TANKS DO NOT FLY! World of Tanks with commander Boris

Come get in game, free to play, fun to play - tanks.ly/2Hie33y and use code TANKMANIA
World of Tanks is a tank battle game developed by Wargaming. It just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary since launch. Congratulations!
Click the link and get 7 days free premium account, a tank and free credits. Only for new registered members on the Wargaming site.
This video brought to you by support of Wargaming. They keep the kvass flowing and potato growing. Thanks. ..for the tanks.
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  1. uamee

    uamee3 månader sedan

    *tank blasting hardbaas approaches over hill* Vadim: BORIS BLYAT!!!

  2. The Blin Master

    The Blin MasterMånad sedan

    Boris, you should use the Kv-2 blyat

  3. Macrove_ General

    Macrove_ General3 månader sedan

    uamee what heck do you need rockets sup with gas

  4. KomradeShade

    KomradeShade3 månader sedan


  5. Peter Karas

    Peter Karas3 månader sedan

    Its not hardbaas but hardbass

  6. ghost Australian operater frost westbrook

    ghost Australian operater frost westbrook3 månader sedan

    cmon uamee let's go

  7. ajit bansode

    ajit bansode19 timmar sedan

    For Stalin sake Even Boris don't like arty WG. Pls remove it 😋😋

  8. Luukas Saarelainen

    Luukas Saarelainen3 dagar sedan


  9. Soviet Reich

    Soviet Reich7 dagar sedan

    Very sorry boris for my profile picture and my name

  10. Joan Historillo

    Joan Historillo10 dagar sedan

    So War Thunder and WoT are now competing for Boris?

  11. Lord Gaben

    Lord Gaben12 dagar sedan

    What the fuck is this ebr doing

  12. Elvis Ficiu

    Elvis Ficiu16 dagar sedan

    wana fly a tank? Use good old russian gun! And if that doesn't work, use more gun!

  13. T-90 on Vodka

    T-90 on Vodka18 dagar sedan

    * plays wot blitz* Boris the Shashlik king: i have T-26 i am king of tier 1 Boris at tier 10: angga_el come back here

  14. 【 Hojo 】 ᴅᴏʟᴀʀ

    【 Hojo 】 ᴅᴏʟᴀʀ19 dagar sedan

    Stalinium+T34+Boris=SLAVIC HELL CYKA

  15. Muhammad Hussain

    Muhammad Hussain20 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for that E 100 who was mad at Boris without knowing it's him once he found out after watching this he probably cried

  16. Monish Kumar

    Monish Kumar20 dagar sedan

    Physics.. And tactics... And speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  17. Guest Wut

    Guest Wut21 dag sedan

    Tank cant fly Exepct if the tank was form our great Soviet Union

  18. ImRandomGuy

    ImRandomGuy22 dagar sedan

    Where is the german tanks? Oh Boris killed them

  19. 김한빈

    김한빈23 dagar sedan

    Boris made the TONK OML IT IS THE TONK

  20. Zach Zhang

    Zach Zhang24 dagar sedan

    Boris plays on the EU server!!!! we have pinpointed his location!

  21. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin26 dagar sedan

    0:26 My ded tonk :O

  22. Not__Eite_Storm

    Not__Eite_Storm26 dagar sedan

    Next Wargaming game is *WoTB*

  23. Nanan SEMA

    Nanan SEMA27 dagar sedan

    Tank do not fly ? Say that to the Antonov A-40

  24. XXlolplXX

    XXlolplXX27 dagar sedan

    still feel like war thunder is more fun xD

  25. Nerovik

    Nerovik28 dagar sedan

    Komandir kontuzhen, vidimost' snizhena.

  26. Penguin Studios

    Penguin StudiosMånad sedan

    "Tanks do not fly" WoT Blitz with Gravity Mode: Am I a joke to you?

  27. Kinder7337

    Kinder7337Månad sedan

    Why no war thunde :((((

  28. Elmojomo

    ElmojomoMånad sedan

    "Ooh...In the FACE" My new favorite Boris quote, right after "Ding Dong Cyka, Mail has Arrived!", from the first Metro video. :D

  29. бах бум

    бах бумMånad sedan

    I from Russia

  30. бах бум

    бах бумMånad sedan

    если любишь россию то поймёшь

  31. [ next21 ]

    [ next21 ]Månad sedan


  32. Tuga_Ace

    Tuga_AceMånad sedan

    No need to fear Lukowich here

  33. dovieaza herdianto

    dovieaza herdiantoMånad sedan

    Tysm i finnaly can play the game with the link! : )

  34. Tomislav Zivkovic

    Tomislav ZivkovicMånad sedan

    War thunder milion times better

  35. Mohamad Radhitya Suryadilaga

    Mohamad Radhitya SuryadilagaMånad sedan

    Can we play together i have it too


    SPARTANMånad sedan

    what tank does he use? pls help

  37. Shanathan Raikonen

    Shanathan RaikonenMånad sedan

    Been playing wot since it launched on xbox360

  38. Mateusz

    MateuszMånad sedan

    4:43 kurwa

  39. Dead, Rotten ,Quickly Forgotten

    Dead, Rotten ,Quickly ForgottenMånad sedan

    play KV2

  40. Gamer Goose

    Gamer GooseMånad sedan

    Fun??? Prepare to be disappointed

  41. SlavCzerwo

    SlavCzerwoMånad sedan

    I got banned from WoT lol

  42. langit oren :v

    langit oren :vMånad sedan

    5:23 Money: T_T

  43. Ebony Warrior

    Ebony WarriorMånad sedan

    Ayooo whats your name bro

  44. Bald dude

    Bald dudeMånad sedan

    i wasnt expecting him to actually know how to play this game, i was expecting him to pull out pewdiepies move to play with strudsvagn without siege mode :D :D

  45. Gabriel

    GabrielMånad sedan

    Does this work for the blitz version

  46. Gabriel

    GabrielMånad sedan

    I forgot that it only works for new accounts🙁

  47. Gabriel

    GabrielMånad sedan

    Why tankmania no work in wot blitz asia

  48. Funny rry

    Funny rryMånad sedan

    War thunder

  49. luca oostveen

    luca oostveenMånad sedan


  50. luca oostveen

    luca oostveenMånad sedan

    lol i spotted the whole team with the lynx 6x6

  51. Luka Novaković

    Luka NovakovićMånad sedan

    Me need help

  52. Arturo Quijano

    Arturo QuijanoMånad sedan

    Actually Antonov do

  53. Tyler The kremlin Kremator

    Tyler The kremlin KrematorMånad sedan

    Lol this game funding fighting in donbass

  54. Viktor

    ViktorMånad sedan

    When he was yelling, "VIKTOOOOOR." I thought he was yelling for me, my name is Viktor

  55. Mr. Cramps

    Mr. CrampsMånad sedan

    Eh, I still like war thunder...

  56. Katarina Stamenkovic

    Katarina StamenkovicMånad sedan

    Lol my father is playing that since 2012 lol

  57. Conrail Fan

    Conrail FanMånad sedan

    German tanks are pretty good to, but RUSSIA TANK BEST

  58. Adidas Blyat

    Adidas BlyatMånad sedan

    thx for the code to the tank thank u boris

  59. Ohio is offline

    Ohio is offlineMånad sedan

    I've watched so much life of Boris to the point I sound kind or russian

  60. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotive2 månader sedan

    War Thunder is better imo. I've tried both. War Thunder is much better


    MUHAMMAD FARHAN BIN MOHD AZAM Moe2 månader sedan

    You kill my little brother lol.

  62. Kidzbopified

    Kidzbopified2 månader sedan

    Choose you favorite U.S.S.R. I choose Communist style.

  63. Space Dome

    Space Dome2 månader sedan

    whats the music at the end

  64. Russian Bear

    Russian Bear2 månader sedan

    i like the fact that Boris knows what arta does to your social status.

  65. Cobalt Bar

    Cobalt Bar2 månader sedan

    dont mind me just trying to boost his algorithmic standing

  66. Redstone Simplicity

    Redstone Simplicity2 månader sedan

    why do I always get the impression that Boris is actually german? the way he says "Deutschland", he is always connected to a German VPN when advertising nordvpn, etc.

  67. James Sisttie

    James Sisttie2 månader sedan

    sir mister boris: do you serve any interest towards the t70 light tank? are you into the modern mbt t14 armata? if so, a cheeki breeki to you!

  68. Alder Kauf

    Alder Kauf2 månader sedan

    Boris pls help me out with this code thing im having trouble right now

  69. Slav King number 2 the IS-2

    Slav King number 2 the IS-22 månader sedan

    0:09 on OUR LAND!!

  70. Michał Paczoska

    Michał Paczoska2 månader sedan

    Dear Boris, please enable native language of the crew voicelines. Next time, when u drive one true nation, u will hear the russian honey flow from ur speakers. Greetings from Poland, KURWA. :)

  71. Orbital Potato

    Orbital Potato2 månader sedan

    8:29 World of Tanks orbital strike

  72. Kumar Abhishek

    Kumar Abhishek2 månader sedan

    Wait till he hears about World of Tank Blitz...

  73. Admiral Avocado

    Admiral Avocado2 månader sedan

    Pls try all slav tanks (soviet, polish, Czechoslovak)

  74. dutchman 1

    dutchman 12 månader sedan

    Plz play with me

  75. Piano Brains

    Piano Brains2 månader sedan

    play world of warships

  76. Khristo Yeah

    Khristo Yeah2 månader sedan

    7:11 As a Latin-American fan of Boris, and a shitposting lover, watching "juan." appearing almost made me jump out of my chair

  77. juan

    juan2 månader sedan

    7:11 ey thats me

  78. Oscar Sanfilippo

    Oscar Sanfilippo2 månader sedan

    Your tank had uk flag

  79. Mailbox

    Mailbox2 månader sedan

    Italian tanks are more like a malfunction in a box

  80. alexander B

    alexander B2 månader sedan

    Boris, you should Play world of warships. Plenty of overpowered Soviet ships

  81. Dylan Meng

    Dylan Meng2 månader sedan

    boris you have not had fun in this game until you have sent some poor cyka to gulag with a single shot from the 152mm communism launcher on the KV-2

  82. lord tacanka

    lord tacanka2 månader sedan

    BORIS I got a serios cvestion blyat hove you speak london and vana play platon to get time 5 stuf

  83. Łachimski

    Łachimski2 månader sedan

    Greetings from Kurwa! I mean... Poland.

  84. jeffrey adrian

    jeffrey adrian2 månader sedan


  85. jeffrey adrian

    jeffrey adrian2 månader sedan

    Wow boris you have a lot tanks unlocked wow

  86. no.

    no.2 månader sedan


  87. no.

    no.2 månader sedan


  88. that one guy with the face

    that one guy with the face2 månader sedan

    game : polen subtitles : KURWA

  89. that one guy with the face

    that one guy with the face2 månader sedan

    Boris the Slav never uploaded the ultimate slav game. csgo

  90. The_StormWolf

    The_StormWolf3 månader sedan

    7:11 my name is juan : )

  91. benifourtwenty

    benifourtwenty3 månader sedan

    mayonese blyat

  92. The Gaming Canadian

    The Gaming Canadian3 månader sedan

    Soviet steel is called stalinium

  93. Eagle Boi

    Eagle Boi3 månader sedan

    When he was telling the nations Poland was named kurwa. Yeah, its the second most Slovian country in the world.

  94. Boarbot 78

    Boarbot 783 månader sedan

    Where could Boris be from? The extensive research to find the truth... There are 13 Slavic nations: - Russia. - Ukraine - Poland - Czech Republic - Belarus - Serbia - Bulgaria - Slovakia - Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macedonia - Slovenia - Montenegro Of these we can eliminate all that do not use the euro, as it appears in many of his videos. This leaves: - Estonia - Lithuania - Slovakia - Slovenia We can safely assume he would not do a “country review” of his own nation. This leaves ONLY SLOVENIA. Unless he has bamboozled us by doing a country review of his home nation, or using euros in his videos for no reason, after exchanging currency, Boris must be SLOVENIAN !! I hope we have found it comrades.

  95. Leo Swintek

    Leo Swintek3 månader sedan

    He is the god of tanks

  96. goran nastic

    goran nastic3 månader sedan

    My friends call me a tank driver (but on serbian :tenkista)tenkista mean tank driver

  97. Thatoneweebinschool

    Thatoneweebinschool3 månader sedan

    me still in tier 6: this is okay im not jealous at all my brain: friend him so u are friends with a famous youtuber Me:kurwa that is wrong i should hunt him

  98. Typekzzgierza

    Typekzzgierza3 månader sedan

    j play with you Boris

  99. Skipper YT

    Skipper YT3 månader sedan

    boris: :O SPIES ON MY LAND

  100. Skeptic

    Skeptic3 månader sedan

    Dear Boris, Please rank up to KV-2 and fire shells guided by the fist of Stalin himself. Rule the battlefield as god intended. A fangirl

  101. Comrade Ismailov

    Comrade Ismailov3 månader sedan

    Btw who want play wot with me Tovarisch im In RUSSIA server: My name comrade Ismailov /TOVARISCH ISMAILOV

  102. Goodbye Goodington

    Goodbye Goodington3 månader sedan

    But can Panzer fly?!

  103. braindead

    braindead3 månader sedan

    I find the BT series of tanks really fun, mostly because enemies have zero confidence that early in the game. they simply don't believe in themselves enough to match my aggression with their own. ultimate advice is to do whatever you want, it's video game, who cares if you drive around like you own the place, you practically do.

  104. tkcaingt Playz

    tkcaingt Playz3 månader sedan

    Guess what boris we have flying tanks in America. The B17, B29, P47, A-10 and AC130

  105. logi0.9nD plzexplain

    logi0.9nD plzexplain3 månader sedan

    When a sponsor actually makes you wanna get the game

  106. tsr Lithuania

    tsr Lithuania3 månader sedan

    As a beta tester top tip play russian tank st-ıı