewis I would have still been in abject poverty struggling with life

  22. Jude Harley

    Jude HarleyMånad sedan

    @Patrick Barnitt Me too

  23. Patrick Barnitt

    Patrick BarnittMånad sedan

    I just messaged him on whatapp, hope he replies me soon

  24. alex nuke

    alex nukeMånad sedan

    2 day cookies is not smart

  25. tim john

    tim john22 dagar sedan

    That is what the company goal is though to not have preserves they can make a fortune off of that campaign

  26. YungBoySai

    YungBoySaiMånad sedan

    what is his revenue need answers for homework assignment

  27. itsruf1

    itsruf1Månad sedan

    OK . . .just watched 2 minutes. This is a fake reality show. You people are stupid falling for this Hollywood nonsense., and CNBC prime should be ashamed because they know.

  28. itsruf1

    itsruf1Månad sedan

    Umm. . .calling B.S. There are thousands of cookies on the market. Most are affordable. This is a gimmick. People are gullible and naïve.

  29. Russell Cardinal

    Russell Cardinal2 månader sedan


  30. Abdullahi Sabuwa

    Abdullahi Sabuwa2 månader sedan

    Mrs Lisa is one of the best account managers i can actually vouch for as being honest!

  31. 11swallowedinthesea

    11swallowedinthesea2 månader sedan

    This was a nice episode as a first time viewer! But their Facebook has some negative reviews regarding orders, refunds, and delivery. I hope the company won't forget to stay humble.

  32. Ashley Burnier

    Ashley Burnier2 månader sedan

    Hands down, one of the best episodes. I actually cried watching how she doubted herself to a proud businesswoman. Incredible!!!

  33. Mark Neff

    Mark Neff2 månader sedan

    This is the first time I've seen this show. Solid show. Marcus Lemonis is very likeable. Definitely going to continue watching!

  34. lpwilliams1995

    lpwilliams19952 månader sedan

    I would've been right there baking everything you hear me WHAT U NEED BAE?! HE NEED WHAAA! I GOT IT !!!

  35. Big Chainz Fitness

    Big Chainz Fitness2 månader sedan

    As mr wonderful once said: Your tears add NO value

  36. Big Chainz Fitness

    Big Chainz Fitness2 månader sedan

    just went on amazon and its not there...sad.

  37. Ajayi Aabimbola

    Ajayi Aabimbola2 månader sedan

    40% for 100k wth

  38. Stress Free Me TV

    Stress Free Me TV2 månader sedan

    They might need to go back to the hood

  39. Ronny Smith

    Ronny Smith2 månader sedan

    He doesn't own the business anymore, check the amazon reviews, they got bought out.

  40. Ronny Smith

    Ronny Smith2 månader sedan


  41. John Zee

    John Zee2 månader sedan

    This girl is STUPID

  42. Austin S. Clemons

    Austin S. Clemons2 månader sedan

    They tryina take advantage Lisa and that's not right. 8% ? That's worst than a record deal

  43. The Tycoon

    The Tycoon2 månader sedan

    I wish i had 0.001% of Cory's self confidence.

  44. Miklo Morales

    Miklo Morales2 månader sedan

    40% That's crazy I would've settled for 8%


    MANUEL ESTRADA3 månader sedan

    Why did they need new packaging? My teacher assigned this and I don't have time to watch all 40 minuets.

  46. Giovanni Soluri

    Giovanni Soluri3 månader sedan

    She is stronger and better than she knows!

  47. The music Hock

    The music Hock3 månader sedan

    Marcus took a lot of percentage of the company but he definitely is the real deal setting up the proper infrastructure to develop the company into real growth

  48. Ty Awoderu

    Ty Awoderu3 månader sedan

    Cory has a great fashion sense - like that of a boss. He actually met JP Morgan President! That's awesome

  49. Landon Peters

    Landon Peters3 månader sedan

    17:43 pause it

  50. Mathewmartialart

    Mathewmartialart3 månader sedan

    12/2019 - It appears that Marcus Lemonis is no longer involved with Mr Cory's Cookies. Someone asked him a question on Twitter about the business and he replied he was no longer a partner.

  51. Brian Perkins

    Brian Perkins3 månader sedan

    wow he is my favorite entrepreneur and episode. i hope his business succeeds!


    C_DOELO C_DOELO3 månader sedan

    This young man amd I share a name nd also space on this yt feed lol check me out too Its all Love!!

  53. K EI

    K EI4 månader sedan

    Not even gonna watch this but I assume Cory was raised by a single mother and dad is not in the picture.

  54. Lyrics Parlour

    Lyrics Parlour4 månader sedan

    If u watch it all and u don't tear, you need to study emotional intelligence

  55. Malik Williams

    Malik Williams4 månader sedan

    The Profit is a great show. This episode makes me want to go buy a cookie from he store 🤣😅

  56. The Aguilars family A

    The Aguilars family A4 månader sedan

    This really made me cry as a mother of two children i was homeless when my son with autism was 5 and my youngest was 3 months born. And now i been prating to GOD since years to give me wisdom for a buisness because all i want to do is for both of my kids

  57. David

    David4 månader sedan

    "We got an officeeeee"

  58. Stefan Venus

    Stefan Venus4 månader sedan

    Glad to see that their business is still going strong up to this day.

  59. Laura Powers

    Laura Powers4 månader sedan

    God bless these folks...God bless this MAN...What a terrific leader!

  60. Sisi Sobrino Alvarez

    Sisi Sobrino Alvarez5 månader sedan

    Thanks for posting. I use your videos to teach my students!!

  61. Avi B

    Avi B5 månader sedan

    the student outmasters the teacher. good job mom

  62. Andrew RE

    Andrew RE5 månader sedan

    The look in her eyes tells you she’s been through the struggle. God bless to the both of them.

  63. The Black Renaissance

    The Black Renaissance5 månader sedan

    I'm so happy for them 😭😭😭

  64. Ekanki G

    Ekanki G5 månader sedan

    Cory is so cute❤️.....very inspiring kid.....he can certainly teach the world that age doesn't matter...if one is successful and determined then they can achieve any goals...

  65. Patricia Thompson

    Patricia Thompson5 månader sedan


  66. Patricia Thompson

    Patricia Thompson5 månader sedan

    I am so proud of you both. Your both so clever and have a great mind. I hope you both go very far.

  67. sami silverman

    sami silverman6 månader sedan

    where’s the dad?

  68. bill thompson

    bill thompson6 månader sedan

    That kid has the greatest hair, and he has such drive, way to go young man keep up the great work

  69. MrBurns

    MrBurns6 månader sedan

    Why would anyone buy these?

  70. Jusztina Kakocz

    Jusztina Kakocz6 månader sedan

  71. Vengesai Muyambo

    Vengesai Muyambo6 månader sedan

    That kid is destined for greatness ,,,,

  72. Alef Ben

    Alef Ben6 månader sedan

    Best episode ever!!

  73. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown6 månader sedan

    He got 40% of the business for 100k 😐

  74. king Taurus

    king Taurus6 månader sedan

    Mommy kind of thick

  75. D.A Human

    D.A Human6 månader sedan

    I'm a grown man and this show had me crying. The Profit,Lisa and Cory.

  76. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson6 månader sedan

    Oh there's a cookie kingpin loanshark nobody told me about. . . i like the guy whose company is ready & willing to work backward. - xThe oracle 26.38

  77. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson6 månader sedan

    I admire the way she wants 2 help other single mothers. What i dont get is where she came up with wanting 2 hire 70% single mothers? Why only 70%? Whoever she had in mind for the other 30% could just as easily be single mothers is well given proper training. . .i dunno, that stuck out to me.

  78. Vince

    Vince7 månader sedan

    The ending is hilarious with her "we got an office" song and walk

  79. Vishruth Arimanda

    Vishruth Arimanda7 månader sedan

    at 31:48 why the heck is that guy smiling he just screwed a single mother

  80. Epicscore Eu

    Epicscore Eu7 månader sedan the site looks a-okey.

  81. Jordan Emmanuel

    Jordan Emmanuel7 månader sedan

    But the son is more mentally fit for business she represents blacks that just like hand out and are emotional when it come to businesses and I’m black as well before y’all start but being racist it the truth about out people we to emotional when it comes to businesses

  82. Jordan Emmanuel

    Jordan Emmanuel7 månader sedan

    What dose our comments matters their millionaires and we still broke 😂

  83. 9779 Nitz

    9779 Nitz7 månader sedan

    Woah amazing story from you Lisa n your trainer n so interested hope to be like you one day to my two girls.

  84. Funda Nitin

    Funda Nitin7 månader sedan

    Amazing 👍 I am ordering soon .

  85. Stephen Ssebbaale

    Stephen Ssebbaale7 månader sedan

    Unbelievable how this kid is amazing,. He is a natural sells man. He is great with his tongue

  86. Joseph Prosnitz

    Joseph Prosnitz7 månader sedan

    I really like them. This does feel a bit more saviory than some of the other episodes. I wanted more clarity on whether that was an unreasonable licensing deal. I hope they succeed. I like Marcus and enjoy the show. His fundamentals and approach seem effective. I wish I had his help in my fitness business.

  87. harp per

    harp per7 månader sedan

    Black lives matter what a joke a white man here believes in a black business

  88. wally stewart

    wally stewart7 månader sedan

    dang im grown man this lady made my eyes water and she done one helluva job raising her kid

  89. Eric Guel

    Eric Guel7 månader sedan

    That's a good mama.

  90. Tedward

    Tedward7 månader sedan

    That son is raised with love and it shows. She is a winner. I love seeing this and I hope she succeeded

  91. lseul

    lseul7 månader sedan

    Maybe she was born in the ghetto, but she ain’t ghetto. That woman has some class and did an amazing job raising that child. Good on her

  92. Dan L

    Dan L7 månader sedan

    Meet Donald Trump bahaha let's see him now

  93. Carrots1997

    Carrots19977 månader sedan

    sorry im doing this as a school homework, anyone know the profit per cookie? thx lol

  94. Anna Witte

    Anna Witte7 månader sedan

    She acts like such trash about everything

  95. Jessica Strong

    Jessica Strong8 månader sedan

    Sad She could see all the people he helped in the past, & trust him, of all people.

  96. Leathelandlady

    Leathelandlady8 månader sedan

    She also needs some counseling. Good luck to the both of them.

  97. Super Phone

    Super Phone8 månader sedan

    God BLESS you Marcus!!! That you put people first , getting this mom to trust again. That you have integrity in business ,treat employees, and customers with respect and fairness!!! Wish I had a business that I could partner with you, I like your integrity!!!! 😊

  98. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith8 månader sedan

    In the black person world trust is hard black people are the best inventor ever I love this women and her son they are very good example to learn from I do not have a good education myself I'm but I'm so happy for you I was crying to see some one make it love you I was crying to see this I wish I will get ther one day

  99. Kwesi App

    Kwesi App8 månader sedan

    The mum is so real, bless her. I wish them successful business and thanks to the profit group.

  100. vee wilson

    vee wilson8 månader sedan

    This is awesome. These are the stories needed to be shared. This kid is amaxing, doing things adults won't, can't do. There are no words for this mother, she has raised this child and instilled things in him that she did have. And she's not leaning on excuses. If anyone deserves the gifts they've recieved its them. Beautiful. Im ordering cookies now. Oh no the website is down. Be back soon.

  101. Black Brown & Green

    Black Brown & Green8 månader sedan

    So inspiring

  102. Kevin Lino

    Kevin Lino9 månader sedan

    I don’t like Dave f him he’s a liar dude

  103. Dragon Archer16

    Dragon Archer169 månader sedan

    His mom made the Company and then his mom used age as a advantage

  104. cleto34sho

    cleto34sho9 månader sedan

    This is great

  105. A la Verga

    A la Verga9 månader sedan

    That's her husband in training.

  106. dominic owusu ansah

    dominic owusu ansah9 månader sedan

    mama you are good like that