My First Time In Virtual Reality! | Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing And Gameplay

In todays video I unbox the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset and try it out for the first time!
My Gear:
Camera -
Tripod -
Headset -
Mic -
Mouse -
KeyBoard -
Mouse Pad -
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Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Luke Davidson

    Luke Davidson3 månader sedan

    I'm sorry if you couldn't hear me at some parts when I was playing, I wasn't wearing headphones so if I turned up my voice volume to much you could hear my headset volume as well. If you enjoyed the video and want me to post more with the headset just let me know in the comments and I'll fix it for next time!

  2. AquaGaming

    AquaGaming17 timmar sedan

    Bro he can drive I had no idea he could lol

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    I have an oculus quest 1

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    I have quest 2

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    Do more videos withe the headset

  6. John Doe

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    @Luke Davidson Luke what game is that

  7. Sirop

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    I Want one to, so That i can play ROBLOX in VR :D

  8. derek fisher

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    So lucky!! I want this so bad but not sure which gigs i should get!! I may just spend the extra 100 bucks so i don’t have to worry about getting so much games!!

  9. Splatcat

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    Dude I'm jealous but not really because you get to play gorilla tag plz play it's fun and free!

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    You have a cat wow Amazing

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    Just got an Oculus Quest 2 yesterday because it was my brothers birthday. It’s a shared gift but my parents didn’t wanna make us wait until the middle of the two or my birthday so like 👌 I’m not mad lol

  13. AquaGaming

    AquaGaming17 timmar sedan

    Can’t believe he can drive

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    I have an oculus 2

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    I can’t wait to get an oculus quest 2 for my birthday!

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    I just got mine a couple days ago!

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    I got an oculus quest 2 too!

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    What your in Canada

  19. Seydou Ndiaye

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    One time I was playing on the vr and recorded myself I look like a doofus

  20. Kartikey Vyas

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    Isn't he a little young to drive?

  21. Klipzz17 Vlogs

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    The cat was so funny 😂

  22. Dylan Hulme

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    Day 1000 waiting for Argos to open for a vs headset

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    I have always wanted to do the setup and sell it on ebay :/

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    This is me when I got the oculus quest

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    Let’s get him up to 1 million subscribers!

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    You should make a gaming channel if you want because you are good the vr

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    You good

  29. Annie Gray

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    Why if you never played VR then why do you have the Q2 You should have started with the Q1

  30. Vortex Firelord

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    Rip controller 2020/2021

  31. Syb’s Puppets

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    Oh it’s the perfect guy from TikTok I’m joking I love. Your TikToks

  32. Ganti Aruna

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    Imagine if theres roblox in VR!!!

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    Nice car

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    Your vids are great man, keep up the good work

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    Bro I got one and also I’m really good a beat saber

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    I just got a oculus quest 2 a few days ago

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    Hey wat us love your tik toks!

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    The cars engine Damn

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    I will too soon I get vr for the first time

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    That's so cool I have the same thing

  48. Wilson Stan

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    3:13 is where the best part starts

  49. Andrew James

    Andrew James7 dagar sedan

    Can we play Luke? i have a headset. User: AgentAndrew08


    AMONG US VIDS AND TF2 GAMING7 dagar sedan

    Congratulations on your VR I love it I hope you enjoy your VR

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    I came from tik tok

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    Why is your dashboard having a seizure lol

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    98k? More like 736k. That's around 650,000 subscribers in 3 months

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    my cousin has one and I used it yesterday and it was fun

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    0:04 when he starts the car

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    Ya you did

  59. Austin Aganon

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    set up the guardian and get rec room it's free on oculus (btw the guardian prevents you from hitting stuff)

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    One word: LUCKY

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  65. я не мог этого сделать ему

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    Was the beat saber he played was a demo version?

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    The best part is when he played with the VR.

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    Gained 600k subs in 2 months... your hustling

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