Balan Wonderworld

Move over Mario.
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  1. nile3k

    nile3k3 timmar sedan

    Scaler is a pretty good ps2 game which utilizes it's different forms pretty well

  2. CaptainCuttlefish

    CaptainCuttlefish6 timmar sedan

    I just hate the fact that these cartoon characters were motion captured

  3. Malaysha Morgan

    Malaysha Morgan13 timmar sedan

    Um so what is this game actually about?

  4. Stug Life

    Stug Life16 timmar sedan

    Game had no gay characters, easy 10/10!

  5. DoodleBopGames

    DoodleBopGames19 timmar sedan

    dunkey ur gae

  6. juan Camilo Mera

    juan Camilo Mera20 timmar sedan

    Plot Twist: this game is Dunkey's new Knack

  7. Peter Hoeller

    Peter Hoeller22 timmar sedan

    Purple Rain, Purple Rain

  8. Davide Carucci

    Davide Carucci22 timmar sedan

    They wasted the whole budget for the dancing animations

  9. Voidsabre _

    Voidsabre _22 timmar sedan

    Super Mario Odyssey but both the player and the developers are on LSD

  10. Sinan Yıldız

    Sinan Yıldız23 timmar sedan

    The cutseens look like youtube kids videos

  11. Garuda Ramuda

    Garuda RamudaDag sedan

    the farmer dance scene is so unhinged that it makes me feel like I'M the insane one

  12. Jonas Santos

    Jonas SantosDag sedan

    u guys don't realize how hard to create a game. just be thankful for the effort of the game creator. anyway, his voice is so hot

  13. The Conductor Esplin

    The Conductor EsplinDag sedan

    Credit where it due Look nice

  14. Peebo Pelican

    Peebo PelicanDag sedan

    The way these characters move makes me uncomfortable

  15. Look Alive

    Look AliveDag sedan

    this might be the world video game ive ever seen

  16. Knight Owl

    Knight OwlDag sedan

    I really was about to buy this game to see how it is, me and my wallet thank you for making this video

  17. Unkn0wn404

    Unkn0wn404Dag sedan

    So now we’ve seen Ubisoft’s version of Breath of the Wild and Square Enix’s Mario odyssey. Now we just need LJN’s splatoon

  18. DividingDig914

    DividingDig914Dag sedan

    fucked up thing is, if I had played this game when I was 7 I would've loved it

  19. kamenDriver 5

    kamenDriver 5Dag sedan

    I compared Nights from dreams to Balan and my friend (@Dairy milk) said "It's not plagiarism if you steal from yourself"

  20. kamenDriver 5

    kamenDriver 5Dag sedan

    @dairy milk

  21. Dugglini Eduardo

    Dugglini EduardoDag sedan

    Anyone else surprised when they looked this game up and realized it came out this year?

  22. Mihai Tudor

    Mihai TudorDag sedan

    this game is like mario odyssey if it was made by EA and the fun was the dlc

  23. Christine B

    Christine BDag sedan

    The sheer defeat in this man's voice as he said "I'm a vaccum cleaner" at 8:50

  24. Blobby Boi

    Blobby BoiDag sedan

    This is like if you really wanted to make a 3d Kirby style game(simple controls, whimsical visuals and world, tons of powerups) but you only played bad Kirby games.

  25. Jordan Q

    Jordan QDag sedan

    I love Dunkey videos but I actually struggled with this one because this game looks so bad

  26. itamar The Dolphin King

    itamar The Dolphin KingDag sedan

    what the fuck is this fever dream

  27. Thomas Davis

    Thomas DavisDag sedan

    I just read up on the development for this game on the wiki page, gave me a good laugh. I was trying to find out what language the song lyrics were in so i could get a translation.. but apparently they wrote the dialogue and lurics in english, then switched around the sounds and syllables to make their own made up language.

  28. RaymondLee

    RaymondLee2 dagar sedan

    It seems like they intentionally nerded the characters so you couldn’t break the game with them, but that absolutely would have been the best part of the game, figuring out how to beat puzzle with the wrong ability

  29. zPic

    zPic2 dagar sedan

    Nitpicking biased blindfold on controller not plugged in little brother laggy I fell asleep internet went out I win bye bye

  30. LiLKinG1_200 wilson

    LiLKinG1_200 wilson2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I’m just gonna stick to nights into dreams

  31. Temp

    Temp2 dagar sedan


  32. OhBoysPaintball

    OhBoysPaintball2 dagar sedan

    I hate that they use “Disney” style font for the logo....

  33. Gabriel Browning Rodriguez

    Gabriel Browning Rodriguez2 dagar sedan

    5:43 - for just a tiny bit after the bird says it's weird line you can hear Dunkey begin to mockingly repeat the line, like he did in his mario video that has this audio

  34. Trevor Mouse

    Trevor Mouse2 dagar sedan

    Now i know why there wasnt a game trailer in the playstation store lol

  35. Purple Apple

    Purple Apple2 dagar sedan

    4:29 thicc

  36. Peeno Beeno

    Peeno Beeno2 dagar sedan

    480p is perfect for this

  37. Beer Bourbon and Games

    Beer Bourbon and Games2 dagar sedan

    Wtf is with the dance scene with the farmer

  38. TheCyborgFalcon

    TheCyborgFalcon2 dagar sedan

    I'll have to say this is the best game made in Dreams I've seen yet

  39. 1

    119 timmar sedan

    Idk man that new pokemon seems pretty good.

  40. Amunago 0

    Amunago 02 dagar sedan

    60 fucking dollar game on ps5, I thought this was some indie trash 20$ game lol.

  41. Wild One

    Wild One2 dagar sedan

    "This game costs $60" I legitimately woah'd

  42. The Hentai Shogun

    The Hentai Shogun2 dagar sedan

    Guys you're forgetting he played this blindfolded

  43. Ya boy Lou

    Ya boy Lou2 dagar sedan

    “Mom, can we get Mario Odyssey?” “No we have Mario Odyssey at home” The Mario Odyssey at home:

  44. HejjoDude

    HejjoDude2 dagar sedan


  45. Ryan Bowling

    Ryan Bowling2 dagar sedan

    When I say this looks bad I mean bad and the dancing and singing killed me

  46. Rachel B

    Rachel B3 dagar sedan

    I like how the video is in 480p

  47. Requiem for a Meme

    Requiem for a Meme3 dagar sedan

    This game feels like it was hot glued together with random, buggy features from Korean online games from the 2000’s.

  48. nomercy8989

    nomercy89893 dagar sedan

    This is a real game? WTF The devs must have been drugged out their minds their entire life.

  49. Ash The Duke

    Ash The Duke3 dagar sedan

    Mario is better

  50. Enzo Messina

    Enzo Messina3 dagar sedan

    This game is so awful that it spread the trash to dunkey's video quality, which is why this is only in 480p

  51. Angel Vargas

    Angel Vargas3 dagar sedan

    They dance like those thanos memes

  52. Mr. FrenchFry

    Mr. FrenchFry3 dagar sedan

    this game is so ugly lmao

  53. SushiLord89

    SushiLord893 dagar sedan

    ehh still better than FF7:R

  54. Marg

    Marg3 dagar sedan

    Wait I don’t get it The child and the 45 year old firefighter are supposed to be in love?

  55. Galactic Cactus

    Galactic CactusDag sedan

    Don’t be mad just because a grown farmer and firefighter doesn’t want to date YOU lol

  56. Super Epic Gamer Man

    Super Epic Gamer Man3 dagar sedan

    This is literally just a bad ps2 game

  57. Super Epic Gamer Man

    Super Epic Gamer Man2 dagar sedan

    Damn your right, I loved that game as a kid

  58. Rationalist Gaming

    Rationalist Gaming2 dagar sedan

    Nah this makes Madagascar the video game look like a masterpiece

  59. Victor Step

    Victor Step3 dagar sedan

    3:40 this sounds exactly what kids shows play as "rock" music xD

  60. Wiseass Skeleton

    Wiseass Skeleton3 dagar sedan

    This is, far and away, the *GAYEST* video game I've ever seen. And I've played Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.

  61. Diavolo&Doppios KFC

    Diavolo&Doppios KFC3 dagar sedan

    No seriously wtf

  62. Suraj Joshi

    Suraj Joshi3 dagar sedan

    "A fun game. Yes. Balan Wonderworld is a fun platform game, at least. And this alone is just a lot, considering how much others platforms games doesn't even try to evolve the gameplay. In this aspect, Balan Wonderworld wins" -bot on IGN


    ROBERT BANASIEWICZ3 dagar sedan

    9:15 Edit: Oh lord not this again (this edit is supposed to be attached to my previous comment made but if I click "edit" the comment section deletes itself)

  64. Player 10

    Player 103 dagar sedan

    When I first saw this game, I didn’t care. Now I care even less and it doesn’t look anywhere near as quality as in the reveal trailer. This is just exactly a Mario Odyssey Ripoff. Except with Xbox Avatar looking weirdos. How unoriginal. It even has a Hat-themed side character

  65. LightRoomRJU

    LightRoomRJU3 dagar sedan

    5:47 guilty gear sign is looking promising


    ROBERT BANASIEWICZ3 dagar sedan

    3:14 This is the weirdest damn cutscene I have had the displeasure to watch in my entire life of playing video games.


    HUGO IN HELL3 dagar sedan

    This is a fetish game...

  68. Aeromaster 213

    Aeromaster 2134 dagar sedan

    "This looks painful to play." -Friend who's never played any games.

  69. cheese man

    cheese man4 dagar sedan

    Box fox for smash

  70. Richard Alfaro

    Richard Alfaro4 dagar sedan

    Hahahahahah this reminds me of all the pokemon when theh ran out if ideas the light post pokemon

  71. Joshua Rangel

    Joshua Rangel4 dagar sedan

    Lol the its a little to like death stranding as he struggles to set up the ladder

  72. hardly known johnny

    hardly known johnny4 dagar sedan


  73. Epke Gaming

    Epke Gaming4 dagar sedan

    Lego games for the wii have better characters

  74. _Marluxia

    _Marluxia4 dagar sedan

    It just occurred to me. This game is a fusion between Mario Odyssey and Yume Nikki. Think about it, the surreal setting and the numerous, but very situational, powerups are total Yume Nikki traits. Unfortunately they forgot what people actually liked about both of those games.

  75. Joshua Cramer

    Joshua Cramer4 dagar sedan

    That last joke at the end about the price was the best one

  76. LumenLumen

    LumenLumen4 dagar sedan

    "This isn't even my final form" the game.

  77. supershadow343

    supershadow3434 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure all there Budget Went on the cinematic then the game itself XD

  78. fadel

    fadel4 dagar sedan

    the director of this game is yuji naka.... the person that created sonic the hedgehog SMH

  79. Lee Jessup

    Lee Jessup4 dagar sedan

    This game looks like a really shitty fever dream that we should all forget exists

  80. seigeengine

    seigeengine4 dagar sedan

    I was not expecting a fort minor reference in a dunkaroo.

  81. Yung Slack

    Yung Slack4 dagar sedan

    Bruh. Square really don’t give a fuck. What happened to them?

  82. N L

    N L4 dagar sedan

    This is the kind of game I'd receive for Christmas as a kid, but not ask for. And I'd feel sad cos my mother would think I'd enjoy it, so I have to pretend to be happy. And then I'd quietly go into another room and have a discreet cry.

  83. rice theories

    rice theories4 dagar sedan

    The farmer dancing sequence gives me cancer, everytime.

  84. Dababy

    Dababy4 dagar sedan

    that farmer got the chin development of leafy

  85. ballistic

    ballistic4 dagar sedan

    so don't buy that game. got it!

  86. No a/ᴀ̶

    No a/ᴀ̶4 dagar sedan

    How this cost $60 yet hades only costs $25 is Beyond my understanding.

  87. Milesennium

    Milesennium4 dagar sedan

    This game is like doing crack at Yuji Naka’s house

  88. Lightning Shy

    Lightning Shy4 dagar sedan

    Never in my life have I seen something so uninspired and lazy

  89. Shadore Plays

    Shadore Plays4 dagar sedan

    This must be what hell looks like

  90. Стас Кузнецов

    Стас Кузнецов4 dagar sedan

    I have no clue what the hell is happening in this game but it's hilarious. And not in a good way

  91. Loko Yoko

    Loko Yoko4 dagar sedan

    I played the demo and damn but is this game horrible.

  92. A Random Pigeon

    A Random Pigeon4 dagar sedan

    This is just Takeshi's Castle but new

  93. TJeanSoul

    TJeanSoul4 dagar sedan

    When you look at who made this and why, and the details of its production, it only gets sadder. Yuji Naka is done in this industry man

  94. Falls

    Falls4 dagar sedan

    what the actual fuck did i just wach

  95. Ponce Ponte

    Ponce Ponte4 dagar sedan

    4:48 Bruh, box fox is literally the default box in unreal engine with a little hat on the top.

  96. Octavia Hill

    Octavia Hill5 dagar sedan

    Let us not forget.. This game is no more and no less than £50 and is a AAA release. Let's remember that.

  97. Milo Buerk

    Milo Buerk5 dagar sedan

    "This game sucks AAAAAAAAAA" - videogamedunkey 2021

  98. Bruce Weeks

    Bruce Weeks5 dagar sedan

    The beginning of the dance sequence gave me a shrek storming the gates vibe

  99. IzFan Art

    IzFan Art5 dagar sedan


  100. Nctrnl Mjsty

    Nctrnl Mjsty5 dagar sedan

    Dude how was this game even made....

  101. Morgan Henry

    Morgan Henry5 dagar sedan

    Is anyone gonna talk about that fucking made up language they're singing in??? Like...... why

  102. Duane 427427

    Duane 4274275 dagar sedan

    i mean atleast the game runs the intended way

  103. Skullium

    Skullium5 dagar sedan

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  104. sketch72

    sketch725 dagar sedan

    8:58 blackmoore's night.......

  105. Fit Blonde Tech

    Fit Blonde Tech5 dagar sedan

    Never had a video make me laugh so hard as much as this one! Thank you!! I’m so damn glad I didn’t waste $60 on this disaster.

  106. Dot

    Dot5 dagar sedan

    this is just sad man