Would You Rather Have A Giant Diamond or $100,000?

I cant believe i spent this much again....
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  1. Vong Vuthy

    Vong Vuthy43 minuter sedan

    When u say Felix I thought it was pewdiepie

  2. Patrick Woods

    Patrick WoodsTimme sedan

    I think its funny when he says 38,000 dollars is nothing

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  6. rafael anonuevo

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  7. The Bro's

    The Bro's4 timmar sedan


  8. John Klein

    John Klein4 timmar sedan

    Mr beast is amazing

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  12. spicy

    spicy7 timmar sedan

    isnt andre the guy you gave a car to

  13. Joshua Chavez

    Joshua Chavez7 timmar sedan

    please do more of these videos

  14. Kabir Kaushik

    Kabir Kaushik8 timmar sedan

    Hi, Im makin’ this comment 70.000th one.. 😂

  15. Ivan Sy

    Ivan Sy8 timmar sedan

    chris being a bro @7:30

  16. rabax brickmen

    rabax brickmen9 timmar sedan


  17. rabax brickmen

    rabax brickmen9 timmar sedan

    this is the 70,000th comment

  18. rabax brickmen

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  19. rabax brickmen

    rabax brickmen9 timmar sedan


  20. rabax brickmen

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  21. rabax brickmen

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  22. rabax brickmen

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  23. rabax brickmen

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  24. rabax brickmen

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  25. Daguestgamer

    Daguestgamer9 timmar sedan

    7:31 is so funny 😂😂

  26. Simone Shecleworth

    Simone Shecleworth10 timmar sedan

    8:42 Chris Congratulations for winning 10,000$ 8:45 Congratulations for winning slime over your body 🤣

  27. Simone Shecleworth

    Simone Shecleworth10 timmar sedan

    3:18 harsh

  28. Hey Yeow

    Hey Yeow11 timmar sedan

    Sir help us we are poor sir please🙏🙏🙏from Philippines

  29. Zhe Timmeh

    Zhe Timmeh12 timmar sedan

    I would rather have the Giant Diamond, atleast it has a value and is worth something.

  30. David James Faustino

    David James Faustino13 timmar sedan

    Mrbeast im from Philippines , hope to read this. Hoping thay you might help me with my financial for my college. Btw im currently studying MECHANICAL ENGINEERING here in the Philippines

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    Mamta Agarwal14 timmar sedan

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  34. Leonie Dodson

    Leonie Dodson17 timmar sedan

    That is a lot of MONEY💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  35. Op Nepali gamer boy

    Op Nepali gamer boy17 timmar sedan


  36. Aahid Ansad

    Aahid Ansad22 timmar sedan

    Mr. Beast can you please gimme 2ps4's

  37. g12mk

    g12mk23 timmar sedan

    I'm watching this while eating piatos

  38. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan23 timmar sedan

    Hmmm I'll cover the diamond with the check an take it

  39. Missthalia18

    Missthalia18Dag sedan

    Pick me and my mans!!!!!!!!!!!! We neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds to be on one of your vids haha

  40. Missthalia18

    Missthalia18Dag sedan

    I’m a very motivated individual

  41. Bruh.

    Bruh.Dag sedan

    Would you rather kill your dog or get 100m?!

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  49. HawomiNinja

    HawomiNinjaDag sedan

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    Mr MarioDag sedan

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    Mr MarioDag sedan

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    Anushka kaurDag sedan

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  53. DOT

    DOTDag sedan

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  54. Artur Lima

    Artur LimaDag sedan

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  60. Alphiome Gezy Lopez

    Alphiome Gezy LopezDag sedan

    It Would Be Awesome To Be A Camera Man In MrBeast!

  61. Zachary Goddard

    Zachary GoddardDag sedan

    MrBeast is so kind i swear BTW I am subbed :DDD

  62. Aman Mandal

    Aman MandalDag sedan

    Mr beast

  63. Anime Unboxer

    Anime UnboxerDag sedan

    Man who won 38 grand diamond for doing nothing


    PRATYUSH KDag sedan

    Would you rather have MRBEAST for ever

  65. Rose Ortea

    Rose OrteaDag sedan

    Mr beast help us.. my husband doesnt have work because of the pandemic. I'm from philippines. Please help us

  66. Kyle Capangpangan

    Kyle CapangpanganDag sedan


  67. Kyle Capangpangan

    Kyle CapangpanganDag sedan

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  68. Sigit Pramono

    Sigit Pramono2 dagar sedan

    It is so fun i wish i can play so (happy)🤩🤩🤩😍

  69. LiLi Puddin'

    LiLi Puddin'2 dagar sedan

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  71. William Brooks

    William Brooks2 dagar sedan

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  72. HTW HurlTheWyler

    HTW HurlTheWyler2 dagar sedan

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  73. Ram's Gameplay

    Ram's Gameplay2 dagar sedan


  74. #24kfatjuice

    #24kfatjuice2 dagar sedan


  75. Owna Boss Reviews

    Owna Boss Reviews2 dagar sedan

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  76. R1sh1

    R1sh12 dagar sedan

    0:49 yep for sure thats nothing 😰

  77. Phena Par

    Phena Par2 dagar sedan


  78. Janey Thomas

    Janey Thomas2 dagar sedan

    Who sings at the end?

  79. Enderkingplays

    Enderkingplays2 dagar sedan

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  83. Holy Temesgen

    Holy Temesgen2 dagar sedan

    I know dragon city I have the best dragons mud dragon fire dragon.

  84. Holy Temesgen

    Holy Temesgen2 dagar sedan

    Oh I ahve more don’t worry!

  85. Mary Fallon

    Mary Fallon2 dagar sedan

    What did he do

  86. Binard Kalldura

    Binard Kalldura2 dagar sedan


  87. Binard Kalldura

    Binard Kalldura2 dagar sedan

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  88. Purple. Thunder

    Purple. Thunder2 dagar sedan

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  89. Purple. Thunder

    Purple. Thunder2 dagar sedan

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  90. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    Mr beast is the frikin best

  91. CutyPie

    CutyPie2 dagar sedan

    I choose diamond because I pay with €'s.

  92. Astral_dev

    Astral_dev2 dagar sedan

    13:09 PitARDA XD

  93. Vishikh Tech

    Vishikh Tech2 dagar sedan

    mr beast can you give me a gaming pc bro because i want to be a gamer and can't afford it. love from INDIA.

  94. N frame sprites

    N frame sprites2 dagar sedan

    Imagine, a Filipino subscriber flying to US just to participate games by MrBeast? Pick me Jimmy!

  95. happy blue

    happy blue2 dagar sedan

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  96. Peter Franko

    Peter Franko2 dagar sedan

    i honestly smile through all of mr beasts videos!!

  97. Howell Linda

    Howell Linda2 dagar sedan

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  98. Peter Franko

    Peter Franko2 dagar sedan

    Mr Beast: Chandler, you're risking a lot of stuff; maybe you should... Chandler: No

  99. Talbir Mann

    Talbir Mann6 timmar sedan

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  100. Bandoos11

    Bandoos112 dagar sedan

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  101. Artoz

    Artoz2 dagar sedan

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  102. Andrew Hyun

    Andrew Hyun2 dagar sedan

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