Famous Artists Who Sampled Songs #3

These bangers were all based on other songs!
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  1. Chrissssssli

    Chrissssssli6 timmar sedan

    I thought this guy was an expert until he said he did not know Joe Cocker noor seen Rock DJ's video...

  2. It’s him

    It’s him6 timmar sedan

    Stevie Nicks is literally in the Destiny's Child music video with a guitar. How was there any debate over what song it was sampled from lol

  3. Yuri Kashorov

    Yuri Kashorov10 timmar sedan

    Please do Disneys lion sleep tonight

  4. A Seidemann

    A SeidemannDag sedan

    Joel do a video where you try out a talk box

  5. flepyX2

    flepyX2Dag sedan


  6. Lenn art

    Lenn artDag sedan

    Ha, the girl at 14:57 is like: Fuck this shit I'm out!

  7. Leeoni bathgate

    Leeoni bathgateDag sedan

    the talkbox part on california love ( California knows how to party) also copied from another song

  8. Benjamin Uchiyama

    Benjamin UchiyamaDag sedan

    Em also sampled I love rock’n roll and zombie on revival.

  9. RCGamer

    RCGamer2 dagar sedan

    Joel could do a whole video on all the times eminem sampled

  10. Dany Olivares Pl

    Dany Olivares Pl2 dagar sedan

    I met "woman to woman" in GTA, and 2pac sampled another song that appears in GTA, in the same song, that's so weird. The other song is West Coast Poplock

  11. Rachana Basnet

    Rachana Basnet2 dagar sedan

    Queen:Sampled Me:NO NO NO NO queen wouldn't sample Roomie:Sorry spring is the sample Me: -_-

  12. AWC

    AWC2 dagar sedan

    Still not a single Daft Punk song??? Come on...

  13. Mrburgerreacts

    Mrburgerreacts3 dagar sedan

    Livin for that by Lil bitchy

  14. Jason Huish

    Jason Huish3 dagar sedan

    Joe Cocker so West Coast boooi!

  15. Charlie Chinchilla

    Charlie Chinchilla3 dagar sedan

    The spike jones video for praise you is one of my faves ever.

  16. Charlie Chinchilla

    Charlie Chinchilla3 dagar sedan

    bro etta james is the queen love her voice.

  17. Rafael Pêgo

    Rafael Pêgo3 dagar sedan

    Jorge Ben, singer of Taj Mahal is Brazilian and he sued Rod Stewart for plagiarism at that time. Rod Stweart on what happened: “I spent the 1978 carnival in Brazil and, wherever I went, played‘ Taj Mahal ’. Involuntarily the melody lodged in my mind and emerged when I started doing ‘Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?’. Pure and simple unconscious plagiarism.” "Unconscious" uhum. Haha

  18. GIOlogyy

    GIOlogyy3 dagar sedan

    loved that he loved the brazillian song

  19. lynne layton

    lynne layton4 dagar sedan

    You need to watch Robbie Williams Rock DJ Video amazing

  20. Mercedes Peluffo

    Mercedes Peluffo4 dagar sedan


  21. malakih 2007

    malakih 20074 dagar sedan

    His editor is funny

  22. Bardina

    Bardina4 dagar sedan

    8:47 Michael Jackson - Come together is a sample/cover from a sample

  23. Skadie Kosta

    Skadie Kosta5 dagar sedan

    i almost died when he said Queen sampled, and then I was like THANK GOD HE MESSED UPPPP

  24. Gopertii

    Gopertii5 dagar sedan

    Wait robbing banks is illegal thanks for telling me i just thought the police wanted me to split the money

  25. John R

    John R6 dagar sedan

    the beatles and chuck berry one is not even close. the only way it was "sampled" was that john lennon took one line of the chuck berry song and interpolated it into the beatles song. but the rest of the song is not even close. the way he does the lines is similar, but the meoldy is not even close. chuck berry starts his song with "here come old flat top he was movin up with me" and john lennon started come together with "here come old flat top he was groovin up slowly." so basically the only thing the songs really share is the line 'here come old flat top, he....' not really the basis to claim the song was sampled. it was an homage to a song that lennon loved. he took a single line and not even the entire line. though lennon was sued over it and had to pay royalties. pretty dumb lawsuit if you ask me.

  26. kusai001

    kusai0016 dagar sedan

    01:19 wait Sorcerer spring was made in 1993 and We Will Rock you was made in 1977.

  27. kusai001

    kusai0016 dagar sedan

    01:12 I was pretty sure they didn't sample maybe they just came to the same beat naturally.

  28. Juan Sebastian Camacho

    Juan Sebastian Camacho7 dagar sedan

    I love this guy 💕✨

  29. Piero Herrera Lopez

    Piero Herrera Lopez7 dagar sedan

    You got it all wrong it suppose to be sampled Sorcerrer and original queen

  30. Lexi Jones

    Lexi Jones7 dagar sedan

    the Woman to Woman song kinda sounds like 9 to 5


    XWHITE ORIGINAL シ8 dagar sedan

    Queen didnt sample the song we will rock you just search it bro it just look like that

  32. MJ Almighty

    MJ Almighty8 dagar sedan

    Can you react to the whole rock DJ song? lol

  33. Fenton Styles

    Fenton Styles9 dagar sedan

    Sweet jesus Etta James got that voice

  34. Amy

    Amy9 dagar sedan

    ~took an oath imma stick it out to the end~

  35. Oliver Santana

    Oliver Santana10 dagar sedan

    Its all fun and games until you realize you dont know none of the songs that aren't from the 2000

  36. Gavin Bessford

    Gavin Bessford10 dagar sedan

    You need to watch all the rock dj video....robbie years his skin off then rips his asscheeks off

  37. Killa Gorilla

    Killa Gorilla10 dagar sedan

    Dua Lipa sampled/copied a lot of songs, specially for Future Nostalgia album

  38. Joshua Lyons

    Joshua Lyons10 dagar sedan

    Umbrella made me realise that Rihanna is actually a waterbender.

  39. ElJoumiSaul

    ElJoumiSaul11 dagar sedan

    4:48 i don’t know why that sounds like karma chameleon

  40. Theo Pretorius

    Theo Pretorius11 dagar sedan

    Not sure if I'm the only one....For some reason I can hear the beginning of the intro song for Stanger Things at the start of the Elle Golding tune xD

  41. Matthew Le Hunte

    Matthew Le Hunte11 dagar sedan

    Technically Rapper's Delight isn't sampling Good Times as they rerecorded it

  42. Mathilde Ruin

    Mathilde Ruin11 dagar sedan

    Love these videos! Maybe next time you could play the original song first and then guess the sample?

  43. Lucie Ribeiro

    Lucie Ribeiro12 dagar sedan

    Waiting for the day Roomie will react to brazillian songs

  44. Gem Larson

    Gem Larson12 dagar sedan

    He called Rod Stewart old

  45. Gem Larson

    Gem Larson12 dagar sedan

    Tupac wasn't cooler, og better

  46. Gem Larson

    Gem Larson12 dagar sedan

    We started shaking at the same time to Etta xD

  47. Vera V

    Vera V12 dagar sedan

    Check out the samples from Coldplay - Clocks

  48. Suranjaya Priyanath

    Suranjaya Priyanath12 dagar sedan

    Ohh i am also confused fora minute. Queen 😐

  49. Roger Argueta

    Roger Argueta12 dagar sedan

    did chic good times take that groove from Queen... another one bites the dust?

  50. Tronik

    Tronik13 dagar sedan

    Powers by elle Goulding sound a lot like Youre the voice

  51. red601

    red60113 dagar sedan

    I thought paper planes was sampled by Hello by Matin solveig & dragonette

  52. Mishal Joe Alias

    Mishal Joe Alias13 dagar sedan

    Wait till joel knows the melody from california love is also sampled

  53. humam fariyaad ayaan

    humam fariyaad ayaan13 dagar sedan

    Chiken yeah chad all over the place not kikking your cat all over the place.

  54. shmacktack playz

    shmacktack playz13 dagar sedan

    you should overlap the both of them

  55. Lenna Finley

    Lenna Finley14 dagar sedan

    I love roomie fangirling about Rihanna so mush

  56. NSE 465

    NSE 46514 dagar sedan

    Wait why wasnt sing for the moment in these compilations? Eminem sampled Dream On by Aerosmith in that song. Kinda surprised it wasnt mentioned.

  57. raidenromo13

    raidenromo1314 dagar sedan

    Surprised mambo no.5 hasn't hit this list since it's super sampled from Perez prado

  58. Daniel Fernandes

    Daniel Fernandes15 dagar sedan

    Taj mahal! ❤ 🇧🇷

  59. Dörrie Banana

    Dörrie Banana15 dagar sedan

    When Joel said he'd never seen the video for Rock-DJ, my heartrate escalated. I wasn't ready for that twist. AND THEN HE DIDN'T WATCH UNTIL THE SKIN-STRIP!! I FEEL BETRAYED!

  60. Noah Hauge Frøyen

    Noah Hauge Frøyen15 dagar sedan

    You forgot: Some say and Blue

  61. Steyn Van de Rhee

    Steyn Van de Rhee15 dagar sedan

    That you don’t know how to say chic dissapoints me...

  62. oLynxXo

    oLynxXo15 dagar sedan

    When he says he has never seen the video of Rock DJ and I can never forget the ending of it. And now I realize that was 20 years ago. 😱

  63. Jimena Rodrigo

    Jimena Rodrigo15 dagar sedan

    i found like 100 more samples or copies to many of the songs, like much obvious ones

  64. Florianne Canales

    Florianne Canales15 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: If you add: "No one:" it won't make the meme any funnier.


    TECAO ARZOLLA16 dagar sedan

    Actually Rod Stewart not only sampled Jorge Ben Jor......Rod was sued and he had to pay a BIG money to Jorge !!

  66. Media4TheMind

    Media4TheMind16 dagar sedan

    Yeah, Bootylicious started to sound like Eye of the Tiger...

  67. Media4TheMind

    Media4TheMind16 dagar sedan


  68. Israel Saenz

    Israel Saenz16 dagar sedan

    Is this a Sprouse twin?

  69. Supernatural Samdean

    Supernatural Samdean16 dagar sedan

    I think slowly I'm acquiring his taste of music

  70. Gabrielius Budreika

    Gabrielius Budreika16 dagar sedan

    I think Juice Worlds lucid love is sampled by Stings Shape of my life

  71. Abigail 878

    Abigail 87816 dagar sedan

    Listen to this beginning of Rock DJ and tell me that isn't sampled from the Thomas the Tank Engine Theme 10:15

  72. Phrel Estavilla

    Phrel Estavilla16 dagar sedan

    @15:19 was that supposed to be a yawn? 🤣

  73. Michelle

    Michelle17 dagar sedan

    How is possible, that you are at one time drop jaw gorgeous and at the other time you looks like troll? I’m starting to loose track, like one time I see you in the corner and you look like you shoot commercial for some luxurious brand and then looks like change into character from Lord of Ring 😅

  74. X the Wolf

    X the Wolf17 dagar sedan

    Why does Vintage Funk Kit 03 sound like Walk This Way?

  75. bridget mudiaga

    bridget mudiaga17 dagar sedan

    umbrella and village funk kit 03 beats sounds similar with Empire state of Mind

  76. tunaFISH_yaBISH

    tunaFISH_yaBISH18 dagar sedan

    Should check out more Dr. Dre samples

  77. Nalita Rose

    Nalita Rose18 dagar sedan

    Ooooh that's why Stevie Nicks is in the music video

  78. Theracingfox 1

    Theracingfox 119 dagar sedan

    I'm just saying roomie could do another 'Famous Artists Who sampled songs #4' this one could be calabria by ENUR vs destination calabria by Alex Gaudino

  79. Connor McAlister

    Connor McAlister19 dagar sedan

    The Stevie nicks song is also sampled in Jonas brothers what a man gotta do

  80. evenfall

    evenfall19 dagar sedan

    To be fair I don’t know how good the Umbrella VFX was meant to be lol it looks pretty deliberate

  81. Halo the FOOL

    Halo the FOOL19 dagar sedan

    Ur total view on this video right now is 666k

  82. Freakie

    Freakie20 dagar sedan

    Hollywood Undead- Undead to Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train. I've never felt so betrayed before.

  83. garnet

    garnet20 dagar sedan

    the story behind rod stewart and jorge ben's taj mahal is pretty funny. rod was in brazil during a tour that happened to be during carnival in the 70s i think and taj mahal was a smash hit that would play all the time on the radio, bars or streets. rod says it got stuck on his mind when questioned about plagiarism later on. i love the original, it's very iconic.

  84. Ionut Serban

    Ionut Serban20 dagar sedan

    Fun fact. In the beginning of rap, the early dj's and producers sampled obscure and old records for their beats. That's why a lot of rap songs are sampled.

  85. Lash Upadhyay

    Lash Upadhyay20 dagar sedan

    I'm obsessed with this 10:10 part of the video😂

  86. Boring Human

    Boring Human20 dagar sedan

    I did a project on Etta James Don't know why I said that ;-;

  87. Kim ShiU

    Kim ShiU21 dag sedan

    I love you 😍 cant stop watching your videos

  88. instead not school than in vain

    instead not school than in vain21 dag sedan

    i don't even realized eminem took a sample.



    Another bites the dust



    Chick good times sounds like

  91. Faktoreq

    Faktoreq21 dag sedan

    Just go watch Tom Holland's version of Umbrella in "Lip Sync Battle" - the best version of Umbrella EVER and also the best performance in LSB EVER.

  92. DJ KamZ

    DJ KamZ21 dag sedan

    1:22 Hardcore Techno?? That something rare to see in this channel!

  93. Raquel King

    Raquel King21 dag sedan

    All I could think of during rapper’s delight was las ketchup asereje

  94. Filipe Tolhuizen

    Filipe Tolhuizen22 dagar sedan

    Teteretê = Yakety Yak/Mumbo Jumbo in portuguese.

  95. Birdie Sanders

    Birdie Sanders22 dagar sedan

    12:16 if your name is junior and ur really handsome come on raise your hand

  96. Wyatt Anonymous

    Wyatt Anonymous22 dagar sedan

    The movie burlesque used the song somethings got a hold on me for one of the dance routines

  97. Wyatt Anonymous

    Wyatt Anonymous22 dagar sedan

    Um... sorcerer actually sampled queen roomie... spring didn't come out till 1994

  98. mad black

    mad black22 dagar sedan

    Chic_good times sound like Queen_another one bites the dust

  99. Pete Buckley-Thomson

    Pete Buckley-Thomson22 dagar sedan

    The Dua Lipa and Ellie Goulding songs share two of the same co-writers.

  100. FF7_FAN

    FF7_FAN22 dagar sedan

    12:33 please do a whole cover. this was amazing.