Grafton Furniture

Can Marcus bridge the divide between father and son and bring their business back from the brink?


  1. Ricardo Mars

    Ricardo Mars19 dagar sedan

    17:51 I didnt know jimmy fallon was in the business

  2. ChiefKene

    ChiefKeneMånad sedan

    1.5 million for 45% is great deal. He looked out for them. Keeps the majority for Steve the 3rd and he teaches him the important stuff. This was a great deal on all Sides.

  3. Sam Yeung

    Sam Yeung2 månader sedan

    I love it when Marcus said,"You need to go to a different church".

  4. jj 831

    jj 8312 månader sedan

    He glad marcus there


    ALBERTO CARRILLO3 månader sedan

    Nice Video

  6. Fidelis Bonye

    Fidelis Bonye4 månader sedan

    Can any one give an update on the current state of the business. ??

  7. ChiefKene

    ChiefKeneMånad sedan

    Still in business

  8. evan1238

    evan12385 månader sedan

    At 90% fail rate, other than for T.V., why in the world would you invest??? I love this show, but there are too many faulty small businesses out there to start your chances at a 90% fail rate....Just saying, no hate. Still love the show

  9. A Anon

    A Anon6 månader sedan

    Why kind of major should I have in college to work and have expertise in this kind of work? ( not the furniture, but the economics/finances/running the business)

  10. Rhys Lights

    Rhys Lights26 dagar sedan

    accounting, business management, economics.


    LUZ MARIA PIEDRAHITA6 månader sedan

    Increíble el programa y la magia de arreglar negocios con orden y responsabilidad, me fascino. Felicitaciones 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  12. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson6 månader sedan

    Lol literally a half aas chair

  13. Destulien Nequel

    Destulien Nequel7 månader sedan

    35:00 This is the hardest thing a lot of parents failed to say. Most kids could have been a lot better if they can hear the negative and the positive side from their parents.

  14. Ernesto Barboza Baldeón

    Ernesto Barboza Baldeón8 månader sedan

    How are they now with this f. corona virus?

  15. Safia

    Safia10 månader sedan

    this show is amazing that initial showroom seems a lost opportunity it was very outdated it should have an openconcept where you can see the workshop in the back the whole styles need to catch up with trends working closely with the interior design sector make it more affordable for the mid-range market and move things in the warehouse to become more digitised regarding logistics and work in progress etc

  16. TriumphantTrader

    TriumphantTrader10 månader sedan

    I love this man (I am a man)

  17. Isuzu Buyer

    Isuzu Buyer11 månader sedan

    Marcus can read a business and the people so well, no wonder he accumulated a large fortune. You don't need a business class if you are watching this series.

  18. Graham Butler

    Graham Butler11 månader sedan

    Marcus has mastered people management skills. It really is brilliant to watch.

  19. Dr. Edna - WHO SAID YOU CAN'T?

    Dr. Edna - WHO SAID YOU CAN'T?11 månader sedan

    I like the authenticity of Marcus...such a great human with high IQ and EQ

  20. Jay

    Jay11 månader sedan

    Machine saves money, increases margin

  21. Ruy Roberto

    Ruy Roberto11 månader sedan

    $1700 for a chair? Cmon..

  22. Ruy Roberto

    Ruy Roberto11 månader sedan

    @Rich Racing I agree with you, I get we pay the design but if you do the cost of the materials and handwork that chair doesnt cost more than $100 to make.. the design costs are too much... I put a pretty good $300 chair beside that $1700 one and I bet most of people cant see the difference because there aint any .. so.. $1400 for the "design"? again... Cmon.... Cheers!

  23. Rich Racing

    Rich Racing11 månader sedan

    For the custom designer that isn't that much. Think luxury furniture. There almost handmaking the furniture, so its not out of line.

  24. Craig Monteforte

    Craig Monteforte11 månader sedan

    Very Smart Decisions for the Grafton Company i respect that they are a company that has hung in there for 3 Generations yet they are wrong for not keeping up with todays technology I’m a retired woodworker with ove 20 professional years in the Industry yet although the old machinery was built to last todays machines have been improved and can do the job better And faster As well as increase profits quite a bit over the old ways its almost like telling people not to use power tools and that hand tools are the best way to do everything no thats just plain Stupid sure hand tools can get the job done but a power tool will do that much faster and probably more precise in the long run ! I liked the improvements that were made in the video yet I believe Grafton can do better in their production of the furniture With some more modernization and upgrades and in reality make happier Employees and more profit margins for everyone while gaining more Quality Control and a better environment for all the Employees and owners

  25. W R

    W R11 månader sedan

    600,000 mortgage on a building you were in for 50 years

  26. Brian Agyei Baffour

    Brian Agyei Baffour6 månader sedan


  27. Mecha Tengu

    Mecha TenguÅr sedan

    9:44 - Dwight K. Schrute in the house.

  28. Russell

    Russell10 månader sedan

    assistant to the assistant production manager

  29. Khepera Sekmet

    Khepera SekmetÅr sedan

    Look at Marcus,' face in the beginning his reaction LoL

  30. Angel Bulldog

    Angel BulldogÅr sedan

    Wonderful episode! Thanks for posting it. Marcus is the coolest.

  31. Eli Yoshida

    Eli YoshidaÅr sedan

    Wow!!! Great job to everyone at Grafton Furniture! And Marcus, you’re a game changer, and more importantly a LIFE SAVER! This show is “AWESOME!”

  32. Jay Miff

    Jay MiffÅr sedan

    Those prices for that furniture is crazy it lolks like stuff at levin

  33. Ron Thompson

    Ron ThompsonÅr sedan

    How many workers are illegal

  34. Elissandro Carvalho

    Elissandro CarvalhoÅr sedan

    O cara entendi de tdo q isso

  35. Nadia George

    Nadia GeorgeÅr sedan

    Stevie’s really cute

  36. Matt Rafferty

    Matt RaffertyÅr sedan

    What happened at the Dallas meeting?

  37. Bat Guano

    Bat GuanoÅr sedan

    Perhaps a retail avenue these furniture people should pursue is office furniture. I have seen cheap industrial garbage chairs, desks and cubicle walls get sold in huge orders at $10,000+ per set, and that was years ago. Sell the top executives premium furniture, but have a line of cubicle sets that sell for less than the big industrial brands, if that is profitable enough.

  38. Waldo Doophenschmirtz

    Waldo DoophenschmirtzÅr sedan

    I've seen about ten episodes of this show and I always think that when ML gives these speeches to the employees they are all thinking the same thing: "More work for us with no increase in pay. More money for the bosses."

  39. S S

    S S8 månader sedan

    They're thinking a business that was in the brink of failure can hopefully survive and we'll continue to have jobs.

  40. Hanzz

    HanzzÅr sedan

    Shock and smile people...shock and smile

  41. christian anguiano

    christian anguianoÅr sedan

    No safety glassses

  42. Thanduxolo Nelisiwe

    Thanduxolo NelisiweÅr sedan

    Product. Process. People.....then Profits 💯👌 I'd like to see the businesses say 5 years after he has invested.

  43. Lone Ranger

    Lone RangerÅr sedan

    some of these owners act like they are so good but they really dont have any idea on alot of simple stuff.. very surprising and scary! But if Marcus invested $1.5m for 45%, and they had a mortgage of $1mil, and he spent $700k on renovations, machinery etc... where does the working capital come from?

  44. Rico Conti

    Rico Conti2 år sedan

    I wonder why the fail rate is so high on 3rd generation businesses 🤔

  45. Gonzalo Fernández

    Gonzalo Fernández2 år sedan

    What should I study if I want to do that job?

  46. Xyz Abc

    Xyz Abc11 månader sedan


  47. River Randle

    River Randle2 år sedan

    This family seems like such nice people especially the dad. Great episode so far.

  48. River Randle

    River Randle2 år sedan

    This family seems like such nice people especially the dad. Great episode so far.

  49. Dennis Zehner

    Dennis Zehner2 år sedan

    6:54: “This is our Bible.” “Well you need to go to a different church.” 🤣

  50. Anon

    Anon2 år sedan

    For anyone watching this, visit to see their progress.

  51. Productions CEO

    Productions CEO2 år sedan

    First time that I've heard of this show 2018. It rocks, I really love it! Great incentive too! Shoot 45% of the business, hish!!

  52. Rico Conti

    Rico Conti2 år sedan

    This is a great show and Marcus is awesome

  53. jcherrera104

    jcherrera1042 år sedan

    So it seems that marcus always want full control of the business but no responsibility. being that he is 45 percent means that he is off the hook if things go wrong. reminds me of when paul helps that restaurant by backing it but only drains the business for his profit. Great job Marcus for being the best hustler and shark

  54. Josh Weitzel

    Josh WeitzelMånad sedan

    If things go wrong, he's responsible for 45% of it, you dolt.

  55. Flatts

    Flatts2 år sedan

    "Off the hook if things go wrong" What does that even mean? He invested in a business for 45% ownership meaning he has great incentive to see it succeed. This is one of the most ignorant comments coming from someone with no business experience that I've ever seen.

  56. ArbitraryLifestyle

    ArbitraryLifestyle2 år sedan

    Check out Graton's portfolio on their website.. they're doing amazing work!

  57. Tom

    Tom2 år sedan

    I like how the kid is rocking a yellow dot tee-shirt now.

  58. Brenna P

    Brenna P4 månader sedan

    Best shirt ever 😍😎

  59. S Mimin

    S Mimin5 månader sedan

    great kid.

  60. jim gunn

    jim gunn2 år sedan

    Always get a kick out of Americans yakking about the "uniquely American Dream". As if every other country's citizens don't have the same economic goals and dreams. The US has no monopoly on success stories. Or opportunities. That is one ugly mural.

  61. Wisam Safi

    Wisam Safi2 år sedan

    jim gunn I think they mean that the grandfather was a first generation migrant who wanted to pursue the american dream

  62. Brett Andreas

    Brett Andreas2 år sedan

    I teared up at 19:05.

  63. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando Hernandez2 år sedan

    Absolutely one great story 👍🏼

  64. Jody Billings

    Jody Billings3 år sedan

    He says this is our Bible and Marcus says "Then you need to go to a different church." Lol

  65. goldsilverandiamonds

    goldsilverandiamonds3 år sedan

    I hope they have amazing success.

  66. kd yea me

    kd yea me3 år sedan

    What kind of coat is that Mracus Lemonis is wearing when the show first comes on with the theme song

  67. WoofDogSheep

    WoofDogSheep3 år sedan


  68. Edoardo Caruso

    Edoardo Caruso3 år sedan

    Everything was going great..... then they showed that hideous mural :D

  69. Alex Russell

    Alex Russell3 år sedan

    no table or chairs in the lunchroom, disingenuous caring about the employees...

  70. Life list 1M

    Life list 1M3 år sedan

    guardians of tge galxy


    MICHAEL DAVIS3 år sedan

    His wife looks like she's been through the mill.

  72. christian anguiano

    christian anguianoÅr sedan

    MICHAEL DAVIS have you seen Marcus wife she’s like 80

  73. Tano

    Tano3 år sedan

    the best episode so far

  74. Tano

    Tano3 år sedan

    min 19 ... lots of emotion! america is all the world... america unida

  75. bandeiracom

    bandeiracom3 år sedan


  76. Anurag sharma

    Anurag sharma3 år sedan

    Personally i would want to see more about the financial revival and less of family drama....

  77. BlinD bOOf

    BlinD bOOf7 månader sedan

    Yes I agree, also the information about company value is missing in all the episodes that I saw, we can't tell if asking for 45% share of the company is fair or not.

  78. The Philosopher

    The Philosopher3 år sedan

    Then Trump saw this episode and got them all deported... The End.

  79. Kikín Peńa nieto Enrique

    Kikín Peńa nieto EnriqueÅr sedan

    Philosopher if you are not native you get to go out here, this land is for reall americans. Natives

  80. alas ali

    alas ali2 år sedan

    The Philosopher hahahhahahah

  81. The Philosopher

    The Philosopher3 år sedan

    I would be a little , just a little bit worried from someone spreading out my country national security into the world and bluffing me all the time without achieving one single promise of his campaign than being worried about a worker paid close to nothing to do a job that a homeless american won't agree to do it... And yeah, one more thing, you should get a dictionary and search for the word "Joke"

  82. Michelle P.A.

    Michelle P.A.3 år sedan

    are you married?

  83. Mduduzi Silinda

    Mduduzi SilindaÅr sedan



    JOE FAQURSELF4 år sedan

    6:02 wife chawing her gum like a cow. I f'n hate people who chew with their mouth open.

  85. Soorkh

    Soorkh3 år sedan

    Hate is a strong word

  86. Paulo Rebelo

    Paulo Rebelo4 år sedan

    Everything was awesome until that grafitti..

  87. thịnh trần bá

    thịnh trần báÅr sedan

    The graffiti will encourage them to work with him. :)

  88. Bern-z lesPere

    Bern-z lesPere2 år sedan

    Paulo To be honest, I thought it seemed a little inappropriate myself. Even though it was nicely done.

  89. StealingFire

    StealingFire3 år sedan

    You didn't like it? I thought it was pretty good. Although some small things (the son's face looks more angular or hispanic than it is, lol), in general I think the message is bold and the style compliments it.

  90. Charlie The Maine Coon Cat Regina

    Charlie The Maine Coon Cat Regina4 år sedan

    I love how Marcus works with people. More business men should be like him.


    JOE FAQURSELF4 år sedan

    I love how Marcus works with people. More people should be like him. ftfy

  92. Sara Guerard

    Sara Guerard4 år sedan

    Looks like this video has the wrong thumbnail. Love the show, though!

  93. Ladytee 15

    Ladytee 154 år sedan

    Sara Guerard oh yeah!😂😂

  94. Ivan Dz

    Ivan Dz4 år sedan

    marcus lemonis for president

  95. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson6 månader sedan

    President of your business. . .

  96. B Shea

    B SheaÅr sedan

    Being a politician proves profitable.

  97. faheeta

    faheetaÅr sedan

    He's not an American born citizen 😢😢

  98. nyurka weston

    nyurka weston2 år sedan

    Ivan Dz yes!!! Without a doubt !

  99. Nabil Alnazir Ahmed

    Nabil Alnazir Ahmed4 år sedan

    Is this all scripted? Nabil Alnazir Ahmed

  100. Intro Maker

    Intro Maker4 år sedan

    Thank you for uploading full episodes. Smart move.

  101. Jiany Mass

    Jiany MassMånad sedan

    Very smart move

  102. cryptotippy

    cryptotippy3 år sedan

    dumb move

  103. Career Sidekick

    Career Sidekick4 år sedan

    Lol AT&T definitely paid to have their backup service shown and mentioned .

  104. timothyzc

    timothyzc3 år sedan

    Sherlock Holmes

  105. bionicbritt

    bionicbritt4 år sedan

    Stevie with the red hair is cute!

  106. ArbitraryLifestyle

    ArbitraryLifestyle2 år sedan

    Yea he's a handsome dude.

  107. Jacob Weil

    Jacob Weil4 år sedan

    I have never seen Joes that empty in my life.

  108. Jalyc851

    Jalyc85110 månader sedan

    Marcus probably rented out the whole restaurant to film at 6 am or something.

  109. louie louie

    louie louie3 år sedan

    Jacob Weil the

  110. Gadget Guyz

    Gadget Guyz4 år sedan

    Marcus has such a strong ability to sense exactly what is happening in our emotions and communicate it effectively.

  111. A rnold

    A rnold2 år sedan

    Just watching these episdoes teaches me so much!

  112. CAP

    CAP4 år sedan

    So scripted