Polestar 1 review - is it really worth £140K?

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This is the Polestar 1!
It’s been a long-time coming, but Mat’s finally got his hands on the first car produced by Volvo’s performance division since they've gone it alone!
When it comes to the looks, there’s no denying that the Polestar 1 is a gorgeous set of wheels. Not only that, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment if you invest in one of these, as it’s a plug-in hybrid that can drive for 77 miles on electric power alone - the most of any PHEV available today!
But just because it’s a hybrid doesn’t mean it’s down on power, as under the bonnet you’ll find a 2-litre supercharged engine which, along with two electric motors, can deliver 609hp and an amazing 1000Nm!
Sadly, there’s one downside… It costs £139,000!!! So, is it worth it? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:43 Price
01:34 Exterior Design
03:04 Interior
04:30 Practicality
05:03 Infotainment
05:53 Back Seats
07:13 Boot
08:28 Five Annoying Features
10:28 Five Good Features
12:16 Engines & Hybrid Tech
13:38 0 - 60mph
14:46 Drifting
16:50 Everyday Driving
19:52 Twisty Road Driving
22:22 Verdict
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  1. carwow

    carwow13 dagar sedan

    If you could, would you really spend £140k on a Polestar 1?! If not, what would you buy instead? Let us know BELOW!

  2. Abdulla Mohammed

    Abdulla Mohammed4 timmar sedan


  3. Кенигсегг Йеско

    Кенигсегг ЙескоDag sedan

    Of course look nice

  4. I.C Ish

    I.C Ish3 dagar sedan

    I would buy a Bentley continental gt and for a cheaper version of the pollster 1 I would buy a Volvo V90

  5. Chuck Osram

    Chuck Osram4 dagar sedan

    i dont think i coud anything else on the world buy than tesla model s plaid + for 140 k and it is the most ez question ever

  6. Andy Imrie

    Andy Imrie4 dagar sedan

    Any other 140k car

  7. Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]

    Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]3 timmar sedan

    The Audi e-tron RS is £6k cheaper than this thing... That alone is reason enough to buy it over this. Volvo being Volvo, tsk tsk tsk

  8. Paolo H

    Paolo H8 timmar sedan

    Head to Carwow & get 50% off to make it reasonably priced!

  9. Alfons Claesson

    Alfons Claesson9 timmar sedan

    all the sweds like this comment

  10. Dhruv Aggarwal

    Dhruv Aggarwal10 timmar sedan

    Volvo polestar was already dieng. Instead of making a supercharged turbocharged electric vehicle which oviously failed, this is what they came up with??

  11. MrBasinator

    MrBasinator12 timmar sedan

    Maybe try the pure electric mode for drifting as that's RWD only

  12. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni12 timmar sedan

    “Like a dying ox.” 😂😂

  13. MrBasinator

    MrBasinator12 timmar sedan

    I LOVE the back

  14. robin curston

    robin curston14 timmar sedan

    People who take your money and you get nothing in return are called scammers

  15. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni12 timmar sedan

    Screams volvo 🤔

  16. falconmiester

    falconmiesterDag sedan

    The most boring thing you could spend 140k on ladies and gentlemen

  17. Antony Baker

    Antony BakerDag sedan

    Does anyone know where he is driving at 20:07? Does anyone know the suburb or road?

  18. John McCullough

    John McCulloughDag sedan

    every coupe review he does... ooo lets check out the back seats, yeh lets spend some time bashing my head to show u cant fit... ITS A COUPE ITS MADE FOR 2 PEOPLE + SOME JUNK...ITS NOT A FAMILY CAR YOU BANANA

  19. Karlsruhe's Bad drivers

    Karlsruhe's Bad driversDag sedan

    But it really looks nice

  20. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlDag sedan

    The rims look really cool, when they skip in the snow

  21. VinAr Run

    VinAr Run2 dagar sedan

    ROFL for that money you can get a sick mercedes AMG who wants this plastic piece of shit hahaaha

  22. Bac Burrito

    Bac Burrito2 dagar sedan

    It’s performance is poor for the price, space is poor for the target audience, it’s too much like a volvo, hopeless boot, terrible seats, rides like a 20 year old minicab, terrible driving dynamics and £140k. Just buy a V90 with the best engine if you must have a Volvo.

  23. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlDag sedan

    Cool car, cooler jacket

  24. ORLANDO Gomez

    ORLANDO Gomez2 dagar sedan

    Not nice😢

  25. John Carry

    John Carry2 dagar sedan

    It's a shame it's so expensive and not very good in general because I think it's one of the nicest looking new GT cars I've seen in years.

  26. Rover Waters

    Rover Waters2 dagar sedan

    4:23 😆

  27. Nicholas Nc

    Nicholas Nc2 dagar sedan

    Hard to believe there will be anyone out there prepared to waste £140K on this thing, it's bloody awful. Only 2 seats that are realistically useable unless you're a family of midgets (no offence intended to shorter people). I cannot conceivably see how anyone could make a case for buying this car, couldn't fit your golf clubs into the boot, let alone 2 peoples clubs. It does look ok and seems quite nice inside but honestly........there's so so much better out there and for far less money and if you have that kind of money, what possible reason would there be to buy this car. Not for me thanks.

  28. harley.bbn0

    harley.bbn02 dagar sedan

    everyone gangtsa until mat pulls out his specialist timing gear

  29. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty2 dagar sedan

    140K of actual real money for this?! 😲 Whoever made this price up needs to low down mushroom consumption.

  30. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty2 dagar sedan

    With that many ads you ought to be on Channel 4. Ad settings are available. Consider reducing the number of ads. 🙄

  31. Is Hunt

    Is Hunt3 dagar sedan

    A pull start 1

  32. Luke Joe

    Luke Joe3 dagar sedan

    Screams volvo 🤔

  33. Sherif Ghoneim

    Sherif Ghoneim3 dagar sedan

    I'm not paying 140 grand for this even in monopoly money....

  34. God of Hell Fire

    God of Hell Fire3 dagar sedan

    Ain’t bothering watching the vid. The answer is ,no.

  35. MicroCloudHD

    MicroCloudHD3 dagar sedan

    The fact that it is made in China is a good reason not to buy this.

  36. cantraID 3

    cantraID 33 dagar sedan

    4:20 When your child wants candy acting be like:

  37. Fra Pas

    Fra Pas3 dagar sedan

    those boots though...beware of the fashion police, Matt

  38. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu3 dagar sedan

    I've seen Matt having more fun in Polish Fiat 126p than this.

  39. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu3 dagar sedan

    have some access to the technology. I love the car, not sure about the price but other than that i really like it. It definitely stands out from the crowd.

  40. Jan Beton

    Jan Beton3 dagar sedan

    Cool car, cooler jacket

  41. Robert Moran

    Robert Moran4 dagar sedan

    Your jacket is rank

  42. Kuhk

    Kuhk4 dagar sedan

    a swedish mustang

  43. Y00NIVERSE

    Y00NIVERSE4 dagar sedan

    looks nice but.......really? that much for a front wheel drive car?

  44. Keiyan

    Keiyan4 dagar sedan

    What’s the 0-60 tester you use

  45. Nice person

    Nice person4 dagar sedan

    The side looks slightly weird. At least near the back from a design perspective

  46. Quick Expert Reviews

    Quick Expert Reviews4 dagar sedan

    I've seen Matt having more fun in Polish Fiat 126p than this.

  47. Християн Димов

    Християн Димов4 dagar sedan

    what a stupid piece of trash is this car....

  48. Jason -

    Jason -4 dagar sedan

    With that many ads you ought to be on Channel 4. Ad settings are available. Consider reducing the number of ads. 🙄

  49. Amster

    Amster4 dagar sedan

    Can a supermodel cook a good curry or roast? Well they look good enough just to do nothing of any value. I give you the Polestar.

  50. rahmann

    rahmann4 dagar sedan

    Definitely a collector's car at that price.👎 With only 1500 ever being made at least it will be exclusive. It's a shame it doesn't drive as well as it looks.

  51. TheJoeMB

    TheJoeMB4 dagar sedan

    It may be rubbish but it's gorgeous. Such a stunning looking car.

  52. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi4 dagar sedan

    9:15 This weird sound really reminds me of the moving sounds of "tripod" in the movie "war of the world" lol

  53. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi4 dagar sedan

    POLESTAR? The same like the Benz in AMG. Volvo=Polestar forever ;)))))

  54. Top Cat

    Top Cat4 dagar sedan


  55. zenith nardin

    zenith nardin4 dagar sedan

    The price is in rupees !

  56. Bob Ajob

    Bob Ajob5 dagar sedan


  57. Martin

    Martin5 dagar sedan

    The car is an absolute beauty, and its innovative. All it needs is some great engine sound mimic system (great 5 cylinder sound or i6) and Volvo does them so they will probably have some access to the technology. I love the car, not sure about the price but other than that i really like it. It definitely stands out from the crowd.

  58. H

    H5 dagar sedan

    Looks like a KIA...

  59. Gainstrup

    Gainstrup5 dagar sedan

    And Iphone 12 are not overpriced,,,,,, i think it is good you focus on cars. price,,,, SO ? it cost 270.000 pounds in Denmark.

  60. min yoongi for life

    min yoongi for life5 dagar sedan

    This is the best car review I’ve ever seeeen 🤣

  61. ppp q

    ppp q5 dagar sedan

    a volvo and audi knockoff

  62. Kal Kalirai

    Kal Kalirai5 dagar sedan

    Good luck selling that ugly crap Volvo!

  63. colango98

    colango985 dagar sedan

    nice car,but £140k. nah.

  64. Kzn Nzn

    Kzn Nzn5 dagar sedan

    overpriced garbage, and no its not worth being collectible

  65. Serdar göksu

    Serdar göksu5 dagar sedan

    mrWatson is a creature that is superior to everything and everyone, please be respectful, it may not be nice for him to try that stick on you.

  66. jos van Hattum

    jos van Hattum5 dagar sedan

    And Mat knows Polestar very well although presents it to be a Chinese Volvo now🙈 He showed his insides in this Polestar 2 blog: setoos.info/name/2H7X1pmLa4R6pWs/video How knowledge can “disappear” so fast from Mat’s mind; what is to be believed😇

  67. jos van Hattum

    jos van Hattum5 dagar sedan

    Looking at the nürnburg test video you get a completely other picture🤔 setoos.info/name/roTFspCff5F4m54/video Makes you ask if this „journalist“ (Mat) really can drive a car, or is here something else going on🤔

  68. Sorin Neatu

    Sorin Neatu5 dagar sedan

    What's with the dislikes.. think those didn't like the car..

  69. Tri Poloski

    Tri Poloski5 dagar sedan

    140k what the...did they just out apple'd apple? even half that is daring

  70. Marek Brisuda

    Marek Brisuda5 dagar sedan

    POLESTAR? The same like the Benz in AMG. Volvo=Polestar forever ;)))))

  71. Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    Mateusz Wojtkiewicz5 dagar sedan

    I like it, but if I had that amount of money I'd buy that Bentley instead.

  72. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon5 dagar sedan

    They are gonna sanitise the car properly after watching this review because of highly awkward expressions from mat 😂😂😂

  73. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon5 dagar sedan

    They are gonna sanitise the car properly after watching this review because of highly awkward expressions from mat 😂😂😂

  74. Mark Knight

    Mark Knight5 dagar sedan

    140 grand, they’re having a laugh surely? Probably the last car you would buy for that money.

  75. Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]

    Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]5 timmar sedan

    Yeah, underneath the fancy "Polestar" badge, it's just a Volvo. A pretty good Volvo, but a Volvo none the less

  76. Zaq Stvnsn

    Zaq Stvnsn5 dagar sedan

    Polestar sounds like a stripper name

  77. Craig

    Craig6 dagar sedan

    Before watching it... No £140k on a car is not worth it. I’d pay off my mortgage and retire early instead of driving around in a Volvo.

  78. Craig

    Craig5 dagar sedan

    @Photo 4k I mean that a yobs car you are showing me there, but a second hand Golf (in non-chav spec) is a sensible motor.

  79. Craig

    Craig6 dagar sedan

    After watching it... Yes, it’s not worth it.

  80. Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe6 dagar sedan

    Worst car ever made

  81. TurboLurbo

    TurboLurbo6 dagar sedan


  82. 482 644

    482 6446 dagar sedan

    Why should I buy Chinese Volvo if I can for same money buy Bmw or Mercedes? I dont see point of this car! Anyway, who is buying Volvo this days? Probably nobody!

  83. Evillincoln

    Evillincoln6 dagar sedan

    As someone who owns a 2018 Polestar... I can share my disappointment. I've heard other reviewers mention the wind noise also... that's like my biggest pet peeve. Swedes should have kept the brand instead of tainting it with this mess.

  84. Ali Al-Zubaidi

    Ali Al-Zubaidi6 dagar sedan

    where did you buy the jacket from???

  85. Neil Bennet

    Neil Bennet6 dagar sedan

    BIN IT !!!

  86. Leonardo White

    Leonardo White6 dagar sedan

    So while it got the looks it lacks the brains

  87. H S

    H S6 dagar sedan

    GREAT REVIEW! 😆😆😆💯💯

  88. pow1983

    pow19836 dagar sedan

    99mph for 140k - I'd feel robbed

  89. Resonance

    Resonance6 dagar sedan

    Laughs in Elon

  90. RetroGamerVX

    RetroGamerVX6 dagar sedan

    No chance I'd buy this being priced around same price as a Bentley lol

  91. Felix Zinger

    Felix Zinger6 dagar sedan

    some piece of shit on wheels 😌

  92. TKF1

    TKF16 dagar sedan

    Its horrid and this is coming from someone who has spent most of their life inside volvos

  93. bilij pdan

    bilij pdan6 dagar sedan

    They are gonna sanitise the car properly after watching this review because of highly awkward expressions from mat 😂😂😂

  94. g pi

    g pi6 dagar sedan

    Looking forward to seeing those "intelligent" people owning Polestar, haha.

  95. Sneakerz On Deck

    Sneakerz On Deck5 dagar sedan

    Like the “proper”, “smart”, “techies” owning Tesla🤣

  96. Yiming Jack

    Yiming Jack6 dagar sedan

    Mat is the type of guys who wears a Burberry jacket with work boots

  97. bilij pdan

    bilij pdan6 dagar sedan

    mats low key tryna flex the jacket, i see you boi

  98. Farhat Iqbal

    Farhat Iqbal6 dagar sedan

    5:11 all the good things stop say hello to the heaven of criticism Volvo and Polestar are having a harsh time because they are only allowed to use 3 and 4 cylinder engines. I can't blame them for getting permission for the Chinese company that owns them was a very nice company but they were on the limits of small engines and will become a zero Simpson zone. Fun fact making an electric car is really harsh and at one point in the earth all of those materials will run out and as people are charging their cars and a wide goes off in the industrial site where electricity is made. People will die because of this and I would prefer the combustion engine because not all people can afford electric cars and neither can they charge them if they are in a house. Without a garage or it's too small. I'm sorry to say but there will never be an electric lorry or van. They might have a decent range but you can no longer have the ice amenities of before such as air conditioning when your range drops significantly. I don't see how this will work out and you don't get the fun from a combustion engine on your commute to work. Just if you want the world to survive just put a load of petrol particulate filters on them or DPF on them with a lighter exhaust so it is only 1kg heavier making much less emissions. And that is how you solve problems. People will move out of Europe somewhere else because of the tax payments and simply they can't afford it here. And the ULEZ zones. People are charged and the rich parliament on wait aren't we paying for their expensive cars?

  99. Farhat Iqbal

    Farhat Iqbal6 dagar sedan

    Amazon have a disgusting autocorrect Simpson was emission and wide is wire

  100. LBNMKRS

    LBNMKRS6 dagar sedan

    Its a fucking Geely ffs.

  101. Bolia Fops

    Bolia Fops6 dagar sedan

    mats low key tryna flex the jacket, i see you boi

  102. RVI mobile

    RVI mobile6 dagar sedan

    ..they should get bankrupt with such a crap of car

  103. Motoring Chef

    Motoring Chef6 dagar sedan

    It's name sounds like "Porn Star", so it's a No. Then and more worse, its made in China, the biggest NO to this car

  104. Bolia Fops

    Bolia Fops6 dagar sedan

    Omg this is f..... art im in love ❤️

  105. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy7 dagar sedan

    They are gonna sanitise the car properly after watching this review because of highly awkward expressions from mat 😂😂😂

  106. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy7 dagar sedan

    most I liked about this car.

  107. Richard Green

    Richard Green7 dagar sedan

    I thought it was a volvo wtf 😳

  108. Rajine Ravichandran

    Rajine Ravichandran7 dagar sedan

    This car reminds of the Audi A5 3DR

  109. DonuttMan23

    DonuttMan237 dagar sedan

    As a diehard volvo/polestar fan I have to say this car is not up to it's best. Way too overpriced for what you get. No launch control. Can't even drift. I mean I would rather buy an m5 competition for half the price and get 100x better performance out of it. Sorry but it's not worth it. The polestar 2 however seems to be much better.

  110. Mike

    Mike7 dagar sedan

    What are those 😂😂😂😂😂

  111. Jonathan Carrell

    Jonathan Carrell7 dagar sedan

    On the timing gear it said sub 11 quarter mile. Was that from this car or the last tested?

  112. Shareef Alsayed

    Shareef Alsayed7 dagar sedan

    Imagine a GT that’s even more economical, handles and drives way better, is more practical, more luxurious, is from an infinitely more reputable and special brand and is half the price of this. It’s called a Porsche Taycan. Half price. You can drive away in a brand new Taycan and $80k left over or part with all that money to drive a lesser car just to be one of 1500 possible oafs who would rather be an exclusive member of a club that sounds a lot like porn star that is a sub brand of another that sounds like vulva.

  113. K P

    K P7 dagar sedan

    What if I told you the value of *ANY* of this car's competitors is absolutely terrible. If you're concerned about value, get something like a Mercedes Coupe, or even an 8 series.

  114. Ultraguy87

    Ultraguy875 dagar sedan

    I think the LC500 is probably the best value-wise.

  115. K P

    K P7 dagar sedan

    If I were looking for luxury I would get a E Class coupe over a Bentley, but the Bentley just has a level of exclusivity that's very alluring. And for the same reason one would get a Bentley over an E Class, I would get *this* over a Bentley. This looks massively better imo ( I know I just triggered some sensitive people lol) and is something you don't ever see on the road.

  116. Jordan Polatol

    Jordan Polatol7 dagar sedan

    mats low key tryna flex the jacket, i see you boi

  117. Akshit

    Akshit7 dagar sedan

    Nobody 9:14 me and da bois going to school

  118. LOVER Boy

    LOVER Boy7 dagar sedan

    Need for speed H E A T

  119. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy7 dagar sedan

    As beautiful as it is 140k 🤮. I'd sooner spend the money on model s plaid+ if I wanted modern tech and speed or for design a Vantage

  120. gOtze1337

    gOtze13377 dagar sedan

    thx for the honesty, matt !

  121. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy7 dagar sedan

    Hi smoke grass 😂🙈💪🙂😎

  122. Briceni

    Briceni7 dagar sedan

    More like a star on parole. Reminiscent of a washed up Lyndsay Lohan.