I Actually Didn't Laugh

New song with Anne Marie & DFA - lnk.to/DontPlay


  1. moose jordan

    moose jordan6 minuter sedan


  2. Bells

    Bells24 minuter sedan

    you can’t listen to shit tiktoks and say this is an accomplishment. can we pick the vids now :p

  3. Ronald Cheater

    Ronald Cheater59 minuter sedan

    R u ksi


    OG DRAGONTimme sedan

    I thought that it's the point of these vids is to see are fat neek laugh and then we laugh at his laugh and then make fun of his clapped beard

  5. kaif 34

    kaif 34Timme sedan

    I laugh on jjs laugh and he didn’t laugh im disliking

  6. EdwiN

    EdwiNTimme sedan

    “Today were gonna do try not to laugh. That is a series were we try not to laugh”🤣🤣

  7. Julio Garcia

    Julio GarciaTimme sedan

    If you didn’t laugh then this vid wasn’t funny

  8. Talha Moazzam

    Talha MoazzamTimme sedan

    It's cuz none of the videos were funny

  9. Jeffrey Flores

    Jeffrey FloresTimme sedan

    Is it a good start or bad start of the year

  10. PS4Gamer _

    PS4Gamer _Timme sedan

    hai ksi...

  11. D_A_P

    D_A_PTimme sedan

    0:13 do we let him get away with this boys

  12. Christian Fish

    Christian Fish2 timmar sedan

    PS3 was way better than Xbox

  13. Daniel Deda

    Daniel Deda2 timmar sedan

    Xhaka albanian 🇦🇱

  14. Theodore McClure

    Theodore McClure2 timmar sedan



    TIMOTHY EAGLE2 timmar sedan

    Hahhaha they made this man a meme ahhahahaahhahahahhahaahahahha

  16. Xxronimyballs Xxronimyballs

    Xxronimyballs Xxronimyballs2 timmar sedan

    Is this dude Ksi or nah

  17. Vrock Vevo

    Vrock Vevo3 timmar sedan

    You just got a sub love this channel

  18. bob billy

    bob billy3 timmar sedan

    turn on captions for intro

  19. Kyle Rohan

    Kyle Rohan3 timmar sedan


  20. King Rgz

    King Rgz3 timmar sedan

    The vid he watched wasn’t even funny

  21. NotJuniorr

    NotJuniorr4 timmar sedan

    imagine if JJ liked this 😩

  22. Harrison

    Harrison4 timmar sedan


  23. JAKE Kristoffer

    JAKE Kristoffer4 timmar sedan

    Finally i can max my volume up

  24. crazy clan

    crazy clan4 timmar sedan


  25. Arvid abjørn

    Arvid abjørn5 timmar sedan

    I was here when he finally didn't laugh

  26. FEVEN 7

    FEVEN 75 timmar sedan

    that kid saying niguez is black actually , you cant judge people by their hand's color wazza

  27. petar javorina

    petar javorina5 timmar sedan


  28. Logan Paul tv

    Logan Paul tv5 timmar sedan


  29. Joshua Mcclelland

    Joshua Mcclelland5 timmar sedan

    Next person ksi fight is the kid that said nigga

  30. SupremeGuy #

    SupremeGuy #6 timmar sedan


  31. Reign_V

    Reign_V6 timmar sedan

    He laughed here 0:10 u still lost men

  32. Rithy Chanrith

    Rithy Chanrith6 timmar sedan

    Title: I Actually Didn't Laughed KSI already laughed at the beginning

  33. g Goku

    g Goku7 timmar sedan

    5:44 so who's the cat behind u?

  34. arundev

    arundev7 timmar sedan


  35. Sophie Kirby

    Sophie Kirby7 timmar sedan

    i guess im proud but i honestly likedit better when he did laugh....

  36. avya domadia

    avya domadia7 timmar sedan


  37. Hyperx Sage

    Hyperx Sage7 timmar sedan

    He has 11.7 mil subs but no verified sadge

  38. XxgamerxX1

    XxgamerxX18 timmar sedan

    Me looking at the title: ℹ️ false information detected

  39. Aeisha Rodriguez

    Aeisha Rodriguez8 timmar sedan

    1:45 you knoooow, I'm following dude on Instagram and maaan, he's so gorgeous until it's cringe💁🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. Cameron Brown

    Cameron Brown8 timmar sedan

    Different house

  41. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy7 timmar sedan

    I’m disliking if you laughed

  42. AbdulMohsen Hamad Ghaloom

    AbdulMohsen Hamad Ghaloom8 timmar sedan

    u ok bro u usually laugh at anything ....

  43. Zachary Medved

    Zachary Medved9 timmar sedan


  44. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy7 timmar sedan

    Congrats. It’s my birthday today too

  45. Abdul

    Abdul9 timmar sedan

    These memes are so dead no wonder why he didn’t laugh

  46. Kyle Williams

    Kyle Williams9 timmar sedan

    JJ talking was funnier then the actual video

  47. V.I.B.E Check

    V.I.B.E Check9 timmar sedan

    Me: *reads the title* Me: *IMPOSSIBLE*

  48. Gabrielis Petravičius

    Gabrielis Petravičius9 timmar sedan

    Xbox always gonna be most trash console. Who plays xbox in 2021 wtf 😂

  49. Shwosho

    Shwosho10 timmar sedan


  50. Francis Sullivan

    Francis Sullivan10 timmar sedan

    you should have named it try not to laugh but i actually try

  51. Jeswin Thomas

    Jeswin Thomas10 timmar sedan

    When JJ doesnt laugh...we dont laugh as well

  52. Candym0n

    Candym0n11 timmar sedan

    Good job

  53. Tom Hutchinson

    Tom Hutchinson11 timmar sedan

    i didnt laugh at anything either


    KILLER_CASH_11 timmar sedan

    when will he realise that his channel IS CALLED JJ OLATUNJI

  55. I'm lil princess

    I'm lil princess12 timmar sedan

    you know its funny when a serious man like the one and only jj/ksi laughs

  56. K3vin

    K3vin12 timmar sedan

    Congrats. It’s my birthday today too

  57. Gravitys_Fallen

    Gravitys_Fallen12 timmar sedan

    I’m disliking if you laughed

  58. D.C.H.

    D.C.H.12 timmar sedan

    He for sure cut out the laugh on the juice wrld part

  59. Zayaan Hassan

    Zayaan Hassan12 timmar sedan

    Love how it shows domain and is actually dont play

  60. ‎

    12 timmar sedan


  61. unussgamerSSZZ

    unussgamerSSZZ13 timmar sedan

    Dude the Xbox rap was best

  62. G Cubed

    G Cubed14 timmar sedan

    They said it couldn’t be done...

  63. chukwuebuka onye

    chukwuebuka onye14 timmar sedan

    11:31 Aunty: I am 24 JJ: Aunty you’re lying. I can’t breathe 🤣🤣🤣

  64. chixuru _

    chixuru _14 timmar sedan

    its becuase theres a women in the video

  65. Woah Vicky

    Woah Vicky15 timmar sedan

    5:27 he sounds like marzz ow

  66. Nuggs

    Nuggs15 timmar sedan

    Tremendous cap

  67. antyydoat

    antyydoat15 timmar sedan

    KSI is 999 god at this

  68. Bob Jeff Celery

    Bob Jeff Celery15 timmar sedan


  69. Nathaniel Squires

    Nathaniel Squires15 timmar sedan

    When is he gonna activate windows

  70. Devon Maloof

    Devon Maloof15 timmar sedan

    he laughed and he cut it out of the video at 10:42 - 10:52

  71. Hfhgjtjjtj Gg

    Hfhgjtjjtj Gg15 timmar sedan

    setoos.info/name/s2ma151_qKOhl2M/video this is footage of Logan Paul and ksi

  72. Vice 19XX

    Vice 19XX16 timmar sedan

    Bruh like you cut off every time you laugh

  73. Rodrigo Rhoy Pacis

    Rodrigo Rhoy Pacis16 timmar sedan


  74. george pointon

    george pointon16 timmar sedan

    anyone looking for 10:41 setoos.info/name/vaWdnopmd5GGk3w/video

  75. Juan Mecano

    Juan Mecano16 timmar sedan

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  76. Electric slide

    Electric slide16 timmar sedan

    This has to be clickbait

  77. george pointon

    george pointon16 timmar sedan


  78. JayHonney

    JayHonney16 timmar sedan

    11:24 cap.

  79. little-sniper08

    little-sniper0816 timmar sedan


  80. buildordestroy123

    buildordestroy12316 timmar sedan

    I know "blue balls"😂😂😂

  81. Raidz

    Raidz17 timmar sedan

    Ps4, and Xbox 360 are the best consoles of all time

  82. Sans Thefresh123

    Sans Thefresh12317 timmar sedan


  83. Marian Jones

    Marian Jones17 timmar sedan

    Holi sit ai nevor fot vi dei wos com hi didn't laf 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

  84. Joker

    Joker17 timmar sedan


  85. Super Mario Legend

    Super Mario Legend17 timmar sedan

    Plot twist, he edited out all the clips where he laughed

  86. Casa Gamer

    Casa Gamer17 timmar sedan

    Someone donate

  87. Sign Diego

    Sign Diego18 timmar sedan

    9:43 🤣

  88. Kurd Hassan

    Kurd Hassan18 timmar sedan

    7:45 her instas are itsnisrin &? nisrinkacher plus she got a podcast with her broski called sadly relatable

  89. Tony Chavez

    Tony Chavez18 timmar sedan

    The ps3 is a lot better

  90. Point Perfect

    Point Perfect18 timmar sedan

    Am I crazy or was the window there before

  91. Geo Tea

    Geo Tea18 timmar sedan

    Ngl I play ps5 and I recon Xbox won the rap battle

  92. YNW_ Joeyyy

    YNW_ Joeyyy18 timmar sedan

    PLAYSTATION 3 SUCKED????? U trippin that was the best OG

  93. Yaziel Sosa

    Yaziel Sosa18 timmar sedan


  94. Towerphynx

    Towerphynx18 timmar sedan

    Obvs cut his vids

  95. Yaziel Sosa

    Yaziel Sosa18 timmar sedan


  96. Thiccreameme

    Thiccreameme19 timmar sedan

    At 10:47-10:50 why did it cut right as he was grinning? Very very suspicious 🤨

  97. Aiden Bragg

    Aiden Bragg19 timmar sedan

    you are ksi

  98. zel Roberts

    zel Roberts19 timmar sedan


  99. zel Roberts

    zel Roberts19 timmar sedan


  100. zel Roberts

    zel Roberts19 timmar sedan


  101. zel Roberts

    zel Roberts19 timmar sedan


  102. Timmy Nguyen

    Timmy Nguyen19 timmar sedan

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