Can a Solid Glass Ball Stop a 50cal???

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    You gotta get Destin on this. Do a collab with Smarter Every Day. He'll figure it out.

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    10:27 what you say? 10:31 WTF DID YOU SAY? 10:38 YEAH BIH

  8. Waldo Wheres

    Waldo Wheres10 minuter sedan

    Its called "Spalling effect". The kinetic energy follows through the object and fragments break off as fragmentation on the otherside following the energy.

  9. Darvin Black

    Darvin Black12 minuter sedan

    13:25 this all is because it is raw glass. Tempered shatters into much finer shapes. The shapes of the glass are mostly because of fracture physics.

  10. Mr. Green

    Mr. Green21 minut sedan

    Think Newtons Cradle. The bullet, is the impacting ball. That crack on the back side is the energy transfer to the next ball. (if there was one) The bullet transfers the energy through a Longitudinal wave to the back side where the glass at the surface breaks. The energy transfer to the surface glass is greater than the tensile strength of the glass, causing a crack or break.

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    Magic intro

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    Man, WHAT?!

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    Kennetic energy is real😱😱😱😱

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    You need to do a collab with smarter every day or the slow mo guys.

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    Can we just appreciate how well and smooth that intro was like if you think about it for a second it was literally like there was two of him there

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    I thought I was subscribed already

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    Shock wave being funneled to the back of the sphere and thats the concetrated point where the energy passes thru. Its science 😂 BTW glass is considered a liquid, its just solid at room temp. Next time wear the lab coat 😆

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    now, we know he dont coming from csgo

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    With the rise of ammo prices, he just used 988.36$ in just ammo

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    Try bumping your palm on your forehead, you'll feel something funny at the back of your head. And then you'll laugh..

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    And this is why glass armor works in video games

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    We saw your vet clinic

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    Take a newtons cradle for example, the ball hits the middle the kinetic energy goes through the middle and makes the back one move. If your about to say im a nerd I dont care.

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    a i know its such a minimal concern with those vids, but like how long does it take to degrade the projections in nature? a

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    Polluting natural environment with all those glass pieces. Could end up hurting animals.

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    Anyone else cringe a bit when he rubbed his fingers over the broken pieces of glass? No? Just me?

  28. harold Benton

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    Glass is a very weird material it can act as a solid and liquid at the same time. It cools in layers as it does it literally has to be cooled from it's liquid state to room temp over hours or it will literally shatter as it cools from the heat it has inside. It is just one of the weirdest things it can do.

  29. T Boman

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    Glass is an amorphous solid.

  30. YDSdutchmen

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    You can compare it to those desk ball things that bounce of each other

  31. Shannon Geoghegan

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    ever heard of newtons cradle? same effect with the glass ball.

  32. Tim Predjna

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    Because in reality, glass is fluid.

  33. Lobstar911

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    My theory is the shockwaves travel through the glass like ripples on a pond. The spot in the back is where all those ripples cross. When waves interact they cause interference. In this case, the energy stored in these waves isn't enough individually to disrupt the structure of the glass until they interfere with each other over a small area and cause the glass to crack.

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    My eyes!!!!😩😩😩

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    the look he gave when he said he had another one of the “big balls”

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    Glass is an amorphous solid, the engery transferring to the ball is traveling around and through the ball. Then coalesces at one point opposite. Also, dude, go to a doctor and get your lungs checked. Those allergies could be a sign of severe irritation and damge. You were potentially breathing in glass dust. Thats the equivalent to HEAVY asbestos exposure. Seriously.

  37. Nathan Montoya

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    its using the kinetic energy to guide the force along the contour of the sphere until it finds the weakest point to escape think of it like electricity shocking a person the energy travels until it escapes the object

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    Keep it in there and sell it . That 50 is way too cool

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    8:07 matt it is a shock wave sent through the ball

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    Very cool effect on camera too

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    Dude be making some really good videos lol 😅😆

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    You know newton's cradle? Where you pull a ball on one side and it knocks the ball on the other side into the air? Same physics. The impact want to go through the ball but has no other outlet and busts the back.

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    good job blasting tiny pieces of glass all over the woods im sure the animals and soil appreciate it (:

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    my dude, that ball didn't stand a chance.

  46. Caleb Estes

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    I’m guessing with the crack at the back when you shot it the bullet sent a shockwave around the glass and it all collected into one point which caused a crack

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  48. Brian Murphy

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    I think there there are three things going on here: the type of glass (e.g. Boron silicate), how it was manufactured, and the spherical shape maybe acting as a lens that transfers the initial shock wave around the sphere and then focuses it back to a point on the opposite side... anyway... really interesting video---thanks

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    My one question: Who the heck cleans up these messes? :)

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    10:39 the world is crashing!

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    It's a sphear like earth so if something happens on one side it travels so fast through the core that it doesn't break till it reaches the other side like an earthquake

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    Fun fact why you were sneezing, you were inhaling glass dust, Not all that good for the lungs, ;/

  53. No1 Liquid

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    You should have a board or something behind the glass ball, did it stop the .50 cal or did the bullet continue after shattering the ball or ?? I want to see another test with a board/ply to avtually see if the bullet continues its travel or not ;)

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    14:15 thank me later

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    The rich north america dewailly preserve because care baly push during a wary license. daffy, tasteful plantation

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    i've heard its costs something like 900 bucks?

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    I have one problem with how you did this: you used the same ball for other rounds, when it was already damaged by the previous rounds. The damage just got compounded. A single ball for each round would be a more exact visual of its damage resistance to the different types. Beyond that, still had fun watching this video. Especially the part with the Raging Hunter.

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    Hydrostatic shock is what your experiencing on the backside of the Baul

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    I hope you cleaned that

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    12:13 looks like 🌹

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    Ah yes, another skit that ends with homicide, love it

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    Am I the only one that can see the wildfire coming? Like who on Earth would be so stupid to shoot glass in the middle of a forest, scattering the glass chunks all over the dry leaves. Toddlers know better than leaving glass in the forests, yet you have a dumb lad that goes all out for the views and subs. Some people...

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    Not going to happen.

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    Id be more concerned about ricochet than this guy was..good video tho.

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    you said you can't breathe, and you were sneezing... You Just Snorted a load of Glass That's real bad man, you shoulda been wearing proper PPE, a sealed mask+filter.

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    "I got no idea, how these are missing" Plot armor that´s how.

  67. Swizey

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    I'm pretty sure the reason of the cracks on the other sides is the shockwave from the impact being bounced around inside the ball till the shockwaves meet on the other side making another shot like force but weaker and creating another small bullet like impact

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    Dudes literally breathing in glass dust

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    that freaking stand is stronger than everything

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    14:45 with odds like that, you must be dreaming _I'll leave_

  71. Jaroslav Netolický

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    The magic behind the secondary crack on the backside: The shockwave from the first impact is traveling around the spehere and the shockwaves meet in the same place on the other side of the sphere :D This is also happening on Earth. Teoretically, if Earth got hit by meteor, the impact would cause massive earthquakes on the other side of the globe too :D Also I think that is why brain is damaged also on the other side when you are hit in the head. Cause the shockwaves are traveling around your head and they meet in one point on th oposite side :D

  72. German Jake

    German Jake6 timmar sedan

    Two things that could explain it. The glass ball is very unflexible and the sudden impakt of the bullet creats a compression/shockwave wich travels the path the bullet would have taken and comes aout the other end. When it reaches the other side it shatters the the glass on the "exit" Point as the glassball is in itself very hard but also brittle. Like this office plaything (Newtons Cradle) with the balls to swing. The other option which might happen is that the Compression wave is almost everywhere and travels on the more or less outside and meets again on the other side. Like on a round Wavepool when the waves meet in the middle it creates a big singular wave like here: Its from the Slow Mo Guys. So far my theories but Smarter Everyday shoud clear that up still !

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    Currently practicing kinetic energy through a solid object that is able to concentrate it to the next side. Ballistics but cooler

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    J358 Codm Pistol

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    -_- ak-47 does not exist

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    leave the ball in the sun and it might burn down your house

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    This dude😂

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    Never get near crushed glass powder (or powdered glas fiber) without respiratory particle filter. You may end with millions of minuscule cuts in Your respiratory pipes and it may get worse during a pair of days -before geting better. It will feel like breathing sandpapper and you may lose your voice for days.

  79. Tony Cottone

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    Energy transference causes the opposite side to chip

  80. Some Guy

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    Protip regarding all the sneezing: glass dust is an irritant, it will screw with your respiratory tract. In future it would be a good idea to wear a respirator and goggles when making glass clouds with your guns. ;)

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    This video was a great way to start my weekend

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    I shot a big old fire extinguisher once with a deagle. Hit the round top part and bounced off. Fucking scary.

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    But did you pick up that glass afterwards ?


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    This was the most triply video

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    I lost it when he wear the helmet

  86. Shuu Glory

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    I lost it when he wear the helmet

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    Well, for all his not-fully-thinking-through the consequences of what he's doing, does it not strike you that perhaps people like this with guns might be considered a bit dangerous?

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    Be super careful with glass dust my friend

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    14:14 cod4 be like

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    So in all honesty I'd love to see the slowmo guys film all of this in high speed would definitely love it if yall 2 teamed up for that

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    So many glass pieces around.. U cant leave that place like that... wondering!! Did u clean that place before leaving!!?? 🤔

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    I mean still pretty cool though.

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    It would have been much cooler if it was a new ball every time.

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    i simp for g17 through g19

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    I think guns are a interesting but there are still very dangrous

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    It cracks on the other side because of the shock from the impact

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    You need to do paper

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    14:00 how’s it dangerous?🤔 14:17 oh shit okay😂🗿


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    i will call it double impact

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    Never gonna see this but I love the intro

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    For all those who don't understand why its cracking, the momentum from the bullet keeps going through the glass, and once it runs out of glass and hits air, it kinda yanks the glass to the point it cracks. Kinda like running attached to something, and reaching the end of the rope, but you break what the rope is tied to. Continuation of momentum is fun :)


    LEROY WILSON15 timmar sedan

    the ball has a reflection

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    Where did you get that mini14 stock at?

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    That's not a 556 that's a FAL 😂

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