Now You Know: Being Black in America | The Daily Show

From unequal access to vaccines to unequal access to housing to unequal access to mental health services. Here’s a look at the Black experience in America. If you don’t know, now you know. #DailyShow
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  1. Mike Duplessis

    Mike Duplessis2 timmar sedan

    They should be thankful for not getting that poisonous vacs

  2. Mari Playzzz

    Mari Playzzz8 timmar sedan

    I tell people im not a feminist cuz like 98% of american feminism is white women complaining

  3. Brennan Davis

    Brennan Davis13 timmar sedan

    The government gives section 8 and they’ve been devoted to the govt for generations, except for the majority that grew out of that

  4. Brennan Davis

    Brennan Davis13 timmar sedan

    Universities are forced by law to take a certain amount of African Americans lol

  5. Brennan Davis

    Brennan Davis13 timmar sedan

    No but for real where’s Walgreens cvs?

  6. Brennan Davis

    Brennan Davis13 timmar sedan

    Unless you get blood clots ohhh preach sorrrry bout that brotha

  7. Brennan Davis

    Brennan Davis13 timmar sedan

    Don’t try to stab someone, universal truth

  8. Stanley Sykes

    Stanley Sykes13 timmar sedan

    You guy and girls including Trevor has lost yawl mind.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love it!!!!

  9. Julianna Beckman

    Julianna Beckman14 timmar sedan

    Being anyone poor Well that mustn't be ideal Glad I am a rich white man viewing this I enjoy this humor SO much

  10. Keith Hibbard

    Keith Hibbard18 timmar sedan

    i cant wait for the day when its not black people/white people or any other color people. i guess it's different in big cities?? i really cant think of a person with different skin color as being like a separate group from me. it just sounds weird to me to group people like this, we are all people on one world that has been the only home for all people forever one blue bubble floating in a void where all people are together, not apart. i understand the importance because in some places it seems people are being discriminated in opportunity, but i dont know to me it just seems so so weird to always be like black, brown, white. maybe if TV didnt always classify people by their skin color then we could stop too. but i think countries are somewhat very strange too except as a means of reference for location, america? china? peru? all people, visas really shouldnt exist, we should all be able to see our one small world free as we wish in the short time we have.

  11. marcus walker

    marcus walker19 timmar sedan

    I understand the situation because I’m a young black male with Crohn’s and HS and my opinion and trust has dwindled after this 12 year run. It’s relevant today and they think we have a higher tolerance of pain I’ve seen white patients receive better pain control while I’m told to take Tylenol. So I understand the distrust in the medical community that’s governed by white peoples instead of humans.

  12. Ms.Lovely Brownskin

    Ms.Lovely Brownskin22 timmar sedan

    No they don't have many pharmacies but alot of liquor stores,and family dollars stores and churches

  13. Reece Cup

    Reece CupDag sedan

    This is racist stereotypical and makes being African American a joke in this country. DISGUSTING 🤢 🤮

  14. A P

    A PDag sedan

    Why do white dems constantly treating black people like children????

  15. USA Patriot 4 Peace

    USA Patriot 4 PeaceDag sedan

    Teach your children well. America is the greatest nation on earth where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and our civil society can flourish.

  16. Santana Zoe

    Santana ZoeDag sedan

    When are we going to stick together black and brown cuz of right now we don't stand a chance if we don't get united against we all no who

  17. kuggacourage gx

    kuggacourage gxDag sedan


  18. MadMax

    MadMaxDag sedan


  19. Tippi Curry

    Tippi CurryDag sedan

    I would trust the church less especially one with a rich pastor that isn't there

  20. Spokane Valley Freeway

    Spokane Valley FreewayDag sedan

    I don't even trust the vaccine. I don't trust how fast they put it together, I don't like that they used to test them on POC. I need to get it, but I really don't want to. This coming from a liberal who has had vaccines before.

  21. Norma Forsyth

    Norma Forsyth2 dagar sedan

    It didn't say they believed black people don't feel pain Trevor. It said they believed blacks didn't feel AS MUCH pain. Still ridiculous but get it right please. (And they probably believed it bc blacks are less likely to whine about it!) Also, figuratively, they DO have thicker skin, as in the expression we use for people who don't fall apart when treated poorly or insulted. Sadly, they're probably used to shtty treatment!

  22. Patrick

    Patrick2 dagar sedan

    Code switching is a lot like treatment methods used for people on the Asperger's syndrome spectrum. You act a certain way because it is expected, you might not understand, or care/feel the same way , but you know it matters to the other person so you look for tells carefully and respond in a way they expect...

  23. F8 Accompli

    F8 Accompli2 dagar sedan

    🤣😂🤣😂Push out the antichrist and let in the antibodies🤣😂🤣

  24. Doug Smith

    Doug Smith2 dagar sedan

    Does racism exist? Yes. But most that think of racism think its only one way. Whites being racist against blacks. Black folk of today are being the most racist of any group today.

  25. Sin Sincere

    Sin Sincere2 dagar sedan


  26. thatchickcrissy

    thatchickcrissy2 dagar sedan

    But "the man" makes sure there is a liquor store on every block in the hood .. smh

  27. Morage Global

    Morage Global2 dagar sedan

    He'll nah!

  28. Celayna Hernandez

    Celayna Hernandez2 dagar sedan

    Oddly where I live there are a ton of white people, live in the country. No buses or public transportation and closest pharmacy is 20 miles away. Without a car I cannot get to a pharmacy out here. My family in the city can walk to grocery and pharmacy. :(

  29. Jalani Coleman

    Jalani Coleman2 dagar sedan

    It's a Shame.

  30. Judy at jamaica beach

    Judy at jamaica beach2 dagar sedan

    Trevor, while I really love your show and I think you are funny. It is amazing to me that you are so surprised by our racism. I have been very aware of it since I was about 5 years old, and I am white. Did you just jump on a plane and say take me to a country more racist than here?

  31. Darrell Hall

    Darrell Hall3 dagar sedan

    Scariest job in America !

  32. fortnite god fortaport

    fortnite god fortaport3 dagar sedan

    a lot of people blacks included do not trust the vaccines, there's not enough information going out. The vaccine information that is put out is one sided. We don't get true information on all the people that have suffered with serious side effects and or death, and anybody that speak out has been removed from social media sites or/and called conspirators.

  33. Jason Falkenheimer

    Jason Falkenheimer3 dagar sedan

    Burning crosses? Tf they only get their studies from southern states that are mostly democrats

  34. Jason Falkenheimer

    Jason Falkenheimer3 dagar sedan

    Well funny upfront racism was Republicans the democrats are the ones steering ppl with false narratives

  35. jb P

    jb P3 dagar sedan

    One should Read "The Medical Apartheid of the African American by Harriet Washington"; study the medical of John Hopkins Hosptial as well as Fort Detrick, Md and NIH are among the few places among many

  36. Miss Camille

    Miss Camille3 dagar sedan

    Ok I get it!!! Employers don’t want to hire black people, I’m a black woman, I own a Steak restaurant, 95% of my employees are black. No one came to work today and I had to close for business this shift!!! Which is why I’m watching SEtoos videos during the lunch rush at my business!!!

  37. Danielle White-Mangum

    Danielle White-Mangum3 dagar sedan

    Henrietta Lacks cured a lot of things with her cells so White people don't even know they have black cells in them lol

  38. Danielle White-Mangum

    Danielle White-Mangum3 dagar sedan

    I have like 7 CVS, Walgreen , Walmart in a 3 mile radius I guess they think Black people don't go to the doctor so why have a pharmacy

  39. A. F Wave- Rising

    A. F Wave- Rising3 dagar sedan

    Chinese debt traps as sponsored by Bank of America and the Normalization and Facilitation of Sub-Prime Mortgages to Minorities also pose a hazard to the independence of Minorities and Displaced Caucasians ("Underclassed", no "White Space" for you! lol, who wants that?). Out here the discussion becomes one of what "White" can be... who should be excluded...

  40. Chi Town Chei

    Chi Town Chei3 dagar sedan

    Several of the bank ceo's were smiling at the thought........

  41. Chi Town Chei

    Chi Town Chei3 dagar sedan

    As a Jackson I couldn't even get my phone calls returned. As a Calhoun the doors opened up

  42. Chi Town Chei

    Chi Town Chei3 dagar sedan

    Black women can overcome anything.

  43. Chi Town Chei

    Chi Town Chei3 dagar sedan

    Nephew, you made me holler with that Adell comment ; - )

  44. Rosie Powell

    Rosie Powell3 dagar sedan

    Black.people that knows whats going on.have come out these crazy churchs !

  45. Sem B

    Sem B3 dagar sedan

    bro that gospel thing has killed me, got tears :D:D:D:D hahah

  46. Sentinal Demus

    Sentinal Demus3 dagar sedan

    That's because when they're shot the only one you hear screaming 😱 is the cops 🚓

  47. Sentinal Demus

    Sentinal Demus3 dagar sedan

    I live in 94124 that walgreens is a hole in the wall. We do have Southeast Medical Center also.

  48. nikkijeans10

    nikkijeans103 dagar sedan

    Hidden racism is a lot more dangerous than racism that is up front and out in the open because it makes it harder to maneuver though or even deal with when placed in certain situations in life . It's best to see the op's first before they see you , so you can intellectually deal with the situation and have more control of the outcome to have things work in your favor instead of their's IJS .

  49. Chambers Kristin

    Chambers Kristin3 dagar sedan

    All kids have computers from their schools with internet so they could use their computers to make an appt. Also they can go to their doctors office by taking the county bus. Who let you ride for free. The vaccines are free. Give me a break.

  50. Wayne Pharell

    Wayne Pharell3 dagar sedan

    And they tell you to stop whining

  51. Wayne Pharell

    Wayne Pharell3 dagar sedan

    I'm black and they can keep it

  52. nutzforart

    nutzforart3 dagar sedan

    Trevor got a haircut,

  53. Ariel Crawford

    Ariel Crawford3 dagar sedan

    The black dollar circulates more than any other race. You know how whites boycott businesses that don't support their beliefs? Now imagine if we did it too 🤷🏾‍♀️

  54. Sean Splurge

    Sean Splurge3 dagar sedan

    I appreciate you Trevor. You doing alot for the people. And thank you for amber Ruffin too. She's great.

  55. Mi Sproete

    Mi Sproete3 dagar sedan

    Um...naw. I trust the church even LESS than I trust the police. Try again.

  56. Mi Sproete

    Mi Sproete3 dagar sedan

    Also, Pastor Roy...your suit looks like the inside of a Texas brothel. Just thought you should know. Hallelujahthankyoujesusamen.

  57. Deborah Gardner

    Deborah Gardner3 dagar sedan

    It’s just not corporate America, a lot of blue collar jobs are the same way.

  58. Deborah Gardner

    Deborah Gardner3 dagar sedan

    My mother paid for her home 20 years before they gave her the deed, because at that time Black people couldn’t own homes in that area.

  59. Alice Abbley

    Alice Abbley3 dagar sedan

    Trevor...we are NOT AFRICAN AMERICANS!!! We are not from AFRICA...YOU ARE!! Stop using that term because we didn't come from 2 continents!!

  60. Wilson Macharia

    Wilson Macharia4 dagar sedan

    Being black anywhere is becoming problematic.

  61. Lighting Lotus

    Lighting Lotus4 dagar sedan


  62. Ed Buckley

    Ed Buckley4 dagar sedan

    hearing a black man who owns a 27.5 million dollar home in bel air talk about how oppressed black people are in america tell us more how racism hold blacks like you back i mean you only make 16 million a year after only being in america 10 years

  63. xcx23 Cwea

    xcx23 Cwea4 dagar sedan

    Bait PR propaganda. Why is White Media and white people black people trying to get black folk to take the jab?? All you should be talking about is exposing White Supremacy lies and CUTTING THE CHEQUE for black aka "Reparations"

  64. Wayne D

    Wayne D4 dagar sedan

    All the churches and liquor stores, no pharmacy's. Thats by design.

  65. Bridget Omotosho

    Bridget Omotosho4 dagar sedan

    To them, we are only 3/5ths Hueman... Never Forget!

  66. Bridget Omotosho

    Bridget Omotosho4 dagar sedan

    We don't NEED nor WANT the vaccine anyway!!! Its all created to change our DNA! Don't allow amerikkka to coerce you into believing you need this vaccine!! Not unless you're ready to die! Think about it.

  67. Silvya Smith

    Silvya Smith4 dagar sedan

    I love when Rev. Roy sprays sanitizer When he says doctor of Fouchi 😂😂😂

  68. ShayComposed

    ShayComposed4 dagar sedan

    38:50 this part right here? It out the whole point and perspective on BLAST. Who can deny this?

  69. mountain mermaid1331

    mountain mermaid13314 dagar sedan

    My parents told me the same thing about therapy and I'm white. It wasn't "you need Jesus" because we weren;t religious, it was "you should be able to do it on your own".

  70. SirWarkwark

    SirWarkwark4 dagar sedan


  71. Melón Ponte

    Melón Ponte4 dagar sedan

    I’m gona have to put I’m white then 😒😒😒

  72. Shiree Hutcherson

    Shiree Hutcherson4 dagar sedan

    What do you mean no more Trevor??

  73. Dietlind Von Hohenwald

    Dietlind Von Hohenwald4 dagar sedan

    Free computers and internet at every library! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  74. Sidney Thirston

    Sidney Thirston4 dagar sedan

    Dude white people will do anything another white person tells them without even thinking or questioning it and thats what the forces that be hope for and it works whie people are very gullable when told things from another white person and thats sad

  75. Çommenter Person

    Çommenter Person4 dagar sedan

    I think that companies want "black" employees to solve the problem. There's a lot more conversation going on, than basic actions. The fixes will likely help everybody, because the problems are universal, but disproportionally affect some groups. Gang Mentatlity, intentionally overlooked by most large companies.

  76. Goldcic Vibefel

    Goldcic Vibefel4 dagar sedan

    The opposite is true in Miami. Most clinics are in mostly black areas. Many of my black friends are very scared of the vaccine. Carribean born friends seem much more afraid than continental born US friends. Only Peizer & Moderns are available. I had to start over. It's much safer to get it than risk. the long term effects of CoVid IMHO. After thousands of hours of research. It's not a racial or gender issue. It's a once in a century lethal pandemic.

  77. Animal1nstinct

    Animal1nstinct4 dagar sedan

    your not American or black

  78. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson4 dagar sedan

    Experienced racial discrimination today as an independent contractor driving deliverying groceries- small, minor, yet still unfair & tough.

  79. Deveda Francois, PhD

    Deveda Francois, PhD4 dagar sedan

    How about the Loretto Hospital Administrators in Chicago that took the vaccine from the Black community to residents in the Trump Tower and the Administrator's family members living in affluent suburbs?

  80. Çommenter Person

    Çommenter Person4 dagar sedan


  81. jasper graham

    jasper graham4 dagar sedan

    Been watching this youtube channel.. subscribed due to this commentary..always liked the commentary though as well!!!! BRAVO!!!!!

  82. Carolena Boyce

    Carolena Boyce4 dagar sedan

    Read Medical Apartheid by H. Washington. If the mainstream media says go right, go left. They are desperate to get these injections into people’s bodies however where is the safety data on who is most at risk for side effects so those people can be offered alternative? Since when is one medicine the answer for EVERY SINGLE PERSON. wake up people.

  83. P Reese

    P Reese4 dagar sedan

    Being a human being is exhausting.

  84. P. A.

    P. A.4 dagar sedan

    Sorry Bro' this hidden ad for getting the jab 🤔 JUST isn't going to work 😕..., AIN'T taking the poison 💀shot🤷🏿‍♀️... NEVER!!!

  85. Jay dubbu

    Jay dubbu4 dagar sedan

    Vaccine long term is still unknown is why they say it's safe. The ughooo's are yet to come like always.

  86. Jay dubbu

    Jay dubbu4 dagar sedan

    Internet prices just went up to something that's cheaper overseas

  87. WapajeaWalksOnWater

    WapajeaWalksOnWater4 dagar sedan

    Your uncle is not a dr. And neither is Bill Gates. Melinda Gates said African Americans and Native Americans should be vaccinated first. She's not a dr either. Something is rotten in Demark

  88. J

    J4 dagar sedan

    not sure to like or dislike, like that now i know but dislike what is happening.

  89. Sean Langlois

    Sean Langlois4 dagar sedan

    Everyday I wake up I put my victim socks on in my victim's shoes and my victim pants in my victim shirt and then I have a nice bowl of victim flakes. And then it's on to go peacefully protest the local Target store they got some new TVs in

  90. Chezzy79

    Chezzy795 dagar sedan

    Yeah but the black people being reluctant to get vaccinated clearly isn't because they are aware of the history of medical mistreatments that occurred 80-170 years ago....

  91. Elsea David

    Elsea David5 dagar sedan

    Hospital staff take care of the most Noisy people first! Coloured people and especially women will put up with so much pain without ever complaining! I've seen it too often!!!

  92. Golden C. Carter, Jr.

    Golden C. Carter, Jr.5 dagar sedan

    Trevor x Roy= 🙌🏾🤣🙌🏾🤣🙌🏾🤣🙌🏾🤣

  93. Walter Goodwin

    Walter Goodwin5 dagar sedan

    To think that black skin is thicker or blacks have a higher threshold to pain. Now that is the most ignorant thing coming from a community that is so book smart, no common sense No after seeing what blacks can do with so little and to give them the equal footing they deserve, and having a can do attitude about almost everything it is a scary scenario for those afraid of blacks.

  94. Melinda Taylor

    Melinda Taylor5 dagar sedan

    So she washed the clothes and cooked the meals.

  95. Çommenter Person

    Çommenter Person5 dagar sedan

    Trevor, do you mean _being Dave Chappelle on Comedy Central?_

  96. Rome's King

    Rome's King5 dagar sedan

    Don't listen to someone one because they are not a doctor...... A doctor says don't take vaccines (immediately discredited by the media and disbarred from his or her profession) 🥴 Am I right?

  97. Deborreh Dunmore

    Deborreh Dunmore5 dagar sedan

    But Kamala and others are saying America isn’t racist. what a joke.

  98. Deborreh Dunmore

    Deborreh Dunmore5 dagar sedan

    We don’t know if Martha is getting the shot that black people are getting, now do we?

  99. Deborreh Dunmore

    Deborreh Dunmore5 dagar sedan

    Black people who don’t have a vehicles live more than a mile from a supermarket.

  100. Tommy Montgomery

    Tommy Montgomery5 dagar sedan

    How do you have 9 million followers? You aren't funny & I'm being nice 🙂 ... Your takes are cringy... Smh... You're followers are zombies

  101. Ms.mistake

    Ms.mistake5 dagar sedan

    Ther key to your isolation

  102. Ms.mistake

    Ms.mistake5 dagar sedan

    When was the last time a vaccine let you down