TOP 25 Awesome Upcoming Action 2D Games 2020 & 2021 ( Metroidvania ) PS4, Xbox One, PC

25 Amazing Upcoming 2D Games of 2020 & 2021 PS4,Xbox One,PC | Best Upcoming Nintendo Action 2D Games of 2020 & 2021, I Upcoming Castlevania Games Style | Hope Enjoy it Please Like & Subscribe == == Support Me
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1: Vernal Edge
2: Virgil: The Longest Night
3: Gestalt: Steam & Cinder
4: Clunky Hero
5: Eastern Exorcist
6: The Last Faith
7: Smelter
8: Ghost Song
9: Foregone
10: Endless Memories
11: Outpost Delta
12: Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth
13: Flynn: Son of Crimson
14: Rubi: The Wayward Mira
15: Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia
16: SteamDolls - Order Of Chaos
17: Hollow Knight: Silksong
18: Transmute
19: The Cork
20: Bushiden
21: Charge Blade Hero
22: Gleamlight
23: Anew: The Distant Light
24: Haiku, the Robot
25: Dreamless: The Madness from the Sea
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  1. F Game Killer

    F Game Killer10 månader sedan

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  2. Callisto Naval Shipyards

    Callisto Naval ShipyardsMånad sedan

    Last Faith blatantly steals assets from Blasphemous and Foregone is a shameless rip-off of Dead Cells. You say that Foregone has a "unique" art style as if you're just unaware that Dead Cells exists. Are you seriously just unaware of some of the most successful and well-known 2D action platformers of the past several years?

  3. Alexandru Tanasov

    Alexandru TanasovMånad sedan

    What is the name of the game that is on the cover of the video before clicking on it?

  4. Raylight

    Raylight10 månader sedan

    Add those links in the description. Where only those interested will see them.

  5. roody1991

    roody19912 dagar sedan

    What's the name of the game in the thumbnail?

  6. Likall Lab

    Likall Lab2 dagar sedan

    Love or hate metroidvenia? you litterly cannot hate it its impossible physically xD even shittiest metroidvenia is good

  7. Paul Keisat

    Paul Keisat2 dagar sedan

    I've seen the silksong trailer so many times but I still get excited when I see it.

  8. sbn025

    sbn0252 dagar sedan

    20:37 i like pixel art but that is just too much

  9. Demiurge13

    Demiurge135 dagar sedan

    is it wrong to say I want all of them?

  10. F Game Killer

    F Game Killer5 dagar sedan

    It's damn right : )

  11. Pokepoke mon

    Pokepoke mon7 dagar sedan

    Nintendo switch plz

  12. Александр Тонкевич

    Александр Тонкевич12 dagar sedan


  13. Chin Chong

    Chin Chong28 dagar sedan

    Damn, I gotta keep up. Wanna try at least half of these games, some of them are definitely going straight to my backlog at pixelgames

  14. apotheosis00

    apotheosis00Månad sedan

    Anyone else notice many of these have red-haired protagonists? Odd.


    KUMITE GAMINGMånad sedan

    last fait look like blasfemous

  16. Jimmy Clarke

    Jimmy ClarkeMånad sedan

    I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. (Isaiah 66:4 [KJV]) ` And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV]) ` I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV]) ` And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27 [KJV])

  17. ¡Cuba!

    ¡Cuba!Månad sedan

    I really recomend Vigil: The Longest Night.

  18. Nate Black

    Nate BlackMånad sedan

    When tf is that coming to PS4?

  19. Timeshifter VNB

    Timeshifter VNBMånad sedan

    That EASTERN EXORCIST got me,i tot it was Kimetsu No Yaiba game at the thumbnail

  20. Diogo Balla

    Diogo BallaMånad sedan

    Yellow Knight joguei é bom e também o enchance parece bom

  21. Diogo Balla

    Diogo BallaMånad sedan

    Também kaze

  22. Diogo Balla

    Diogo BallaMånad sedan

    Faltou ori

  23. Sprite

    SpriteMånad sedan

    clunky hero looks like shovel knight

  24. Varyn

    VarynMånad sedan

    thank you so much for this video

  25. Vegan Forever

    Vegan ForeverMånad sedan

    I much prefer these games now

  26. Sambo Panda

    Sambo PandaMånad sedan

    I like 2.5D side scrolling with today’s graphics!

  27. Lord Malkom

    Lord MalkomMånad sedan

    This was a really helpfull list. and not guessing how good or bad it is or the visuals looked was nice too. Just showing and letting the viewer decide. Thanks

  28. xPistols4Pandasx

    xPistols4PandasxMånad sedan

    You missed Greak which looks amazing too

  29. nioh dexter

    nioh dexterMånad sedan

    clunky hero is that you solaire?

  30. Ninjhetto NLK3

    Ninjhetto NLK3Månad sedan

    I should just watch a walkthrough of Hollow Knight.

  31. Zeek

    Zeek2 månader sedan

    Wow, gleamlight looks amazing, very original concept, Take may wallett.

  32. Jared Tharp

    Jared Tharp2 månader sedan

    stoked about bushiden but it drives me crazy that his arms switch sides

  33. NARROW

    NARROW2 månader sedan

    yeah ghost song only has one person working on it

  34. NARROW

    NARROW2 månader sedan

    again nothing against your channel but knowing that they change the name of that game because it had Oriental in the title is just complete stupidity

  35. NARROW

    NARROW2 månader sedan

    the word Oriental does not insult anyone at least anyone I know who's Asian this is ridiculous just more political correct nonsense from people who desperately need to get into the real world

  36. Franklin Orehek

    Franklin Orehek2 månader sedan

    Any hollow knight is good hollow knight.

  37. Burak Demir

    Burak Demir3 månader sedan

    The "Smelter" game is like a reboot of ActRaiser, idk (and I love your Metroidvania videos. When I try to find that games I couldn't find that many, but you're listing all of them to me, you're the best


    BULL BEAR3 månader sedan

    Metroidvania games are great bc of the replay value. They're like the Honda Civics of gaming

  39. RF225

    RF2253 månader sedan

    cork? are you kidding me??? tha fuck

  40. Wilson Freeman

    Wilson Freeman3 månader sedan

    Smelter reminds me of Actraiser

  41. Dario JL TechTrek

    Dario JL TechTrek3 månader sedan

    Gleamlight 24:11 charachter looks like Orco from Masters Of The Universe :D

  42. teknomaniac

    teknomaniac3 månader sedan

    Timestamps: 0:28 Vernal Edge 1:26 Virgil: The Longest Night 2:28 Gestalt: Steam & Cinder 3:41 Clunky Hero 4:36 Eastern Exorcist 5:50 The Last Faith 6:53 Smelter 8:11 Ghost Song 9:00 Foregone 9:50 Endless Memories 10:36 Outpost Delta 11:39 Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth 12:41 Flynn: Son of Crimson 14:31 Rubi: The Wayward Mira 15:34 Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia 16:05 SteamDolls - Order Of Chaos 16:43 Hollow Knight: Silksong 18:39 Transmute 20:00 The Cork 21:05 Bushiden 23:15 Charge Blade Hero 24:05 Gleamlight 24:46 Anew: The Distant Light 27:55 Haiku, the Robot 28:46 Dreamless: The Madness from the Sea (Thumbnail is Eastern Exorcist, which begins at 4:36 )

  43. Fer Souza Crochê

    Fer Souza Crochê3 månader sedan

    Very nice, i love this style of game, i also find a free android metroidvania looks like good until now , this one

  44. Zulfikeay

    Zulfikeay3 månader sedan

    two games got my interest Eastern Exorcist and Enter Lilies - got both of them thanks for your time making this video. :)


    YAHUSHA KING3 månader sedan

    Turrican combo also is out

  46. virtualong

    virtualong3 månader sedan

    EXACTLY, Devil may cry, it was the forefather of action-adventure 3D games (combat and movement wise), not that bastard son, dark souls, as every millennial and 10'ie think.


    DUBSDADEVILL3 månader sedan

    Its pronounced X sor sist .


    REE ANIMATION & GAMING3 månader sedan

    You forgot about my game, The Adventures of Gorm :-) Well, it doesn't have a release date, so perhaps it's not relevant :-)


    REE ANIMATION & GAMING3 månader sedan

    @F Game Killer Thanks a bunch.. Hmm, maybe I SHOULD make a trailer 🙂

  50. F Game Killer

    F Game Killer3 månader sedan

    can u make a trailer for it? that way i'd be happy to include it in my next Upcoming Action 2D games.

  51. Trilobite MMMXXX

    Trilobite MMMXXX3 månader sedan

    SuperNintendo graphics in 2021.

  52. Mozartkugel

    Mozartkugel3 månader sedan

    Out of all these 25 games, my most wanted wish list reads: 1 - Hollow Knight Silksong 2-25 - the rest

  53. D V1lln

    D V1lln4 månader sedan

    Last faith best 1 on this list!!

  54. Adityaloka Pratama

    Adityaloka Pratama4 månader sedan

    Whats that game on the thumbnail?

  55. Memor Bosm

    Memor Bosm4 månader sedan

    I tride

  56. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧

    𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧4 månader sedan

    The swordplay in Gestalt and The Last Faith looks so satisfying. One thing about these 2D games is the lack of varying sword swings, usually its like two animations (light/strong attack), but this game looks to go beyond that, adding some flare to combat.

  57. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler4 månader sedan

    Bushiden looks top tear.

  58. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler4 månader sedan

    The ghost one soundtrack sounds awexsome

  59. pix lax

    pix lax4 månader sedan

    devil may cry was resident evil 4 to start with don't know where you got your info but its incorrect

  60. jovoN

    jovoN4 månader sedan

    Everyone should thank Ridley Scott for Alien; Had it not been for him, there would've been no Metroid, and Castlevania would've never taken that route.

  61. Noblesse

    Noblesse4 månader sedan

    The last faith seem interesting

  62. Laya Monarez

    Laya Monarez4 månader sedan

    Anew Distant Light looks like a ton of fun. I'd love to play that one.

  63. Krishna Umale

    Krishna Umale4 månader sedan

    The last faith is look best game in video. Wating for that❤️

  64. CJ-Combo

    CJ-Combo4 månader sedan

    What game was that at 0:01

  65. China Life

    China Life4 månader sedan

    Ghost n Goblins

  66. dialingdust

    dialingdust4 månader sedan

    outpost delta reminds me of Abus back on windows 95.

  67. Ahmad Thomas

    Ahmad Thomas4 månader sedan

    Wy is so many female hero's in games so not fun women don't even care about games less more of saving the world get back god of war hero's with kick ass muscle and Lionel of thundara stop making woman the hero more realistic

  68. Emma Frost

    Emma Frost4 månader sedan

    Vigil seems interesting. The rest isn’t my cup of tea.

  69. Emma Frost

    Emma Frost2 månader sedan

    @Anomalous Delirium mostly I agree. I ve played it. its a great game.

  70. Anomalous Delirium

    Anomalous Delirium2 månader sedan

    It's as good as in the trailer, if not better. Beautiful and atmospheric. Smooth and cool animations. Not too easy yet not too hard. Exploration and collecting. Thematic areas. Linked areas instead of linear. Appearance change according to wardrobe and weapons. Simple upgrade and enchant. Several alternate decisions and endings. Etc. It could be even better, but i give it atleast 7.5 score for what is available.

  71. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity4 månader sedan

    @gazelam1973 I know its out on PC. not sure of the rest

  72. gazelam1973

    gazelam19734 månader sedan

    What platform is Vigil releasing on? I rewatched that part of the video multiple times and it never mentions it.

  73. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity4 månader sedan

    Totally Agree. I've had my fill of Pixel Art. Fantasy not really my thing either. prefer themed games. Victorian, mythology or medieval setting

  74. Chico DePuertoRico

    Chico DePuertoRico4 månader sedan

    Most of these games resemble each other. Not in terms of visual aesthetics but in mechanics and flavor.

  75. skorp

    skorp5 månader sedan

    If anyone is looking at this now, Vigil is easily one of the best games of the genre I’ve played. There was a recent update that fixed a lot of the launch issues like crashes and translation fixes. Cannot recommend the game enough, it’s so fucking good.

  76. aura la

    aura la5 månader sedan

    Emergency st a l i hkj a

  77. aura la

    aura la5 månader sedan

    V fh g enhancement sk ty fhv ty al

  78. Xenelda

    Xenelda5 månader sedan

    Hollow Knight: Silksong though...

  79. Maxim Prebushenya

    Maxim Prebushenya5 månader sedan

    80% - mindless indie shit, except The Last Faith (looks amazing), and Ghost Song(stylish one). Thoughtlessly copying old ideas and concepts. Senseless emulation of old graphics solutions (ala pixel graphics and primitivism of 90s consoles) You don't need to be an expert to understand that 90% of thees games are made on the simplest version of Unreal and Uniti engines with the sole purpose of making money.Of course, unless you are just a dumb smartphone teen

  80. Don't You Get Caught Somedays

    Don't You Get Caught Somedays5 månader sedan

    Hi guys ! Have you got some news about The Last Faith ? Really love the atmosphere but i can't find it anywhere =/ I'm a Xbox one / PS4 player...

  81. Johnny Faint

    Johnny Faint5 månader sedan

    Anew looks insane!

  82. K. J.

    K. J.5 månader sedan

    "mid 80s" DUDE WHAT? LOL

  83. Indie Senshi

    Indie Senshi5 månader sedan

    Castlevania released on September 26, 1986

  84. Ramos Guilbert

    Ramos Guilbert5 månader sedan

    gestalt is like a rip off of Zero

  85. Сергей Антониди

    Сергей Антониди5 månader sedan

    Amazing games!

  86. Gulyás Dávid

    Gulyás Dávid5 månader sedan

    all looks like awesome and must buy! my wallet: uhoo

  87. Chrom

    Chrom6 månader sedan

    to small

  88. De Tudo um Pouco BR

    De Tudo um Pouco BR6 månader sedan

    so many shit games, I stick with old 2d games

  89. Dane Plays Games Badly

    Dane Plays Games Badly6 månader sedan

    Gleamlight looks like they just took Orko from He-Man and stole assets from Hollow Knight

  90. Jorge Zombie

    Jorge Zombie6 månader sedan

    Games mid 80s were nothing near a metroidvania. Metroid was around but castlevania was super linear until symphony of the night. That's was mid 90s.

  91. Skadisson Deboye

    Skadisson Deboye6 månader sedan

    Great video, showed so many upcomming gems nobody ever talks about, thanks. :D

  92. aura la

    aura la6 månader sedan

    Lo po ji ki 8 7 8 a pages details 9 8 7 8 a lo ji a

  93. Alfredo Tomesani

    Alfredo Tomesani6 månader sedan

    lo sai che io tertmine metroid vania è la cosa più sbagliata dell'universo? perchè i primi castlevania erano sidescroll beat em up. e quando si dici metroidvania si pensaai primi 3 capitoli della serie. ma si chiamano metroidvania perchè dal synphony of the night hanno messo le spade e non più la frusta. mentre l'es'plorazione della mappa così metroid ce lo ha sempre avuto. ma in questo perido storico un gioco 2d o 3d che ha: roll, e sword play non è un metroid vania è un souls like. Quindi il termine metroid vania è sbagliato e non esiste. e tu così come tutti gli altri siete degli ignoranti del cazzo che inquinate il web

  94. Sergio Jetro

    Sergio Jetro6 månader sedan

    Vigil The Endless Night, Endless Memories, Foregone for today my chose

  95. slashmania83

    slashmania836 månader sedan

    What is the name of the game with the samurai woman and the creepy creature with lots of heads?

  96. F Game Killer

    F Game Killer6 månader sedan

    Eastern Exorcist

  97. Fuad PidorGG

    Fuad PidorGG6 månader sedan

    Bushiden SoundTrack PLS

  98. XDS XDS

    XDS XDS6 månader sedan

    More like top 15 ad pop ups.

  99. ThePowrot

    ThePowrot6 månader sedan

    no monster sanctuary rly?

  100. Przemysław Br

    Przemysław Br6 månader sedan

    24:22 omg it's FF Red Mage 😄

  101. Mark Oleary

    Mark Oleary6 månader sedan

    Which one has the best music, ala SotN?

  102. Covil Secreto

    Covil Secreto6 månader sedan

    Ai sim, um monte de Metroidvania para fazer gameplay, to feito vou gravar monte de vídeo me divertindo com esses jogos.

  103. Futebol and Soccer

    Futebol and Soccer3 månader sedan

    Eu comprei esse daqui: Até agora estou me divertindo bastante. tem bastante coisa escondida

  104. lilldavid2k7

    lilldavid2k76 månader sedan

    Top 25 bla bla a 2020-2021 and the first game is dated 2022 -_-' might wanna change the name of the video mate

  105. Def Style

    Def Style6 månader sedan

    Some of these games may never see a release date like Heart forth Alicia and Forsaken Castle

  106. Blade Brown

    Blade Brown6 månader sedan

    Keep using the term "Metroidvania" term until Nintendo sues you for using the suffix "Metroid".

  107. David Pendry

    David Pendry7 månader sedan

    The last faith looks so much like blasphemous and I couldn’t be happier about it. I can’t wait to try it. I was sad when I finally finished my penance runs.

  108. RAY

    RAY7 månader sedan

    現在我已越來越不喜歡玩3D遊戲, 除了用極複雜和困擾你的控作外, 對遊戲流暢和爽快一點幫助都沒有, 而2D技術的進步和加入些3D背境, 現在越來越喜歡2D遊戲, 明越2D遊戲為了有更高的表現力, 見到在各方面不斷下苦功

  109. YuGiOh HUB

    YuGiOh HUB7 månader sedan

    now, i'll be honest with y'all, clunky hero looks like shit

  110. European Retro Gamer

    European Retro Gamer7 månader sedan

    Someone please what's the game in the thumbnail?

  111. F Game Killer

    F Game Killer7 månader sedan

    Eastern Exorcist

  112. Jazmean Lala

    Jazmean Lala7 månader sedan

    Take my money!!! I don't care if I have to get a second job

  113. Danh Nguyễn

    Danh Nguyễn7 månader sedan

    the last faith reminded me of blasphemous

  114. Ewolf5150

    Ewolf51505 månader sedan

    Yeah, it’s almost to similar in it’s art style. Kind of insulting to copy another game that closely imo

  115. Agent. Xero

    Agent. Xero6 månader sedan

    Likewise, the terrain and the hitting effects are quite similar!

  116. Jacques Jtheripper

    Jacques Jtheripper7 månader sedan

    Tks for that list, many cool looking games. That astronaut game looks awesome. Just got back into sidescroller style games, salt and sanctuary, slain, blasphemous has so nicely done mood and narrator. Cant take too much games like bloodstained and axiom verge with too synthetic sounds and music.

  117. peter c

    peter c7 månader sedan

    ahh is ghost song ever going to make it lol

  118. random_dude

    random_dude7 månader sedan

    25:53 Looks absolutely AMAZING!