So It's Actually Happening...



  1. AW Western

    AW WesternTimme sedan

    Loud and cringe as always

  2. Lavishlife !

    Lavishlife !Timme sedan

    Ronaldo fan? Unsubscribed, unfollowed, reported and blocked on every social media’s.

  3. Anto Markanovic

    Anto Markanovic2 timmar sedan

    Nahh you got lucky to win

  4. Zac Brady

    Zac Brady3 timmar sedan

    New album on my mother fucking birthday, let’s fucking go

  5. JamarSoLive

    JamarSoLive3 timmar sedan

    No the mirror💀💀💀💀💀💀😭

  6. Some Person

    Some Person5 timmar sedan

    Bro he lose to you, and he is gonna have a bigger better avent with better pay lol So who really lose?

  7. A Z

    A Z5 timmar sedan

    11:04 I can’t be like this 🤣

  8. Ari

    Ari6 timmar sedan

    7:14 jj movin sus

  9. Chris

    Chris6 timmar sedan

    MO caption close please

  10. Danny Zhang

    Danny Zhang7 timmar sedan

    5:54 his mirror looks cracked

  11. Gone Gone

    Gone Gone8 timmar sedan


  12. Daniel Drain

    Daniel Drain8 timmar sedan

    4:58 wait I thought KSI was straight O.o

  13. Nishit Kashyap

    Nishit Kashyap9 timmar sedan

    7:14 he searched up the mermaid girl... collab coming up????

  14. Synx Fc

    Synx Fc10 timmar sedan

    Jesus Christ loves you

  15. IWasOnceK00L

    IWasOnceK00L11 timmar sedan

    Amy gang 7:14

  16. Ectheladar

    Ectheladar12 timmar sedan

    It's "no comprendo" if you talk about yourself, but it's all good

  17. Fast Shark

    Fast Shark13 timmar sedan

    you got it wrong, people want to see the fight cos they want to see Logan get absolutely rolled by this pro boxer. It's a perfect match

  18. ikram hafiz

    ikram hafiz15 timmar sedan

    that forehead tho AHAHAH and the EDIT HAHAHAH Mo is the best

  19. Mash2K

    Mash2K15 timmar sedan

    Damn his hair is crap now i just saw it

  20. James D

    James D15 timmar sedan

    11:03 lol

  21. Anthony Samaha

    Anthony Samaha17 timmar sedan

    11:28 song?

  22. Rayim

    Rayim11 timmar sedan

    S1mba ft Ksi - Loose

  23. Utkarsh Choudhary

    Utkarsh Choudhary17 timmar sedan

    2:09 that laugh got me yo

  24. Recaro x

    Recaro x20 timmar sedan

    He just got invited to a Mexican cook out 😂

  25. likestheanime

    likestheanime21 timme sedan

    You the gaining 50npounds one makes ksi look like biggie

  26. IamLuciano

    IamLuciano21 timme sedan

    Mayweather will beat the hell out dat boy!!!

  27. Cardi b Is trash

    Cardi b Is trash21 timme sedan

    Kis you dont know how much you just tought me

  28. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird23 timmar sedan

    7:14 - If you are here,you wanna see JJ's history browser ;)

  29. QuasiSanAnimations

    QuasiSanAnimations23 timmar sedan

    Wait February 25th 2021 has passed

  30. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith23 timmar sedan

    That forehead though haha

  31. WyattW! [OFFICIAL]

    WyattW! [OFFICIAL]Dag sedan

    0:35 wrong year, mo.

  32. Saad Zubair

    Saad ZubairDag sedan

  33. XYZ

    XYZDag sedan

    anyone else notice that the wembley concert date is in the past cos it said 25th of feb 2021

  34. Shkosham

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  35. Shkosham

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  36. Shkosham

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  37. Shkosham

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  38. Shkosham

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  39. Shkosham

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  40. Shkosham

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  41. Shkosham

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  42. Shkosham

    ShkoshamDag sedan

  43. Shkosham

    ShkoshamDag sedan

  44. Zak Algamal

    Zak AlgamalDag sedan

    Moe is too funny 😭

  45. René NK

    René NKDag sedan

    Bruh if logan knocks out mayweather I'm calling bullshit. Check his gloves for poison or lead or something. 😂

  46. Igor Santos

    Igor SantosDag sedan

    Sooo... quick tip... Go to 7:14 with x0.25 speed and pause before JJ writes "F". Thanks Amy!!!

  47. Sawcon

    SawconDag sedan

    7:14 bruh jj anything you wanna tell us

  48. MidgetAbeGaming

    MidgetAbeGamingDag sedan

    His spanish 😭😭

  49. WillTheBest

    WillTheBestDag sedan

    Mrs. Fernandez will not be happy about your spanish skills..

  50. picklenuggets 245

    picklenuggets 245Dag sedan

    11:04 I'm weak bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Kavish Parikh

    Kavish ParikhDag sedan

    Messi is better

  52. P A I N

    P A I NDag sedan

    So logan is going to richer amd more relevant if he wins and loses

  53. Lotfi boulahia

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    #FROMALGERIA #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood #savesheikhjarrah #Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра #ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar #Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft #Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarrah #Salva_el_barrio_de_SheikhJarrah #Salva_il_quartiere_di_SheikhJarrah

  54. Hello Dababy

    Hello DababyDag sedan

  55. Tiago Rocas

    Tiago RocasDag sedan

    Olha eu tô bem e tu e olha batatas fritas é o caralho

  56. Toast

    ToastDag sedan

    6:18 the invisible man heavy a great time

  57. Nimar Ghuman

    Nimar GhumanDag sedan

    0:36 mistake it should say 2022

  58. Rico Mansos

    Rico MansosDag sedan


  59. Shaq Onno

    Shaq OnnoDag sedan

    I know it's pointless but, i just want to see Logan getting his ass whooped.

  60. Melih Rides

    Melih RidesDag sedan

    Bro mo went in hard for beeing called lazy damn

  61. G3 _Void

    G3 _VoidDag sedan

    February 25th 2021? 0:30

  62. Israel Ortiz

    Israel OrtizDag sedan

    Logan is not winning bro

  63. Mike

    MikeDag sedan

    Until where does KSI washes his face? . . . . Until his forehead 😂

  64. LoZT eXitZ

    LoZT eXitZDag sedan

    Bro jjs laugh oh my 😂😂😂

  65. Shubham Music Entertainment

    Shubham Music EntertainmentDag sedan

    People who are watching this comment I wish there parent's still alive for more than 💯 years god bless U &UR family 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  66. Opcelo

    OpceloDag sedan

    Mo is absolutely class 🤣

  67. Olddirtytiger

    OlddirtytigerDag sedan

    Now that resident evil village is out u can play that with Deji

  68. Olddirtytiger

    OlddirtytigerDag sedan

    Ben Askren mentioned his hip in every interview 🤷🏾‍♂️

  69. Olddirtytiger

    OlddirtytigerDag sedan

    Mo 🙌

  70. Cheeto Puff

    Cheeto PuffDag sedan

    Ksi and jojo siwa really twinning with their hair lines

  71. _Kingkhan_

    _Kingkhan_Dag sedan

    How is he performing at Wembley IN THE PAST, HOW DOES THAT WORK

  72. _Kingkhan_

    _Kingkhan_Dag sedan

    That intro had old ksi energy

  73. Lazarus McCarthy

    Lazarus McCarthyDag sedan

    jj you'll feel so much better


    I FAMILYIHDag sedan


  75. Aiden Wilcox

    Aiden WilcoxDag sedan

    I started to watch you and I started when I was on treadmill and still going🔫

  76. Harris Mcgaw

    Harris McgawDag sedan

    hows he performing feb 25th?

  77. Mr. Cypressed

    Mr. Cypressed2 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: KSI copying tommyinnit's line, by saying it with his exact same ascent "Me Gusta"

  78. André Jugador TV

    André Jugador TV2 dagar sedan

    8:18 Grandest Reveal

  79. Jellybean YT

    Jellybean YT2 dagar sedan

    5:33 funny

  80. J Jj

    J Jj2 dagar sedan


  81. Dragon Zen

    Dragon Zen2 dagar sedan

    in the laughing vid I was playing a game and it thought his laugh was the vid not him 😅

  82. hamcio 319

    hamcio 3192 dagar sedan

    There was no racism in Tobi meme chocolate cereal.

  83. bushra Malik

    bushra Malik2 dagar sedan

    Ksi is the best boxer in the world and

  84. Phoenix967

    Phoenix9672 dagar sedan

    12:16 Dang he be laughing in unison with the edit.

  85. Wassup My G

    Wassup My G2 dagar sedan

    Where is fatneek

  86. tashR

    tashR2 dagar sedan

    I love you and all JJ but please get better cages and wheels for the hamsters. There are loads of videos on SEtoos about hamster care. And yes please keep the. Apart. Hamster are solitary animals.

  87. Extraterrestrial Horse

    Extraterrestrial Horse2 dagar sedan

    11:58 It has been a long time since JJ handed out Argentinium. Banger of a post

  88. Menelik Michael

    Menelik Michael2 dagar sedan

    He’s performing on my birthday lmao

  89. Hector Sodiano

    Hector Sodiano2 dagar sedan

    KSI got so jealous that Logan Paul got the fight with Floyd Mayweather 😂

  90. Arya Ashrafi

    Arya Ashrafi2 dagar sedan

    Wait how is it at February if its May

  91. JoshN9921

    JoshN99212 dagar sedan

  92. MC7 FIFA Gamer

    MC7 FIFA Gamer2 dagar sedan

    Is he banned because he showed the hamsters throwing hands or is he just not uploading? XD

  93. DJ Emerry

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  94. Luke Morton

    Luke Morton2 dagar sedan

    No one: Moe doing the forehead memes:🤪🤣 Me who just wants to see the real deal:😑

  95. Abraham Fuentes

    Abraham Fuentes10 timmar sedan

    I feel you dawg

  96. Aiden Katterhenry

    Aiden Katterhenry2 dagar sedan

    Polo g is the goat no offense but he’s alout better than ksi

  97. MattGAMERzIR

    MattGAMERzIR2 dagar sedan

    My eyes

  98. Master of Thunda

    Master of Thunda2 dagar sedan

    Mayweather isnt the best of all time, but he's pretty high up there.

  99. Edriz Ilyas

    Edriz Ilyas2 dagar sedan

    I like how jj’s shirt is the same in the album. I think its amazing

  100. Joshua The gamer

    Joshua The gamer2 dagar sedan

    Yo jj you invited to the cookout at the start of the video his Spanish is it bad at all he just need to learn more words

  101. natali bartosova

    natali bartosova2 dagar sedan

    Yo aotp is coming out on my birthday well this will be well this is going to be good