MrBEAST BURGER Full Menu Challenge **DESTROYED**

Good Video? You know what to do :)
A bit back Mr. Beast releases his very own restaurant, Mr. Beast Burgers!! Unfortunately I was out of town for the launch and couldn't get my hands on them sooner, but I had to try them out!
Full Order =
1 Beast-Style Burger (triple + extra patty)
1 Chris-Style Burger (extra patty)
1 Chandler-Style Burger (extra patty)
1 Chicken Tender Sandwich
1 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
1 Karl's Grilled Cheese
1 Seasoned Fries
1 Beast-Style Fries
6 Cookies
1 Water Bottle
1 Can of Coke (diet)
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie3 månader sedan

    Long time no see! Had to start the year off w/ a BIG Challenge 🍔 Happy 2021 everyone!

  2. Mohammad Tanvin

    Mohammad Tanvin11 dagar sedan

    Happy 2021

  3. Jessi :3

    Jessi :317 dagar sedan

    @Touruuu Stop being rude to them!

  4. uma_aleatoria _estranha

    uma_aleatoria _estranha28 dagar sedan


  5. elnaz isayeva

    elnaz isayevaMånad sedan

    @Will Ff

  6. ajet k

    ajet kMånad sedan

    Eat a full goat fry

  7. Booga Bxxga

    Booga Bxxga2 minuter sedan

    I ordered the whole menu too but i already felt like dying in the first 3 burgers

  8. Booga Bxxga

    Booga Bxxga5 minuter sedan

    I showed this to my vegan sister and she cried watching this

  9. Jed Murillo

    Jed Murillo25 minuter sedan

    Im playing dream speedrun music on all your vids

  10. Eta Uatiree

    Eta UatireeTimme sedan

    Matt eating: mmmmm ahh mmmm Matt's wife: oh god hope you don't get fat

  11. Seanxity

    SeanxityTimme sedan

    POV: Your finding Mr. beast's comment

  12. iixenzi

    iixenzi2 timmar sedan

    do you ever just get to enjoy your food in a video ?

  13. jasper bruno

    jasper bruno2 timmar sedan

    Looks gross tbh lol but never tried so i wouldn’t know

  14. Rosemarie Mangilit

    Rosemarie Mangilit3 timmar sedan

    He Just Put Karl In He's Stomach WOW 😰😰😰😰

  15. RBabe s

    RBabe s3 timmar sedan

    Where did the food goes off?

  16. سويمي_Q3

    سويمي_Q34 timmar sedan


  17. Dodge Demon

    Dodge Demon4 timmar sedan

    I’d be bloated by the time I get to the second sandwich.

  18. Justin Ismail

    Justin Ismail4 timmar sedan

    Who’s going to tell him that that’s not Coke

  19. AA - 06KC 777413 Tecumseh PS

    AA - 06KC 777413 Tecumseh PS4 timmar sedan

    How th do u chug pop

  20. AA - 06KC 777413 Tecumseh PS

    AA - 06KC 777413 Tecumseh PS4 timmar sedan

    Or soda

  21. ben le

    ben le6 timmar sedan

    RIP his stomach

  22. ben le

    ben le7 timmar sedan

    3:40 the sound he gulped

  23. 50 ping king

    50 ping king7 timmar sedan

    y would you do that to yourself

  24. bro broseph

    bro broseph7 timmar sedan

    im hungry

  25. Hayden Jones

    Hayden Jones8 timmar sedan

    did he have a anirism at the end

  26. Gen DropShot

    Gen DropShot9 timmar sedan

    Why did I watch this while I was hungry

  27. Ali Apo ali

    Ali Apo ali10 timmar sedan

    It so Beg wow جعت

  28. elias Tamayo

    elias Tamayo10 timmar sedan

    Ayo umm calm down Jamall 5:11

  29. Ahmet Oflazoglu

    Ahmet Oflazoglu11 timmar sedan

    I wish this brands will be on turkey but in turkey there is just burger king and McDonald’s bruh

  30. gréine

    gréine11 timmar sedan

    I Had MrBeast burger wasn’t that good rate it 3/10. 2 points because I get a cup with chandler on it

  31. Christophe Labrie

    Christophe Labrie11 timmar sedan

    me watch if mr beast comment 👁👄👁

  32. Rise

    Rise12 timmar sedan

    "Im gonna start a diet on Monday" Me on sunday:

  33. Common Cents

    Common Cents12 timmar sedan

    Mr beast watching this rn : 🥲

  34. Xander OoP

    Xander OoP13 timmar sedan

    i hope mr beast watch this

  35. Hitman001

    Hitman00115 timmar sedan


  36. monstermunch32

    monstermunch3215 timmar sedan

    I’m waiting for iftar

  37. AliX5

    AliX515 timmar sedan

    Same here lol

  38. LEXI BS

    LEXI BS15 timmar sedan


  39. Idiot Obecny

    Idiot Obecny15 timmar sedan

    This guy IS speedrunning every food

  40. Mohan Vishwakarma

    Mohan Vishwakarma15 timmar sedan


  41. New Music

    New Music15 timmar sedan

    Bro im 12 and i cant eat a whole burger on my own and i never finish my fries wow how do u do this

  42. Goat

    Goat15 timmar sedan

    Your name is matheal

  43. noobfredygren

    noobfredygren16 timmar sedan

    dude u make me starve LOL

  44. tab'

    tab'17 timmar sedan

    Matt stonie: easy Mr.beast "were going to need a bigger menu.

  45. Taha Muhammet Yıldırım

    Taha Muhammet Yıldırım17 timmar sedan

    Türk varmı türk

  46. Yunus Emre

    Yunus Emre17 timmar sedan


  47. zombieee

    zombieee18 timmar sedan

    Watching this video makes me hungry

  48. Chun Tou Loke

    Chun Tou Loke18 timmar sedan

    How did you get mr beast bergur but i watch mr beast vidio

  49. Mervan Bager Demir

    Mervan Bager Demir18 timmar sedan

    Ramazanda izleyen ruh hastalrina selam 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  50. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost18 timmar sedan

    I bet his shit reeks lol

  51. L4zy Lug14

    L4zy Lug1418 timmar sedan

    How is he in such good shape when he eats so much.

  52. Dragonzyn _

    Dragonzyn _19 timmar sedan

    Who is here from a country that cant order burgers from mr.beasts restaurant

  53. Meme 0_8

    Meme 0_819 timmar sedan

    When ur watching while ur fasting

  54. Adam Salim

    Adam Salim15 timmar sedan

    Yes lmao

  55. Meme 0_8

    Meme 0_819 timmar sedan

    When ur watching while ur fasting

  56. muhammad dhante

    muhammad dhante19 timmar sedan

    me : 1 burger = 5+ mins = full (burb)

  57. Vortex zinooo

    Vortex zinooo19 timmar sedan

    *mr beast*

  58. aimohsin

    aimohsin19 timmar sedan

    This is my first time watching him and this dude eats like the world is gonna end tomorrow

  59. Rogue Cheesy

    Rogue Cheesy18 timmar sedan

    @aimohsin joey chestnut

  60. aimohsin

    aimohsin18 timmar sedan

    @Rogue Cheesy im scared to know whos 1st

  61. Rogue Cheesy

    Rogue Cheesy18 timmar sedan

    hes a competitive eater lol hes like top 3 in the world

  62. taya elif

    taya elif20 timmar sedan

    Я за неделю столько не съедаю😦

  63. fortnitenob gamer

    fortnitenob gamer20 timmar sedan

    How does he keep his weight with this heavy consumption of food

  64. iginomi tv

    iginomi tv21 timme sedan


  65. Algernon

    Algernon21 timme sedan

    He’s probably made a video on it, but how tf does he eat this much and not gain like 200 pounds a video.

  66. Victor Nirvana

    Victor Nirvana22 timmar sedan

    I hope his health is still okay. This is to much of greasy and unhealthy foods.

  67. omar khali

    omar khali22 timmar sedan

    iam watiching while iam fasting

  68. sans

    sans22 timmar sedan

    He uses diet Pepsi lmao

  69. Deil Adrineda

    Deil Adrineda22 timmar sedan

    If jimmy and the boizz did something like this...

  70. sans

    sans22 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: water and the Pepsi is included in the mrbeast menu

  71. Stickman Animation shorts

    Stickman Animation shorts22 timmar sedan

    imagine if mrbeast saw this video

  72. Boy blue williams

    Boy blue williamsDag sedan

    I’ve never seen him actually enjoying the food, he’s always challenging the clock 😆😁🤣

  73. Pranav Singh

    Pranav SinghDag sedan

    Moving head while eating

  74. Pranav Singh

    Pranav SinghDag sedan

    Grabing like mad 🐶

  75. Palestina Gaza

    Palestina GazaDag sedan

    Gw nyasar anjy

  76. Palestina Gaza

    Palestina GazaDag sedan

    Gw indo sendirian

  77. Zeus

    ZeusDag sedan

    :o ;o

  78. John Facularin

    John FacularinDag sedan

    i whish like you i can get money for doing eating challenge😊😊😊😊😊

  79. Kahlil Money

    Kahlil MoneyDag sedan

    Uh be patient and enjoy it

  80. Extra Memey

    Extra MemeyDag sedan

    Do a mukbang😁😩👍

  81. Stefany Nicole Lussio Recalde

    Stefany Nicole Lussio RecaldeDag sedan

    I always wonder what he eats in a normal day🤔🤔🤔

  82. Cesar Hernandez

    Cesar HernandezDag sedan

    Karl's grilled cheese looked sad🤣🤣🤣

  83. ItsGob

    ItsGobDag sedan

    As I was watching this I was speed running my ice cream lol

  84. Aquaz 037

    Aquaz 037Dag sedan

    Out of all the burgers these look the best

  85. sarahkindaNOTcool

    sarahkindaNOTcoolDag sedan

    karl’s grilled cheese is a fucking mood-

  86. Shariq Mohammed

    Shariq MohammedDag sedan


  87. Dakota Clayton

    Dakota ClaytonDag sedan

    I want to eat this

  88. Delayed Memes

    Delayed MemesDag sedan

    Badlands chugs has been running off Matt stone with that ENOUGH TALK

  89. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterDag sedan

    How is his girlfriend on the camera not vomiting

  90. Isaiah Allen

    Isaiah AllenDag sedan

    I had some mrbeast burgers IT WAS SO GOOD OMG

  91. SLY ZANY

    SLY ZANYDag sedan

    if this ever comes to canada i swear!!

  92. Logan McCain

    Logan McCainDag sedan

    This is making ml me SO HUNGRY

  93. Yazan Hussein

    Yazan HusseinDag sedan

    How much do u weight

  94. JeansPlayz YT

    JeansPlayz YTDag sedan

    When my big brother leaves his food out for 10minutes and 23 seconds: Me: **EATS**

  95. Zxrx

    ZxrxDag sedan

    Mom: Slow down stop eating so fast You/me:

  96. Wahaj ur Rehman Iqbal

    Wahaj ur Rehman IqbalDag sedan

    Can't believe this guy is a nutritionist!!

  97. ExploringGames #EG

    ExploringGames #EGDag sedan


  98. Saljok Haider

    Saljok HaiderDag sedan

    Him to toilet: Your time has come little one.

  99. Emil

    EmilDag sedan

    junge ich bin einfettsack der ist dünn jnd ist schneller als ich

  100. i got banned of psn lol

    i got banned of psn lolDag sedan

    Just a better mukbang(or what ever its called)

  101. Killer456912

    Killer456912Dag sedan

    Bruh I’m so tempted to order a shit ton of food because of you... ffs.

  102. Tanjila Afrin Chowdhury

    Tanjila Afrin ChowdhuryDag sedan

    Just enjoy your meal Why so fast?

  103. Ahmed Mutaz

    Ahmed MutazDag sedan

    How is he not fat 🧐🤨🧐🤨🤨

  104. Giovanni Pope

    Giovanni PopeDag sedan

    He prob works out or something

  105. Martin Kalle

    Martin KalleDag sedan

    POV you came to look does mrbeast commented

  106. Zila Dan

    Zila DanDag sedan

    Y’a des français

  107. Mohammed Almostafa

    Mohammed AlmostafaDag sedan

    Am surprised how he eats fast and he eats a lot but he doesn't get any waight

  108. Mikolaj Heh

    Mikolaj HehDag sedan

    Is it asmr?

  109. Jabu Lany

    Jabu LanyDag sedan

    When you go shopping and can't stop buying

  110. Xx unicorn gel xX

    Xx unicorn gel xXDag sedan

    you’re gonna become fat

  111. Xx unicorn gel xX

    Xx unicorn gel xX16 timmar sedan

    @Prison Mike 2.0 oh WOW

  112. Prison Mike 2.0

    Prison Mike 2.0Dag sedan

    Dont worry honey , he is been doing this for YEARS

  113. Birane Diop

    Birane DiopDag sedan

    Watching this in ramadan is really hell but kinda addictive too 😂

  114. DMF daima

    DMF daimaDag sedan

    Pas beaucoup de like par rapport aux nombre de vue ... les jalouses vous etes ridicule de ne pas like

  115. Damian Shorts

    Damian ShortsDag sedan

    Karls Grilled Cheese lookin like some cafeteria grilled cheese at school