SonicFox vs Tekken Master | Grand Finals | WUFL Season 1

Twitter: WePlayUFL​
Instagram: weplayufl​
WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 is set to take place between March 25th and April 11th, 2021. The tournaments will not be held at the same time and will instead follow one another.
Mortal Kombat 11 - March 25th-28th;
SOULCALIBUR VI - April 1st-4th;
Tekken 7 - April 8th-11th.
Prize Pool:
Mortal Kombat 11 - $50,000;
Tekken 7 - $50,000.
Just like with WePlay Dragon Temple, WUFL S1 will be held at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. WePlay Esports will be taking a multitude of safety measures to guarantee the wellbeing of all event participants. As such, all of the players and staff will be tested for COVID-19. Furthermore, no audience will be present at the event as a cautionary measure.
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  1. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh2 timmar sedan

    Can anybody explain why casters use 'they' for sonicfox and not for others?

  2. Ultraviolence

    UltraviolenceDag sedan

    Tekkenmaster is kinda cute 😃

  3. Mikey Mendez

    Mikey MendezDag sedan

    Idk who tekken master is since I barely got into MK, but he plays like a little bitch

  4. Reality Hits

    Reality HitsDag sedan

    Who is this TM potentially giving a bad name to tekken community?

  5. CrazyMilojko3

    CrazyMilojko3Dag sedan

    I dont play Mk 11 but that Cetrion character seems so boring

  6. ali shixiyev

    ali shixiyevDag sedan

    i hate who most of the time use xray. it gives apportunity to win who is loosing the game

  7. Edwin Lopez

    Edwin LopezDag sedan

    When I do it, it's "spamming" when TM or Dragon do it, it's "zoning". SMH



    Master spammer

  9. Joe White

    Joe WhiteDag sedan

    Whos on commentary?

  10. GuitarIsMyHer01n

    GuitarIsMyHer01n2 dagar sedan

    I can not respect Cetrion players, such a bullshit character.

  11. Aaron Morgan

    Aaron Morgan2 dagar sedan

    Look at tekken master scratching his head like he’s actually fighting like a man 😭😭😭 I hate cetrion so much

  12. peedy pxblo

    peedy pxblo2 dagar sedan

    there's ppl that're actually fans of this tm guy ? he's boring.

  13. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma3 dagar sedan

    Why didn't he change champs? It was obvious that he lost despite being an amazing player because of the insignificant damage compared to the joker.

  14. Thato Lehong

    Thato Lehong3 dagar sedan

    Tekken Master teaching all these online Cetrions to zone 😖👎🏽

  15. Joe Tha Nose

    Joe Tha Nose3 dagar sedan

    Okay so just spam range abilities to win cool

  16. Cfood

    Cfood4 dagar sedan

    Whenever i see TM vs SF I know it’s going to be the hypest shit before even watching

  17. Alex Abdulnour

    Alex Abdulnour4 dagar sedan

    95% of cetrion players just spam and call it zoning. Smfh i wanna throw something at a wall

  18. King of Lin kuei

    King of Lin kuei4 dagar sedan

    Tekken master is absolute shit he just spamming one fucking move all time he deserve shit

  19. A T

    A T5 dagar sedan

    TM: * never even tried fatal blow * Fatal Blow: That's why you suck pal

  20. Rico Chen

    Rico Chen5 dagar sedan

    U know. Why centrion lose??? Its b'coz sonic can use combo worth of 1/3 hp in 1 run while centrion is no combo near that damage.. he need to learn how to combo well or choose another hero...

  21. TheHunterAwaits

    TheHunterAwaits5 dagar sedan

    Gay master just spam skills nicee

  22. Kamikaze Nazi

    Kamikaze Nazi5 dagar sedan

    Im arabic but i admit that's tekken master was cocky with zoning

  23. Sarahbeth Kinsey

    Sarahbeth Kinsey5 dagar sedan

    Wait was sonic saying he was counting down for his fatal blow Lol 4:10

  24. Gilberto Yañez

    Gilberto Yañez6 dagar sedan

    Sonicfox is a damn legend. Just make a Joker skin in which the Joker wears a Sonicfox head. He deserves that.

  25. FlyKhai

    FlyKhai6 dagar sedan

    You can call SF whatever you want but you gotta respect him

  26. concept k

    concept k7 dagar sedan

    When you listen without watching its like a football match!

  27. Chris Riddick

    Chris Riddick8 dagar sedan

    commentators referred to SF as they. thats pretty cool

  28. Lindokuhle Zulu

    Lindokuhle Zulu8 dagar sedan

    literally played safe the whole time thank god fox won

  29. Cristian Mendoza

    Cristian Mendoza8 dagar sedan

    This match was not as close as it seemed. TM was so bad and so scared dude got half his wins just zoning. Yes, I understand its part of the game but yikes show some skill. Literally deserved to lose.

  30. Shaq 1K

    Shaq 1K8 dagar sedan

    Dude really just spamming the whole game..... I’m annoyed watching it I can only imagine what it’s like playing against it......

  31. Bryan Nwabueze

    Bryan Nwabueze9 dagar sedan

    Yo you actually cant punish that centrion's teleport.

  32. Youssef Salem

    Youssef Salem9 dagar sedan

    I really don't know much about the game, i play tekken 7 but i just wanna say that TekkenMaster gameplay is so trash and boring and using the same pattern over and over. The dude didn't even do a full combo

  33. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama9 dagar sedan

    When ur losing to sonic ur really just getting ready to get downloaded and wrecked

  34. Wonderwall Wonderwall

    Wonderwall Wonderwall9 dagar sedan

    Zoners are the most trash players of all time

  35. sebastian U

    sebastian U10 dagar sedan

    fox es el mejor

  36. Angel Five

    Angel Five10 dagar sedan

    This game is TRASH

  37. Christian

    Christian10 dagar sedan

    I saw tekken master in the description thinking i'm gonna see a tekken match 😂

  38. Dutch

    Dutch10 dagar sedan

    Cetrion is cringe. Don’t @ me

  39. Secco Big Boss

    Secco Big Boss11 dagar sedan

    Tekken master 0 combos... ridiculous 😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Chris Marple

    Chris Marple11 dagar sedan

    Imagine play like that cetrion

  41. PrinceOfParthia74

    PrinceOfParthia7411 dagar sedan

    just a side note, bahrain socked some kuk

  42. Weykind

    Weykind11 dagar sedan

    sonic is cracked out of his mind

  43. joseph kanga

    joseph kanga11 dagar sedan

    The satisfaction of watching a zoner get his ass handed to him.

  44. Couch Mayne Gaming

    Couch Mayne Gaming11 dagar sedan

    TM was literally drained after that first set, the amount of skill an brain focus he had to use to ACTUALLY ZONE Sonic is pure skill/effort. You could feel his gamer powers been sucked out of him thinking about having to try and do that for another whole set. While SF mental is very strong he almost makes it looks effortless.

  45. Gabriel

    Gabriel11 dagar sedan

    Tekken master is a great player. I like watching him and sonic go at it. It’s always a fast pace intense match. Even when they’re zoning each other.

  46. Nastee God

    Nastee God12 dagar sedan

    Cetrion only for bitjes 🤮🤮🤮 look at this 14:00 ewh lmfao

  47. viewmaster617

    viewmaster61712 dagar sedan

    What you guys think of the new mortal kombat movie

  48. Gaarasnotebook

    Gaarasnotebook12 dagar sedan

    Tekken is a spammer. And it makes it not fun to watch...

  49. skaels

    skaels12 dagar sedan

    why would you put an ad for another match, during the middle of the GRAND FINALS last 15 seconds. You literally blocked vision of the last few moments of the match, wtf

  50. skaels

    skaels12 dagar sedan

    I could swear he said Tekken master is our S1 champion 26:00

  51. thecandyred1

    thecandyred113 dagar sedan

    I met tekken Master in KL once, man this Cetrion is crazy

  52. Cesar Aranda

    Cesar Aranda13 dagar sedan

    Tekken Master only use fireballs 😂😂😂😂😂 go to play fallguys noooooooobbbbb 😂

  53. Julien Zar

    Julien Zar13 dagar sedan

    No Brutality ? Seriously ?? Fatal blow but not brutality

  54. Acee The Chosen

    Acee The Chosen13 dagar sedan

    Idk why the commentators talking is so funny😂

  55. mi A1

    mi A114 dagar sedan

    parece o Corinthians jogando uma retranca doida

  56. K-Field Isaac

    K-Field Isaac14 dagar sedan

    I don't like the fact that MK has become this projectile keep out play style now days. It is strategic but very annoying. I miss the old MK like MK9 and MKX.

  57. Lanky One

    Lanky One7 dagar sedan

    mk9 was worse ngl. Kabal, Freddy, and Kenshi zoning is disgusting even compared to cetrions

  58. MGOO D

    MGOO D14 dagar sedan

    Joker is Johnny cage but better in everyway kinda makes Johnny useless compared to joker

  59. Eashan Patel

    Eashan Patel15 dagar sedan

    Always nice hearing History Behind The Warrior's voice at these matches

  60. Акакий Акакиевич

    Акакий Акакиевич15 dagar sedan

    love you fucking son of other realm. sonicfox5000.

  61. Акакий Акакиевич

    Акакий Акакиевич15 dagar sedan

    Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today.. in this realm sing for me damn, imagine of the people trying to be a part like a frame data? you can try back dash you can try APOKE OR DOUBLE POKE, you can try to flawless if you can but Imagine all the people living for today... like youohh..

  62. Акакий Акакиевич

    Акакий Акакиевич15 dagar sedan

    its all is not ending. sonic your mind is some much better then frame data dude. you know? i know that

  63. Акакий Акакиевич

    Акакий Акакиевич15 dagar sedan

    you know if you will to be empty of spaces i know you, but dont get lost in the choosing of the realms. we need you like a star on the our way.

  64. Tracie Green

    Tracie Green15 dagar sedan

    Great players and great matches by these two awesome dudes.

  65. Laode Alvian Fazrin

    Laode Alvian Fazrin16 dagar sedan

    Teken master always disappoint me..

  66. The Gods

    The Gods16 dagar sedan

    I loved the gameplay i just wish ninja was here

  67. 007VitaminD

    007VitaminD16 dagar sedan

    What a confusing name, big jebait.

  68. 12XU_ MK

    12XU_ MK17 dagar sedan

    All the scrubs in the comments calling TM a spammer 😂😂

  69. 12XU_ MK

    12XU_ MK16 dagar sedan

    @ShadowReaper_ JDX. it’s all precise, if he was “spamming” he would not have made it to grand finals. Cetrions projectiles can be punished easily with patience and flawless blocking, they all leave her super negative so they are risky at close range. Sure TM is playing the best character in the game, but don’t downplay how amazing of a player he is.

  70. ShadowReaper_ JDX.

    ShadowReaper_ JDX.16 dagar sedan

    So, He is not? cause if you think he's not, then definitely you are the Scrub here.

  71. Sterling Davison

    Sterling Davison17 dagar sedan

    I've never played this one, but god damn sonic fox's opponents character looks super frustrating to fight against.

  72. Dan Miranda

    Dan Miranda17 dagar sedan

    Why Didn’t HE use kabal though. Clearly fixed match. Ah well.

  73. Washington Cowboy

    Washington Cowboy17 dagar sedan

    Tekkens play style was so boring. Good sets, but I felt like there was more zoning than combos

  74. ABTooDriP

    ABTooDriP18 dagar sedan

    Imagine tekken master plays dumb and just spams one ranged attack

  75. RetroGames y Mas!

    RetroGames y Mas!18 dagar sedan

    Poor sonic fox.. His plays cost him his eyes.. He is losing sight because of the 19/24 hours playing all the time.

  76. Aboud sky

    Aboud sky18 dagar sedan

    TM deserve some respect everybody talks about SF combo What about TM’s nerves with a zoning character only doing chip damage here and there and still gets the finals

  77. Ajani Wells

    Ajani Wells18 dagar sedan

    Hol up...IN PERSON EVENTS ARE BACK??????

  78. Luis Zelaya

    Luis Zelaya18 dagar sedan


  79. KillTheft DaPinguin

    KillTheft DaPinguin18 dagar sedan

    The look on TM face when Sonic put the finger up

  80. Harlem Flay

    Harlem Flay19 dagar sedan

    tekken master has such a punchable face and idk why hahah

  81. J Black84

    J Black8419 dagar sedan

    I hate watching Centrion players. That zoning chip strategy is the cheapest ever

  82. Alex K

    Alex K19 dagar sedan

    how did the best kotal kahn in mkx become a cetrion main in mk11? wtf happened...

  83. Seif Eddine Tebai

    Seif Eddine Tebai19 dagar sedan

    Cetrion is not a bad character, just like Sheeva. They're really good. But when people opt for SPAMMING, that's when you start hating the game... He played well at the start until he started spamming that quake and holders. Noooope. You're not a champ, chump.

  84. Cristián Venegas

    Cristián Venegas19 dagar sedan


  85. Mvp ILLY

    Mvp ILLY20 dagar sedan

    I know I’m not the only one who saw tears in his eyes after the reset lol

  86. Solar Humid

    Solar Humid16 dagar sedan

    31:05 You're right lol he knew he had to go through soooo much more work

  87. concept k

    concept k20 dagar sedan

    Ok don't ever give sonic time to think, you'll regret that!

  88. DaGhost Official

    DaGhost Official20 dagar sedan

    Wanna see the EPITOMY of a spamming sweaty try-hard on steroids lol 50:14 ..tekken master went full *noob in kasuals" mode 😂 50:14

  89. DaGhost Official

    DaGhost Official20 dagar sedan

    Bro how is this reaction micro duck humanly possible?? I'm convinced these dudes is robots wtf 43:21

  90. Nuno Organista

    Nuno Organista20 dagar sedan

    I'm a tekken player, but i ocasionally watch some mk fights and i was just wondering... wouldn't it be curious to see these two guys fighting in tekken?


    BIGSEM TV20 dagar sedan

    1st of all these guys are not champions..... Back in the day you would of got your ass whipped for real for grabbing Ask any old school nigga Real champions don't grab.... I know its 2021 and anything goes but For anybody who plays any kind of fighting games act like to grab botten doesn't exist and that's how you become of real champion........facts

  92. Elogh

    Elogh21 dag sedan

    Tekken Master should go back to Tekken if he can't even win with Cetrion

  93. Phoenix 007

    Phoenix 00721 dag sedan

    49:41 sonic is a savage lmao

  94. DaEvilGenius

    DaEvilGenius22 dagar sedan

    Sonic is the goat...

  95. SixtySeconds OrLess

    SixtySeconds OrLess22 dagar sedan

    This is what happens when your a one trick pony...zoning is the equivalent to camping in FPS

  96. Ashdon.R

    Ashdon.R22 dagar sedan

    I wouldn't be surprised if a Dragon came down and carried Sonic Fox to Heaven. 🐉 The guy is the best in this dimension.

  97. Mark Lord

    Mark Lord22 dagar sedan

    You would think with such strong zoning that fox would be at a disadvantage. Even though I watch the whole thing I still find it hard to think how fox kept breaking through that intense zoning.

  98. Max Gardner

    Max Gardner22 dagar sedan

    It’s crazy that zoning with cetrion is still considered high level gameplay

  99. Reza Varghayi

    Reza Varghayi23 dagar sedan

    TM is not even using all of cetrion's buttons. He's nowhere near dragon as far as being comfortable with a character goes but this match just proves cetrion is busted...

  100. Viper -_-

    Viper -_-23 dagar sedan

    Yay more Cetrion 🤧 12 minutes in and Jesus Christ I would’ve lost my shit by now 😂

  101. Socrate G

    Socrate G23 dagar sedan

    Tm playstyle was so FUCKN toxic

  102. Dan Miranda

    Dan Miranda23 dagar sedan

    Props to the commentators never missing a beat using each players’ preferred pronouns.

  103. Dan Miranda

    Dan Miranda23 dagar sedan

    Who’s watching in 2026 ? You can’t like this comment anymore since SEtoos has gone electric.

  104. Jordan Martinez

    Jordan Martinez23 dagar sedan

    Where’s ninjakilla