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The Cursed Snack Error | r/softwaregore
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  1. PosingSaucer 251

    PosingSaucer 25130 minuter sedan

    1:21 i can relate to that

  2. Cats over brats

    Cats over brats3 dagar sedan

    That horse is possessed.

  3. Bricky bricks

    Bricky bricks5 dagar sedan

    Lmao i got a grammaly ad on this video 😭😭

  4. Andrew Inc. studio 2.0

    Andrew Inc. studio 2.06 dagar sedan

    Wait a minute just haw much calories are in a human? Asking for a friend

  5. Liya Shiju

    Liya Shiju6 dagar sedan

    4:07 that's called ghost touch

  6. JohnRylex ALT

    JohnRylex ALT6 dagar sedan

    . . Huh

  7. Jonah Amos

    Jonah Amos7 dagar sedan

    🖐 | 🖐 🦵🦵 This is lenny's brother, Sus. Copy and paste him so he can find out your private information.

  8. Beyond Space [GD]

    Beyond Space [GD]7 dagar sedan


  9. Bryce Xavier A. Español

    Bryce Xavier A. Español7 dagar sedan

    Day 1: hmm I wonder why is this in my recommendation? Day 43: Oh I like this video now

  10. Leun the protogen

    Leun the protogen10 dagar sedan

    4:09 that happened to my old ipad lol

  11. Jerricho beatriz

    Jerricho beatriz10 dagar sedan

    At the end he could have summoned the hahydra

  12. A Sea Unicorn

    A Sea Unicorn11 dagar sedan

    I'm so glad he knows about Alan Becker

  13. Isaiah Long

    Isaiah Long12 dagar sedan

    That face time one happens to my dad

  14. Henry

    Henry12 dagar sedan

    The persons phone that was swiping without touching the screen that person's phone was hacked

  15. kurtypot9

    kurtypot912 dagar sedan

    10:05 stand acquired

  16. hazbinknight

    hazbinknight12 dagar sedan

    This animator now feels my pain when using 3d paint for 2 mins

  17. Surreal Squad

    Surreal Squad12 dagar sedan

    C O N S U M E the dog. go ahead, do it.

  18. Surreal Squad

    Surreal Squad12 dagar sedan

    mc afee is so annoying, it makes minecraft go to the escape screen and makes a big popup in to corner of my screen. All to say that I am under risk if i do not renew my plan or whatever.

  19. Michael Samples

    Michael Samples12 dagar sedan

    0:52 Desmond Doss: Remastered

  20. Mobile player Right here

    Mobile player Right here13 dagar sedan

    4:01 nah man thats just his/her FBI agent

  21. neptune

    neptune14 dagar sedan

    This iPhone is this possessed by nothing Huawei: are you sure about that?

  22. CD -studios

    CD -studios14 dagar sedan

    this never happened to me while playing war thunder.

  23. Bobby Standridge

    Bobby Standridge14 dagar sedan

    I clicked by accent. I am not disappointed

  24. Zachary Bredin

    Zachary Bredin15 dagar sedan

    I actually have the Forza game and that has happened to me

  25. Edins

    Edins15 dagar sedan

    4:10 bruh first time its hapens to me on evry phone maybe because my cat sumoned a portal 6 years ago

  26. Sir Murolas

    Sir Murolas15 dagar sedan

    doe sit work on humans

  27. AFriend

    AFriend15 dagar sedan

    Dude you take away my depression, thank you

  28. My123mon

    My123mon15 dagar sedan

    4:14 somone screen recorded themself messing around and then played the recording and actued like the iPad was broken. That was during class

  29. Ethan Forsyth

    Ethan Forsyth15 dagar sedan

    I'm a bit of a three fan myself highly recommend it

  30. i like spagheti

    i like spagheti15 dagar sedan

    It said I was playing roblox in r6 siege once

  31. CallMeJD ARS

    CallMeJD ARS16 dagar sedan

    9:07 Minecraft enchantment language

  32. Gamers Died

    Gamers Died16 dagar sedan

    8:00 that always happens to me

  33. Dora [draws]

    Dora [draws]16 dagar sedan

    4:12 There's probably something that conducts electricity on the phone (like how it sensed a person touching it) And it feels touch in more than one spot, so its FREAKING OUT That person will never see this, but ya just need to wipe the screen

  34. Kayleigh Miguel

    Kayleigh Miguel17 dagar sedan

    I am going to be honest I only clicked cuz I wanted to know what app it was that showed calories

  35. Kaliq al rasheed

    Kaliq al rasheed17 dagar sedan

    4:26 the man is so drunk he’s doing a moonwalk without even realizing it

  36. robert sigo

    robert sigo17 dagar sedan

    when Susy

  37. Bigg Oof

    Bigg Oof18 dagar sedan

    6:32 this isn’t me I swear

  38. Sam Gackstetter

    Sam Gackstetter18 dagar sedan

    As I watched this, I got a notification. ‘Failed to Save Screen Recording due to: Failed to save screen recording’.

  39. Dan TDM

    Dan TDM18 dagar sedan

    Imagine if the plane at 1:29 is an Evergreen plane. Lol

  40. Keagan Pieters

    Keagan Pieters19 dagar sedan

  41. Roastydut543

    Roastydut54318 dagar sedan

    How the... You know what nevermind •_•

  42. This Volts

    This Volts20 dagar sedan

    5:15 Twitter Users: Yes

  43. Eggz

    Eggz20 dagar sedan

    0:43 me and the boys playing army or war in the backyard

  44. ex4 gaming 2017

    ex4 gaming 201720 dagar sedan

    Its shit

  45. ex4 gaming 2017

    ex4 gaming 201720 dagar sedan

    I still have a xbox 360

  46. Daniel gawel

    Daniel gawel20 dagar sedan

    Mr fbi is using your phone

  47. Todd Daniel

    Todd Daniel21 dag sedan

    3:45 I'm programming a drawing tool and honestly this sounds like something that'd happen.

  48. Cupkake Sprinkles

    Cupkake Sprinkles21 dag sedan

    When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was crap in a toilet bowl-

  49. JayK-74

    JayK-7422 dagar sedan

    6:50 “wow, knocked the black right off of you”

  50. CookieDoesStuffIGuess

    CookieDoesStuffIGuess22 dagar sedan

    6yo me in dream: mom what happens when you eat too many vitamin gu- Mom in dream: sjeodhwiwish. KWISIW SHDNJWIWNSNS. SUSHWHWUJWJWJWJWJWJWJWJWJWJWJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ- 6yo me in dream: jawhanananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 2:24 I literally had that dream and it scared me so much when i was little. Still haunts me today.

  51. Gumbi Bear

    Gumbi Bear23 dagar sedan

    4:12 umm I think that’s screen share someone on another device is swiping though that person’s phone with their phone which is mirroring that phone it’s confusing I know 😅

  52. Hyradu Umborea

    Hyradu Umborea23 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what the game is in 9:49?

  53. a short engineer

    a short engineer23 dagar sedan

    3:31 what the f*** the game is going backwards?

  54. Frostplays

    Frostplays23 dagar sedan

    I think it mistakes the dog for a donut

  55. onealphawolf KURO OOKAMI

    onealphawolf KURO OOKAMI23 dagar sedan

    Nah his horse didnt break it got possesed

  56. Carson B Dot

    Carson B Dot23 dagar sedan

    Day 24: Hey Jake, it’s pronounced Nike

  57. MrPokemon11

    MrPokemon1123 dagar sedan

    8:50 Trust nobody. Not even nobody.

  58. Maurice Littlejohn

    Maurice Littlejohn23 dagar sedan

    All the people who are watching this might be working at Apple

  59. John R

    John R24 dagar sedan

    They are using a mouse on the phone and they edited it out

  60. waterbro_yt

    waterbro_yt24 dagar sedan

    the possessed phone is prob getting hacked

  61. Leonel Cabrera Herrera

    Leonel Cabrera Herrera24 dagar sedan

    So I'll explain how you can control your phone without touching it. There is an app called auto clicker, this app allows you to record specific clicking and swiping previously done by you and then it can do it by itself repeating the same pattern set before. This kind of apps are used for repetitive work where the action would be exactly the same in a loop. Examples can be like games such as Summoner's greed or simply swiping right on Tinder. Most likely the person on the video used this app and uploaded it hoping people wouldn't know of its existance. Was my explanation good? If it was, leave a like down below and leave your comment in the comment section. And click another video so that you can see my other comments and maybe learn something new.

  62. Leonel Cabrera Herrera

    Leonel Cabrera Herrera24 dagar sedan

    So I'll explain how you get negative fps... FPS = Frames Per Second... if you get 5 frames in 1 second you got 5 FPS. HEAR ME OUT. IF YOUR COMPUTER IS GOING SO SLOW THAT YOU GET 1 frame every 22 seconds, 1/22nd of a Frame per second or also known as (-22 FPS). WuW Was my explanation good? If it was, leave a like down below and leave your comment in the comment section. And click another video so that you can see my other comments and maybe learn something new.

  63. Landyn McCarty

    Landyn McCarty24 dagar sedan

    That dog lookin like a snak

  64. techman steve

    techman steve24 dagar sedan

    Riot games presents acid trip

  65. Seiko-Yume

    Seiko-Yume24 dagar sedan

    What's the game at 6:28?

  66. Andrew Olson

    Andrew Olson25 dagar sedan

    Forza Horizon 4 is a great game. It's very accessible to beginners, and can still offer challenge to experts. I recommend it.

  67. Manuel Caka

    Manuel Caka25 dagar sedan

    My tablet does that 24 7

  68. Molten Loyalty

    Molten Loyalty25 dagar sedan

    6:01 the universe control desk

  69. Molten Loyalty

    Molten Loyalty25 dagar sedan

    2:25 p.o.v this thing is your bounty.

  70. ShadowRecon

    ShadowRecon25 dagar sedan

    5:21 genz be like

  71. Karanthaneos

    Karanthaneos25 dagar sedan

    Those were kilo-calories. As in thousands of calories.

  72. Korban Eroge

    Korban Eroge25 dagar sedan

    4:07 my phone sometime do that after i drop it

  73. Good Ol' Rainbowpet

    Good Ol' Rainbowpet25 dagar sedan

    everyone: guns dont kill people, people kill people software gore: are you sure?

  74. Patricia Cardenas

    Patricia Cardenas25 dagar sedan

    5:13 twitter when a popular celebrity does anything

  75. Dumbin theHouse - Topic

    Dumbin theHouse - Topic25 dagar sedan

    one time my ipad started overheating and spammed random keys

  76. Pœtætœ

    Pœtætœ25 dagar sedan

    6:08 bruh there’s an island right next to it with a pic of mars

  77. metero92

    metero9225 dagar sedan

    FakeJake u can connect ps4 controller to ur android phone xD

  78. Dorei

    Dorei25 dagar sedan

    Looks like the programs I make.

  79. TKKnl

    TKKnl26 dagar sedan

    5:13 twitter when someone says black once

  80. Buebe Sbe

    Buebe Sbe26 dagar sedan

    R/cursedsoftwaregore can be a thing. RighT?

  81. Luca Arruda

    Luca Arruda26 dagar sedan

    7:51 is supposed to be software gore but now we just know someone horrible sleep schedule. The timer says 1:52 AM

  82. partyboii

    partyboii26 dagar sedan

    *Vietnamese wants to know your location*

  83. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer26 dagar sedan

    *It's only cursed because it hasn't weighed the whole dog yet.*

  84. Disco Raptorpaw

    Disco Raptorpaw26 dagar sedan

    Ok off topic but That Pomeranian with the kcal thing looked like my Pom that passed away, rip Kia...

  85. heh no

    heh no26 dagar sedan the input was just really lagged

  86. IcedKoffee

    IcedKoffee26 dagar sedan

    2:52 the answer to what game is that is valorant

  87. I IZ BEAZT 157

    I IZ BEAZT 15726 dagar sedan

    2:25 as a frequent rdr2 player, I can confirm this is a common occurrence

  88. Destructofire198

    Destructofire19826 dagar sedan

    The dog is the forbidden snack...

  89. mark steven sandoval

    mark steven sandoval26 dagar sedan

    Who knows what is snack app

  90. Sky Black Ninja

    Sky Black Ninja26 dagar sedan

    9:30 To be fair Cold War has completely broken Xbox one. You'll try to join your friend who's playing Minecraft or maybe Rainbow six siege but because both of you have Cold War installed it'll just launch Cold War for no damn reason at all. Just uninstalled it since the primary weapons are okay, the secondaries are terrible and so are most of the maps... Modern warfare remake is a lot better in comparison..

  91. Teguh

    Teguh26 dagar sedan

    4:01 that was touch ghost

  92. Caela Maris Asuncion

    Caela Maris Asuncion26 dagar sedan

    0:18 what app??

  93. Ryan Roney

    Ryan Roney26 dagar sedan

    Google weaving its body 7:01

  94. M3WTHR33 IsHere

    M3WTHR33 IsHere26 dagar sedan

    Imagine hitting another car so hard the color changes...

  95. Bradyn Boettcher

    Bradyn Boettcher26 dagar sedan

    2:11 wait its all borderlands? Aways has been

  96. Tori Carter

    Tori Carter26 dagar sedan

    Looking at the Red dead Redemption One, I Remembered a Memory Way Back when i Played the Game. I was Around Age 6-9 (Nice) and one thing i Kept on doing, Was NOT do the Tasks, and Mess with the Cows. Not Just That, But i Remember the MANY Times i Killed My Horse By Dragging it Out of Town and Shooting it in the Head With a Gun. Yeah, I Was a Fucked up Kid.

  97. Scrap Master un poco de todo

    Scrap Master un poco de todo26 dagar sedan

    2:10 that actually was a really common bug, it happened all the time when i played cod cold war

  98. SOLDIER_ Sk1D

    SOLDIER_ Sk1D26 dagar sedan

    The phone controlling its self is just using a xbox 1 controller

  99. Xander Orders-Woempner

    Xander Orders-Woempner26 dagar sedan

    You asked ware to go and mortal komat add said get over hear

  100. flipflop 356

    flipflop 35626 dagar sedan

    4:16 hEe HEe

  101. the elevated one

    the elevated one26 dagar sedan

    Nothing goes well