iskall discovers who HermitCrafts biggest noob is, and it's not a pleasant find, but iskallman to the rescue as the biggest noob of hermitcraft.
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  1. Jacob Mirabal

    Jacob Mirabal6 timmar sedan

    Iskall should get insurance on the omega tree because all it needs To do is catch on fire and boom it's gone!

  2. Lamarck Leland

    Lamarck Leland10 timmar sedan

    With the other hermits leaving, I imagine an old Iskall alone in the server, placing leaves, muttering to himself - "Must finish before episode 100".

  3. Konstantin Holbach

    Konstantin Holbach10 timmar sedan

    We will win the shucker box competition against bad sorting and our side amazing sorting!

  4. Chompski

    Chompski12 timmar sedan

    I love how they are silently negotiating the setup of pacific ut the season has ended for several hermits already

  5. HyLion

    HyLion43 minuter sedan

    @Heer Shah At least Tango and Xisuma have both already finished

  6. Heer Shah

    Heer Shah12 timmar sedan

    I dont think any hermits have ended the season for themselves. Even grian

  7. Icekick

    Icekick16 timmar sedan

    Leave update 5 weeks and no Leaves

  8. Baconhawk Lord

    Baconhawk Lord22 timmar sedan

    Hope you get the Omega Tree finished soon man, looks like the seasons going to end way before you reach ep. 100. You can always leave it unfinished, but you know the consequences of breaking your word like that. Nobody would ever fully trust a declaration like that from you again. I’m holding out hope you’ll get it done, as I’m sure a lot of your fans are. Hope to see it soon ✌️


    AUSABODag sedan

    the season will be ending very soon and iskall still has not finished the tree

  10. big boi

    big boiDag sedan

    Helloo if u did get the rona and it wasn't just u feeling a bit sick people have been feeling a bit depressed after getting it so just remember that ur the best and we love u

  11. Blue Zealous

    Blue ZealousDag sedan

    Considering a lot of hermits are ending their runs, I'm kind of expecting iskall to have like a montage of all the finale videos and having a nervous breakdown in the background since he's not completely finished.

  12. Ompalompakid1

    Ompalompakid1Dag sedan

    what will you do now? it seems like season 7 is over......

  13. Jack Savage

    Jack SavageDag sedan

    this season is so dead its not even funny

  14. Tala Gabriela Junia

    Tala Gabriela JuniaDag sedan

    Iskall there is a secret base in your base!

  15. Tala Gabriela Junia

    Tala Gabriela Junia16 timmar sedan

    I'm not sure, sorry

  16. Heer Shah

    Heer ShahDag sedan


  17. Chalk

    ChalkDag sedan

    What the hell happend to hermit craft, no one is posting anymore

  18. Hiznogood

    HiznogoodDag sedan

    Xisuma, Grian and Bdubs has posted their season finals, guess others will follow soon. This season is dead!

  19. Heer Shah

    Heer ShahDag sedan

    No they are. Stress uploaded a video. It takes alot of time to make on episode of hc.

  20. Firas Me_Tuber

    Firas Me_TuberDag sedan

    so pacific is going to open up while hermits started leaving the server nice!

  21. SJ218P

    SJ218P2 dagar sedan


  22. St_Cuthbert

    St_Cuthbert2 dagar sedan

    Good to see you back m8, I was kinds missing my favorite Danish SEtoosr ^^ I`m glad to know you are okay! Cheers!

  23. Josip Ćurić

    Josip Ćurić2 dagar sedan

    He's already gone

  24. Cucumber Doggo

    Cucumber Doggo2 dagar sedan

    my pov: nice i build my house under 2 hours. iskall pov: nice i have buld my house for over a year and it is not done yet.

  25. DJ Black

    DJ Black2 dagar sedan

    a quick question do they allow storage fixer mod in hermitcraft


    KARTIK BOHRA2 dagar sedan

    The bread got rosted

  27. Lodge Keziah

    Lodge Keziah2 dagar sedan

    Iskall should make an elevator in the middle of his tree

  28. Harry Darry

    Harry Darry2 dagar sedan

    Its like iskall and grian to bouild there base at the end of the season

  29. J Tepz

    J Tepz2 dagar sedan

    branch time?? bout time*

  30. I ain't telling you My goddamn name

    I ain't telling you My goddamn name2 dagar sedan

    Diorite I love it

  31. The bacon Master

    The bacon Master2 dagar sedan

    Has more than a Stack of gold: I don’t have a lot of gold anymore

  32. Wilsontheknight

    Wilsontheknight2 dagar sedan

    Xisuma and Grian have both declared their last episode of season 7. There ain’t no way in hell that iskall will be able to finish any of his projects in time nor reach his goal

  33. Official Rz

    Official Rz2 dagar sedan

    Mmmm, he may not finish, tbh. He's back playing Vault Hunters again.

  34. Chloe Fisher

    Chloe Fisher2 dagar sedan

    No worries iskall just glad your feeling better😀😄

  35. DG GAMES

    DG GAMES2 dagar sedan

    New gamemouse be like (in the start of the video you can see what I mean)

  36. DG GAMES

    DG GAMES2 dagar sedan


  37. Harmony

    Harmony2 dagar sedan

    The progress of Pacific barely scratched the surface and the season is already ending, I knew it wasn't a good idea, just like sahara lol

  38. Official Rz

    Official Rz2 dagar sedan

    Yep! It won't be finished. Season 7 will be ending soon and Iskall is back playing Vault Hunters again.

  39. Julian Achterberg

    Julian Achterberg3 dagar sedan

    "being a noob is bad" who wouldve thought so :o

  40. Niguy

    Niguy3 dagar sedan

    Yall gona make me brvrr bbrbrbtbgbt

  41. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu3 dagar sedan

    I didn’t realize how much I missed Iskall until I clicked on this video

  42. Garrott Roddy

    Garrott Roddy3 dagar sedan

    you should make a eye of sauron at rens fortress

  43. Mosssaurus Rex

    Mosssaurus Rex3 dagar sedan

    yso hurry up, Grian is ending the season already

  44. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu3 dagar sedan

    Love u man biggest fan

  45. Oi Taha

    Oi Taha3 dagar sedan

    Look at this noob

  46. Frenz Ioan Ledesma

    Frenz Ioan Ledesma3 dagar sedan


  47. Emerald giss

    Emerald giss3 dagar sedan

    You should do a hermit chalange with all the members of it for reasons. Grian

  48. Emerald giss

    Emerald giss3 dagar sedan

    I got to tell you a secret For you segment he did not have them making noise.

  49. Sieto Goudswaard

    Sieto Goudswaard3 dagar sedan


  50. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty3 dagar sedan

    I didn’t realize how much I missed Iskall until I clicked on this video

  51. Shourya Saini

    Shourya Saini3 dagar sedan

    Is season coming to end for iskall also I am bit confused after the grian's latest episode

  52. AtomicKoala

    AtomicKoala3 dagar sedan

    2:18 When you're 3 minutes into your overdue school assignment, but then you remember some other "productive thing" that you could so instead Edit: the more I watch this episode the more it is the *physical embodiment* of my work ethic throughout highschool

  53. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty3 dagar sedan

    Techno blade Upload Schedule? Good video 😂

  54. Josh Guo

    Josh Guo3 dagar sedan

    The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved.✝️❤️🙏

  55. Liv Arnfred

    Liv Arnfred4 dagar sedan

    Iskall procrastinating: The tree will be done by episode 100! Iskall: Starts building a branch. Also Iskall: Let's get organized first!

  56. Cy-Enderdot

    Cy-Enderdot4 dagar sedan

    Minecraft midlife crisis

  57. Jeremy Castro

    Jeremy Castro4 dagar sedan

    So does iskall still not realize that pasific is a Redstone shop?

  58. [Username Deleted]

    [Username Deleted]4 dagar sedan

    [Comment Deleted]

  59. dark theories

    dark theories4 dagar sedan

    It's just a bummer that pacific probably won't be finished.. I dunno it just feels like each member for HermitCraft is moving on to other things and getting burnt out on HermitCraft..

  60. Official Rz

    Official Rz2 dagar sedan

    They are. It sucks but I don't think we'll see Pacific finished. Iskall is back on Twitch playing Vault Hunters again and he'll probably focus on that.

  61. Stephen Klein

    Stephen Klein4 dagar sedan

    In terms of book trades, we have no book trades

  62. Pranaya Adhikari

    Pranaya Adhikari4 dagar sedan

    Love u man biggest fan

  63. Premium Bread

    Premium Bread4 dagar sedan


  64. jamie stagg

    jamie stagg4 dagar sedan

    Iskall your amazing keep up the amazing work also cant wait for your omega tree to get its finished Canopy...also what's the tree imprint reward? And when is it going to happen?

  65. Gaming Mayhem

    Gaming Mayhem4 dagar sedan

    OMG! I JUST FOUND OUT. Direite can be crafted into ANdisite!

  66. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy4 dagar sedan

    The intro is like when your boyfriend doesn't text you for a week and then just calls and proceeds like nothing happened all nonchalant 😂😂

  67. Charlie Dunn

    Charlie Dunn4 dagar sedan

    You’re branching out Isjall

  68. kevin mendozahernandez08pb

    kevin mendozahernandez08pb4 dagar sedan

    Wasnt ur last episode episode 99 ?

  69. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy4 dagar sedan

    i am happy your better, i missed you. POGGERS!!

  70. Kitty Cat Cat

    Kitty Cat Cat4 dagar sedan

    omg so boring.....

  71. Heer Shah

    Heer Shah4 dagar sedan

    What was "so boring" bruh

  72. Thunder Animations

    Thunder Animations4 dagar sedan

    Techno blade Upload Schedule? Good video 😂

  73. c mister

    c mister4 dagar sedan

    On this episode of iskall puts off building the tree.

  74. BrownR87

    BrownR874 dagar sedan

    "Iskall has been neglecting Hermicraft for monster hunters with Stress" "I was bed ridden for a week" "As excuses go... That's not toooo bad I guess." Glad you're feeling better Iskall, can't wait to see more Pacific shenanigans ❤️

  75. Grace Thompson

    Grace Thompson4 dagar sedan

    Have you unearthed the boxes you buried?

  76. Liam Gounden

    Liam Gounden5 dagar sedan

    I tapped on the video thinking it was mumbo's

  77. doliio volay

    doliio volay5 dagar sedan

    The intro is like when your boyfriend doesn't text you for a week and then just calls and proceeds like nothing happened all nonchalant 😂😂

  78. NotAGoat

    NotAGoat5 dagar sedan

    Don't worry, Iskall, no matter what you do you'll _never_ be as disorganized as Scar. I mean, did you _see_ his chest monster? I mean, even after Mumbo built a _massive_ item sorter for him (which took literal _days_ to finish sorting what Mumbo loaded into it), I'm pretty sure he's _still_ got at least 20 shulker boxes full of random bits and pieces.

  79. Talha Riaz

    Talha Riaz5 dagar sedan

    Plz upload

  80. doliio volay

    doliio volay5 dagar sedan

    Youuuuu take all them time u need to heal. We don't want Sickskall

  81. Slade Wilson

    Slade Wilson5 dagar sedan

    This man looked at the library so many times and didn’t even notice it😂

  82. Chris Burrow

    Chris Burrow5 dagar sedan

    Don't worry about being delayed. You was ill. Health before games. People will still watch when you get back as this video proves :-)

  83. Heidi Kindon

    Heidi Kindon5 dagar sedan

    Waiting patiently for more!

  84. kati3 kitkat17

    kati3 kitkat175 dagar sedan

    I honestly think introducing an assistant to iskall soon or maybe next hermitcraft season would help out with organizing his thing and reminders on what to do or where he could of left his things he constantly loses would be fun

  85. kati3 kitkat17

    kati3 kitkat175 dagar sedan

    Like doing little skits with them too like Jarvis with tony stark kinda things idk just an idea I had ( hope iskall reads this) 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  86. Lukas Demskis

    Lukas Demskis5 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait till iskall realizes grian is selling back up boxes 😂

  87. Owen Rollins

    Owen Rollins5 dagar sedan

    Gotta get your shulker box setup from Etho!

  88. Romulus Maximus

    Romulus Maximus5 dagar sedan

    i am happy your better, i missed you. POGGERS!!

  89. Bor Tit Jerlah

    Bor Tit Jerlah5 dagar sedan

    High temature. Hope it isn't the covid.;)

  90. DER Blitzkatze

    DER Blitzkatze5 dagar sedan

    Um Iskall... Just a reminder but you only have 20 episodes left to complete the omega tree.

  91. Lucho

    Lucho5 dagar sedan

    1 ep for month hummm just quit

  92. Wurmi God

    Wurmi God5 dagar sedan

    really glad i unsubbed, one upload a month is just not it.

  93. Wurmi God

    Wurmi God6 timmar sedan

    @Star Saber yet he was streaming almost daily... *cough* BULLSHIT *cough*

  94. Star Saber

    Star Saber4 dagar sedan

    Did you even watch the full video , he said he was ill

  95. Neliesje

    Neliesje5 dagar sedan

    and nothing happens in this episode lol

  96. Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    Multi - Dimensional Gaming5 dagar sedan

    Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

  97. Keatonium765

    Keatonium7655 dagar sedan

    me playing minecraft for about six years and not owning shulker boxes

  98. Mask Apple

    Mask Apple5 dagar sedan

    Iskall: You know what time it is? Me: IT'S BUH-BUH-BUH-BUH-BOOAAAT TIME!!

  99. Carbon Gaming

    Carbon Gaming5 dagar sedan

    1:34 is that a burn stick?

  100. Prisma 7

    Prisma 77 timmar sedan

    Ohhhhhh no!

  101. KoalaTeen

    KoalaTeen5 dagar sedan

    Youuuuu take all them time u need to heal. We don't want Sickskall

  102. Ilias Char

    Ilias Char5 dagar sedan

    Everybody gangsta until iskals burns something in his tree.

  103. The Werewookiee

    The Werewookiee5 dagar sedan

    You should invite other hermits to build branches for you

  104. julia nelson

    julia nelson5 dagar sedan

    HAHAHAHA I love how you said "aj aj aj" I lost it

  105. julia nelson

    julia nelson5 dagar sedan

    It's funny how I feel like I have a connection with you just because your swedish lmao

  106. whodon'tknowtousephone

    whodon'tknowtousephone5 dagar sedan

    where is your spooke head (in the barrrel)

  107. Jun Rey Do

    Jun Rey Do5 dagar sedan

    Hes back

  108. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke5 dagar sedan

    Things Iskall probably forgot: 1. all the shulker boxes put underneath the floor 2. his house made out of diamond ore in the industrial district Are we missing anything?

  109. Jay Congo

    Jay Congo5 dagar sedan

    I love organizing

  110. Marx Strings

    Marx Strings5 dagar sedan

    Imagine someone trolled iskall and stripped his whole tree...

  111. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke5 dagar sedan

    Hit 3 on the keyboard

  112. WolfeGaming

    WolfeGaming5 dagar sedan

    Me: Yay, Iskall is back on Hermitcraft!!! He's been gone so long!!! Iskall: *places one oak block and spends the rest of the episode just getting backup gear* Erm. Iskall. Plz mate. Jk jk, sorry to hear you got sick and I hope you're feeling better! Your true fans are here for you and would rather you take care of yourself first, I don't mind the break but I'm glad to have you back.

  113. Andy Zhang

    Andy Zhang5 dagar sedan

    Are you dough???

  114. KheoriMC

    KheoriMC5 dagar sedan

    See you in three weeks!

  115. Vathilia Mage

    Vathilia Mage5 dagar sedan

    I'm glad your feeling better and that you haven't given up on the omega treeeeee.

  116. DoomRater

    DoomRater5 dagar sedan

    "My richities box has BREAD in it." That should be a Twitch sound effect right there omg

  117. Cpt Fairgraves

    Cpt Fairgraves5 dagar sedan

    Iskall: I'll have the tree done by episode 100 Also Iskall *thinking* If I only release an episode every 3 weeks I have untill 2022 to finish the tree jokes aside love to see you back and glad you recovered

  118. Element of Kindness

    Element of Kindness6 dagar sedan

    Boy, can this guy ever stall, on building his base! 😅😅😅

  119. Edward Lambert

    Edward Lambert6 dagar sedan

    Hi Iskall, the important thing is that you are OK and feeling better, it doesn't matter that your episodes take longer to come out, I think I speak for a lot of your viewers when I say, we really like your episode's, but your health matters more, if you need to take that time to recover take it, we will still be here when you get back.

  120. itsmunah

    itsmunah6 dagar sedan

    ... change your FOV for videos. Can’t even watch

  121. Mark Clemons

    Mark Clemons6 dagar sedan

    Maybe you should try logging in more than once or twice a month....

  122. Hitherae

    Hitherae6 dagar sedan

    Don't forget to do something nice for beef!