Marcus Lemonis Stars In All New CNBC Series 'Streets Of Dreams With Marcus Lemonis' | CNBC Prime

In CNBC's "Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis", CEO, entrepreneur and host of "The Profit" Marcus Lemonis travels across the country, pulling back the curtain on the most iconic and influential streets that fuel America's most vital business cultures. Marcus will reveal who's got what it takes to thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape. Catch the sneak peek and don't miss the series premiere of "Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis" Tuesday, December 29 at 10P ET on CNBC.
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Marcus Lemonis Stars In All New CNBC Series 'Streets Of Dreams With Marcus Lemonis' | CNBC Prime


  1. Allen Veratu Glax

    Allen Veratu Glax8 dagar sedan

    Any more episodes of The Profit soon

  2. Bryan James Sumaquial

    Bryan James Sumaquial8 dagar sedan

    Thanks CNBC for this inspiring show!👍💯🗽🇺🇲

  3. Funny Bee

    Funny Bee9 dagar sedan

    Fun fact you can’t breath while smiling Joking, just wanted to make you smile!😃

  4. marcelnz

    marcelnz9 dagar sedan

    make sure that we here on SEtoos get to enjoy the show too. Your audience is now Global CNBC. We're the new Local. @MARCELinNZ

  5. Angel Bulldog

    Angel Bulldog9 dagar sedan

    Like Marcus a lot, but the AmERRORican dream has been stolen and it won't be back. Our life as we know it is gone.

  6. Arlando Fitzgerald

    Arlando Fitzgerald9 dagar sedan

    I’m so into this, will be tuning in 🤙🏽

  7. lithgrapher

    lithgrapher9 dagar sedan

    BLM and antifa will destroy all these dreams.

  8. The Lion

    The Lion9 dagar sedan

    And democrats

  9. wedoebe

    wedoebe9 dagar sedan

    All on top of this!😎

  10. Alexander Herrera

    Alexander Herrera9 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait

  11. Thomas Reynolds

    Thomas Reynolds9 dagar sedan

    Love it