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  1. John Paul Jones

    John Paul Jones3 minuter sedan

    Ill take your whole stock

  2. Erika Saavedra

    Erika Saavedra26 minuter sedan

    In year 3056 the next world war will use these weapons


    SUB OR THE TEDDY GETS IT30 minuter sedan

    This is rly good but in the movies it just goes like a sword and chops it so that not rly close to the real ones good job though

  4. Raz Haas

    Raz Haas31 minut sedan

    Do this with gold

  5. John Nathaniel The Cool

    John Nathaniel The Cool33 minuter sedan

    I can tell that in the future lightsabers are gonna be like the ones in the movies

  6. Cpt. MacTavish

    Cpt. MacTavish38 minuter sedan

    So it's just gas like a lighter

  7. Khisraw Latifi

    Khisraw Latifi41 minut sedan

    Hi, This will make our future weapon. But it has a problem. That is a big balloon on behind of you. Can make a (lightsaber) that not need's a balloon of gas .?.

  8. Khisraw Latifi

    Khisraw Latifi34 minuter sedan

    Please make a (lightsaber) like a sword that no need's a balloon of gas, must be easy and careful and get with one or two hands.

  9. Sebastian UP

    Sebastian UP44 minuter sedan

    Weebs: Oh fuk, its arthur's blade from fire force

  10. Alexinator7777

    Alexinator777746 minuter sedan

    He looks like Boris the animal from men in black

  11. Jordan C

    Jordan C48 minuter sedan

    Super cool look, but lost when functional

  12. Leo SkyStorm

    Leo SkyStormTimme sedan

    It still not a light saber I'm going to say it because you can't fight with to of them a light sabre makes contact with each others so when you do that then will I be impressed.. Good effort tho

  13. Z3N05

    Z3N05Timme sedan


  14. JayPeeOshinu TV

    JayPeeOshinu TVTimme sedan

    Join a cosplay event

  15. RTheBruce

    RTheBruceTimme sedan

    Pork: I am wondering what will happen to me when I am dead. Humans: We will use you to test our first light saber

  16. Abyss Bun

    Abyss BunTimme sedan

    No more heroes.

  17. Dan Savill

    Dan SavillTimme sedan

    This is actually insane how they managed to pull this off.

  18. Kaze

    KazeTimme sedan

    What happens if you use it underwater?

  19. Payne Train

    Payne TrainTimme sedan

    3:01 anyone else saw “Iron man was here”

  20. Jonathan Taylor

    Jonathan TaylorTimme sedan

    "not everyone is fortunate enough to have a turkey so i donated some money" *buys car just to break it* XD

  21. Theodor Preisler

    Theodor PreislerTimme sedan

    I have just Got one question: are the sounds put on afterwards?

  22. Deranathon Arkantos671

    Deranathon Arkantos6712 timmar sedan

    Steampunk Proto-saber.

  23. Seth Everman

    Seth Everman2 timmar sedan

    Imagine SWAT team with this lightsaber

  24. Andrew Marple

    Andrew Marple3 timmar sedan

    science can get us to a real lightsaber eventually. don't try and convince me otherwise. not that I know I'm right I just don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

  25. Mr Burgs

    Mr Burgs3 timmar sedan

    its more like a flamesaber

  26. Fized

    Fized3 timmar sedan

    Iron Man Was Here

  27. Weston Forced-last-name-display

    Weston Forced-last-name-display3 timmar sedan

    walked too fast on burning the wall imho


    GLENN EWELL3 timmar sedan

    All of You gentlemen are Geniuses I'll be getting back in touch with You

  29. Skyeshort

    Skyeshort3 timmar sedan

    how has the government not come for you guys yet?

  30. FD Twizz

    FD Twizz4 timmar sedan

    Wait you guys HAVE to try it on one of those unbreakable boxes

  31. Akuma

    Akuma4 timmar sedan

    Do you came from a galaxy far far away😂

  32. Mason Charette

    Mason Charette4 timmar sedan

    why tf did you let a storm trooper hold caps shield. my brain is not ready for such a crossover

  33. Johnson Boss

    Johnson Boss4 timmar sedan

    So, let’s talk prices :)

  34. Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng6 timmar sedan

    A lightsaber should also be able to deflect other lightsabers and other energy weapons / projectiles.

  35. ace kehoe

    ace kehoe6 timmar sedan


  36. alex vasquez

    alex vasquez6 timmar sedan

    So a giant plasma cutter??

  37. War Lauk

    War Lauk6 timmar sedan

    Hold still while i cut your blaster in half! This will only take 15 to 20 seconds I promise

  38. John Wack

    John Wack6 timmar sedan

    Imagine breaking into this dudes house and you just see the light saber light through the darkness of the house. You're fucked dude.

  39. tmr_razeer

    tmr_razeer6 timmar sedan


  40. Goofy Goober

    Goofy Goober6 timmar sedan

    My god man that’s frikin awesome

  41. Soda Selvaraj

    Soda Selvaraj7 timmar sedan

    Could it cut through my stale bread?!

  42. Clark Cuico

    Clark Cuico7 timmar sedan

    But can it cut a Nokia 3310?


    JOGAMER7 timmar sedan

    You shut try to cut obsidian.

  44. Blade Slasher 2

    Blade Slasher 27 timmar sedan

    They are lacking agressiveness to cut the wall

  45. Harish

    Harish7 timmar sedan

    3:48 Waiter: sir, how would you like your steak done. Person: extra, EXTRA well done please Waiter: say no more fam

  46. Ming Jiet Ling

    Ming Jiet Ling7 timmar sedan

    well that was underwhelming

  47. dylan zrim

    dylan zrim8 timmar sedan

    I mean if they didn’t ruin starwars I’d say that you should do practical effects for them

  48. O5-2

    O5-28 timmar sedan

    you must open a real industrie job

  49. seppo Rest

    seppo Rest8 timmar sedan

    That's so sick guys respect👌❤️

  50. Alpharius Omegon

    Alpharius Omegon9 timmar sedan

    7:10 makes glass out of sand Darth Vader likes that

  51. 라인트

    라인트9 timmar sedan

    4:00 It looks slight raw though😆

  52. Luz Sol

    Luz Sol9 timmar sedan

    make the fire beam more powerful and make it a faster machine, i would pay 2 Million Dollars for it

  53. Yaseen Ali

    Yaseen Ali9 timmar sedan

    Shit the first light saber os op

  54. FATALerror_13

    FATALerror_1310 timmar sedan

    We close to the future.

  55. JohnnySwitch360

    JohnnySwitch36010 timmar sedan

    Count Dooku hilt?????

  56. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan10 timmar sedan

    Science: lightsabers can’t exist Hacksmith: Hold my beer

  57. Aiden aurangezaib

    Aiden aurangezaib10 timmar sedan

    first, i would kill my sister with it it's so obvious

  58. Joshua Lye

    Joshua Lye11 timmar sedan

    beam shape flamethrower, nice

  59. Isqandar Uzumaki

    Isqandar Uzumaki11 timmar sedan

    A beanbage filled with popcorn

  60. Pizza

    Pizza12 timmar sedan

    If you try to rob the hacksmith your literally ashes

  61. sub2coryxkenshin

    sub2coryxkenshin12 timmar sedan

    10:36 🤔🤭

  62. Tripeboi

    Tripeboi12 timmar sedan

    Its a flame thrower not a light saber. Its not a saber unless it can be used as a saber by blocking and deflecting.

  63. Crocman

    Crocman12 timmar sedan

    so in thoery if we could make a safe way to put nucaler power to power it without a backpack, could we make it more powerfull than this? thus so it can, say cut through the stuff even better? (and it would look cooler?)

  64. Santiago Rivas

    Santiago Rivas13 timmar sedan

    Hola hablo español

  65. TheMrDrAwesome

    TheMrDrAwesome13 timmar sedan

    Should’ve gone full oxyfuel. You guys are just dipping your toes in. Acetylene is the way to go for heat and danger.

  66. Garnetta Obliviona

    Garnetta Obliviona13 timmar sedan

    Yeah so This ain't gonna be mass marketed anytime soon, right? I hope not....

  67. Iwilleatyourshorts

    Iwilleatyourshorts13 timmar sedan

    Maverick mains on R6 are hyped rn

  68. McMinnville Stank

    McMinnville Stank14 timmar sedan

    Anyone else notice when he almost got his face torched 4:20?

  69. Malachi Cronshey

    Malachi Cronshey14 timmar sedan

    Oh. Nobody told me humanity peaked already.

  70. Hell Sing

    Hell Sing14 timmar sedan

    You know theoretically if they are able to replicate Tesla's unlimited energy technology, even without the force a lightsaber with infinite energy is still a possibilityc

  71. Damyan Tsankov

    Damyan Tsankov14 timmar sedan

    Nokia phone: I fear no man *light saber* But that thing it scares me

  72. Wither_ Io

    Wither_ Io14 timmar sedan

    Can i get the lightsaber? :D

  73. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul14 timmar sedan

    Now we need a real one come my apprentice and I’ll show you the power of the force/dark side. Jokes aside cool proton saber I always knew star wars weapons could be possible one day and you proved that so ty sir you truly are on another lvl don’t stop now 👍

  74. karma

    karma14 timmar sedan

    2:13 imagine robbing a bank with this. you'd be in prison

  75. Fortrends

    Fortrends14 timmar sedan

    If y’all can like keep the fire from spreading and hon it into a source so it won’t be everywhere when you stab things like say if you wanna cut something fast

  76. Ruth Espinosa

    Ruth Espinosa14 timmar sedan


  77. Gabriel

    Gabriel15 timmar sedan

    So lightsabers are basically thin and still flamethrowers

  78. Codie Shaw

    Codie Shaw15 timmar sedan

    Its an over glorified plasma cutter, that being said still cool as hell and im super appreciative of the hard work that went into this project because I know I don't have that kind of knowledge and engineering in my mind! Thank you for the entertainmemt!

  79. gab soliven

    gab soliven15 timmar sedan

    please cook a hot dog with the light saber

  80. Steven Cortez

    Steven Cortez15 timmar sedan

    Lol Plasma cutter?

  81. RedCube Gamer

    RedCube Gamer15 timmar sedan

    Now try making it double power 8000 F And let's see how it goes

  82. insite

    insite16 timmar sedan

    This is the coolest thing ever but I wanted to see you guys go fast with it like real jedis and with lords

  83. Human man The great

    Human man The great16 timmar sedan

    Imagine someone breaking into your car with this

  84. Sir Naph

    Sir Naph16 timmar sedan

    Is it possible to make it more solid? Cause rn it’s like just a flame and whenever it touches anything it stops looking cool

  85. Andrew Annunziata

    Andrew Annunziata16 timmar sedan

    If you think about it anikin is a school schooter

  86. Kushal Rao

    Kushal Rao16 timmar sedan

    What if he tried heating petrol or diesel? Would it evaporate?

  87. James Alaimo

    James Alaimo16 timmar sedan

    2020 wasn’t all bad, we got a lightsaber

  88. Dr Phil

    Dr Phil16 timmar sedan

    This guy could kill 100s by selling this for like 500,000

  89. Caiden LeBlanc

    Caiden LeBlanc16 timmar sedan

    Or like a more condensed and controlled flame thrower 😂

  90. Caiden LeBlanc

    Caiden LeBlanc16 timmar sedan

    Love it but it’s like big ass welding rod 😂

  91. KatieandKevin Sears

    KatieandKevin Sears16 timmar sedan

    The Force is strong in you. Soon your abilities will allow you to build a fully operational light saber.

  92. Koki

    Koki17 timmar sedan

    “You did it, you crazy son of a bitch you did it” much love 💯❤️

  93. Ricardo Zurita Arredondo

    Ricardo Zurita Arredondo17 timmar sedan

    sinceramente yo pense que seria algo mas cool eso sta cool pero con tan solo decirnos que era un soplete amplificado hubiera sido mejor

  94. coolcowman

    coolcowman17 timmar sedan

    flame thrower with extra steps

  95. creepyeggiboi YT

    creepyeggiboi YT17 timmar sedan

    Disney: hold my golden kylo figurine

  96. bac0n04 Game Rewinds

    bac0n04 Game Rewinds17 timmar sedan

    Bed liner

  97. bac0n04 Game Rewinds

    bac0n04 Game Rewinds17 timmar sedan

    For trucks


    MELISSA EVANS17 timmar sedan


  99. gunner harrs

    gunner harrs18 timmar sedan

    I now what id se it for......My ex vs a lightsaber.

  100. Hussein Zenki

    Hussein Zenki18 timmar sedan

    Technically speaking if u increase power or mange to creat denser plasma u would be able to achieve a real lightsaber

  101. cyclosp

    cyclosp18 timmar sedan

    This is the COOLEST THING EVER

  102. Jashain E

    Jashain E18 timmar sedan

    What would happen if you used Lo-Hydrogen instead of Lo-propane?