Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO - Jay Leno's Garage

Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO. Did you know Tim Allen is a car guy? Check out the muscly Camaro of his teenaged dreams, exquisitely upgraded with a 505 hp 427 and lots of other great stuff by Allen and Bodie Stroud. Get ready for an awesome burnout...
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Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Jorn41

    Jorn418 timmar sedan

    Seat belts?????

  2. jstevenj1

    jstevenj121 timme sedan

    Beautiful job on this '68, I'm not a vintage expert but I knew it was a '68 on first glance. I was in my early teens when the model came out, man, some models really made an impression on us Sixties kids. Tim, your taste is impeccable,your eyes - our hearts! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Pat Kaczmarek

    Pat KaczmarekDag sedan

    Badass ride.

  4. brickit26

    brickit26Dag sedan

    Tim getting pissed when jay had his greasy hand on the paint, About blew up when he pushed down the hood that didn't close.

  5. Rolls Merlin

    Rolls MerlinDag sedan

    one tire fire ... impressive Tim !

  6. Clinton Grandy

    Clinton Grandy2 dagar sedan

    Chief Justice!

  7. Clinton Grandy

    Clinton Grandy2 dagar sedan

    Praise the Lord!

  8. Antonio Fields

    Antonio Fields2 dagar sedan

    What's the jazz song in this?

  9. Spookydog

    Spookydog3 dagar sedan

    we need more tim tim

  10. Eldon Triggs

    Eldon Triggs5 dagar sedan

    They’re selling those wheels now, anyone can get them. I’m looking to put a set of them on my 57 Chevy.

  11. Larry's Live Bands

    Larry's Live Bands5 dagar sedan

    Hi Jay and Tim! Love the car! Your a lucky guy Jay. So many nice rides. You Rock bro!!!

  12. K T

    K T5 dagar sedan

    I'm interested, how much would it cost to buy a similar one today?

  13. Fitit

    Fitit5 dagar sedan

    I’m not sure but I was around the speed shops for 40 years and one day a body and fender guy told me that the “big block” Camaros have a double stamped 2 layer firewall for strength from the factory.

  14. Adam Robey

    Adam Robey6 dagar sedan

    Tim Allen looked very much like a bit of poo came out when he did that burnout :-)

  15. 22CARLOCO22

    22CARLOCO226 dagar sedan

    Too bad it's all gay!

  16. 22CARLOCO22

    22CARLOCO226 dagar sedan

    Throw the stealies on it!

  17. Alex M.

    Alex M.6 dagar sedan

    O were just couple car guys. Between them, they have some of the best classic car collections in the world.

  18. a99t33

    a99t337 dagar sedan

    Gay bear tuxedo car

  19. Milo

    Milo9 dagar sedan

    Does anybody knows the music title in the video? And what fantastic car by the way, Tim is a lucky guy!

  20. Janik Aebi

    Janik Aebi10 dagar sedan

    427 nice and fast motor

  21. robin flory

    robin flory11 dagar sedan

    Sweet ride guys.....simple and just right...👍

  22. Gman k

    Gman k11 dagar sedan

    My God i love this car!!!

  23. Steve

    Steve13 dagar sedan

    seat belts back then only went around your waist.

  24. Eric Offutt

    Eric Offutt13 dagar sedan


  25. kelly gable

    kelly gable14 dagar sedan

    Jay managed to mention his Mclaren , all take a drink .

  26. John Lawson

    John Lawson14 dagar sedan

    Absolutely beautiful car Tim Thanks for showing it

  27. M. Gonz

    M. Gonz14 dagar sedan

    Ah, ah, ah, moar power!

  28. Delawanna

    Delawanna15 dagar sedan

    I Friken loathe Hollyweird but I do like these guys! 👍

  29. HoopleHeadUSA

    HoopleHeadUSA15 dagar sedan

    Absolutely exquisite car

  30. Mike Casabona

    Mike Casabona16 dagar sedan

    The didactic sale definitely force because june prominently type next a questionable pizza. handsome, melodic withdrawal

  31. Kaung Sat Thu Kaung

    Kaung Sat Thu Kaung16 dagar sedan


  32. twas brillig

    twas brillig16 dagar sedan

    9:42 nervous laughter from Tim

  33. ben hauger

    ben hauger16 dagar sedan

    Tim Allen loves Coke more than cars

  34. Arlene Barnes

    Arlene Barnes18 dagar sedan

    The discreet detail qualitatively bolt because attempt conceivably wreck upon a hungry squash. infamous, horrible transport

  35. frank pavan

    frank pavan18 dagar sedan

    Beautiful classic Camaro made to run like a modern one. I love the color!!!

  36. Range Man

    Range Man18 dagar sedan

    That COPO 69 Z28 with factory dual quads is THE Camaro to have ! only one ! made for the vice president of GM

  37. Thomas Schaefer

    Thomas Schaefer19 dagar sedan

    great car. I love the color.

  38. bigol davey

    bigol davey19 dagar sedan

    Tim looked scared to death doing the ruling burn out lmfao

  39. Rob C

    Rob C19 dagar sedan

    Fantastic looking car

  40. lee batt

    lee batt19 dagar sedan

    Its funny that Jay mentioned rattling windows. I bought a 70 gto in 1987, it needed a new window actuator. When I took the door apart I found over 50 paper match books in the door. I can only guess they were wedged between the door and glass to stop it rattling and then fell in.

  41. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez19 dagar sedan

    Does he have any coke stashed in there somewhere?

  42. Down the Rabbit Hole Barrett

    Down the Rabbit Hole Barrett20 dagar sedan

    Jay is actually Livin the American dream. Humble and Funny with it as well. An example of how it should be, or maybe I'm just a big motor head 😉👍

  43. MrChase1976

    MrChase197620 dagar sedan

    Beautiful car

  44. James Hendel

    James Hendel21 dag sedan

    this car is more tasty than the best prime rib

  45. Michael Youngstrom

    Michael Youngstrom21 dag sedan

    God that's one sexy car.

  46. Reno Heon

    Reno Heon23 dagar sedan

    Didn't get to hear the sound of engine once because the video editor chose to play loud trumpet music instead???

  47. Shane Doyle

    Shane Doyle24 dagar sedan

    Comedian, author, movie star, smuggler! Gotta like Tim Allen.

  48. Gregory Fairchild

    Gregory Fairchild24 dagar sedan

    My dad bought a 1968 Camaro 396SS/325 4speed 3.68 rear hard top with the hood vents and duck spoiler Corvette Bronze with the black stripe that went across the nose tapered to the door handles. Black interior and console. Camaro Rallies with TigerPaw supervise ovals. Last I found it it's in Chicago...maybe someday I can reunite with it.

  49. Gregory Fairchild

    Gregory Fairchild24 dagar sedan


  50. Gregory Fairchild

    Gregory Fairchild24 dagar sedan

    We had super 8 video of it pulling the front wheels about 6 inches on take offs after installing a Crane solid cam and rejecting etc.

  51. james rafael

    james rafael24 dagar sedan

    Cars, the perfect marriage of art and science. Budget, the arch enemy of art and science.

  52. bob crawford

    bob crawford24 dagar sedan

    damn thing needs a posi rearend

  53. Gerry Rogue

    Gerry Rogue25 dagar sedan

    It looks like a jaguar front endfrom the side view

  54. D

    D25 dagar sedan

    You guys going out for coffee later?

  55. Tanner Croteau

    Tanner Croteau25 dagar sedan

    Hear that ladies and gentlemen HE DRIVES HIS EXPENSIVE CARS most people keep it in there garage and look at it thank you for that Tim.

  56. Jonki Pastramki

    Jonki Pastramki25 dagar sedan

    The nasty iran methodologically scrape because sex premenstrually interest astride a straight verse. flat, outstanding north korea

  57. Tim Miley

    Tim Miley26 dagar sedan

    I know its Tim's car and he's has the money, but that zipper on the fender , ouch!

  58. Joe Schofield

    Joe Schofield26 dagar sedan

    Right, right, ya, right, right

  59. GameOver

    GameOver26 dagar sedan

    I’d chase that car till I see who’s driving. That would have been the best time ever. I never meet cool people

  60. Freddy Cupples

    Freddy Cupples27 dagar sedan

    "Comedian, actor, car guy, ratted out a bunch of his friends after getting busted with a bunch of coke in Kalamazoo... Tim Allen!"

  61. Ed Pugh

    Ed Pugh28 dagar sedan

    Wow, it’s a nice car. When you have millions, there is no limit what they can do!

  62. Morbid Man Music

    Morbid Man Music28 dagar sedan

    I have a Subaru... ;{

  63. Ελληνικές Ιστορικές Πατριωτικές Ταινίες

    Ελληνικές Ιστορικές Πατριωτικές ΤαινίεςMånad sedan

    Well, he sure built it right,although it took him ten years.

  64. Timothy Angelosanto

    Timothy AngelosantoMånad sedan

    all it needs is a limitted slip diff with carbon clutches . great car bit the one wheel spin just dosent do it

  65. Andrea Galletti

    Andrea GallettiMånad sedan

    I love this car !!!

  66. Qu3mao

    Qu3maoMånad sedan

    Awesome car sounds so good.

  67. drunk intercorse

    drunk intercorseMånad sedan

    Thats cool 2 old school guys looking cool talking about classic cars

  68. T Dunph

    T DunphMånad sedan

    Listening to these two Legends eloquently discuss cars with so much knowledge and insight has made me now feel like an expert!

  69. Jose Alvarez

    Jose Alvarez5 dagar sedan


  70. Leisure Time

    Leisure TimeMånad sedan

    I just saw this video for the first time. which was made 6 years ago. I could not help but noticing that Jay mentioned the the Steve Mc queen Bullitt Mustang. Although it is still a secret, I have to believe that Jay was the secret winning bidder at the auction in 2018

  71. Whit Sixkiller

    Whit SixkillerMånad sedan

    Nuthin like American muscle.

  72. krvnjrcbs

    krvnjrcbsMånad sedan

    Damn that's a sexy car

  73. John Williamson

    John WilliamsonMånad sedan

    My absolute dream car!

  74. Greg Sullivan

    Greg SullivanMånad sedan

    1968 was the first year that ALL cars came with side marker lights. Were they removed from this Camaro or is this Camaro actually a 1967 model?

  75. cyrus138

    cyrus138Månad sedan

    Tim (passive aggressive): Seems like it's got LONG LEGS now what are you on? Jay: I'm on third gear Tim's thoughts: You're stressing my car foo!

  76. GrizzlyDaveCowboy

    GrizzlyDaveCowboyMånad sedan

    Love that car, good job Tim.

  77. TMB247

    TMB247Månad sedan

    You really have to love a body style to spend that much $ and change it and everything else to make it what it should have been... Shame on GM for not doing it right the first time... (when I was a kid I wanted them to bring back the '55, '56, and 57 with new engines and transmissions ... my how things have changed)

  78. Phantoma3

    Phantoma3Månad sedan

    Tim Allen is a worthless Trumpanzee, he can go f#ck himself

  79. Tommas Obey

    Tommas ObeyMånad sedan

    Christmas with the kranks

  80. Marz Barz

    Marz BarzMånad sedan

    My grandfather had a copo Corvette 427, 5 speed.. 5 SPEED! itd be worth over 1.5 million today or more, but he rolled it in the 70's, drunk as hell and cocaine fueled, Totalled it.. completely. We have pictures of the car but man, I wish that car would have been passed down to me. It was literally the the iconic 67 vette 427 youd drive/ buy in racing games. Red, 427 tri power with a stinger hood.. 1 of 12.. super rare car he bought from a GM executive and f'in totaled it.

  81. NAPhi

    NAPhiMånad sedan

    The pathetic feedback correspondingly influence because vinyl preoperatively long to a soggy giraffe. calculating, romantic persian

  82. Robert O'Quinn

    Robert O'QuinnMånad sedan

    I always thought that the '68 had side marker light, while the '67 body did not. It's his car so I'm sure he knows what year it is.

  83. Eric Thompson

    Eric ThompsonMånad sedan

    if you watched any episode of Home Improvement , you would know Tim is a gear head.

  84. Cole Birmingham

    Cole BirminghamMånad sedan

    Bro did Jerry Seinfeld just rip this concept?

  85. Tavit

    TavitMånad sedan

    What an amazing car. the guys are pretty funny too.

  86. Keith Brown

    Keith BrownMånad sedan

    Wow. Dream car. I don't care how much money you have. It takes great vision to create this.. Very tastefully done! Thanks for sharing!

  87. Info Hub

    Info HubMånad sedan

    cool car, but life is short. God bless! needGod.com

  88. jerry hunter

    jerry hunterMånad sedan

    Hit that on the head these cars aren’t made for ghetto rims it hurts to see it

  89. Glenn Snyder

    Glenn SnyderMånad sedan

    Watching this brings back great memories for me. I was in my early 20s but a fixer upper a 68 firebird. Trump out it was a true ramair car .i had to body work in school and that how I was making my living. I didn't get to enjoy it for long though but I sure loved the time while it lasted. See I found out that my youngest son had cerebral palsy and my life changed. I need something more dependable to get him the help he would need. I always thought someday I'd be able to build another one like it. Now I'm in my early 50s and not in best health but watching your videos always brings a smile to my face! My wife and I have injoyed 32 years and some great times were in that old 68 .keep doing what you do and I'll keep watching with a smile. THANKS!

  90. Abstract001

    Abstract001Månad sedan

    Restomods should be more like this

  91. tedischillin

    tedischillinMånad sedan

    Guys!! 6 years late but still!! Yall never even said its a 427/7.0L LS engine!!! Thats like the biggest thing!! LS SWAP THE WORLD!!!!!

  92. Leon Austin

    Leon AustinMånad sedan

    Seat belts!

  93. Keith Hogan

    Keith HoganMånad sedan

    Tim's face at 12:10 is priceless!

  94. John Gore

    John GoreMånad sedan

    Jays onena those guys that if offers to pull u home,, say “NO thanx

  95. dann whitehead

    dann whiteheadMånad sedan

    I lived in sunland, Ca for 10 years and races my Ducati up Wheatland and La Tuna canyon roads for years. I moved out of state and it's such a nice drive. I saw Jay one time in Burbank. Such an amazing approachable person

  96. Keevaro Rynn'lar

    Keevaro Rynn'larMånad sedan

    Dad that Tim Allen had to settle for a meh Camaro, rather than getting a beautiful, and far better Firebird.

  97. June Sondra B

    June Sondra BMånad sedan

    The car almost wiggled away during that burnout.

  98. Binky

    BinkyMånad sedan

    Damn that car is gorgeous. Don't like the Motor tho

  99. John Smith

    John SmithMånad sedan

    I got one on GTA the thing is my fav muscle cars dam mine has wheelie bars a big supercharger it would so smoke this Camaro 😎

  100. Dana H

    Dana HMånad sedan

    Both of these guys. Great comedians, down to earth guys, great car guys. they really should have their own show together. This car beats the hell out of anything General Motors makes today.

  101. AZBEEMR

    AZBEEMRMånad sedan

    Leno has always got to slip in a McClaren reference no matter how obscure.

  102. pappagetti 2009

    pappagetti 2009Månad sedan

    I used to buy drugs from that dude.

  103. Reel Tech

    Reel TechMånad sedan

    The COPO Camaro that I worked on, had a 427 with aluminum heads. An m-21 Rock Crusher manual transmission. I don't quite remember if it had a 373 or 355 ring gear. But I know it wasn't a for 11. And aluminum rims from the factory. And that car failed to sell, with the reserve of $270,000. The exact same color is that one. That one was owned by Chuck Honeycutt, who also raced on Woodward... With John DeLorean. I have a little secret... I know where the DeLorean dyes are at. And I know who put them where they now reside. And I'll give you a little hint... They ain't nowhere near Texas. Not even close. Anything more than that... And it'll cost you a million bucks.