My Experience With COVID-19

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  1. Shahraz Hussain

    Shahraz Hussain2 timmar sedan

    He said 2020 when its 2021

  2. Wailmore [GD]

    Wailmore [GD]Dag sedan

    Wow I didn’t know Josh was a pokemon card collecter

  3. Please enter a name

    Please enter a name6 dagar sedan

    I’ve tested positive once and it was so bad.. i would be able to taste a little and barely smell, i think it didnt set in much which is good. I am now covid-free. I was positive for a week or so. I was so happy when i started tasting more and more each day.

  4. Alex Yu

    Alex Yu13 dagar sedan

    This stuff is serious. I’m 17 with symptoms 😭.

  5. Koby W

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  6. Tyler Manley

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  7. Junan Lian

    Junan Lian19 dagar sedan

    Josh please be better!

  8. Haych Ismail

    Haych Ismail19 dagar sedan

    iim really happy that Josh survived 🙏🏽

  9. Ray Quinz

    Ray Quinz21 dag sedan

    nooooo josh you got covid on my birthday nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. Stephen Hammond

    Stephen Hammond21 dag sedan

    Imagine watching this video and then a month lasted you also have it.

  11. Fajar Muhammad

    Fajar Muhammad24 dagar sedan

    want to ask, please show me the X-rays of the Covid 19 patient, are there X-rays? not X-rays can see the disease or the virus ??

  12. Hetty Overland

    Hetty Overland24 dagar sedan

    Poor josh 😔😞🥺

  13. Anjellike1

    Anjellike124 dagar sedan

    Ummm am I the only one who sees how nice Josh’s nails are?!lol😍😍😍

  14. Mason Ryan

    Mason Ryan26 dagar sedan

    I know this is late but fair play to josh keeping the content good while having COVID-19

  15. Lisa Allen

    Lisa Allen29 dagar sedan

    He said 2020

  16. muneer billeh

    muneer billeh29 dagar sedan

    Underrated 😔😭

  17. Killer Elf21

    Killer Elf21Månad sedan

    Ngl but josh should have more subs than vik and harry

  18. chris egan

    chris eganMånad sedan

    I’m glad 🙂 you survived

  19. liam burns

    liam burnsMånad sedan

    Bullshit did bill gates give you them pokemon cards

  20. KH

    KHMånad sedan

    Gws bro

  21. Gang Gang

    Gang GangMånad sedan

    Imagine Josh dies

  22. Ay_its_ Cave

    Ay_its_ CaveMånad sedan

    I slept 15 hrs 3 days in a row when I had Covid lol then I had 4 days of just pain

  23. dontmess279

    dontmess279Månad sedan

    i would suggest to do a D-Derma test, just to make sure. covid has not affected your lungs

  24. Big Ech

    Big EchMånad sedan

    Currently got it and my throat is absolutely kicking my ass

  25. Sarah

    SarahMånad sedan

    Josh: says 2020 Me: 👁👄👁

  26. Qwert

    QwertMånad sedan

    I caught covid and I could not sleep or taste or even smell for 2 days 🙃 with a headache

  27. Spacegirl6343

    Spacegirl6343Månad sedan

    I had covid last year in April, it started out with lack of appetite and then over the next 3 or 4 days just getting worse and worse. I ended up with nausea, constant mild headache, mild fever, had two separate nights of extremely bad chills, fatigue, body aches and I lost my sense of taste for a little over a month which was very frustrating. I ended up not being able to work for almost a month but I am very thankful that I was able to get back to work once I was fully recovered.

  28. SMOOTH

    SMOOTHMånad sedan

    Josh - “I can’t taste anything” Also josh - “It tastes like a weird water”

  29. Kai McGrath

    Kai McGrathMånad sedan

    Your insane Jarvis

  30. Ryan H

    Ryan HMånad sedan

    got my positive test on 15th had nothing no cough no nothing

  31. Ella Swimmer

    Ella SwimmerMånad sedan

    Favourite sidemen check

  32. gamers55

    gamers55Månad sedan

    Imagine being old and surviving Covid an absolute legend


    ITZGLITCHERS211Månad sedan

    I've had it brother its tough but well done its a mentally hard thing to defeat but you like many others are showing why we are great

  34. LuCiDxAFY ِ

    LuCiDxAFY ِMånad sedan

    Love u josh thanks for the experience. Your truly an u underrated sidemen

  35. Andrew Marucci

    Andrew MarucciMånad sedan

    You need to take in zinc daily because it gets used up quick and there is no storage system for it in the body and is required for over 100 enzymatic functions. Zinc is responsible for High Turnover cells, which includes your tastebuds. Since taste is not an absolute necessity, it is usually the first to go if you're sick with a virus because all your zinc is being used for immune function. Zinc is also responsible for hair and intestinal cells, so it's common to have hair loss with covid, as well as bad indigestion, bloating and stomach cramping. Also nutrient absorption can be hindered.

  36. Denzel Tarabay

    Denzel TarabayMånad sedan

    Hope everything is good in the future and wish u all the best with anything that hits u in the future

  37. Joshua Moore

    Joshua MooreMånad sedan

    The reason why the line is weaker is because the covid cells are dying off, meaning there is less of them, therefore it is not as strong. This is a good thing

  38. boualem serseub

    boualem serseubMånad sedan

    good man i love josh so much you going to be good

  39. Riceaholic

    RiceaholicMånad sedan

    Josh still thinks that its 2020 still #SaveZerkaa

  40. Angie Cats

    Angie CatsMånad sedan

    Idk man I got one done at the doctors and it felt like they were scraping and poking the back of my eye ball. I’m not the kind of person to be dramatic about getting tests done at the doctors but that one was probably the worst test I’ve had so far... would rather get a blood test tbh. Don’t sure why they can’t just do that instead.

  41. Angie Cats

    Angie CatsMånad sedan

    Also I tested negative thank god because testing positive in New Zealand would be a disaster. Hope anyone around the world who has any kind of illness gets well soon.

  42. Tstormer

    TstormerMånad sedan

    See I wasn't that upset that I couldn't taste shit I was just glad to stop coughing

  43. Arbaz Khan

    Arbaz KhanMånad sedan

    Thx dad for the video really appreciate it. Help me lot

  44. Aaliyah Splaine

    Aaliyah SplaineMånad sedan

    He said 2020😭

  45. Alisha Pannell

    Alisha PannellMånad sedan

    My mum had the same me and my sister just had a stuffy nose they were positive my dad was light headed but was negative thank god he lives of one side of his heart working I had a stuffy nose didn't take the test but I'm in Southampton London is a hot spot for covid

  46. Vlogger Khan

    Vlogger KhanMånad sedan

  47. Seth Porter

    Seth PorterMånad sedan

    The nasty plantation typically stain because astronomy undeniably empty for a unequaled dolphin. lewd, decisive guarantee


    SKRRTZYMånad sedan

    My man really said 10 of January 2020

  49. jockymc

    jockymcMånad sedan

    For someone that's 3 days into a deadly virus that can get worse in the next couple of weeks, you're looking pretty cheerful about it. Hmmmm

  50. Ezra Hurman

    Ezra HurmanMånad sedan

    I hope you are doing good! :)

  51. DonV Filmora Tutorials

    DonV Filmora TutorialsMånad sedan

    People that keep saying covid isn't real are so stupid. My grandparents were sick for over a month (grandmother was in a worse shape, two weeks of treatment), 2 of my cousins in their 20s got it and they said it was awful, still have no smell or taste....

  52. Joe Brooks

    Joe BrooksMånad sedan

    Only stupid people think it's fake

  53. Ethan Dutton

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  54. Heather Britton

    Heather BrittonMånad sedan

    i can't smell anything, just like a cold

  55. Eddie Gluskin

    Eddie GluskinMånad sedan

    Mate you chat shit you may have tested positive but you did not have any effects i guarantee

  56. TheeGR81

    TheeGR81Månad sedan

    I going thru the same shit It’s been a week and a couple day now that I had Covid I’m feeling better now but I still have to stay home for a couple more days just in case

  57. Galactic Gaming

    Galactic GamingMånad sedan

    I hope you get well soon!

  58. Blue_21

    Blue_21Månad sedan

    at 00:05 did anyone hear he said 2020 hahaha hope you are better so tho

  59. Patryk Håkansson

    Patryk HåkanssonMånad sedan

    alla svenskar hörde ni l22 intro i början

  60. Random Things

    Random ThingsMånad sedan

    Covid = FLU , covid = hoax ro set us up and condition our minds ready for 2030 agenda,99.3% survival rate

  61. Random Things

    Random ThingsMånad sedan

    @no what are you on about data lmao ,government connected and work with all these demonic company owners lmao,you have slight knowledge in you, dont worry, you seem like you will see through things more.

  62. no

    noMånad sedan

    @Random Things Facebook,Google and our own phones already have all of that data, especially when you have location on or give away your contacts to WhatsApp. I don't think the government would make a big hoax when they can just buy all the data of these companies.

  63. Random Things

    Random ThingsMånad sedan

    @no no they'd be earning money like they have learnt very much throughout the whole thing ,4 trillion and more to be exact, between 4 people that we follow too.

  64. no

    noMånad sedan

    @Random Things Well, let's say this is all a government hoax: they'd be LOSING money from it due to furlough schemes and a shit economy. This would mean that if they were trying to get our brains ready for anything they would be broke from borrowing a tonne of money anyway.

  65. Random Things

    Random ThingsMånad sedan

    @Joe Brooks and your telling me that?😅,jeez. Stop following mainstream media and the lying governments.

  66. jo•

    jo•Månad sedan

    Josh my guy

  67. inferno_o

    inferno_oMånad sedan

    glad you're good man :)

  68. The_sear

    The_searMånad sedan

    get a regular test

  69. The_sear

    The_searMånad sedan

    bro my mum test positive on latural flow she is vaccinating

  70. Langton Chikukwa

    Langton ChikukwaMånad sedan


  71. LoZz__l

    LoZz__lMånad sedan

    A test which is a pcr test cannot test if you have covid or not so why are all these people taking tests and believing they have covid?

  72. DonV Filmora Tutorials

    DonV Filmora TutorialsMånad sedan

    because of the symptoms?

  73. notJAY

    notJAYMånad sedan

    i sneezed three times

  74. khushi

    khushiMånad sedan

    josh the thumbnail is amazing

  75. Claptrap

    ClaptrapMånad sedan

    Sorry bro I dont think you have had it........I have had it, for me it was nagging heads aches, fatigue and lots of it, one night I had hypoxia (this is the 'lung' thing people go on about) but its not the lungs that are affected it seems more a blood disease so the talk about "I had a hard time breathing" is a give away to me. What happens is it feels like you are at high altitude where you breath normally but you are not getting enough so you breath more and more and it makes you a little panicky because you dont know what is happening but you know you are not getting enough oxygen. The next day it was gone but the fatigue took 2 weeks to leave. In the months after I had problems with infections that I normally do not have. 5 months down the road I have no issues. Oh and one night I cooked tea but the family could not eat it because it was too salty, it was not to me and I did not notice a loss of taste and smell however it appears the family did, I am unsure when this event fell into the timeline, but it was a little after the initial 2 weeks of being head achy and lazy.

  76. James Mckinlay

    James MckinlayMånad sedan

    Ahhh keep pushing the agenda 👌🏻 it’s all starting to unfold I suggest everyone checks out the WHOs latest statement

  77. lewis Forster

    lewis ForsterMånad sedan

    Yup sars-cov-2 never been isolated he's just got a cold

  78. Wouter

    WouterMånad sedan

    You shouldnt even be in the same room as freya, sorry to say.. You should isolate from her aswell

  79. Random Tutorials

    Random TutorialsMånad sedan

    You need to wipe down your pokemon cards

  80. Bushra

    BushraMånad sedan

    Reminder to drop a view on the one legged crossbar. (on 9.7mil now right now)

  81. James Shackleton

    James ShackletonMånad sedan


  82. Rahath Khan

    Rahath KhanMånad sedan


  83. Rahath Khan

    Rahath KhanMånad sedan

    Me and my family have vivid aswell

  84. hugo wheeler

    hugo wheelerMånad sedan

    josh i really admire you for documenting the experience

  85. Joe Holleyoake

    Joe HolleyoakeMånad sedan

    I lost both when I tested positive in December, luckily for me I had my taste back for Christmas.

  86. Joe Holleyoake

    Joe HolleyoakeMånad sedan

    Also, the test was a waste, for 12 weeks after testing positive it will test positive because of dead Covid cells. I work at school and I have been told I can't test until after the 12 week period.

  87. Godzilla productions gaming also

    Godzilla productions gaming alsoMånad sedan

    What’s rong with taking naps :(

  88. Krishanan Merdono

    Krishanan MerdonoMånad sedan

    I also had covid and it isnt anywhere near as bad as the media makes it out to be, it just alters your sence of smell and makes you cough for a few days.

  89. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerMånad sedan

    @Krishanan Merdono I'm not quite sure how you think me telling you I've been diagnosed 3 times gives you the right to insult me, but it doesn't bother me. You have every right stick to your own echo chamber narrative, if it helps you cope

  90. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerMånad sedan

    @Krishanan Merdono I'm a financial adviser and part time fireman, while my partner runs a homecare centre. Both of us have been working throughout the entirety of the lockdowns, and have had multiple covid tests. I have no reason to lie to you

  91. Krishanan Merdono

    Krishanan MerdonoMånad sedan

    @Anakin Skywalker no, because if you actually got tested and diagnosed with 3 cases of covid which has never happened before there would be 100 reporters and hospitals and you door trying to interview you since it would help them learn alot about covid, youve obviously not been diagnosed with it but a doctor, youve just got covid once and the flu a couple times, the same thing happened to me while i had covid, that dosent mean you got covid 3 times you absolute idiot

  92. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerMånad sedan

    @Krishanan Merdono why would I be on the news? I'm not an attention seeker The second time was the worst. Thanks for asking

  93. Krishanan Merdono

    Krishanan MerdonoMånad sedan

    @Anakin Skywalker it was probably different everytime cuz some of the times it was regular flu and ine tine it was covid

  94. OblivionGate

    OblivionGateMånad sedan

    My experience with covid... None. Don't know anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody that has had it.

  95. Bruh

    BruhMånad sedan

    Was tested positive early jan too. COVID literally made me fatigued, dizziness, temperature, taste/smell loss, appetite loss. It was like next level shit. I was happy my taste/smell loss got better after a week my fever was gone. It was awful everything tasted bland.

  96. Bruh

    BruhMånad sedan

    @Nancy Pelosi I mean I never had anything like that ever before. And when I do get a normal temperature I just get a headache, sweats, shivers etc, and I would be fine 3 days later after resting. COVID fever lasted for like 9 days with 2/3 days of me not getting out of bed. Was awful.

  97. Mitch

    MitchMånad sedan

    I think it’s very easy to get caught up in the majority of people testing positive and showing no/very mild symptoms that, actually, this virus is a genuine killer at its worst. Had it hit close to home with some stark reminders recently and it’s made me be a little more vigilant with it again. Glad you’re well, Josh.

  98. Rihan Ali

    Rihan AliMånad sedan

    Whoever disliked is a hater and don’t watch Josh’s channel if your gonna dislike

  99. RED

    REDMånad sedan

    I had covid back in December not nice

  100. RobotBlastGaming

    RobotBlastGamingMånad sedan

    Hopefully you can get through this quickly and flex that you have survived covid-19... you are a healthy beast Zerkaa!

  101. Tristan Simms

    Tristan SimmsMånad sedan

    To who is reading this. Have an amazing life and know that you aren't alone. My goal is to get 100 subs God bless you

  102. Zoe A

    Zoe AMånad sedan

    To be honest I get why your worried about not knowing where you got it from but I know where I got it from and it was from work (I’m a primary teacher and 3 colleagues have tested positive) I wish I didn’t know as now I’m feeling anxious about going back 😞 Also my symptoms have been very similar to yours it’s been reassuring someone else has similar!

  103. Conzy

    ConzyMånad sedan

    You were very lucky, me and both my parents had Covid, we could barely get out of bed it was that bad, aching body, extreme shortness of breath, aggressive cough, no taste or smell, hope I never get it again

  104. xd Michael

    xd MichaelMånad sedan

    I didn't lose my smell or taste when I had COVID, it's about 50% you lose your smell and taste. I feel like the virus is different in different regions, idk

  105. lewis Forster

    lewis ForsterMånad sedan

    You spelt flu with a C

  106. Snudge Galbraith

    Snudge GalbraithMånad sedan

    Its a load of old bollocks

  107. OfficialCasperr

    OfficialCasperrMånad sedan

    Food delivery guy: YO I MET ZERKAA” Few days later... “Ah ffs”


    FIREPANDAMånad sedan

    Anyone tell you you look like a White Drake?

  109. bunny boos nursery

    bunny boos nurseryMånad sedan


  110. Kieran McLeish

    Kieran McLeishMånad sedan

    What's that blue stuff on his cheek?

  111. Tim Tim

    Tim TimMånad sedan

    Wait stop which male stands to pee in their own home? I never do it at home just feels wrong

  112. Dapzi

    DapziMånad sedan

    The rules in Britain is a lot weirder than the ones in Denmark. We have heard that you are probably going to be positive for 8 weeks after the first symptoms, but you are out if isolation 2 days after symptoms have gone away.

  113. UnderRatedGod

    UnderRatedGodMånad sedan

    Going thru this with u

  114. Earl Unger

    Earl UngerMånad sedan

    i got covid and the only bad thing was loss of taste, it's so depressing, you think i'm exaggerating but i'm really not, but the rest wasn't bad at all, of course the symptoms are different for everyone though so it affects everyone differently

  115. Matt Wiper

    Matt WiperMånad sedan

    The lack of taste sucks I'm out of isolation today but still can't taste a thing.

  116. eudamus

    eudamusMånad sedan

    Hope you’re ok Josh. We love you.

  117. Michael

    MichaelMånad sedan

    Congratulations young un - you had the flu. Your medal for bravery is on its way.

  118. Michael

    MichaelMånad sedan

    @lewis Forster I know it. Past viruses too.

  119. lewis Forster

    lewis ForsterMånad sedan

    @Michael sars-cov-2 yet to be isolated and prove to exist according to the department of health and social

  120. Michael

    MichaelMånad sedan

    @lewis Forster Or his imagination!

  121. lewis Forster

    lewis ForsterMånad sedan

    Not even that a cold

  122. 12to6ix

    12to6ixMånad sedan

    Heard josh sleeps and showers in the red hoodie

  123. Jon Davis

    Jon DavisMånad sedan

    Mate u are probably the ugliest SEtoosr I’ve seen