The Ultimate Kombo Machine - Competitive History of Cyrax

Mustard takes the stage on screen and in-voice over! The combo beast of MK has a rich competitive history for our latest episode.
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0:00 Intro/PlayButton!
2:17 - MK3
5:17 - UMK3
8:04 - MK Gold
10:06 - MKDA
15:21 - MKA
18:56 - MK9
26:53 - MKXL
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    Mustard streams almost every day over on our Twitch. Go send him some love!

  2. Iqbal Gulam

    Iqbal Gulam28 dagar sedan

    Wys Ketchup? Good vid bro! I'd really like to see Scorpion next! :)

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    Der Di29 dagar sedan

    Why people still ignore Mk trilogy (n64)?

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    Indrid3 dagar sedan

    Scorpion video gonna be an hour long and I’m all for it.


    iHATEFI3NDI3 dagar sedan

    You should make a competitive history on Scorpion or Sub Zero, both long time favs of mine

  8. Jerd Maclean

    Jerd Maclean7 dagar sedan

    Looking forward to a Baraka video.

  9. Fox Roberts

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  10. Vencedor Uberstar

    Vencedor Uberstar8 dagar sedan

    Yep, I used to be a really good combomaker with Cyrax and Sektor on MK3/Trilogy, DA, Armageddon, and MK9. I haven't played any of them in a few years. 😔

  11. AlanTheBest97

    AlanTheBest979 dagar sedan

    Do Smoke next

  12. Garret Woeller

    Garret Woeller11 dagar sedan

    So when is Kabal or Shao Kahn

  13. Brandon VicBoss Morgan

    Brandon VicBoss Morgan11 dagar sedan

    Bruh 😯he Actually had a 100% combo. Cyrax I'd the Madara Uchia of mk9

  14. Gaston Langlet

    Gaston Langlet13 dagar sedan

    Wtf is that scaling in the Chorizo kombo?

  15. Paultar_

    Paultar_14 dagar sedan

    Grats dude!

  16. Silvers D Rayleigh

    Silvers D Rayleigh15 dagar sedan

    So Cyrax is a yellow Darth Vader in MK4 arcade edition, that's awesome.

  17. Kobra

    Kobra19 dagar sedan

    For a split second at the beginning, I really thought Ketchup was about to do the history of Cyrax

  18. Killed by Shrek

    Killed by Shrek19 dagar sedan

    You are a very intense speaker. I like it

  19. Eggshell

    Eggshell20 dagar sedan

    i know i’m mad late to saying it, but still, congratulations on the play button!!!

  20. Nocturne Prividyenie

    Nocturne Prividyenie20 dagar sedan

    I sorta wanna see a Smoke competitive history. You go into such detail with the games, it's really awesome. ^_^

  21. Sgt. Zaitsev

    Sgt. Zaitsev20 dagar sedan

    I cant believe I missed this video

  22. Milkbutter

    Milkbutter20 dagar sedan

    I would love an episode on Goro.

  23. Dylan Perkins

    Dylan Perkins21 dag sedan

    I’m so happy for you guys, I’ve been following you for a few years and have always been entertained and educated by your videos and you really have shaped me into a decent MK player which I thank you for. Let’s shoot for 200K and beyond!

  24. Plus OoFs

    Plus OoFs23 dagar sedan

    I Like How On MKA Meta Video Its Said That Cyrax Is Even Worse Than MK Deadly Aliance, But I Dont Think Thats The Case

  25. Plus OoFs

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  26. Plus OoFs

    Plus OoFs3 dagar sedan

    Sorry I Dint See Your Comment There, Thanks For Responding!

  27. PNDK&M

    PNDK&M23 dagar sedan

    I mean, I did reply to your comment on the MKA video with that exact statement. Cyrax is better in MKA than in DA :D

  28. Ash Ware Entertainment

    Ash Ware Entertainment24 dagar sedan

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    Pedalbored24 dagar sedan

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  30. Akita 90

    Akita 9024 dagar sedan

    Competitive history of Smoke pleaseeeee...Cdjr winning mlg with smokebomb, waffles winning final round, and xsmokex showing nearly 100% consistent resets were all some of the hypest MK9 moments!!!

  31. Guillermo Reyes

    Guillermo Reyes25 dagar sedan

    I want a kitana video is my second favorite characther in mk history

  32. Filia Luvs Squigly

    Filia Luvs Squigly25 dagar sedan

    New to the channel but this was awesome going to watch your playlist of the rest of them. Would love to see one on mileena in the future

  33. Kazu Pippin

    Kazu Pippin25 dagar sedan

    do kabal

  34. TheDarkLink7

    TheDarkLink725 dagar sedan

    Hey K-man whats the name of the MK music thats in the intro?

  35. TSNMLito22885 Fighting Games Passion

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    Mustard has been waiting for this very moment!

  36. Astral Blaze

    Astral Blaze26 dagar sedan

    No-one can tell if it's mustard or ketchup talking. For all we know mustard is telling us mustard is talking and it's actually ketchup

  37. Lewis Graham

    Lewis Graham26 dagar sedan

    I loved human cyrax (and sektor) as a concept. It showed what they were like pre cyberization. I could see why Sektor was in such a hurry , he was clearly lagging behind everyone else. It be cool for both of them to return as DLC but have Cyrax be Human and Sektor be a cyborg (with reverse skins too!).

  38. COtheLegend

    COtheLegend26 dagar sedan

    Yes! One of my all time favorite MK characters!

  39. ELL IS

    ELL IS27 dagar sedan

    another certified hood classic

  40. Cyrax 64

    Cyrax 6427 dagar sedan


  41. Gustavo Jaroszewski

    Gustavo Jaroszewski27 dagar sedan

    10:44 Yes sir! Trash compactor fatality is probably one of the simplest, yet most brutal Fatalities ever!

  42. Kerim Toker

    Kerim Toker27 dagar sedan

    Nice labret, Ketchup! Is it new?

  43. DBD253

    DBD25327 dagar sedan

    Man. I love these damn vids.

  44. Jourdan Sockey

    Jourdan Sockey28 dagar sedan

    I am now remembering playing Armageddon and accidentally stun-locking The final boss with the Buzz Saw special move... (All I know is that giant characters like moloch and the shokan are not immune to it.)

  45. TheDreadNecromancer

    TheDreadNecromancer28 dagar sedan

    These videos never gets old. They’re entertaining, informative, and interesting. Thanks guys!

  46. Roasted Pheasant

    Roasted Pheasant28 dagar sedan

    Personally prefer these competitive histories with a whole bunch of appearances. When it's just one or two games they've been in, there isn't as much interesting to talk about.

  47. Miles Hawkins

    Miles Hawkins28 dagar sedan

    Mk4 was so bad 🤦🏻‍♂️

  48. Michah the light paladin

    Michah the light paladin28 dagar sedan

    You know, after seeing alot of the competitive history of specific characters in mk, I wonder how long would sub zero specifically would be because he's in every mk game that's a mainline and not a port/spin off, scorpion missed out on og mk3

  49. JC Gregory

    JC Gregory28 dagar sedan

    “Cyrax’s weapon in MK Gold, was the Pulse Blade” Aka, a literal sith lightsaber

  50. Bogus Juan

    Bogus Juan28 dagar sedan

    Gonna need some Kano Done dirty because of that movie but still a fav

  51. RDX Gamer

    RDX Gamer28 dagar sedan

    I see TODs have always been a thing since MK3

  52. RDX Gamer

    RDX Gamer28 dagar sedan

    Ya love to see it super hype to see this cause idk much about cyrax in all the games

  53. Vayu Asura

    Vayu Asura29 dagar sedan

    Does Mustard exist?

  54. WutTheDeuce

    WutTheDeuce29 dagar sedan

    MK9 Kabal and Cyrax are the most broken MK characters ever made. It's the age old question, "how did this make it past testing?"

  55. Joxte

    Joxte29 dagar sedan

    I like these series bro, would you do nightwolf in a short future?

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    SilentSc0per29 dagar sedan

    Kitana Competitive History?

  57. Sharpy William

    Sharpy William29 dagar sedan

    I have always been a sucker for these type of informative videos diving deep into the Meta of characters and their games, this series is very well made and has deff caught my attention, I just subscribed and will be anxious for more content in the future! Good stuff guys!

  58. Kanzuki

    Kanzuki29 dagar sedan

    This is one of my favorite series on SEtoos. I get excited whenever I see a new "Competitive History" video.

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    Nick's Random Reviews29 dagar sedan

    Congrats on the 100k and silver button. I'll still be here when you put out the Competitive History of Shao Kahn in 2032.

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    I think you know something 👀

  61. PNDK&M

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  62. Dr Omnipotent

    Dr Omnipotent29 dagar sedan

    Awesome video as always! Putting in my vote for Kabal for the next episode. I'd imagine there would be a lot to talk about

  63. huleyn135

    huleyn13529 dagar sedan

    39 hits. For 32 percent. Thirty niiiiiiiiiine. Sure 10 is from the throw or whatever, but come on Netherrealm.

  64. huleyn135

    huleyn13529 dagar sedan

    MK9 cyrax is amazing lmao

  65. huleyn135

    huleyn13529 dagar sedan

    Man, after the patches, MK10 triborg cyrax kinda ended up useless. He is not terrible, but you spend a fuckton of effort to get damage that the toptiers can get with the back of their hand.

  66. PNDK&M

    PNDK&M29 dagar sedan

    To be fair, they couldn't mix like he could.

  67. Ryoma Hoshi

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    @Ryoma Hoshi that makes me sad :(((

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    RainbowSplatFTWMånad sedan

    Damn I am from Ukraine and missed some major mk even. Can you please enlighten me what was it?

  79. PNDK&M

    PNDK&M29 dagar sedan

    It wasn't a public event. You wouldn't have been allowed to attend. Look up the weplay ultimate fighting league on youtube :)

  80. pious83

    pious83Månad sedan

    Even though I've never been anywhere near a competitive level player. It was only when you mentioned it here, that it dawned on me how Cyrax weak actually was in MK: DA. All this time I thought I just wasn't good enough with him.

  81. Waluigi Number One

    Waluigi Number One26 dagar sedan

    Nah he straight up sucked really hard, I think MKDA Cyrax is the worst MK character of all time, but cool design though.

  82. Knightly Bros. Gaming

    Knightly Bros. GamingMånad sedan

    In my time playing MK9 competitively, I have never known Cyrax's net restands when used twice in combo. How insane!

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    25:20 Great video I’m hoping to see kabal as the next episode considering he his is one my favorite characters and I always wanted to see was he as a good in the other games before mk9.

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  89. abdul hammouda

    abdul hammoudaMånad sedan

    Watch all these, do love them. But realistically what we basically have ALWAYS meant is "is this charecter completely broken or not, cos MK has almost never been a good competitive game really". But still love it!

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  91. FailureOfAName

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    That moment you realise that it's Mustard narrating when hearing him referring Ketchup in the third person. Thought for a good second that Ketchup was having an existential crisis.

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    Human Cyrax is my favorite MK character of all time

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  97. PNDK&M

    PNDK&MMånad sedan

    I do whatever character tends to be either heavily requested or somebody i feel has a super rich history mechanically. Out of the few characters I've covered so far, one of the first was female khameleon. I plan on covering one of the other female ninjas soon, as it'll be another major project.

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