Joshua Bassett - Only A Matter Of Time (Official Video)

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Director: Keenan O'Reilly
Production Company: Two Bridges Film
DP: Andrew Shankweiler
Colorist: Jacob McKee
Grooming: Ariel LaFontaine
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Look me in the eyes
Tell me you're not lying to me
See through your disguise
You can't keep on hiding from me
Time to make it right
So why are you still sayin' I'm wrong?
Well it's only a matter of
Time to set it straight
Time to tell the world that you've been lying on my name
Doing what you want and think you're gonna get away
Well I'll leave it up to fate for now
But it's only a matter of
An eye for an eye you'll go blind
When did you stop being kind?
You twisted your words like a knife
Well I'm sure that you're hurting
But why would you make your pain mine?
You're making me pay for your crimes
Well darling I'll be fine
But it's only a matter of
It ain't over yet
You can't tear me down and act like I will just forget
When karma comes around then you'll be drowning in regret
But it's not about revenge tonight
No it's only a matter of
An eye for an eye you'll go blind
When did you stop being kind?
You twisted your words like a knife
Pick myself up off the floor you can't hurt me
No more of this endless charade
I'm not playing your game
You can say what you like
Doesn't mean that you're right
Are you glad you got that out
Do you feel better now?
Do you feel better now?
An eye for an eye you'll go blind
When did you stop being kind?
You twisted your words like a knife
Well I'm sure that you're hurting
But why would you make your pain mine
You're making me pay for your crimes
Well darling I'll be fine
But it's only a matter of time
#JoshuaBassett #OnlyAMatterOfTime


  1. Anya Shwan

    Anya ShwanTimme sedan

    but I thought you were to sweet to be this mean even if she was wrong I think you well regret there is not so many girls who think a lot about there ex's when they leave them behind Olivia is special but not in your eyes but one day you just want to return to the times even if you try a broken heart doesn't see the truth from me to you a boy is who cuz the problem between girls so you should be the one who handles although situation but there's no doubting that you're broke into but you're using the blonde girl is it painkiller for your pain you can't get over her but you still miss her there's no doubt you look forced to say those lyrics we all know that you're hurt inside so fix it before there's no time

  2. Anya Shwan

    Anya ShwanTimme sedan

    But you were the one who broke her heart made her do this under a sad face and sadness storys there is a reson and some one has to be the cause and its you this is what you fell


    SOFIA ROMERO BLAYA7 timmar sedan

    Love it,and like MAN, it’s just another love story the drama, so just appreciate his talent and DO NOT JUDGE PLEASE.

  4. Alexander M

    Alexander M20 timmar sedan

    That's the messed up. ....but sounds🔥🔥🔥

  5. Darshan Thakkar

    Darshan ThakkarDag sedan

    Please check out my cover of Driver's License and give it all the love it deserves Lots of Love ❤

  6. NXGShotZ-_-YT

    NXGShotZ-_-YTDag sedan

    who else thinks he should be the next spiderman-

  7. Dominique Castro

    Dominique CastroDag sedan

    Ok but this is so good

  8. Rebecca

    RebeccaDag sedan

    i’m glad i clicked on this ☺️☺️☺️

  9. Kayla Gomez

    Kayla GomezDag sedan

    i cant explain my addiction to this song

  10. Melissa Gutierrez-venado

    Melissa Gutierrez-venadoDag sedan

    He and joe JONAS should colab

  11. Elena Ghiban

    Elena GhibanDag sedan

    This is exactly the kind of music I want to hear! Man, well done to you!

  12. Adrianna Gillette

    Adrianna GilletteDag sedan

    imagine how awkward it felt to be recorded just standing there the whole time

  13. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan11 timmar sedan

    he had to sing it SUPER fast too so that they could slow it down and still sync the song to his lips

  14. francys argueta

    francys arguetaDag sedan

    this is a MASTERPIECE ♥

  15. micah mcdonald

    micah mcdonald2 dagar sedan

    wow who knew so much drama can bring such good songs.

  16. francys argueta

    francys argueta2 dagar sedan


  17. Simona Kancheva

    Simona Kancheva2 dagar sedan


  18. Kaylila Putri

    Kaylila Putri3 dagar sedan

    spiderman vibes

  19. Soumyajit Chowdhury

    Soumyajit Chowdhury3 dagar sedan

    This is unique. Very interesting note choices. Good phrasing too. Mystical mellow vibes

  20. Gustavo Xd

    Gustavo Xd3 dagar sedan

    nunca parpadea xd

  21. Adrianna Gillette

    Adrianna Gillette3 dagar sedan

    he be hitting those high notes though

  22. Ama Leilah

    Ama Leilah4 dagar sedan

    Can we talk about how intimate the eye contact is when he starts singing ?😭 Thought he was reprimanding me for a sec

  23. Frosting Frog

    Frosting Frog2 dagar sedan


  24. 8ight

    8ight4 dagar sedan

    I'M JUST HERE BECAUSE OF DRAMA but the song is freaking beautiful

  25. Katie Bromborsky

    Katie Bromborsky4 dagar sedan

    This song hurts already... But I feel like the falsetto makes it hurt more and Idk why

  26. Lily Wagnon

    Lily Wagnon4 dagar sedan

    i’m in love.

  27. Kaylie Ellis

    Kaylie Ellis4 dagar sedan

    Got this song on repeat almost everyday

  28. DisneyFrozen Fan

    DisneyFrozen Fan4 dagar sedan

    Some people are talking about the drama. Me: Dude, a train’s about to run over you.

  29. Craig Shirky

    Craig Shirky5 dagar sedan

    the gentle passive-aggressive energy in this song is everything

  30. Maria Mercado

    Maria Mercado5 dagar sedan


  31. Miss Legend

    Miss Legend5 dagar sedan

    Oh gossshhh after all this shit U r still lying🖕🖕

  32. sfasdf asfasdfasdf

    sfasdf asfasdfasdf6 dagar sedan

    Damn, this guy is beautiful, handsome, gorgeous all at the same time.

  33. Dood Orgins

    Dood Orgins6 dagar sedan

    Omg it’s Timothee Chalamet

  34. Nala with a butterfly

    Nala with a butterfly6 dagar sedan

    Me who's been single all my life and hasn't had a heartbreak yet: *This song slaps*

  35. Grace Spencer

    Grace Spencer6 dagar sedan

    I’m Srry but I can’t with you....... Actually didn’t mean to say Srry😉😊 Why do this to Olivia tho??!

  36. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan4 dagar sedan

    this song IS NOT about olivia

  37. Natalia Medina

    Natalia Medina6 dagar sedan

    this song is just so good

  38. Kaitlyn Baving

    Kaitlyn Baving7 dagar sedan

    your so talented

  39. Leia's Art

    Leia's Art7 dagar sedan

    His songs are so malicious, I have a hard time not believing he was the "bad guy" in the whole thing.

  40. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan4 dagar sedan

    if you knew the back story behind them you would see how it’s justified. his friend in lie lie lie stabbed him in the back and said terrible things about him. this song is about allegations made about him last summer which led to A LOT of hate

  41. Mimansha Tiwari

    Mimansha Tiwari7 dagar sedan

    This song .. omg this slaps more than skin/driver's licence/deja vu/lielielie ;-; omg

  42. nglan Gla

    nglan Gla7 dagar sedan

    I love the song but he blinks weird it like one side is faster then other side

  43. Zaira Dominguez

    Zaira Dominguez7 dagar sedan

    He would do a great SPIDER-MAN no cap!!! 😂

  44. Shayleen Ruiz

    Shayleen Ruiz4 dagar sedan

    Yessss lmao😂

  45. naomi rebekah

    naomi rebekah7 dagar sedan

    the way we are on earth and the same age at the same time but are not together is extremely depressing

  46. love pf

    love pf7 dagar sedan

    flopped so hard

  47. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan4 dagar sedan

    @love pf that’s all you have to say smh

  48. love pf

    love pf6 dagar sedan

    @Aaron JudgeFan pls 💀

  49. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan7 dagar sedan

    3.5 million views ain’t a flop bruh...

  50. Gabriela Souza

    Gabriela Souza7 dagar sedan

    k lets talk about HOW talented bassett is

  51. Aye aye captain

    Aye aye captain8 dagar sedan

    Out of the blue, im becoming his fan now.

  52. Raman Deep

    Raman Deep8 dagar sedan

    You are so freaking cute!♥️🔥

  53. Tristin Whiteman

    Tristin Whiteman8 dagar sedan

    i can imagine them singing other songs because all the songs they made for each other slap

  54. Tristin Whiteman

    Tristin Whiteman7 dagar sedan

    @Aaron JudgeFan i thought they were who is it for??????????????

  55. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan7 dagar sedan

    neither of his songs are for her but i agree they do slap

  56. Nabiha Datoo

    Nabiha Datoo8 dagar sedan


  57. SyaSya Vibes

    SyaSya Vibes9 dagar sedan

    A romantic tragedy so sad... sobbing sobs.

  58. Callie Fisher

    Callie Fisher9 dagar sedan

    he kinda looks like spiderman

  59. Rachel :P

    Rachel :P9 dagar sedan

    I'm actually obsessed with this song its just mhhhhhhhhhhhh

  60. EnderPeak

    EnderPeak10 dagar sedan

    Everyone: vibing or enjoying the song Me: trying to find my old comment from the premiere 👀

  61. Anais Rivera

    Anais Rivera10 dagar sedan

    olivia made a song about how she was heart broken its not her fault you received hate for it from randos

  62. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan9 dagar sedan

    he didn’t blamed her at all... this song isn’t about her. it was written in summer of 2020 about hate that he was getting at THAT time

  63. Ilustrandon

    Ilustrandon10 dagar sedan

    dale, canta muy bien, y hasta notas agudas haces 10-10

  64. Rebecca Garcia

    Rebecca Garcia10 dagar sedan

    Hey Bestie think before you post

  65. me myself & I

    me myself & I11 dagar sedan

    His expressions on point 👌

  66. Karla Saavedra

    Karla Saavedra11 dagar sedan

    Omg this song is WOW love it ❤

  67. Abril Aimee

    Abril Aimee11 dagar sedan

    I love youuu

  68. Naphtali Nwadiogbu

    Naphtali Nwadiogbu11 dagar sedan

    In the beginning image he looks like he could be an actor for spiderman just think about it 🤔 But Tom holland will always be #1

  69. Elianna Bravo

    Elianna Bravo12 dagar sedan

    idc about no drama all i know is that this song is just amazing. hes so talented i swear-

  70. Pinkypie311

    Pinkypie31112 dagar sedan

    He has a talent Blinking only his left eye

  71. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan11 dagar sedan

    not to mention he plays 6-7 instruments and has the voice of an angel

  72. rmass

    rmass12 dagar sedan

    omg I really felt the lyrics WHAT A GREAT SONG !!!

  73. Renée Ashley Olivia Theodore Regis

    Renée Ashley Olivia Theodore Regis12 dagar sedan

    Why does this give me such good vibes???

  74. Abbey Oliphant

    Abbey Oliphant12 dagar sedan

    I haven't related to a song as much as this, it is amazing and certainly underrated. Joshua you are an amazing musician and your music has touched me so thank you!

  75. Luna Ramos

    Luna Ramos12 dagar sedan

    im super mad at you, joshua bassett... but i cant help falling in love with this song 🎶

  76. Luna Ramos

    Luna Ramos12 dagar sedan

    bc of all that happened with olivia, y’know?

  77. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan12 dagar sedan

    why are you mad it him? and yes i agree this song is incredible

  78. agustingg08 Cazador65

    agustingg08 Cazador6513 dagar sedan

    I still ship oliva and him

  79. Lacey

    Lacey13 dagar sedan

    yo why he look like joe from blues clues

  80. Lacey

    Lacey12 dagar sedan

    @Aaron JudgeFan im not hating or anything i love him but bro he do....

  81. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan13 dagar sedan

    how many times are you gonna comment this... lmfao shut up

  82. Brianna Shepherd

    Brianna Shepherd14 dagar sedan


  83. Orianny V Oduber

    Orianny V Oduber14 dagar sedan

    this shit is a bop gl, all drama aside these people is giving us tea and great music so im not complaining

  84. Jacidelafuente 22

    Jacidelafuente 2214 dagar sedan

    i'm obsessed with this song

  85. angie harmon

    angie harmon14 dagar sedan

    Who else is here after deja vu

  86. Briana Cronmiller

    Briana Cronmiller14 dagar sedan

    He was dating a Pisces

  87. Waslat June

    Waslat June14 dagar sedan

    this is actually the best song off the EP

  88. MK Evasco

    MK Evasco14 dagar sedan

    " when did you stop being kind?"

  89. Lucille Durgey

    Lucille Durgey15 dagar sedan

    Yo I'm inlove with this song

  90. Lucille Durgey

    Lucille Durgey15 dagar sedan


  91. Kidlets Hull

    Kidlets Hull15 dagar sedan

    Im on your side and if olive doesn't say sorry thats her loss

  92. Tahq 9

    Tahq 915 dagar sedan

    i do really do think this is cool great i love olivea and you ok but like why does he go out of the camera ?

  93. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan15 dagar sedan

    why not...?

  94. padio125ify

    padio125ify15 dagar sedan

    okay your cute but your singing is just terrible

  95. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan16 dagar sedan

    i could listen to this song for hours. as a matter of fact... *i have*

  96. Rebeca DaSilva

    Rebeca DaSilva16 dagar sedan

    SO. GOOD.

  97. Skyplaysroblox423 4 life

    Skyplaysroblox423 4 life16 dagar sedan

    Ummm why is this song so good lol.


    ALEXANDRA MELECIO16 dagar sedan

    hey you! yes you! you silly! don’t scroll please :) ik that you’re hurting inside ik that it feels like things will only get worse but please remember: *you are loved *drink water *eat today, and eat well *you are valuable *you are beautiful/handsome *you are important *treat yourself nicely *make sure you GENUINELY smile today *you matter too *how you feel matters *you are amazing *stop trying to please others *be happy with who you are *you ARE enough tell yourself these on a daily basis, because i love you, even if you’re only a stranger :)

  99. Bryanna Davidson

    Bryanna Davidson17 dagar sedan

    Deserves more hypeeeee such a good song

  100. Bryanna Davidson

    Bryanna Davidson17 dagar sedan

    This deserves more hype than drivers license honestly. Lyrics hit different.

  101. camila coutinho

    camila coutinho17 dagar sedan


  102. Angelica A

    Angelica A17 dagar sedan

    Why is not in focus I can’t setting off my ocd

  103. Kharisma Clarke

    Kharisma Clarke18 dagar sedan

    Wait he is singing in slomo which means that he had to sing super quickly.


    ALEXANDRA MELECIO18 dagar sedan

    anyone who sees this..... please drink water, please eat today and know that you're loved, even when you feel hopeless, please keep fighting, if you feel like no one loves you in this world, that's okay because i do too...but guess what? i love you. so keep fighting, whether it's to stay alive, to stop cutting, to get out of an abusive relationship, an abusive household, etc... just keep fighting.. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH!

  105. Roshni Bajwa

    Roshni Bajwa18 dagar sedan

    Why was a part of me scared he was gonna he run over by a train. 💀

  106. Melissa Olan

    Melissa Olan18 dagar sedan

    No genuinely, does anyone else understand how perfect this song is? From the melody, the production and the lyrics? It’s genius

  107. Melissa Olan

    Melissa Olan18 dagar sedan

    This song is brilliant, i can’t stop listening, the artistry is phenomenal

  108. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan17 dagar sedan

    YESSS! it’s on repeat for me

  109. Maria Fernanda

    Maria Fernanda18 dagar sedan

    i love u

  110. Nelsi Cervantezzz

    Nelsi Cervantezzz18 dagar sedan

  111. Nelsi Cervantezzz

    Nelsi Cervantezzz17 dagar sedan

    @Aaron JudgeFan tas vein pendejo translate it

  112. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan17 dagar sedan

    @Nelsi Cervantezzz what does that even mean😭

  113. Nelsi Cervantezzz

    Nelsi Cervantezzz18 dagar sedan

    @Aaron JudgeFan CHILE- ANYWAY SO UM go watch baseball or sum lil roach

  114. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan18 dagar sedan


  115. Divya Sooklal

    Divya Sooklal19 dagar sedan


  116. Karizma 00

    Karizma 0019 dagar sedan

    I’m back this is beautiful ughhh

  117. Kyra Fowler

    Kyra Fowler19 dagar sedan

    Why does this give me ratatouille vibes-

  118. Haisal Judith Nabukenya

    Haisal Judith Nabukenya19 dagar sedan

    The new Justin and Selena hahaha 😅😅 we see how it ends Joshua and Olivia 🤣🤣🤣😂

  119. Elbridge Robinson Jr

    Elbridge Robinson Jr19 dagar sedan

    I think this his best song. I love this Song the most

  120. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan19 dagar sedan

    same here

  121. himalaya ahuja

    himalaya ahuja19 dagar sedan


  122. Gaya De

    Gaya De19 dagar sedan

    Sounds really good ✌️

  123. Anaya Navarro

    Anaya Navarro19 dagar sedan

    So what what if he is, or isn’t a good person. No matter how you feel about him, it won’t change the fact that he was an amazing talent

  124. Anaya Navarro

    Anaya Navarro14 dagar sedan

    @Aaron JudgeFan I meant to say he “has” an amazing talent. Lol sorry. And I said that bc I don’t know much about him or the drama at all, and I didn’t want to make assumptions so that’s why I said if he is, or isn’t.

  125. Aaron JudgeFan

    Aaron JudgeFan19 dagar sedan

    what do you mean “was” lol. and he’s actually a very good person behind the scenes. he’s supported both girls music this whole time