Yung Bleu - You're Mines Still (feat. Drake) [Official Video]

The official video for "You're Mines Still feat. Drake" out now:
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  1. Yung Bleu

    Yung Bleu4 månader sedan

    what’s your favorite moment in the video? 🤔😏

  2. Emridge Williams

    Emridge Williams6 dagar sedan

    2:54 thats enough said

  3. Adrian Jackson

    Adrian Jackson18 dagar sedan

    Nice visuals

  4. Lele H

    Lele H27 dagar sedan

    The whole thing

  5. Roderick Williams

    Roderick WilliamsMånad sedan

    All of it especially when U took her from the wedding

  6. Spike23's

    Spike23'sMånad sedan

    When the door was locked.

  7. Almighty khai242

    Almighty khai242Timme sedan

    100 million where you at

  8. Tre Simons

    Tre SimonsTimme sedan

  9. Tashanna Self

    Tashanna Self2 timmar sedan

    Views @ 99,707,707 Right Now 🌬🗣‼️

  10. Ninja Bruh

    Ninja Bruh2 timmar sedan

    Sting about to get another 85%

  11. Nicole Salazar

    Nicole Salazar2 timmar sedan

    She’s so beautiful 😍

  12. Nicole Salazar

    Nicole Salazar2 timmar sedan

    I’m obsessed w this song

  13. Charles Estra

    Charles Estra3 timmar sedan

    My mom was dancing but I put that on the speaker but it was crazy but she was going to hit her head but I don't care if she was drinking alcohol sheesh he go hard

  14. Paris Williams

    Paris Williams3 timmar sedan

    The sad part is that after the butterflies leave you still have to face the person you dealt with!

  15. Janelle Rodriguez

    Janelle Rodriguez4 timmar sedan


  16. Jamual Wiley

    Jamual Wiley5 timmar sedan

    I know you fien for dis, I know you did not forgeeeeettt

  17. Bre'Aunna LaShelle

    Bre'Aunna LaShelle5 timmar sedan

    I'm. a. Love

  18. Keandre Andrus

    Keandre Andrus5 timmar sedan

    Nice car and song 😃

  19. Playah Plays

    Playah Plays6 timmar sedan

    MANDELA EFFECT!!! Does anyone else remember this song coming out back in like 06-10??? Maybe not the whole song, but the whole first minute i and a few others now vividly remember from our childhoods

  20. Nothing nothinG

    Nothing nothinG4 timmar sedan

    Maybe because the sample ?

  21. Jay Cordero

    Jay Cordero7 timmar sedan

    Idek why i feel so connected to this song. Its crazy brah

  22. Kalico Jack

    Kalico Jack7 timmar sedan

    Get this dude to 100 mil run it up so close

  23. Dieudonne Carroll

    Dieudonne Carroll7 timmar sedan


  24. Caleb Govind

    Caleb Govind8 timmar sedan

    His best he ever made

  25. Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson9 timmar sedan

    OMG I love this sounds like my life...LITERALLY...this just happened to me

  26. Amanda meyerholz

    Amanda meyerholz9 timmar sedan

    Just found out my ex fiance killed himself. I can't help but cry my eyes out... I'm so lost


    SHAQUILLE CAMERON6 timmar sedan

    So sorry

  28. Nature

    Nature9 timmar sedan

    Drake really miss that video that's one his best verse inna while but the we get lemon pepper

  29. Angelica Hill

    Angelica Hill9 timmar sedan

    I love this song 😩🥰

  30. Dakota S

    Dakota S10 timmar sedan


  31. Jermaine Miller

    Jermaine Miller10 timmar sedan

    This a HYPE SONG an ANY FEMALES push out on me at the altar NEVER COME BACK

  32. Jamal Washington

    Jamal Washington10 timmar sedan

    God First.

  33. Kloud Slime Official

    Kloud Slime Official11 timmar sedan


  34. 3jegrfy4t rttrgh

    3jegrfy4t rttrgh13 timmar sedan

    sddwrrřeedesidi ya udah nanti aja deh yg di atas nama saya tidak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk mengalihkan pembicaraan dengan partai rt rw yang deh yg di atas nama saya tidak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk mengalihkan pembicaraan dengan partai demokrat pelajaran yang deh yg di atas nama saya tidak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk mengalihkan pembicaraan dengan partai demokrat pelajaran yang deh yg 33334🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇺🇦🇺bagaimana caranya untuk mengalihkan pembicaraan dengan partai demokrat pelajaran yang deh yg di atas nama saya qe

  35. Amanda Shorts

    Amanda Shorts13 timmar sedan

    Beautiful song that is also sad. It's a great song!

  36. Foreign Mob Tv

    Foreign Mob Tv14 timmar sedan

    So good

  37. ZyLynn Dean

    ZyLynn Dean15 timmar sedan


  38. Young Khev

    Young Khev15 timmar sedan

    Y’all did that man wrong 🤭 fuck it he’ll move on like y’all did 😏

  39. Sofian Aifa

    Sofian Aifa15 timmar sedan

    100 mll of course

  40. Tadiwa Gwede

    Tadiwa Gwede15 timmar sedan

    Mashurugwi Anthem

  41. Miami

    Miami15 timmar sedan

    How I love you 😘😘😘

  42. Famory Keita

    Famory Keita16 timmar sedan

    Ya aucun commentaire français mais si moi je suis la

  43. William Adams

    William Adams16 timmar sedan

    Shit hit different 🙏🏼

  44. Nancy

    Nancy16 timmar sedan

    Lowkey sounds like "you"

  45. Marvin Agyei

    Marvin Agyei20 timmar sedan

    What’s the name of that girl

  46. shake yan

    shake yan20 timmar sedan

    Drake part is fire🔥!

  47. saffronbeesley

    saffronbeesley23 timmar sedan

    I adore this song ❤️

  48. Arush

    ArushDag sedan

    Video hits hard when you thinkin of that someone.

  49. Francie Corpuz

    Francie CorpuzDag sedan


  50. Loca Loca

    Loca LocaDag sedan

    My neighbors up the block on Beaumont literally play this everyday blasting about five times or more throughout the day n I fell in love with it.. I had to figure out who it was I was lost looking but I knew I heard Drake.. finally found it.. luv ittt.....

  51. Yvonne Greene

    Yvonne GreeneDag sedan

    I listen to yourself all the time in the car it is so relaxing this is

  52. Tay Grant

    Tay GrantDag sedan

    I'll love u forever and a day King Massive

  53. Freddy Calipari

    Freddy CalipariDag sedan

    Free AB 🙏

  54. Mike Johnson

    Mike JohnsonDag sedan

    I think about my old girl Everytime I hear this song I miss my baby so much

  55. Melanie Melanie

    Melanie MelanieDag sedan

    That other dude didn’t look like her type🥴. Don’t @ me

  56. Wandy Sillon

    Wandy SillonDag sedan

    They run so happy but Don't know much pain they caused to the guy 😕

  57. Valeen 78

    Valeen 78Dag sedan

    Autotuning shit fuck.

  58. KamKam

    KamKamDag sedan


  59. Tresean Tucker

    Tresean TuckerDag sedan

    Would've sound better if only yung bleu sing it by his self😁

  60. x CRUZXIFY x

    x CRUZXIFY xDag sedan

    I literally just seen this man at the pilot gas station driving his RollsRoyce truck

  61. David Carpenter

    David CarpenterDag sedan

    This sample sound like the same one that juice WRLD got sued over

  62. Lucy Daniels

    Lucy DanielsDag sedan


  63. Yezica Salazar

    Yezica SalazarDag sedan

    When you come out of no where

  64. Eli Grajales

    Eli GrajalesDag sedan

    I think drake wrote this song ... Love it though real shit this song fire

  65. Troy FrmDaW

    Troy FrmDaWDag sedan

    Song annoying as hell now , fire song just overplayed.

  66. Renee'Finest

    Renee'FinestDag sedan

    The most is love👰‍♀️

  67. Lisa Eaves

    Lisa EavesDag sedan

    This his my favorite song young bleu

  68. Jaquan White

    Jaquan WhiteDag sedan


  69. Brittney Frazier

    Brittney FrazierDag sedan




    Anyone else here from video of boosie singing this???😂😂😂😂

  71. ALMIGHTY1k

    ALMIGHTY1kDag sedan

    Kodak black live brought here again 🔥🔥

  72. Caleb Jones

    Caleb JonesDag sedan

    Who’s still listening in 2035?

  73. Thomas Velasquez

    Thomas VelasquezDag sedan

    Boosie but me on


    NBA CHRISDag sedan

    Boutta hit 100 mil💯

  75. YT_angel999

    YT_angel999Dag sedan

    Thsi is so good

  76. Chardonay Beckford

    Chardonay BeckfordDag sedan

    Did you actually play the song in church

  77. Mike Boogie

    Mike BoogieDag sedan


  78. Jason Overton

    Jason OvertonDag sedan

    Where are you bust in and grabbed her

  79. Drilly Beatz

    Drilly BeatzDag sedan

    Drake verse 🚨🚨🚨

  80. 1syde GENNASYDE

    1syde GENNASYDEDag sedan

    How me jus finding this😭

  81. RACHAEL Dianna

    RACHAEL DiannaDag sedan

    So nice

  82. RACHAEL Dianna

    RACHAEL DiannaDag sedan

    I love this song nice

  83. Aletta Visagie

    Aletta VisagieDag sedan

    Bro tthis songg hittss hard😭🌏❤

  84. Mk Waine

    Mk WaineDag sedan

    Beat sounds like juice wrld lucid dream

  85. denise owens

    denise owensDag sedan

    war you have the girl in the car

  86. denise owens

    denise owensDag sedan

    you go Yung Bleu

  87. Shaded

    ShadedDag sedan

    😁 is my birthday

  88. Zack Colon

    Zack ColonDag sedan

    I almost texted my ex lmao

  89. 3jegrfy4t rttrgh

    3jegrfy4t rttrghDag sedan


  90. Shevar Alexander

    Shevar AlexanderDag sedan


  91. Analiz Marie

    Analiz MarieDag sedan

    Drakes verse 💕😍😍

  92. Robby Rodriguez

    Robby RodriguezDag sedan


  93. Nicole Riley

    Nicole Riley2 dagar sedan

    This is how I feel about my 2nd baby daddy...the other night we was together kicking it and as always it ended up with us getting down and dirty then falling asleep next to each other and I didn't realize how much I miss him waking up to him and the way his voice sounds...ill always love him ALWAYS 💕

  94. Mouse

    Mouse2 dagar sedan

    💕💋 I hope we can get our act together J this time. I miss you so much ❤️

  95. Lowell Irby

    Lowell Irby2 dagar sedan

    Great looking car

  96. Lawear Smith

    Lawear Smith2 dagar sedan


  97. Lawear Smith

    Lawear Smith2 dagar sedan

    Damn Sun 💥💯

  98. Iesha Young

    Iesha Young2 dagar sedan


  99. Iesha Young

    Iesha Young2 dagar sedan


  100. Iesha Young

    Iesha Young2 dagar sedan


  101. Kyran Pope

    Kyran Pope2 dagar sedan


  102. Kyran Pope

    Kyran Pope2 dagar sedan


  103. Kareem Norton

    Kareem Norton2 dagar sedan

    Is this a gangster SIMP song??

  104. John Oneal

    John Oneal2 dagar sedan

    This guy here is lit ,he's got some good craft 💪🏾🎼🎙️🎧on my playlist for sure

  105. Chocolateripple John

    Chocolateripple John2 dagar sedan

    Love this whole song ...Drake was a plus ...but bleu voice kept this song

  106. Blaize

    Blaize2 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: Yung bleu paid 1million to feature drake in this song🥲

  107. tsaski steele

    tsaski steele2 dagar sedan

    i lvos you ilke you

  108. Veronica Cantu

    Veronica Cantu2 dagar sedan

    Dope af 👌